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Unlimited Books & Experiments

LabCollector (LIMS + Electronic Lab Notebook) allows you to manage as many books as you need to keep your lab organized. Assign books to the appropriate staff to control access for viewing, editing and reviewing content. Applications: R&D, BioBanking, Chemistry, NGS Labs, MSDS & Safety, Automation, Pharma & Biotech, Lab Services & Others.

Task Lists & Project Management

Complex experiments can be managed by use of templates and the task list. This makes it easy to ensure scientists, technicians and managers can be aware of an experiments status and progress.

AgileBio - LIMS+electronic lab notebook

AgileBio - LIMS + electronic lab notebook

ELN Features & Capabilities

  • Electronic Lab Notebook For Any Application
  • Saas or Cloud Capabilities
  • R&D or Qc/Test Lab Project & Experiment Management
  • Powerful Text Editor
  • Diagram Designer
  • Upload and/or Link Data
  • Chemistry Tools
  • Easily Modernize Your Lab Logbooks & Much More!

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