################################ LSM Changelog ################################

- NEW: case record associated module now has a possibility to display all custom fields in batch list
- CHANGED: country select is now a select with database ID
- CHANGED: for US and Canada the state is now a select and not free text
- BUG: job list export encoding problem for case record name
- NEW: new level filter in parameter listing 
- NEW: now it's possible to make page breaks in template reports

- BUG: import CSV in new job form required an asterisk in mandatory column headers
- NEW: LSMRemote: token expiration
- CHANGED: API: parameter samplesearch takes into account sample barcode option
- NEW: new field Account Manager for Requesters
- BUG: popups windows were not movables in job list page
- BUG: the button "Replicate results" did replicate too sample parameter values
- BUG: button "add all columns" in batch view had stopped working

--- v4.024 15/01/2021

- NEW: LSMRemote: filter by parameter values
- ADDED: API: add field priority level to GET response
- BUG: 2 issues in batches due to special characters and var $value redeclaration
- BUG: sample columns of type date are blank in validated batches > add column
- BUG: section for processing parameters appear in validated batches even when there are not processing parameters
- ADDED: API: add field parentid to GET response
- BUG: parameters of type file in job level cannot be edited/deleted
- ADDED: support multiple files in parameters of type file in job level

- ADDED: job samples now have a unique sample name verification when barcode option is sample name and sample name it's not automatic generated (#123)
- CHANGED: exclude sample name verification when restarting jobs
- CHANGED: add title to restart job popup
- CHANGED: LSMRemote: submit order: case record (and others select pickers) support search by multiple words
- BUG: LSMRemote: case record duplication if user clicks twice the button (#119)
- BUG: malfunction of grid master checkbox, when multiple grids in the same page 
- CHANGED: send batch results by email - include column ReportPreferred and uncheck rows if Email is not preferred
- CHANGED: restarted jobs must keep the received date of parent job
- ADDED: report tags ##amendment_title## and ##amendment_comment##
- CHANGED: restarted jobs keep the same token that original job, and no new email is sent to patient
- ADDED: API: filter invoice list by jobid or jobnumber
- ADDED: button Correct to add a corrective comment to finished jobs
- ADDED: increase reportID if correction date is newer that report date
- ADDED: report tags ##corrective_comment##, ##corrective_date##, ##corrective_title##
- ADDED: added columns Received Date & End Job Date to batches
- ADDED: LSMRemote: add captcha on all recovery (#108)

--- v4.025 20/01/2021

- BUG: change filtering mode for requester combo
- ADDED: LSMRemote: add laboratory/requester to preregister page (unless case record sharing option is enabled in LSM) 
- ADDED: LSMRemote: allow force laboratory/requester in preregister page by URL
- BUG: setup-case record: the dropdown to select name is empty after change module
- BUG: new job page: initial text typed in requester combo is removed
- BUG: new job page: JS var not defined

- ADDED: lsm version to lic_ws
- BUG: LSMRemote: after adding a case record, the name is not displayed if it is a calculated field
- BUG: Result validation popup accepts without password(M4908)
- BUG: Filter job list by test doesn't return results, if 'group by' is job-sample-test
- BUG: Filter by parameters in job list only works if 'group by' is job-test-sample, it is missing for others 'group by' options
- BUG: Lot not showed in validated sample popup, if it has expired
- BUG: report tag ##results_extended## shows empty test name if there are several samples with the same name 
- CHANGED: update lang Norwegian
- NEW: Requester field 'OnPortal' to choose if requester is visible in LSMRemote lists
- BUG: format all invoice line totals with 2 decimals
- CHANGED: search by case record support search by multiple words

--- v4.026 27/01/2021
- BUG: Button to reset search form in job list, doesn't clear the case record combo
- ADDED: dynamic tag to reports to display the parameter comment
- ADDED: parameters of type String can be selected as Search Filter
- BUG: issue on preload new case record after create
- BUG: case record custom fields with commas interfered in batch view, and columns were misplaced
- BUG: when report signature is blank on footer, because the signature is invalid, the amendment footer of restarted jobs was also empty
- CHANGED: rearrange requester fields to have Country before State
- BUG: API: clean invalid values (&nbsp; and <input type) for date/time parameters in GET output
- ADDED: add font Montserrat to templates

