LabCollector new version v5.4!

We’re delighted to announce the release of LabCollector version 5.4!

We have added and made changes to several key features:

1. Multiple group membership.

  • You can now create a user and assign them to multiple groups and to a primary group to fit the needs of your laboratory/industry life.
  • When the user is associated to a primary group, they can choose the group that will have access to their records. Please read more about this on the Knowledge Base (KB).

2. Block users temporarily

3. Option for stronger passwords

  • With the option “SHA + strong rules”, the user will have to change the default password given by the super-administrator and follow strict rules to create a new one. Please read more on the KB.

4. An extended optional pack for CFR 21 compliancy

(session auto lock, data encryption, electronic signatures, block record modification, reason to edit). Please read about it on this KB.

  • Read-only or blocked record. Data are frozen: no modification is possible except for storage. Result is stored in versioning.
  • Electronic signature on blocked records to guarantee the integrity of the data. Result is stored in versioning.
  • New Icon for signatures.

  • For each modification, the user must give a reason to edit.
  • This reason will be visible in the versioning.
  • Data in a custom field type text can be encrypted in the database.
  • Encrypted data in the database which is only visible in the UI.


5. Fully detailed audit trails with data integrity check (by checksum).

6. Added optional ownership on R&S module.

7. Links to LSM, ELN, Photobank displayed in record.

8. Maintenance in batch using memorized items tool.

9. Quick lot derivations

10. API improvements.

11. Many more improvements and bug fixes: check the full changelog

List of Knowledge Base Articles related to v5.4:

See more details on the blog


Discover our new app: TubeScan

In addition to this version, we’ve released a new Android App which takes advantage of the new API features of v5.4: TubeScan for Android.

Manage tubes and vials at the freezer door.

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