– BUG: double quotes (“) in stage steps would break the template edition

– CHANGED: improved system of selection of a workflow current node

– NEW: operator mode navigation system with partial chart (get current node branches or current node upper and lower level in case of no branches)

– NEW: option to block duplicated records in templates with automatic start (create)
– NEW: starting a workflow with automatic start (create) requires password confirmation in case of duplicated records (if the template allows it)

– NEW: stage form and stage steps (each step can have a form) take into account the secondary category elements if the form to determine iframe size
– BUG: ajax reload of the stage steps (each step can have a form) takes into account the form elements to determine iframe size

– BUG: duplication of nodes in template module/stage automatic records and in workflow when choosing automatic records prefix/suffix
– BUG: template validation cancel didn’t work after opening a stage/recipe info

– NEW: new node start delay system
– BUG: storage node had a bug detecting the parent module record

– NEW: new Link node

– NEW: link node in operator navigation system with partial chart
– NEW: modules nodes can now have a custom name instead of the module name
– CHANGED: possibility to delete the module record connection to a workflow module node

2018-02-09: RELEASE v4.342

– BUG: template type filter was working incorrectly when filtering by active templates

– NEW: new system to select stage form fields in the template
– BUG: when stage had more than one parent module node the include of the edit iframe was being done incorrectly

- BUG: workflow tab in LC modules now shows stage deviation records instead of just module node records (M1867)

- NEW: workflow node Analysis Tab now is more complete with options similar to a stage (M2012)
- CHANGED: the stage actions checkboxes now don't reload the iframe form (M2252)

- BUG: the WF external view used in the LC modules had a bug determining the workflows status(M2078)
- BUG: chinese chars support (M2321)
- ADDED: possibility to delete the association of a stage to a deviation module record (M2039)
- CHANGED: 5% reduction on the worklfow progress for each uncompleted yes/no node to a maximum of 30% (M2062)
- NEW: paths blocked by the Yes/No node will now show as blocked in the workflow diagram (M2028)
- CHANGED: the possibility to show/hide stage and stage recipes custom form fields was removed (M1966)
- CHANGED: replaced eregi (deprecated function) with pregmatch in license check (M2020)
- NEW: it's only possible to select a deviation record if a deviation checkbox is checked (M1881)
- NEW: when the devation checkbox is checked at a stage step the selection of a deviation record is triggered giving the user the possibiblity the select the deviation record right after the deviation is checked (M1881_II)
- NEW: workflow report now has the completion date of the first and last workflow nodes and (if the workflow is complete) the completion time (M2017)
- NEW: worklow main view now has link colors to indicated the currently available paths, the unauthorized paths (nodes that belong to other teams/users) and the blocked paths (blocked because of the yes/no derivation) (M2339)

2018-07-19: RELEASE v4.35


2017-11-17: RELEASE v4.32

– NEW: admins can now choose on template side which users levels can start an workflow with that template
– NEW: yes/no nodes can now be assigned to a specific team or user
– NEW: yes/no nodes can now be validated by an admin

– NEW: new storage node
– CHANGED: visitors cannot start an workflow job

– BUG: home had a bug when calculating the progress of an workflow

– BUG: selection of current node when there was branches selected a completed node if in the other branch the node wasn’t the responsibility of myself or my team

– CHANGED: users that are on teams that can validate now can start WF with template that are not yet validated (drafts)
– CHANGED: when the end node automatic start fancybox (in cases of more than one template to choose from) is activated if the user tries to close the browser an alert appears

– CORRECTIONS: code improvement (init of arrays)
– BUG: automatic created record with empty name
– CHANGED: new system to detected jobs waiting validation based on MySQL instead of PHP calculations
– CHANGED: change in the proccess of getting the ID of the inserted workflow in workflow start script

– NEW: users with visitor level cannot edit workflows

# RELEASE: v4.30

– NEW: new branch logic for operator mode
– CHANGED: groups in use must have have at least one user
– CHANGED: only administrator can change workflows name’s

– NEW: option to archive validated templates
– ADDED: yes/no switch now shows the user that made the switch
– CHANGED: more clearer text on the validations buttons
– ADDED: preview system (modules)
– ADDED: complete previous nodes error now shows uncompleted parent nodes
– ADDED: reserved nodes error now shows which team or user is responsible for that node (if exists)
– CHANGED: operator mode select to change between uncompleted nodes now shows the team/user responsible for that node (if exists)
– ADDED: “click here” alternate link if the automatic start of a new WF doesn’t execute automatically
– BUG: iframe now takes account the combobox height to determine the iframe total height

