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Transnetyx is a leading provider of automated genotyping solutions for researchers. By utilizing their proprietary genotyping technology, Transnetyx offers fast, reliable, and cost-effective genotyping services. It eliminates the need for manual processes, saving valuable time and effort in the laboratory. Their genotyping services are available for mice, zebrafish, rats and more. By partnering with Transnetyx, LabCollector users gain access to a highly reliable genotyping platform that delivers results with exceptional speed and accuracy. This integration further enhances the efficiency of the genotyping workflow, enabling seamless data transfer and result retrieval.

📋 Simplify order management by filling out and sending orders from LabCollector to Transnetyx with a few clicks!
📊 View and analyze Transnetyx genotyping results directly within LabCollector for effortless data integration and analysis!
🧬 Enhance organization and gain better research insights by tracking strains and associated genotyping data!
⚡️ Combine Transnetyx’s automated genotyping analysis with LabCollector’s comprehensive LIMS for efficient and accurate results!
🎓 Knowledge base: “How to use Transnetyx tool ?”

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  • Efficient genotyping workflow
  • Faster data transfer & result retrieval
  • Time saving
  • Less data entry errors
  • Better organization