- NEW: API: commands to get token or send token by email
- CHANGED: Typo "Accept all jobs"
- CHANGED: LSMRemote: hide link to edit case record if job is finished
- BUG: default emails (lang) encoding
- BUG: LSMRemote: view job with LC user shows wrong requester, if requester has OnPortal OFF
- BUG: API: all job parameters have empty value since last week
- ADDED: LSMRemote: support parameters of type File and Image (M4930)
- CHANGED: LSMremote: change the title of confirmation popup to pick a custom message from lang
- ADDED: LSMremote: confirmation to reprint CoC if job is finished
- CHANGED: optimize results query on reports
- ADDED: field Code to parameters

--- v4.027 03/02/2021

- BUG: the new dynamic tag to display the parameter comment failed if label contained chinese characters
- CHANGED: some small code modifications to avoid generate warnings in apache log
- BUG: add new job didn't validate required fields of type File
- CHANGE: allow overwrite received date and ask for a corrective comment if the job is already finished
- ADDED: option to send manually notification of results by email to case record in job list menu
- CHANGE: case record tag fields in email templates
- BUG: encoding fix for email templates tag fields
- BUG: issues with special characters in case record (LSM & Remote) (M4966)
- BUG: order alphabetically values for field of type "select" in case record form, and hide inactive values
- BUG: download files of job parameters fails if file name contains a hashtag

- CHANGED: LSMRemote: change label "User mail" by "Email"
- BUG: default value was not preselected for case record fields of type "select"
- BUG: User request tab was empty if content had special characters
- BUG: CoC included columns of hidden sample parameters
- ADDED: case record form supports masks
- BUG: job end date is a datetime, but sometimes didn't include time
- NEW: option to rename priority levels
- BUG: LSMRemote: fix css issue in calendars
- CHANGED: LSMRemote: improve captcha system to work with multiple pages opened
- BUG: prevent the button that Validate user requests to be clicked multiple times
- BUG: don't send token of deleted jobs
- BUG: job correction makes null
- BUG: API: label of input parameters was blank
- BUG: the job form wasn't picking the customized labels for priority
- BUG: ignore deleted jobs in retrieve report with token
- BUG: email accept/reject job is not sent if comments is blank
- ADDED: popup with quick pdf printing when a job is open
- NEW: integration with 1Health
- CHANGED: group API integrations (PWNHealth, 1Health) in new page setup>integrations
--- v4.028 11/02/2021

- BUG: report pdf was not generated if time fields had wrong values
- BUG: API update shipment status with custom date - worked fine but returned a 400
- BUG: API job acceptance must not change status of jobs already accepted
- BUG: API case record mandatory on job creation if it is enabled
- BUG: API now create jobs with status requested, unless automatic acceptance is enabled
- CHANGED: images for integration settings 
- BUG: LSMRemote sometimes displays "order sent failed" after create a job, but the job is created

- BUG: stop edition of grid before validate cells, because last cell changed was not be validated properly
- BUG: LSM had lost the identification of equipments out of service, so they were enabled
- BUG: received date was not using custom date format in single sample popups
- CHANGED: click button 'today' in grid date pickers, selects now current date and close the popup
- CHANGED: word-break in requester's email column
- ADDED: report tags for attached modules fields
- BUG: setup>job list options: choosing 'No limit' saved wrong option
- BUG: small fixes for 1Health job creation and results submission
- BUG: save case record didn't work in localhost, due to cookies mixed in request
- BUG: LSMRemote: tests not compatible with sample type could be selected by selecting a category
- CHANGED: tests is mandatory in new job form
- BUG: batches with samples not started but completed or validates remained in status assigned forever
- NEW: page Customizations

--- v4.029 19/02/2021

- BUG: strip slashes in protocol description (M5057)
- BUG: order by requester id doesn't work
- NEW: Email report to requester protected by password (M4990)
- ADDED: job number to all batches grids
- ADDED: API: parameter limit to limit the number of results

--- v4.030 19/02/2021

- BUG: parameters of type time were converted to datetime in report dynamic tags
- ADDED: API: method to order a quoted job
- ADDED: option to not apply the discount to priority (M5011)
- CHANGED: rename requester tab 'Billing' by 'General Contact' and 'Shipping' by 'Billing'