– CHANGED: workflow report can now be in HTML or PDF and include the associated records details
– CHANGED: when a stage or recipe is set to complete or dead when a unrefreshed page tries to change the status the page is refresh automatically to avoid status overwrite
– BUG: when the stage or recipe has more than one record from more than one module the stage form was behaving incorrectly
– BUG: bug in form display when the form had ckeditor or dhtmlx calendars
– NEW: linked workflows now store the parent workflow ID
– NEW: linked workflows create normal links between the previous workflow records and the next worklow records

– NEW: users that pre-validated a stage can now be reset as long as no edition as been made
– NEW: after reset is unavailable now there is an option to switch user
– NEW: new preview system (stages and recipes)
– NEW: operator mode now allows to see only workflows waiting for validation
– NEW: admins can run templates still in the draft fase in order to test
– NEW: option to lock records in the automatic start (create or edit)
– NEW: LC history table entry now is different for LC form editions from the WF addon

– NEW: templates now have to be validated, without being validated they can’t be used

# v4.30
– NEW: forms per stage steps instead of just one stage form
– NEW: refresh button on home page

– BUG: the function Validate (Different User) had a bug that caused the same user to be inserted as the validation user despite the fact that the validation was made by the “Different User”

– BUG: the template save only cuts the name after the first “.” in modules nodes others type of nodes can’t be cut because that would cut the text (in yes/no or stage nodes for example)

– CHANGED: when starting a new workflow now the user is redirect to the detail view of that workflow instead of staying in the homepage

– BUG: the yes or no switch had a problem when there was multiple yes or no next to each other and the last yes or no had only END nodes

– CHANGED: fancybox to select the template of the new linked WF (when more than 1 template) is now rigid, can’t close until a template is selected

– CHANGED: index now uses the main LC login file
– BUG: before in operator mode since there was a 10 sec redirect the user only had 10 sec to choose the template of the linked WF (if there was more than one template selected) before being redirected without a new WF being created

# v4.20
– BUG: workflow automatic creation (select) now doesn’t duplicate the same record in case of linked workflows
– BUG: when a linked workflow (second workflow) has automatic start (select) now it no longer sets two times the same node (first module node) as completed
– CHANGED: workflow Gantt chart updated
– ADDED: workflow report

– BUG: deleted custom fields now don’t cause the stage form to appear
– BUG: the “no edition if previous aren’t completed” functionality now functions the same way for the module and yes/no node that they do for stages/recipes
– BUG: edition info of the workflow on the details window
– CHANGED: validation errors no longer look like buttons to avoid confuse users
– ADDED: the validation password fancybox now shows the selected validation status

– CHANGED: now you can’t edit a node without completing all the previous ones
– BUG: now template creation, edition or config edition stay recorded in history table
– ADDED: the workflow list in the home page and in the operator mode now refresh the current page every 30 seconds
– CHANGED: print barcode and generate barcode are available only for staff+, admin, superadmin and team validator
– CHANGED: automatic linked workflows now set the first module node to completed if a record is passed

– ADDED: possibility to validate stage with others users (selecting the user and inputting their password) without leaving current LC session
– ADDED: recipes nodes now have “require same user” function with the possibility of password validation
– CHANGED: when starting or completing a step of a stage now only refresh the steps not the whole stage (except when all steps are completed in the case it has to refresh the whole stage)
– CHANGED: after auto create of new workflow in operator mode the user is redirected to the workflow list instead of the newly created workflow
– CHANGED: operator mode redirect to workflow list is now in 10 seconds instead of 3 seconds
– CHANGED: operator mode now doesn’t redirect on users that can’t validate stage on stage validation because now validation with different login is possible so, only after stage completion the users are redirected
– BUG: now the yes/no node doesn’t allow the choose yes or no without complete all previous nodes
– BUG: before more than one yes/no nodes one after another would interfere with one another
– BUG: stage admin validation when you click enter now submits to validate stage
– BUG: stage user pre-validation when you click enter now submits to pre-validate user
– BUG: completion user validation now auto focus input and when you click enter now submits to validate completion user
– BUG: names with the char “.” appeared empty the workflow chart

– BUG: the block nodes from the blocked path of the yes/no node don’t count to verify if the “parent” nodes of the current node are all set to completed

– BUG: the edit stage status button disappeared in operator mode when the stage had no user or team assigned
– ADDED: stage “require same user” functionality show an alert after stage pre-validation or first edition so users know the stage requires the same user
– CHANGED: operator mode list now doesn’t show completed or dead workflows

