How to connect Parser to I-Collector?

SUMMARY: I-Collector is a middleware that helps connect lab instrument to LabCollector. You can read more about I-Collector in our blog. I-Collector can connect to add-ons in the LabCollector too, like LSM or Parser add-ons. Parser is an add-on that … Continued

How do I install and configure I-Collector Client App?

I-Collector Client App helps you to retrieve files from any lab instrument effortlessly. It provides a unified file transmission system for all computers that receive results from instruments and which are inside and outside of the network. Note that this … Continued

How to change parameters in I-Collector?

After our developer created your plugins in I-Collector, some options can be set up. Through, Menu > LC Connection settings you access to three tabs:  Do SAVE each time you do a modification 1. In LC connection settings, you can … Continued