New Lab Services Management (v3.03)



We are happy to announce the release of a significant update of the  LabCollector’s add-on: Lab Services Manager (v3.03).
We invite our community to update/install our new LSM, which brings many new features and improvements including:

  • API integration with the PWN Health for U.S labs, with automatic creation of jobs and sending of results through PWN Health Platform
  • Quicker interface o add new Jobs with automatic naming of your samples with the possibility of using your Assay IDs. IDs may come from scanning for example.
  • The result of assays can now have a minimum and maximum range with phrases assigned for values above, below or in range.
  • You can assign dates to schedule different parts of your jobs. 

Click here if you want to know more about features and improvements.


Let us know how you like it.

You can always request features for the next version in our Forum!

Keep informed about our news. New evolutions will be coming soon…