LabCollector General setup-v6.0

SUMMARY: The LabCollector offers various set-up options. It is read-to-use  (insofar as is possible) configuration that can be easily managed by the super-admin according to your lab requirements. You can easily define several set-ups in ADMIN -> OTHER -> SETUP:- … Continued

Client Area Tutorial

SUMMARY: LabCollector’s client area offers a variety of options to enhance your user experience. From convenient add-on downloads to seamless access to support and upgrades, dashboard management, ticket creation for issue resolution, access to storage accessories, and newsletter services, you’ll … Continued

How to use Plasmid Map Editor?

SUMMARY: Inside LabCollector  there are 13 by default modules, amongst which you can find the Plasmids module This module not only offers you the possibility to import plasmids, but also create your own ones with the help of the Plasmid Map Editor. But in order … Continued

How to Setup Alerts in Data Logger?

Data Logger is one of LabCollector’s powerful add-ons, a network-based application that allows you to monitor and control your storage temperature, humidity and CO2 levels or any other data from a centralized location. Data Logger provides you with the ability … Continued

Purchase order management – A to Z (v 6.0+)

The Reagents & Supplies and Primers modules are linked to an order management system. This tool can simply be used to notify that articles need to be purchased or it can be a real order management tool. Go to Reagent … Continued