Mug Challenge!

Win mugs for your lab! It’s easy!

Just create a team and add your lab members to it!
The more you add, the more mugs you’ll get:

  • 1 mug for 3 members
  • 2 mugs for 5 members
  • 3 mugs for 10 members
  • 4 mugs for 20+ members!

Follow these 4 steps:
  1. Enter your client account at
  2. Go to the team page
  3. Start inviting colleagues to join your LabCollector team
  4. Once your team is fully set up, click on the “Get my mugs” button

What will the creation of my “team” bring to my staff?

All your colleagues using LabCollector in your lab will have access to your LabCollector Client Area. This will allow your team to be more engaged with LabCollector and improve awareness. Users will be able to help you manage licenses as needed, download add-ons etc. allowing you to split/share the work! All your team will be able to easily sign up for our newsletter and important notifications.
If any of your team members contacts us for support we will know that they are connected to your account and so we can help them more efficiently.
We will also be adding more tools to the Client Area in the future to improve your LabCollector experience.
So get your team onboard!


>>Read more on “team benefits”>>

>>Create my team NOW!>>

*If you invite people from outside of your work team, AgileBio reserves the right to ask for justification.