New features for LSM v4.03x and LSMRemote are now available!

New Features for LSM v4.03x and LSMRemote Web Portal!

Many features have been added to LSM and the LSMRemote web portal. Managing tests as well as your partners’ requests becomes even easier and quicker!

Lab Service Manager v4.03x:

  • New dynamic fields to the email template ##requester_name## and ##requester_company##
  • New dynamic field for the report template for the secondary requester: ##requester2_name##
  • Add multiple requesters per job
  • New option to configure accreditation functionality
  • The report send by email can also be send to secondary requesters
  • Password protection for the email report is now an option (even with compliance ON)
  • Enhanced search method with multiple fields for imported case records
  • New option to send report by Fax to requester
  • New option to send token and report notification to the case record by SMS
  • Add general comment to finished job for internal purposes
  • Customize the patient pre-registration text for LSMRemote
  • API: New method to order directly a quoted job
  • API: New feature to search and create requester and case record during the job creation


  • New option to import jobs with a CSV file
  • Labels are now integrated into the CoC report
  • Possibility to make all fields in patient pre-registration separate from Patient module
  • New option to select multiple jobs and generate a single PDF
  • Possibility to see if the report has been downloaded or ptinted by the requester and when
  • Search jobs by Requester filter

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