ELN permissions

SUMMARY: ELN (Electronic Lab Notebook) offers to configure permissions to each user as per the lab requirements. Each user can have a set of permissions configured by the supervisor ONLY. You can also set permissions for your book that you … Continued

Manage user’s access (ELN)

For Super-administrator and administrator/PI only. Through ADMIN> Manage > Advanced Permissions, super-administrator can manage users’ permissions: Basic selection corresponding to actual LabCollector users’ permissions. Advanced selection: super-administrator defines PI for each group and PI can define specific user’s permissions. BASIC … Continued

How to setup digital signatures on the LabCollector ELN

First, you need to have a license ELN + signature. First, activate OpenSSL and Curl on your PHP preferences: – Windows: open LabCollector Manager, in Settings > Configure Servers > PHP, edit PHP.INI and uncomment (by deleting the leading semi-colon … Continued

How do I print from ELN?

From the Home page go to ELN add-on  add-on print from LabCollector. A book in ELN offers a lot of flexibility than its paper counterpart which makes organizing the book in more easy way. You can create several books dedicated … Continued