New ELN v3.65

We are happy to announce that we have released the new version of Electronic Lab Notebook (3.65).

LabCollector recently presented the latest updates for chemistry at the American Chemical Society meeting in San Francisco.

Discover some new features:


  • ELN is now available in FREE version!
    AgileBio has released in the last year the FREE version of LabCollector, this year we are proud to announce the FREE version of the ELN.
    This will enable small labs to have a a powerful ELN system integrated with a LIMS.
    The FREE version of LabCollector ELN allows to create unlimited books and projects with up to 500 pages in total.*

    *The rules of the FREE version of LabCollector LIMS applies also to the ELN bing limited to 3 users in total.


  • Plugin Molecule and Reactions was improved : you can now draw new molecules, search on LabCollector or memorized data. Cells of reactions are editables. Drag’n’ drop of elements are now possible. You are also able to add/remove columns/rows to the reaction table



  • Diagram designer was improved: you can now draw new molecules, add memorized structures from LabCollector and add structures already linked in page.


  • New custom text fields are available.


  • Well plates plugin was improved (plate384, plate96, plate48, plate24, plate12, plate6)

plugin plate eln


  • Prevent Firefox redirect to Java page (new Firefox version doesn’t support Java)


  • For Safari users, pasted image is allowed