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LSM new feature now offers accreditation to the test reports in LSM. Regulatory bodies like ISO/IEC 17025 the tests need to be accredited. Tests like example for calibration testing equipment or sample, rely on the technicality and correctness of the results performed in lab. LSM now offers an option to list which tests in a job are accredited.

1.Compliany – add logo for accreditation

2.Turn ON/OFF accreditation for tests

3.Create reports with accreditation tags

1. Compliancy – add logo for accreditation

  • You need to have the compliancy option for the accreditation to work.
  • If you have the compliancy pack, go to LSM->ADMIN->PREFERENCES->REGULATION should be ON, logo should be added and the settings need to be 
    *The log can be of your choice we have uploaded the logo as an example.
  • 2. Go to add image option, which will open a pop-up
  • 3. Go to the UPLOAD tab and click on add Image option. 
  • 4. You can add the logo of accreditation that you want in a png, jpg, etc image type , that is stored on your computer.
  • 5. Once the image is added you will be rerouted to the Image info tab
  • 6. You can adjust the size of the logo. 
    *Keep the small lock icon locked, in order to maintain the aspect ration of the image.
  • 7. You will be able to see the size of your image in the preview part.
  • 8. Once you are done, SAVE the settings.

2.Turn ON/OFF accreditation for tests

  • Create a job in LSM OR go to a finished job.
  • If you have made a job with various tests you can choose which test you need accreditation.

  • 1. Go the test that you want the accreditation for and click on options
  • 2. Click on Follow-up.
  • 3. Turn ON Accreditation
    By default the tests will be OFF mode.
    Accredition options only work on FINISHED jobs.
  • 4. If you have already turned on the accreditation and you don’t want it. You can click on Turn OFF accreditation. (normally it will be greyed of the ON option is dark in colour)

3.Create reports with accreditation tags

  • For the accreditation logo to show on your report, you need to add the ##accreditation_seal##  in your report.

  • 1. Choose the template/s where you want to have the tag for.
  • 2. You need to add the tag ##accreditation_seal## in your template.
    *Remember you can choose where you want to add the tag, in the above image we just show as an example.
  • 3. Once done you need to save the template.
  • Now you can go to the job that you have finished and have switched on the accreditation for and generate the report like below.

  • You will the tag will show on your report.
    *Below is just an example, you can choose to add the tag where you want.

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