New LabCollector v5.3

We’re delighted to announce the release of LabCollector version 5.3!

LabCollector has improved many of its key features including:

Import/Export features:

NEW: A redesigned Import Data function to make the process easier (find out more).

IMPROVED: Storage importer with an easier interface and the option to add color caps.

NEW: Equipment module: Maintenance export (general or by equipment).

NEW: Filter by Maintenance in Equipment module.

ADDED: Storage export on rack level (in storage browser).

ADDED: New field InChI in Chemical Structures module. Molecule drawn also imports from/exports to this field.

NEW: New export format in SDF for Chemical Structures and FASTA and GB for Plasmids and Sequences.

ADDED: New custom field type ‘time’ and ‘userlist’.

ADDED: Postfix in custom fields. Text to be displayed always after value (edited).

ADDED: Custom field ‘decimal’ – added option for a statistical value verification email_alerts function reviewed.


Access options:

NEW: Group Policies allow add-ons to be blocked for certain groups.

CHANGED: Allowing master administrators to create new lab members (not only user account).

ADDED: Associate security groups to projects code

ADDED: Login rule to restrict login from IP.


Reagents & Supplies:

ADDED: Reagents & Supplies module now has custom fields for the risks tab.

ADDED: Risks tab fields from Reagents & Supplies module can now be exported/printed in the Reagents & Supplies export/print.

ADDED: Risks tab fields from Reagents & Supplies module can now be used as filters.

ADDED: Chemical lots: you can now upload a file/report and associate it with a specific lot.

ADDED: Chemical lots now retain the original lot quantity.

ADDED: Option to destroy chemical lots (only users with destock permissions can destroy lots).


And last but not least …

IMPROVED: Plasmid map editor.

NEW: Many more Icons and an extra option in Custom module management.

NEW: New Web Service API.

NEW: Workflow Add-on now has a tab that shows the active workflows for that record

IMPROVED: No need for Java when printing.


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