# v4.19
– CHANGED: stage “require same user” functionality upgraded
– ADDED: stage “require same user” functionality now has the option the verify by password the user that will start the stage

– BUG: yes or no decision nodes had a bug on the “block the path not choosen” functionality

– CHANGED: the current node auto selection now takes into account WF teams selecting, between the nodes in the same level, the node that is on the team of the user (if there is one)
– CHANGED: super admin and admin can see workflow nodes with teams or user responsible defined
– BUG: normal mode now also takes teams into account to calculate permissions
– CHANGED: operator mode now verifies if previous nodes are completed

– BUG: template stage steps creation and edition bug corrected
– BUG: reload of content insert iframe after stage custom form edition
– BUG: in the derivation node, you click YES or NO, but nothing happened in operator mode
– ADDED: operator mode now redirects to workflow list after completion/validation
– ADDED: operator mode now has a select with all uncompleted nodes
– BUG: in recipes nodes the recipe disappeared after custom stage form was edited
– BUG: in recipes nodes when recipe was used after confirmation window (because of partial components or expired components) the recipe disappeared

– ADDED: home and operator list show alerts if workflow waits validation
– ADDED: workflow sends email to validation teams of waits validation
– ADDED: select record from EQ module now shows alert status (red dot) if in maintenance.

# v4.18
– CHANGED: new logic to calculate current node
– CHANGED: when a workflow reachs the first END (in case of multiple END’s) the worlflow is set to complete (100%) and the rest of the nodes are blocked
– CHANGED: YES/NO at the END now also trigger the next workflow
– ADDED: option for automatic start with select instead of create
– ADDED: validation teams
– BUG: dashboard js variables with char ‘ now work
– CHANGED: stage forms more compact
– CHANGED: switch user in operator mode is now disabled
– ADDED: if an admin set the validation to QC (more quality control) then the edit of the stage (comments and results) and the edit of the stage forms will become available again
– CHANGED: when a workflow reachs the first END (in case of multiple END’s) the worlflow is set to complete (100%) and the rest of the nodes are blocked BUT when that END has more than one parent node ALL need to be set to complete

# v4.17
– ADDED: possibility to add a delay in the start date of the automatic created workflows
– BUG: CSS bug on the submit button of the license page

# v4.16
– ADDED: stage custom form inside iframe on same page insteasd of iframe
– ADDED: stage can display the fields of the custom stage form (iframe with content insert)
– ADDED: stage can’t be set to complete before all mandatory fields of the stage custom form be filled
– ADDED: create workflow displays alert message if already exists an workflow with the same name and the same template
– ADDED: template list shows the “linked templates” (incoming and outgoing)
– ADDED: define a increment separator for automatic created records
– ADDED: create workflow displays alert message if already exists an workflow with the same name in linked workflows (incoming and outgoing)

# v4.15
– ADDED: instructions with images
– BUG: correction of ckeditor that adds \n\n lines
– CHANGED: when setting a stage step to started or completed it verifies if that wasn’t changed already to avoid overwrittes
– BUG: quality control notes disappeared after validation or dead by admin, now they stay visible
– BUG: automatic start when creating an automatic record in first module node and then setting the node to complete was duplicating the record
– ADDED: stages completed as DEAD now allow admin validation just like the the stages set to completed
– ADDED: stages now thave the possibility to destock a product (that product is used in the stage)
– ADDED: when creating or editing an template on leaving the page it shows an alert to prevent leaving without saving the changes
– ADDED: in automatic start of new workflow (linked workflow) it automatically transmit the module records from the first module node of the first workflow to the first module node of the second worfklow (providing the module of both nodes is the same)
– ADDED: new recipe node
– ADDED: if stage has at leat one step with deviation then it must insert at least one deviation record
– BUG: when an workflow has email alerts and automatic start an email is now sent to the second node(s) since the first is set to complete automatically
– BUG: workflow progress was incorrect when there was Yes/No nodes and the last node has validation
– BUG: when workflow had multiple end nodes and there was one with automatic start of new workflow and other hadn’t the select new workflow template window would appear even for the node with no automatic wotkflow start
– BUG: on the template stage/recipe once you selected admin validation with password it was impossible to remove the password (you could only choose between LC password and custom password or remove the validation)

