New LSM v3.217 and WF v4.44: Update now!

We are delighted to announce the release of LSM v.3.217 and WF v4.44. LSM and WF add-ons have been improved in order for better usage and adaptability.

LSM new version will now help you with easy barcode printing, handling, customization, better management of control and data trending statistics, new API responses, and many more features. LSM is a great tool that will help you with samples, handling, parameters, and test organization required to complete your job. Do take benefit from the integrated remote portal too (LSMRemote).

LSM v3.217 new features

  • ‘Validator’ user level
  • Filters in the Batch list
  • Export batch list in CSV
  • New API responses (sample type, parameters labels, batch & test status)
  • API supports now multiple IDs
  • Improved control & data trending charts
  • Improved report copy log to allow research
  • Options to job list filters
  • Print barcode labels in batch
  • Job tags on CoC report
  • Labels to print per test
  • DYMO labels customization
  • Print all samples barcode in a batch

Workflow add-on in LabCollector helps you orchestrate your lab process in a highly organized manner. WF is build to handle more complex features and support clinical trials. Workflow offers you features like supervisor validations, custom made templates link to all LabCollector data, a dashboard to see the work progress, monitoring worktimes, and plenty more features.

WF v4.44 new features

  • Email notification after job completion in WF
  • Grid system to display and edit informations/data on contents of a box/plate. The grid is configurable stage by stage.