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How to install and use Central store Manager mobile application?

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Centrale store management add-on helps big labs to have a centralized ordering system. Labs that have various franchises and manage their reagents or supplies in a common stock room, can utilize central store management add-on. For orders to be created in this centralized system you can utilize the orders manager system for a common stock room to have the purchase order management in LabCollector.

Follow the below process to setup the central store management mobile app:

1. Install Central Store Manager app

2. Set general parameters

3. Add Remote LabCollectors

1. Install Central Store Manager app

  • Install central store manager app from the Google play store.
  • Once you open the application you will see the below page. You need to first adjust the settings.

  • The application setting needs to be done.
  • You need to fill you settings like below.
    You need to add the email address.
    Your LabCollector URL.
    The token you will find from  LABCOLLECTOR-> ADMIN-> SETUP -> WEBSERVICES API and creating a webservice. You can scan the barcode using the photo icon.
    You can put your username and password that you use to access the LabCollector.

  • Once you save the setting, you will see this pop-up.
  • As soon as the LabCollector is connected you will see the orders in preparation and in delivery from the LabCollector instance that you connected. For example, like below.

  • When you click on Delivery List, you can see all the order information.

  • When you click on the deliver tab, you will need to scan the barcode of the product that has arrived and the location. You also have the possibility to deliver all quantities of each lot at once.