# v4.14
– ADDED: operator mode now has an header with login/logout
– ADDED: operator mode now has a switch user option the changes the LC user with force login
– ADDED: operator mode now shows workflow general documents
– BUG: stage on operator mode now has the LC module form (stage custom form)
– ADDED: stage steps now have to be started and completed in order (stage steps force order)
– ADDED: ckeditor now has an actions toolbar (with a “past from Word” action)
– CHANGED: in template creation/edition the AJAX of the right slide with the node’s info is now done by POST (to prevent errors of URL too long in GET)
– BUG: no empty records on automatic record creation and set to completed the first node (automatic start)
– BUG: template creation/edition failed when using special chars like ‘
– CHANGED: bigger buttons on operator mode

# v4.13
– ADDED: option to validate the user that completes a WF step (module and stage)
– ADDED: it’s now impossible to set a stage to complete that has uncompleted stage steps
– ADDED: possibility to filter an existing record by codebar (when adding existing module records)
– BUG: automatic start of a new workflow when the current workflow is set to complete now works on standalone operator mode

– BUG: XML that fills storage tree in add box of node box of WF now doesn’t break with char &

# v4.12
– ADDED: home table sortable (except current step and next step)
– ADDED: steps and stages now have an instruction field
– ADDED: automatic start of a new workflow when the current workflow is set to complete (option must be configured in the template side)
– BUG: progress percentage was incorrect when there were yes or no derivations

– Support for new PHPEmail



# v4.07
– BUG: staff view/edit
– BUG: load view of WF highlighted node/stage
– NEW: timer on steps + validation
– NEW: stage total execution time
– NEW: Admin validations
– NEW: not just admin can view all WF (only filter by group)

# v4.08
– NEW: Automatic Start
– NEW: Template Default
– NEW: Template Order
– NEW: Teams
– REVIEW: Workflow Start Form

# v4.09
– NEW: Option to force same user in a stage
– NEW: Option for stage validation with password
– NEW: Option for email alerts on set completed/validated
– NEW: Easier start workflow form with an advanced setting
– BUG: Dashboard home list, when parallel steps indicates all current and next steps
– NEW: Analysis node shows all custom fields types correctly
– NEW: Upgrade do gojs para o flowchart
– NEW: Template individual node info is now shown with slide (left to right)
– NEW: Yes/No derivation node that blocks the path that is not taken
– NEW: Stage custom form now uses the field’s label (like the modules form) instead of the mysql name
– BUG: Encoding problems in the stage custom form
– BUG: Prevent duplicated records in the same module step
– BUG: Prevent duplicated boxes in the same box step
– NEW: Yes/No derivation node now has labels which is yes which is no
– NEW: Yes/No derivation node now has a tooltip on mouse hover that shows the complete text
– NEW: Stage node now has a max limit with a tooltip on mouse hover that shows the complete text
– NEW: Workflow chart area is now double in height
– NEW: Stage node with password validation can now chose between a specific password or labcollector login password
– NEW: Template side slide now works with double-click to slide in and escape key to slide out

# v4.10
– BUG: Yes/No derivation is only set to complete when is switched to yes or no
– BUG: Current node selection (when entering the Workflow) takes into consideration the Yes/No derivation blocked path
– ADDED: workflow diagram is align at the top of the canvas instead of the center
– ADDED: Template slide appears close to the node position instead of always on the top of the canvas
– ADDED: Buttons for zoom in and zoom out
– BUG: Home table correct column widths in IE
– BUG: Yes/No derivation blocked path in stage nodes is now correct
– ADDED: Workflow operator mode which includes a standalone version

# v4.11
– ADDED: mouse wheel over workflow canvas now mantains normal function, going up and down on the page
– ADDED: stage custom form now uses LabCollector module form with the selected fields
– BUG: gojs now don’t jump on Chrome and IE in order to make canvas focus
– ADDED: template slider now appears right after click with a loading gif
– ADDED: template slider now has a css shadow
– ADDED: create and edit template stay in the template after save rather then redirect to template list



# v2.50
– automatic creation of module records
– generation and printing of bar codes

# v3.00
– logic and interface improvements

# v3.10
– new configuration options for templates
– repetition of the workflow’s name and project code in the module record’s form
– automatic start and end date in workflow start form
– delete workflow’s without any pages
– new login form

# v3.11
– BUG: load records filter in node

# v4.00
– New types of nodes with new capabilities
– Box/Plate
– Stage
– Analysis
– Processes
– Improved interface design
– Creation of Normal Links between Workflow records
– Edition of Workflow Name and Observations

– Bug jquery
– Sticky header on menu

– Minor CSS/design with new login box

– Minor bug: ajax loading icon on storage guesser

– BUG: Workflow Stage details window size

# v4.05
– Updated version of workflow documents

# v4.05
– BUG: progress bar corrected (can’t be over 100%)