Dr Sylvain Tourel


I implemented LabCollector for the first time in 2008 and then again in 2010 at another laboratory. I would not consider using any other option besides LabCollector when I setup my own laboratory 2012.
We use LabCollector for samples including DNA, primers, chemicals and cell lines. It is a great solution to preventing unnecessary orders of chemicals and a great organization tool in the lab especially for inventory purposes.

Having a high turnover rate of students, LabCollector guarantees us to be able to organize the storage and to to be able to find it later on in the future.

We are considering adding new features to our LabCollector licence such as the ELN to better optimize experiments and documentation with internal dynamic links.

The excellent customer service provided by LabCollector, combined with its local hosting, including backup and powerful database solution, makes LabCollector irreplaceable to us.

LabCollector has become an essential instrument in our laboratory structure and it will surely help lead us to success outside the lab as well.