AgileBio Launches a LIMS Package Addressed to COVID-19 Labs


COVID-19 LIMS System by LabCollector

AgileBio, a leading global provider of LabCollector LIMS solution that enhances research, testing & traceability to scientist teams announces new COVID LabCollector + Lab Service Management (LSM) Pack that will increase the speed and efficiency in COVID-19 tests management.

Paris- March 27, 2020 – Facing an unprecedent pandemic situation with COVID-19, we all need to join forces. LabCollector LIMS developed by AgileBio is ready to join hands with the testing labs to increase the rapidity and efficiency of COVID-19 tests and its management thereby helping to eradicate the COVID-19 global pandemic. To address that effort, AgileBio is offering a COVID LIMS pack with  its main software LabCollector + LSM (Lab Service Management) + I-Collector automation + 2D rack scanner connectivity to any COVID-19 testing facility with free hosting for one year.

 The WHO recommendation is for massive Covid-19 tests everywhere and every day. The world is pressing tests and samples arrive by increasing batches. With LabCollector we help labs get organized and track samples and work. It was natural for us to propose our experience and tools quickly and without the burden of costs.”- Pierre Rodrigues, CEO & Founder of AgileBio, says.

The LabCollector COVID-19 pack is a mix of software components and all the needed service to bring labs online quickly. It also includes free online hosting for one year for LabCollector. Labs can now manage the COVID-19 samples from reception to result reporting, inventory for reagents & supplies, biobanking of COVID-19 samples with 2D Rack Scanners and much more with COVID-19 LC + LSM pack. This will increase the efficiency of labs by managing the tests request and speed with automation. A remote LSM portal application which is included in the pack will help the labs connect with unlimited number of doctors or providers of COVID-19 samples. It will also assist in communication of test updates, reports and invoices between the labs and the doctors/providers. All in all, the AgileBio offers all needed parts for test management to the labs and free consulting and quick setup and 1-year free web hosting (compliant with FDA) at an extremely reduced cost.


LabCollector by AgileBio also offers an extensive and modular tool set. It easily connects to 2D rack scanners to catalog samples from any scanner on the market. To automate test execution, AgileBio proposes a middleware I-Collector which allows quick integration of PCR/qPCR machines to help get the results transferred to LabCollector LIMS (into the Lab Service Management add-on) and ultimately to automatic positive/negative assessment and reporting. Furthermore, AgileBio teams is also familiar with regulatory requirements a test lab needs and keeping this in mind we have included our compliancy pack in the COVID LC + LSM Pack. AgileBio team shall provide testing labs with first hand training and technical support to make implementation of LabCollector smooth and easy in your lab. Our trusted advisors and software integration experts will make your transition to LabCollector effortless.

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AgileBio, founded in 2002, is a leader in providing collaborative tools that enhance research productivity and traceability to scientist teams in industry and academia.  AgileBio’s mission is to develop flexible and innovative software, such as our main product, LabCollector, and thus, turn research teams into more agile structures. LabCollector is a unique Intranet based software, allowing centralized management of all your lab data. By using LabCollector, lab teams can benefit from efficient information sharing and access.  AgileBio also builds and implements customized and packaged IT solutions that meet the demand of highly competitive companies and labs. Our clients turn to us time and time again because they trust us to get things right from the start.

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