AgileBio releases a new version of LabCollector’s Electronic Lab Notebook

ELN v2.2

AgileBio releases a new version of LabCollector’s Electronic Lab Notebook: ELN v2.2

Paris, France, December 04, 2013: AgileBio, an IT solutions specialist providing web-based software for life sciences, announces the release of a new version of its Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN), a complementary application for its LIMS, LabCollector. ELN is an efficient and simple notebook to store, organize, find and share all researcher’s laboratory experiments in a variety of life sciences and other industries as well as in academic research laboratories.

This new version of ELN (v2.2) includes new features with a collaborative and intuitive user interface enabling scientists to work with the ELN as a great support/complement or even replacement to the lab paper notebooks, going to a fully paper-less lab.

The upgrade includes sensible improvements and offers new capabilities:

  • Improvement of the user interface with a more fluid usage
  • New content editor
  • Grid custom fields
  • Improvement of pdf end printing exports with a tree view summary, images and excel files integration
  • Double signature/closing pages with signer authentication

In this version, you will also find all the functions that are the strength of AgileBio ELN:

  • Multilanguage interface
  • Task time reporting
  • Create and apply workflows for experiments
  • Archive function and experiment transfer
  • Diagram designer tool
  • Integrated spreadsheets with templates feature
  • Report arrangement: merge/compile several page in print/pdf views
  • Historic data/audit trail
  • Author and witness page validation/closing and signing

About the ELN application:

The Electronic Lab Notebook by AgileBio is a web-based solution, you can host on your server, allowing efficient management of all lab experiments. Unlimited number of books, experiments and pages can be created. Powerful tools are included to produce added value notebook like electronic signatures, pages templates, diagram & sketch editor, embedded spreadsheets, workflows… The ELN is suitable for research projects, technical platforms, service activities, company projects… Finally, the ELN is fully integrated with LabCollector, the LIMS developed by AgileBio for life science research labs and industries allowing links to samples and row data.

About AgileBio:

AgileBio is an IT solutions specialist providing web-based software for life sciences. For more than a decade, AgileBio company also provides a wide range of services such as software development, web hosting, specific consulting… Finally, AgileBio offers a large range of accessories for storage, identification and traceability of your samples (barcode readers, labels printers, RFID…).



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