New LabCollector (v.5.22)

Plasmids module









We are happy to announce that we have released the new version of LabCollector (5.22).
We invite our community to download and update/install our new LabCollector, which brings many new features and improvements.
  • Genotype tags now break by space and comma on copy past
  • Genotype tags now have drag&drop to edit order
  • Summary line with no limits (the 6 field limit was removed)
  • Users password field now checks for forbidden characters
  • Plasmid module now remembers if the plasmid map in content insert is open or close (if the users opens it -> it remains open | if the users close it -> it remains closed)
  • Plasmid map editor brings back the cloning insert feature
  • In content insert “Add Link” is only for admins and record owner/secondary owner, however, “Treeview” is available to all users
  • The Import with automatic storage was updated to use the new guesser functions
  • Dutch language added