--- v4.031 22/02/2021

- ADDED: add dynamic fields ##requester_name## and ##requester_company## to the email templates (M5060)
- ADDED: LSMREmote: preselect test if there is only one (single view)
- ADDED: method to search case record by multiple fields
- BUG: field 'Fax' in requester details removed the sign '+' on save
- ADDED: add fields 'code' and 'small name' to method 'getAssaysForm' in LSMRemote API 
- BUG: case record's field extra name is missing in job list export
- CHANGED: requester's account managers can be any LC contact, not only those authorized in LSM
- ADDED: API: add option to get job users and account managers, and to hide other tags
- NEW: Multiple requesters per job (M5090)

--- v4.032 26/02/2021

- NEW: option to send report by fax to requester
- NEW: option to send token and notify of results to case record by SMS
- CHANGED: LSMREmote: change report output from "I" (Inline) to "D" (Download) to fix problems in mobile
- BUG: hide project tab in requesters if project option is not enabled in setup
- BUG: new users linked to one requester didn't appear in users tab in requesters
- ADDED: tag ##requester2_name## to reports, to be replaced by secondary requesters name
- ADDED: filter in dropdown of secondary requester in new job page
- NEW: LSMRemote: CSV import of jobs
- NEW: LSMRemote: Coc: add integrated labels
- ADDED: LSMRemote: Add option to make pre-registration mandatory
- NEW: LSMRemote: Select jobs and generate single PDF (M5093)
- ADDED: add date when the requester downloaded the report to method "getJobsData" in LSMRemote webservice
- NEW: possibility to configure accreditation functionality (M4979)
- ADDED: send report by email also sends to secondary requesters
- NEW: LSMRemote: Mark row if report has already been downloaded (M5092)
- BUG: select fields of case record allowed free text (M5123)
- CHANGED: LSMRemote: Apply the option for sample name 'prefilled with random long number' when it is set in LSM setup
- ADDED: API: prevent results to be updated if sample/test is already validated
- CHANGED: LSMRemote: trim spaces after and before token and security parameter value to prevent 'no data found'
- ADDED: add requester name in the title/breadcrumb of the popup of single sample/test
- NEW: API: search/create requesters and case records on job creation
- BUG: LSMRemote: case record mandatory fields were not enforced since a few days
- CHANGED: LSMRemote: change again report output from "D" (Download) to "I" (Inline) for desktop and keep 'D' for mobile devices
- ADDED: add rush icon in home page items
- BUG: fixes in secondary requester filter in new job form
- CHANGED: Email report to requester protected by password is now optional, even with compliance ON
- ADDED: API: add missing fields on requester creation
- NEW: API: search/create attached modules records on job creation

- ADDED: new argument $reportseen for the function getJobsData in LSMRemote API to filter jobs by ReportSeen
- NEW: Hide/show reported jobs
- BUG: fixes in search by sample in job list
- CHANGED: allow modify general comments after validation
- ADDED: add name of dependent fields of calculated fields to method "getCaseForm" in LSMRemote webservice
- CHANGED: requester name or company must be not empty (M4829)
- ADDED: add column sample name to batch report
- NEW: LSMRemote: add requester filter in job list
- BUG: LSMREmote: job view showed wrong sample name if sample name option = autogenerated long number
- CHANGED: add optional label to attached modules (by default module name)
- ADDED: show license limits and features in license page
- ADDED: add column barcode to batch report 
- BUG: fixes and adjustments in send batch results with new modalities (fax, 1health)
- ADDED: API GET: new parameter jobnumber
- ADDED: API GET: new parameter searchmode (startswith, endswith, contains, strict-default-) to use with jobnumber or samplename
- ADDED: new method "getQuoteAmount" in LSMRemote webservice
- NEW: add color to each result value in a select list or numeric out of range (M5120)

- BUG: now supporting special characters in charts
- NEW: new job status Pre-Order
- NEW: option to choose samples barcode 1D/2D
- BUG: users with '&' in some field couldn't log in to LSMremote
- ADDED: accept edit jobs from LSMremote
- ADDED: use parameter report colors in validation screens too
- ADDED: more fields for search on requester list
- CHANGED: the popup to send results to 1Health or PWN exclude jobs not created from their API
- NEW: LSMRemote: job pre-register
- NEW: contact to case record by email/SMS
- BUG: completed date on report tag ##results_merged## was the same for all tests in the same sample
- NEW: new report tag ##results_extended_wdate##
- BUG: search by sample name with a hastag # inside didn't work
- NEW: Allow automatic report email or fax to requesters after validation (M5106)
- BUG: remove all secondary requesters for a job didn't work

