TubeScan App

This free app connects to your LabCollector via an API. It works with both 1D and 2D barcodes (internal barcodes, precoded tubes, aliquots…) and gets the storage details of your samples. It also allows you to destock tubes/vials or to remove volume from them. Barcode lists can be generated in a CSV and sent by email. This can be used in conjunction with Sample Batch Tools, for example.

TubeScan uses the camera of your smartphone to detect barcodes but you may also choose to use a more powerful Android scanning device such as the PDAs featured at the bottom of this page or click here.

The app requires a working LabCollector instance with a correctly configured API webservice. If you are using LabCollector v5.31 or lower you will need to do an upgrade to LabCollector 5.4x or higher.

Check out our Knowledge Base for more information!

Some Screenshots

Take a look at our range of PDAs on Storage-Accessories: