Emmanuelle Durand CNRS / University of Lille 2, European Institute of Diabetes Genomics, France

We have been using the LIMS Labcollector since 2015, which was developed to follow the progress of sequencing on the NGS platforms of the laboratory. Following the coronavirus crisis, our research laboratory was authorized to screen for Covid-19 using the qRT-PCR technique. Labcollector has the advantage of being extremely flexible and, therefore, was an obvious choice to implement for the Covid-19 testing process, from sample arrival to sending the diagnostic results. The Labcollector team was cooperative and efficient and they greatly helped us to effectively and promptly implement this system, which was operational as soon as the first samples arrived. In the same module, we are able to follow the daily and in real time course of the samples, in addition to analyzing the CT value outputs from the qRT-PCR results. The major advantage and benefit of this system is its ability to convert these values automatically to clear positive or negative COVID-19 results.