--- v4.034 18/03/2021

- BUG: country in report appeared as ID instead of text
- ADDED: send report by fax also sends to secondary requesters

- CHANGED: improve SQL query and speed up the job list export CSV
- NEW: LSMRemote: add JS signature plugin
- BUG: LSMRemote: bug in set automatic name for sample name
- ADDED: new database index in job created date
- ADDED: Find samples and jobs per ID in job list and samples lists
- NEW: new job field Signature
- CHANGED: Replace the forbiddance to delete tests already started by tests already completed
- BUG: Remove the limit of 200 in select category dropdown
- BUG: Pass correct argument to getJobNumber function
- BUG: send token or notification of results only were sent if automatic submission were ON in setup
- ADDED: new method "sendEmail" in LSMRemote webservice 
- CHANGED: replace message after send email/sms by "Email/SMS generated"
- NEW: LSMRemote: add returning patient feature on job pre-registration
- BUG: auditlog showed duplicated entries when super-admin was imported as user
- ADDED: save in audit log all messages sent to case record (token, notification of results, custom messages)
- CHANGED: improved accreditation configuration (M5161)
- CHANGED: Requester email field required when checkbox 'Email' checked in Preferred Report
- BUG: fixes in email/sms to case record
- ADDED: new email template for email to case record
- ADDED: API: option to not send token on job creation, although the automatic token is ON
- ADDED: LSMRemote: add Signature field in getJobDetails return

- BUG: set parameter color failed if the value included parentheses
- NEW: Set number of decimal places in Numeric parameter (M2957)

--- v4.035 29/03/2021

- BUG: open job showed wrong status of sample if sample was completed without being started first
- CHANGED: a combo filterable in equipment and chemical/reagent lots choice
- BUG: correction in decimals format - don't format value if field decimals is empty
- NEW: LSMRemote: send email to requester when job was pre-ordered
- CHANGED: improve SQL query and speed up the job list export CSV (II)
- CHANGED: don't hide the checkbox to accept jobs in popup to change shipment status if automatic_aceptance, because it is needed too for preregistered jobs
- ADDED: API: accept LC user ids on update actions
- BUG: parameter filters in job list only searched in results parameters and didn't search in processing parameters or input parameters
- BUG: attached module field in new job form is empty, if the attached module doesn't have set optional fields in setup
- BUG: on edit job, autoclose popup if samples are locked, instead of wait indefinitely for unlock
- NEW: Lock templates (M5149)

--- v4.036 31/03/2021
- NEW: LSMRemote: pre-registration forms to allow a list of req (M5181)

- BUG: job list export is blank if case record name contains special apostrophe (M5195)
- BUG: Add job, date field in sample breaks if save is made with picker open (M5191)
- BUG: LSMRemote: Edit secondary requesters was restricted to main requester
- BUG: API: clean invalid parameter values with strip_tags in GET output
- NEW: Integration evolutions
	*support case record
	*activation linked to license
	*prepare new integration ORDRS
- ADDED: export case records from requester (M5163)
- CHANGED: parameters filters in job list return now only the affected sample instead of all samples of the job
- BUG: View or edit test after filtering by category or sample type shows blank form (M5178)
- CHANGED: improve navigation buttons
- ADDED: view full size image in job parameters of type image
- BUG: case record columns were empty in results grid if case record module has a field of type 'Line separator'
- BUG: LSMRemote: job date could be wrong if a timezone is set in LC, and that could cause wrong automatic job number based on dates
- BUG: API: start batch didn't work well if a LC user was passed as 'startedBy'
- BUG: job edit: status was not updated after remove samples/tests if the new status was completed or finished
- CHANGED: LSMRemote job list: improve filter by case record, search by multiple words and ignore double space in name
- NEW: Add a category field in Requester contact form and filter (M1806)

