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Sample Batch Loader

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Note that this add-on is only relative to SAMPLES module.

This add-on will help you to create worklists and/or export sample lists.

First, you need to select the way you want to create your list of samples:

1a. Using the unique tube code in the Samples module
1b. Using the names of your samples
1c. Using the internal LabCollector ID (e.g. xx-SP)

When you select one of these three options, you have to scan or write the values in the left-hand section (one per line).

2. Using the box barcode where your samples are stored (e.g. xx/BX or xx-BX), all the main storage locations relative to samples in the box will be uploaded.
3. You can upload a CSV with one item (internal ID, tube code or names) per line.
4. If you already memorized records (see the manual or KB  article related to memorized items tool), you can upload the result of this memorization.

Once you selected one of these options, you just have to click on NEXT (5).

From there, you can:

    1. Check your sample list and remove items if needed using the checkbox on the left
    2. Generate a worklist to remove volume, remove tubes, print the list, etc. For more details please refer to the KB-Managed memorized items
    3. Export the list in CSV format. You can export the main storage and secondary storage. You can also add an export label if needed. This export can be used as an input file for equipment analysis for example.

                4. The worklist action generates memorized records. You can then clean selected items from memory if you don’t want to work on the whole sample list (the worklist opens in a new tab) or clean all items in memory from here.  Nothing is deleted from the database at this level.

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