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How to add maintenance and activate alert for a equipment (v6.0)

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LabCollector provides you the option of adding maintenance to any lab equipment. This helps you to keep a tab on all maintenance done for particular equipment. It also helps you to abide by the ISO 17025 standard.
To do so you need to first add maintenance categories and define access to the maintenance, in order to use them during creating maintenance for equipment.
Depending on your maintenance the Lab users/technicians will be able to edit the maintenance.

Adding maintenance category & other maintenance options

To add categories to Maintenance, go to Preferences–>Equipment options–>maintenance categories.

Here you can add the category near the   and the time interval that you require. If the time interval is less than a month you can add  0.5 or 0.1 months.
Once you add the category, click on “Update & save”. Now, these categories will appear in the maintenance tab in the equipment module.

You also have to define fields that you would be able to use to create control charts. Once you finish do  “Update & Save”.

You need to give access as to who can add and see calibrations and maintenance. This will define User-level permissions to access equipment maintenance. (Click the link to see more about user access)

Once you have saved all these settings, you can now add maintenance to the equipment.

Adding Maintenance and Alerts

Go to equipment module , click on .

The below page will pop -up wherein you can add the maintenance details.

All the options are explained below in detailed.

  • Alerts

  • You can mark the status of the equipment. When you check the box in front of , it will generate an alert for the equipment.

    Note: To receive alerts on emails you need to go to Admin–>Other–>Setup–>Proxy, Tasks Scheduler and Email. In the Alert option fill in the alert email & other settings. Check our KB to find out about alert email settings.

    The alert can be seen on the LabCollector homepage.

  • Equipment maintenance alert: 

  • When you click on the equipment maintenance option, it will show alert like the below image. If the contract and warranty is ended it will show as “No”. It will show how many days late the maintenance is, and all other relevant information.

  • Equipment Contract & warranty alerts:

    When you have the contract or warranty for a equipment that is over. You will see alerts on the LabCollector page that equipment contract and warrant are ending.
    When you click for example on, a new page will pop-up where you will see the equipment whose contract have ended. You can click on the edit icon and directly change the contract data (if t is extended) without having to go in the equipment module to change the date.

When you click on the edit button the record page will pop-up where you can easily edit the date and save the record. 

You can do the same for Warranty alert for an equipment.

  • When you select either “Activate reminder” or “ ” or “”  the equipment records will show different color dots.

  • If the equipment is marked as out of service or unavailable then no one will be able to use the equipment for the tests in LabCollector.
  • You can select the equipment from the equipment module.
  • The maintenance type will allow you to generate categories of maintenance. For example, if it is general maintenance or calibration, etc. You can also add the interval of maintenance checks in months. This way you can create several types of maintenance for any equipment.
    For example, if its a -80 refrigerator or liquid nitrogen tank then you can add maintenance to defrost the refrigerator every 6 months or refill the liquid nitrogen every month.
  • You can choose a maintenance date to schedule an alert.
  • You can add any comments related to the equipment, even the image of the equipment or a part of the equipment to be checked, in the comments section.
  • Any person in charge of handling the equipment maintenance can also be added.
  • You can add the date of when the test is performed.
  • The report or results of the tests performed on the equipment can also be uploaded.
  • You can add any custom field that you require by going to Admin–>Data–>Custom fields–>Equipment–>Maintenance tab. Check our KB to see how to add a custom field. 

    You can also check out KB so see how to add custom fields to create a control chart for maintenance.

  • Once you have added all the necessary information you can click on the save icon. 

Editing maintenance & other options

Once you have saved the maintenance. Go to the record of the equipment you made the maintenance for and click on the maintenance icon shown in the below image.

Generally, you will see a scroll bar under the display maintenance that will help you navigate to the options on your left and your right. 
To present clearly the options are explained individually in 2 parts.
To edit or add a maintenance for a equipment click on the record name and then click on “Display maintenance” icon.

  1. You can add maintenance to the equipment using this option.
  2. You can edit the maintenance by clicking on .
  3. You can print the maintenance information by clicking on .
  4. This icon means the alert option is on.
  5. The associated files or reports can be uploaded with the help of this option . You can upload files such as maintenance reports related to the equipment. When you click on it, it shows you this pop-up.

  6. You directly click on the uploaded file and download it for further purposes.
  7. When you click on , the list of maintenance will open in a new tab.

  8. The control chart option allows you to create a calibration chart with the test performed with the standard sample on the equipment. You can check here, how to create a calibration control chart with a data set.
  9. Export option allows you export data of equipment maintenance in various formats. Check our KB on how to export maintenance data.
  10. One the maintenance is completed you can close the maintenance by clicking on the padlock icon .
    Note: Once the maintenance is locked you can no more edit it.

Adding maintenance for multiple equipment

LabCollector allows you to add maintenance together for various equipment. For example, if you have many types of PCR machines you will usually have similar maintenance for them. So instead of adding the maintenance individually, you can add maintenance for all of them together.
To do this you need to click on the memorize icon on the equipment record.

When you click the on the right-hand side in the equipment module. the below page will show where you will that you are adding maintenance for various equipment together.
You can also click on manage memorized items and edit them. Check our Kb to see how to manage memorized items.

Maintenance filter

You can filter your equipment records with the help of under the search bar. When you click on the expand search options you will find the maintenance filter, like below.

When you click on the maintenance filter the below tab will open where you will be able to filter according to the type of equipment maintenance, alert type, date of maintenance, operator of maintenance, and other options. 

You can add another filter in this tab while creating the custom field and choosing the field type to appear in the search filter. (click the link to see the KB)