How to generate CoC Manifest with integrated labels?

SUMMARY: LSMRemote application, for the clients to connect remotely to Lab Service Manager For test labs that receive a request to perform tests (jobs) on a sample from a requester (clinic, hospital, etc), our Lab Service Management (LSM) add-on is the best option. … Continued

How to perform pooling in sample receiving add on?

SUMMARY: Sample receiving allows one to pool samples. Pooling samples involves mixing several samples together in a “batch” or pooled sample, followed by testing the pooled sample with a diagnostic test. This approach increases the number of individuals that can … Continued

How to use LabCollector for COVID-19 testing?

SUMMARY: With LabCollector’s COVID Combo Pack, you can increase your lab’s efficiency in performing tests for COVID -19. Thanks to this Combo Pack, you can keep track of your samples, tests, reports and invoices. The COVID Combo Pack includes the … Continued

How to start with LSM?

SUMMARY: Lab Service Manager (LSM) add-on is the perfect application for service core & test labs.  You can read more about LSM on our Blog.  The requesters (clinics or institutes collecting samples) can submit orders to service test labs to … Continued

LSMRemote configurable options (v4.0)

SUMMARY: For test labs that receive a request to perform tests (jobs) on a sample from a requester (clinic, hospital, etc), our Lab Service Management (LSM) add-on is the best option. However, to make the process easier we offer our … Continued

How to process plates in sample receiving add-on?

SUMMARY: For tests labs that receive 100’s of samples in a day, they can use our sample receiving add-on to quickly open a package and plate the samples. For labs that require quality checks (QC) for the sample before sending … Continued

What are fields in LabCollector?

SUMMARY: Fields are present inside each module and add-ons. These fields help to insert more informations about the records. Check our KnowledgeBase on what are records. Below is the sample of fields inside strains and cells module when you click … Continued

How do you create a custom field?

CUSTOM FIELDS All modules are ready to use with a predefined data structure (fields) adapted to its content. Nevertheless, you may need some extra fields or numbering options for your lab specific information. LabCollector allows you to create unlimited extra … Continued

Custom field types

For each type of custom field, you will see in this KB screenshots that would help you with the creation process, editing records, and viewing record modes. Take note that creating and modifying custom fields requires an admin or super-admin … Continued

Can I add a custom module to fit my specific needs?

LabCollector integrates predefined modules to store specific types of data. Nevertheless, real situations are endless and therefore it also includes the possibility to create and design custom modules. The settings for Custom Module configuration, are located in Admin > Data … Continued