--- v4.037 09/04/2021

- ADDED:  LSMRemote: CSV import => import with existing patients only
- ADDED: job list export with result (M5208)
- CHANGED: disable 'report submissions to requestesrs protected by password' if PHP version < 7.2
- BUG: enforce block validation parameters: 
		*missing field is treated as not checked
		*double-check if the blocking parameter is checked at validation
- BUG: correction in script to upgrade to 4.037
- BUG: refresh customer category list after add/edit/delete customer categories
- CHANGED: optimize search by sample name in job list and other little optimizations
- ADDED: new index in assay name to speed up job list
- BUG: Integrations: bug updating jobs after create a new case record
- NEW: LSMRemote: scheduling integration
- CHANGED: replace the method getParameterType by getParameter in LSMRemote API to make it more generic
- BUG: report table loses style for tag ##results_extended_wdate## due to 2 closing tags </tr> insted of 1
- BUG: the new filter by requester category was not taken into account in Export CSV
- CHANGED: Apply a tag revision for report tag ##matrix## (M5221)
- CHANGED: Increase field batch in database from 30 to 250 characteres
- CHANGED: Prevent click twice the validation button
- ADDED: add requester category to requester list
- BUG: LSMRemote: date filter didn't work properly, end date was not taken into account
- BUG: API: when accept LC user ids on update actions, API mixed userid with contactid
- BUG: LSMRemote: the property 'allow_quote' didn't work if automatic acceptance of jobs has set in LSM setup
- ADDED: LSMRemote: select requester category in preregister using querystring parameter cat=X
- CHANGED: Exclude Pre-Orders from job list default view and home
- ADDED: LSMRemote: add extra sample parameter to PDF label
- BUG: LSMRemote: job preregister - incorrect condition when forming the template on sending email to requester
- CHANGED: LSMRemote: Use the custom privacy policy text in Register page
- CHANGED: Batch report: add batch barcode, number of samples and column Case Record if this option is enabled
- ADDED: Link to batch report in batch list
- CHANGED: API: getRequesterList shows customer category and allow filter by category
- CHANGED: report tag ##matrix##, exclude lines with all results empty and add a new column with test code (M5221 II)
- CHANGED: try to make faster batches view, modifying the order by
- BUG: unique range was not well pre-selected sometimes when the job has a mix of tests, some with ranges and others without (M5423)

- ADDED: LSMRemote: pass info on log in about if the user is superadmin or not
- ADDED: LSMRemote: option to edit configuration properties by superadmin
- BUG: LSMRemote: parameter images broken (M5177)
- BUG: extra tabs and empty lines in open job > export samples list to CSV
- CHANGED: API: getAssayList include field description
- CHANGED: API: use more fields for search requester on creation (code, name, company, registrationID)
- BUG: send results to PWN by batch failed in last version, after last integrations evolutions 
- BUG: API: missing space in getRequesterList before field 'fax'
- BUG: if automatic sample name is set to sequential short number there was a risk of duplicated names on samples created at the same time (M5246)
- BUG: link to add-on Scheduler was present even if Scheduler is not installed
- CHANGED: Replace requester name by requester name + company in job list and samples list
- BUG: Canceled samples list > Export doesn't export the right list
- CHANGED: Make a new Equipment tag ##equipments_protocols## and change protocol tag ##protocols## (M5235)
- BUG: correction in block validation of samples with job parameters of type checkobx (single sample popup) (M5263)
- BUG: API: creation of requesters doesn't save some fields (country, state, registrationid and category)
- CHANGED: API: modify the fields for search requester on creation (company + registrationID)
- BUG: missing samples in Canceled samples list
- CHANGED: external API (integrations) now create jobs with status requested, unless automatic acceptance is enabled
- ADDED: add a way to map tests in external API integrations, instead of relying only on test code/name
- CHANGED: PWN results submission: escape html characters to not break XML
- BUG: The name of the equipments selected in tests was not displayed if module Equipments had selected the option ZEROFILL for the ID
- ADDED: Add a bulk action to delete/cancel jobs (M5237)
- CHANGED: API: modify the requester search by company removing spaces and other characters ( : - * . & ( ) _ $ )

