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Stability Test Manager

Stability Test Manager helps you plan product stability tests over a period of time. With this specific add-on, you will be able to manage test conditions, plan the test cycle, assign collaborators to run tests and more. For optimal use, the add-on can be linked to the Event Calendar or Data Logger add-on. In this case, it will be possible to view all upcoming tests directly in your calendar or to retrieve data from probes and sensors to analyze a stability test rigorously with the environmental storage data. It is also possible to link Stability Test Manager to the LSM add-on in order to request analysis.
Stability tests add-on LIMS LabCollector

The Main Benefits of Stability Test Manager:

  • Dashboard with quick overview of all plans
  • Unlimited plans
  • Manage user assignment
  • Manage the date and time of the test
  • Log of changes made
  • Create new records after the test is done in module of choice
  • Notifications for missed tests
  • Share your plans with collaborators
  • Set the frequency of your test

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