LabCollector Scientific Award 2021

Donation of 15 000€ & One LabCollector License*
Applications before: Dec. 15 2021


This year 2021 marks the first edition of the LabCollector Scientific Award. During this period we have witnessed the investment and innovative work of laboratories around the world. In order to participate in this scientific progress and support the progress and development for scientific achievements in the world, AgileBio has decided to offer one laboratory a very special donation .

LabCollector LIMS enables greater efficiency, time savings and cost reduction for laboratories that want to improve their performance and focus on what really matters in terms of productivity. LabCollector LIMS solution has helped more than 50+ laboratories all over the world during the COVID-19 crisis by implementing a scalable solution in their laboratory that meets their needs. To learn more about LabCollector, please visit our website.


  • 15 000€ to use for your project
  • For a lab not using LabCollector: A free one-year LabCollector license for 5 users, including all default modules and demo versions of add-ons. Value of 5 000€. LabCollector can be installed either on your lab server, on your computer or on our server (1 free year of hosting)
  • For a lab using LabCollector: 1 free year upgrade and support package
  • For all participating labs: A promotional code will be provided for the whole Storage Accessories partner store, valid for 1 year.


The LabCollector Scientific Award is open to ALL laboratories who want to show their innovative and creative projects. The laboratory or institute must be able to receive a donation and thus provide a donation agreement in due form.


  • The recipient of the donation will be selected by AgileBio. 
  • Some criteria that will be used: Innovation degree of the project, scientific work made by the lab, the creativity degree of the project, the importance of the donation for the future of the lab, the use and importance of LabCollector LIMS for the lab. 
  • The recipient of the donation will be contacted directly by email or phone upon completion of the selection process
  • The recipient of the donation must be available if AgileBio needs more information
  • Without response or return from the recipient of the donation within 48 hours, AgileBio reserves the right to cancel its choice and select a new recipient
  • The donation will be transferred by bank transfer within 60 days after the selection
  • For participants, the promotional code will be sent by email within 30 days after the laboratory’s selection. Valid for 1 year.
  • AgileBio reserves the right to not  select any candidate


LabCollector may communicate information about the work performed, the lab’s projects, the use of the donation and LabCollector. The recipient of the donation consents to give the rights to AgileBio company to publish, republish, or otherwise transmit still and moving images, audio and laboratory/project name for the purposes of: publicity and promotional materials, including advertising material and printed publications, presentation and exhibition materials, websites, social media channels and digital communications materials.

If the recipient of the donation intends to use the donation for publishing or presenting, we request you to acknowledge “LabCollector” on your poster, presentation or in your scientific paper, and to please send us a copy upon publication. All communications from the recipient of the donation about the LabCollector Scientific Award must mention “LabCollector Scientific Award” and “AgileBio”.

APPLICATION FORM (finish for this year)