# v1.0 – 2013

# v1.2 – 2015

# v1.3 – 20/11/2017
– Scan a new box and and  add it directly to a storage
– Select new tubes from a scanned rack/box and add them as secondary  storage of any record in any module having active storage option

# v1.4 –  10/08/2018
– IMPROVED: On rack scanner mode: Improve tube selection UX,  select multiple cells with a simple long click and drag
– ADDED: On rack scanner mode: option to add tube as a derivation of  another record or as a new primary record
– options: Secondary storage : choose a parent record from a module Derivation : choose the origin record and the target module Primary : choose the target module

# 12/04/209 – FIX for HTTPS scan – IMPROVED: Rack Scan UI more responsive interface,  suit better for small screens
– IMPROVED: Rack Scan saves audit trail and logs for more information  about existing tubes (ie moved in or between rack/box)
– ADDED: Rack scan Update position action; update all existing DB  records an move them to their new position

# v1.5 – 22/07/2019
–  Improved Direct Scan to accept existing records on any module using LC  barcodes.

# v1.6 – 20/11/2019
- IMPROVED: moved to LCv6.0 layout
# v2.0 - 08/04/2020