Anne Derbise Research engineer, Yersinia Research Unit, Pasteur Institute, France

1. How does LabCollector integrate into your laboratory daily?

We use LabCollector for several applications like management of:
-Toxic microbial strain including their stocking and real time location management
-All equipment and products (references, orders, expiration dates, alerts)
-Remote equipment reservation &
-Finally, electronic laboratory notebook add-on

2. How does the ELN meet your expectations in terms of experience monitoring, data transmission, collaboration, or any other aspect that seems significant to you?

-The ELN offers us the advantage of informatics, with all the results made accessible directly or indirectly (microscopy images, sequences, and bacterial strains, etc. can all be linked to one other in LabCollector). This linking makes it easier to go back to the experiment, see the details of how the protocol was performed, even when the experiment was not performed by us, this helps to replicate experiment easily.
-It is also much better when writing a report or publication because we can associate with each result, it’s material and method, an essential element during the writing and experimental reproduction.
-We have not yet taken the advantage of the collaborative book function in ELN as for now we do not outsource our data. Thus, only members of our unit who have access to LabCollector can see the ELN. For the moment we are very satisfied by the ELN, but we have only just started using it for a few months, so I still have a little perspective to answer.

3. Could you estimate the ease of implementation of the solution?

Relatively easy, young students got started quickly

4. Does the support service meet your expectations?

-The support service is very reactive & efficient specially on the active listening.
If we have any issues with the implementation, or if we need to learn or implement new tools or features that are adapted to our needs, the support team provides assistance very actively.
-On a scale of 1 to 5 AgileBio support is 5 +++.