AgileBio supports Lille Biology Institute (IBL) to increase COVID-19 testing capacity with LabCollector LIMS

AgileBio, specialist in web-based LIMS solution over 17+ years has joined the battle against coronavirus by integrating LIMS with Lille Biology Institute (IBL) to accelerate COVID-19 testing


Paris 8 June, 2020– AgileBio has successfully implemented their LabCollector LIMS COVID-19 pack in IBL institute to increase COVID-19 testing capacity thereby helping to control the pandemic that has struck the globe.

IBL has already been using LabCollector LIMS since 2015 to follow progress of sequencing on NGS platform to help identify rare coding variants associated with risk of type 2 diabetes and obesity. Recently, Lille researchers from IBL made remarkable discovery that, obesity poses a serious risk factor in people with Body Mass index (BMI) more than 30 (Normal BMI in adults ranges from 18.5-24.7) in COVID-19.

Thus, to assist scientists in IBL institute, AgileBio successfully implemented LabCollector’s COVID-19 pack to increase COVID-19 testing efficiency. This COVID-19 pack offers 2 main things; LabCollector modules and Lab Service Management (LSM) add-on. LabCollector modules help in organizing and creating lab/samples inventory and on the other hand, LSM assists in barcoding samples, managing inventory, creating test protocols, batch process, report & invoice generation, compliancy (FDA, ISO, etc) and assistance to PCR machines that helps in testing of COVID-19 samples.  The connection between machines testing COVID-19 samples and LabCollector was made by I-Collector add-on which was able to communicate with viia7 (Thermofischer) and LightCycler (Roche) PCR machines in IBL institute. This unidirectional connection made it possible to integrate data/results directly from PCR machine back into LSM add-on for generation of reports thus increasing the efficiency and speed of sample testing at IBL institute.


IBL also took advantage of LabCollector’s tube-sorter and Workflow add-ons to enable lab automation. Tube-sorter as the name suggests aided to sort samples and place them on working tray with the help of tube sorter robot (Fluidigm, illumina, BioMicroLab, etc). Workflow manager add-on orchestrated lab workflow in a flowchart manner which required supervisors’ validations in each step LabCollector thus made it possible for the researchers in Lille to easily achieve lab automation and also help keep compliancy (FDA, HIPAA, etc) in testing procedures. Altogether, AgileBio’s LabCollector COVID-19 Pack has helped IBL and other institutes to increase speed and efficiency of COVID-19 testing labs.

Emmanuelle Durand, researcher from CNRS / University of Lille 2, European Institute of Diabetes Genomics, France said,

Following the coronavirus crisis, our research laboratory was authorized to screen for Covid-19 using the qRT-PCR technique. LabCollector has the advantage of being extremely flexible and, therefore, was an obvious choice to implement for the Covid-19 testing process, from sample arrival to sending the diagnostic results. The LabCollector team was cooperative and efficient and they greatly helped us to effectively and promptly implement this system, which was operational as soon as the first samples arrived. In the same module, we are able to follow the daily and in real time course of the samples, in addition to analyzing the CT value outputs from the qRT-PCR results. The major advantage and benefit of this system is its ability to convert these values automatically to clear positive or negative COVID-19 results.”

LabCollector had launched its LIMS COVID-19 pack in March 2020 to help labs increase their testing capacity from sample sorting to running tests in less than 48 hours. IBL is one of the many institutes availing this offer by AgileBio to help battle COVID-19. AgileBio’ support team quickly reacted to help with lab automation.

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