Day-to-day uses

- How do I create or edit a record? - General setup
- How do I create a custom field? - Level permissions
- How do I delete data? - Manage users
- Manage your publications (FR)
- Group policies
- Icon meaning - Customization

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I add a custom module to fit my specific needs?  
  2. Can I see/list all records in a module?  
  3. Custom field: Field category option version 5.2x  
  4. Custom fields type  
  5. Custom fields: Tab Analysis option  
  6. How do I add multiple records without data import  
  7. How do I customize record options?  
  8. How do I delete data?  
  9. How do I link records and for what purpose?  
  10. How do I manage animal crossings?  
  11. How do I manage vendors and sellers?  
  12. How do you create a custom field?  
  13. How do you create a custom field? For version 5.2 onwards  
  14. How do you create or edit records? (FR/EN)  
  15. How do you use versioning? v5.31 and below  
  16. How do you use versioning? v5.4 and above  
  17. How to do lot disposal  
  18. How to export search results  
  19. How to manage users (v5.31 and below)  
  20. How to manage users (v5.4 and above)  
  21. How to store and manage straws? (EN/FR)  
  22. how to use AD or LDAP for login authentication?  
  23. How to use LDAP and OpenSSL on windows 64bits?  
  24. Icons meaning (EN/FR)  
  25. Import and manage your Reagent & Supplies V5.3  
  26. Import your data (5.3 version)  
  27. Import your samples and associated storage in 3 steps  
  28. Importer ma BDD EndNote dans LabCollector (FR)  
  29. LabCollector General setup  
  30. LabCollector General setup - v5.4  
  31. LabCollector General Setup 5.2  
  32. Manage memorized items  
  33. Manage storage for Reagent & Supplies module  
  34. Manage your lab equipment and follow their maintenance  
  35. Manage your reagent lots  
  36. Purchase order management - A to Z  
  37. Reagent & supplies preferences  
  38. Risk codes  
  39. Should I lock, archive or delete records?  
  40. What are group policies and how to use them?  
  41. What are user level permissions?  
  42. What can I do with the default fields?  
  43. What is a CSV file?  
  44. What is in the Compliancy Pack?  
  45. What is the formula that LabCollector uses for Tm in Sequences module?  

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