LC Manager survey for Windows

Welcome to the survey for the new version of LabCollector Manager.

First of all, we would like to thank you for using LabCollector solution.

To make LC manager more user-friendly and ergonomic, we are developing a new LC Windows manager v3.0, by:

- Revamping the Windows Server manager

- Providing a redesigned interface

- Adding new features (like PHP 7.3, latest server component and much more)

- Introducing many new tools

We want to obtain your valuable insights and expectations to help us improve our services.

Your input will be used to ensure that we continue to meet your needs.

This survey should take less than 2 mins to complete.


We thank you in advance for your time!


Note: We kindly request you to answer the survey only if you use LC Manager

1. Do you use Windows LC Manager server?

2. Which Windows OS version do you use?

3. Which version of LC Windows server manager do you use?

4. Could you please describe the Windows OS environment like CPU, Memory, years Running,...etc?

5. How would you rate your experience with LC windows server Manager?

Please let us know how we can improve?

Please tell us why you dont like it?

6. Would you be interested in an backup tool for synchronized data storage?

Would you be willing to pay for it?

Could you please explain why?

Could you please tell us why?

7. Do you have any suggested feature that we could implement for a next version of Windows LC server Manager?

8. Optional: Please let us know who are? (Name & Email)