AgileBio releases a new FREE add-on: Simple Test Lab

Paris, France & San Diego, CA (30 September 2016) – AgileBio is aware of the issues that small clinical labs face daily. Resources are limited, they want the management and the handling of tests to be simple. To address these issues, AgileBio has developed an add-on called Simple Test Lab for LabCollector.  


This add-on is based on the natural workflow found in any test lab: request by a doctor who provides the patient’s information, the team responsible for sample collecting has this information and can perform the sampling in LabCollector. LabCollector handles storage and can simply notify that the sampling has been done. Then it’s the turn of the lab technician to run the test and to enter the results. The lab manager can print results and validate them. Simple as that, no need for extra training. Simple test lab is visually intuitive and gives the lab an overview of requests. Then, it is easy to see what is in progress and what has been completed.  

This new add-on has been created for small labs that need help to deal with basic tests with efficiency and simplicity.

Just to prove their commitment to smaller labs. This Simple Test add-on is offered for FREE with LabCollector.  

Sarah Rodrigues, a LabCollector consultant in AgileBio Europe office says, “Partnering with Bairo Pite Clinic (Timor Leste) in this project was a great way to see how we could make things better for small labs with limited resources worldwide, mainly for those in difficult geographical areas. Simple Test Lab allows a better clinical analysis tracking, with a powerful database behind for doctor to follow up patients or even to speculate trends in the community health

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