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The LabCollector Scheduler mobile app connects to the LabCollector Equipment Scheduler add-on, enabling users to manage lab equipment reservations efficiently from their mobile devices. This article explains how to use the app and its key features.

The mobile app is designed to provide quick access to equipment reservations, allowing users to view, manage, and interact with their bookings from anywhere. It supports check-ins, check-outs, notifications, and more!

Prominent Features

  • Quick Views and Management: Instantly access current, future, and past reservations.
  • Check-In/Check-Out: Manage equipment usage directly from the app.
  • Notifications and Reminders: Receive alerts for upcoming actions.
  • Barcode Scanning: Use the device’s camera to scan equipment barcodes.
  • Biometric Login: Securely log in using fingerprint or facial recognition.

How to start with Scheduler App:

Firstly, it is necessary to download the app from the google app store:

1. Navigate to the Google app store on your mobile device.

2. Search for “LC Scheduler” (developed by AgileBio) and click on the download button.

3. Once installed, tap on the app icon to open it.


  • Connect with your LabCollector session

In the “Settings” tab you will be able to connect the scheduler app with your LabCollector instance account. For that you need to provide: your email, LabCollector instance URL, the token generated within LabCollector, username and password. Additionally you also have the option to enable biometric authentication.

To learn how to generate a Token refer to our KB: How to generate a token to link to API services?


  • Home Page:

The home page is composed by the following elements (please refer to the screenshot below):

1. Coming Soon: Here you’ll see the number of all the upcoming reservations;

2. Ongoing: Here you’ll see the number of all the ongoing reservations;

3. Check-In: Here you’ll see the number of all the check-ins;

4. Missed Check-Out: Here you’ll see the number of missed check-outs;

5. Finished: Here you’ll see the total number of completed reservations.

The app allows you to dive into more details about the following internal statuses:

  • Future Reservations: This status displays all equipment reserved for future use. Note that each piece of equipment can be reserved by a single person for a specified time period. To access more details, simply click on “coming soon” and you’ll be able to see a list of all the reserved equipment, including their name, start and end time.

  • Ongoing Reservations: When the reserved time for an equipment arrives, the user can click “Check In” to indicate they are now using the equipment. This changes the status to “Ongoing.”

  • Finished Reservations: During the usage period, the user can click “Check Out” either before or after completing their work with the equipment, but if a user fails to check in or check out, the reservation will be marked as a missed reservation.


In the “Help” Section of the app, you can find a quick guide on how to manage your reservation list and define all different settings.

How to book an equipment with Scheduler App:


1. Search engine

You can look for the desired equipment by simply typing its name in the search engine which will allow you to have direct access to the equipment schedule calendar.


2. QR code

You can scan the QR code of your equipment which will automatically redirect you to the equipment schedule calendar.

Using your phone and our Scheduler app, you can simply click on the QR code icon positioned at the bottom right corner of the app’s homepage (as shown in the screenshot below). This action will open the camera app, allowing you to scan the QR code you’ve just printed for your equipment. After scanning, the calendar—similar to the one found in the scheduler add-on—will open. From there, you can select a time slot to reserve your equipment, delete a reservation, or make changes as needed.



  • How to generate a QR code for the equipment?

To generate a QR code for your equipment, go to Equipment Scheduler add-on and click on Select Equipment in the top right corner. You will then get a page like the one shown in the screenshot below in which you can search for the desired equipment.

Once you select an equipment, you will automatically be redirected to the equipment schedule calendar. In this page you click on the QR code icon on the top left corner as shown in the screenshot below.



This will create the QR code for your equipment (see below), you can then print it and put it next to your equipment. And now you are ready to scan and manage your equipment’s reservation!




On the “About” page, you’ll discover convenient links to explore our other apps, connect with us on social media platforms, access our contact information, and stay informed about the current version of the LC Printer app.

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