- BUG: external API (integrations) results submission: use the mapped test_type/kit_type if it exists
- CHANGED: templates page: display template id next to template name (M5149)
- BUG: not convert to lowercase the lab_cli when send results to 1Health
- BUG: character & in protocol description and name, the text behind is deleted (M4920)
- BUG: The sample description text is incomplete in print (M4142)
- ADDED: speed up the report generation creating index in token
- BUG: LSMRemote: fix in job preregister requester list 
- CHANGED: API: modify the requester search by company, if company is empty, search only by registrationID
- BUG: fix issue displaying requester company in job list
- BUG: phrases based on ranges were not assigned for calculated fields in single sample popup
- BUG: autocomplete combo for reagent lot and equipment name was partially hidden in screen
- CHANGED: Remove QUOTE word from invoices (M4106)
- BUG: job creation fail in last version if sample name option is automatic (based on dates)
- CHANGED: improvements in ORDRS integration
- CHANGED: small improvement in UI for numeric and calculated fields in results popup
- CHANGED: API: when search requester, pick always the lowest ID
- BUG: Account Manager was not saved on Requester creation
- BUG: SQL error opening a sample popup if Case Record is enabled but fields Gender and DOB are none
- NEW: add new Kit feature
- NEW: LSMRemote: add kit activation
- NEW: external API (integrations) now can send notification of RECEIVED status. Enabled for 1Health
- BUG: jobs created from LSMRemote with status Pre-Order created wrongly an empty sample (only with LSM last version)
- CHANGED: audit log - search in all fields at once
- CHANGED: increase width of column Requester in job list
- IMPROVEMENT: getSamplesForm => send sample name value when sample name option is sequential short number (M5265)
- CHANGED: improvements in ORDRS integration
- ADDED: parameter priority to the method getJobsData in LSMRemote API
- ADDED: LSMRemote: add case record fields to search list
- ADDED: report tag ##matrix_catalog##
- BUG: Charts: Fixed apply to all options (M5103)
- BUG: requester company was missing for secondary requester on view job
- NEW: A way to extract all PDF of a batch of jobs (M4483)

- IMPROVEMENT: Control charts/Data trending charts are now separated with filters (M5105)
- CHANGED: improve performance in Audit Logs List
- BUG: Fixed some encoding problems with charts
- BUG: Fixed charts filters after having saved chart configuration
- CHANGED: Apply charts filters to full page button
- CHANGED: batch actions (assignment, modification) are recorded in audit trail (M5295)
- BUG: avoid horizontal scroll in batch list
14/01/2020 - BUG: Fixed control chart values duplication 20-22/01/2020 - BUG: JS error in invoices with free samples - IMPROVEMENT: job list faster - BUG: Fixed control chart x-axis null values 28-29/01/2020 - BUG: tag ##job_date## doesn't work in invoice template (M4224) - NEW: add a new tag in the report system JOB_ID (M4223) - BUG: import sample file creates an empty row (M4222) - ADDED: API for create job + project code (M4210) - IMPROVEMENT: Extend API to update any parameter on samples (M4211) - ADDED: new language 'no' 12-13/02/2020 - IMPROVEMENT: Charts display configuration (M4243) - IMPROVEMENT: Charts data download as CSV (M4187) - BUG: Fixed missing data trending charts X-axis (M4186) - BUG: Fixed X-axis points time order (M4188) 19-20/02/2020 - IMPROVEMENT: Manage Costs - pricing mode as Fix plus Hourly (M870) - NEW: Combine samples on quotes/invoices (M3878) - BUG: API POST: Bug in create job - multiple samples - BUG: API POST: Bug in create job - sample custom parameter - BUG: Sample parameters with no value are not visible in LSM - BUG: API PUT: Sample parameters with no value are not updated - NEW: split a batch (M4235) - ADDED: Test code to invoices - IMPROVEMENT: API PUT: supports sampleid or samplename to identify sample - IMPROVEMENT: API PUT: it also can receive 'batch' - IMPROVEMENT: API GET: added parameters to retrieve list of samples with some status in some period (M4212) - IMPROVEMENT: API POST: attribute project and requester in create job, supports id or text - NEW: add parameter TIME (M4158) - BUG: Tag ##requester_address## takes into account email and phone (M4118) - ADDED: Tag ##requester_company## to report and invoice templates (M4118) 24-28/02/2020 - BUG: Add/Edit test is blocked by operator select when no staff (M4276) - NEW: Define and add custom extra billing lines to invoices - BUG: Calculate estimated end date if default hours is 0 - BUG: The tag protocols gives only the protocol for the first test of the job (M4162) - IMPROVEMENT: reduce reports fonts, make lines a thin as possible (M4086) - ADDED: invoice combined for multiple jobs (M3924) - ADDED: New restart for compliancy package (M4280) 03-06/03/2020 - IMPROVEMENT: if there are no ranges active, do not show it on reports (M4134) - NEW: Create a new option for Case Record (M4282) - ADDED: Filter samples in jobs lists and sample lists based on LC memorized records (M4286) 09/03/2020 - IMPROVEMENT: Filter in new/pending samples lists - ADDED: Loading spinner to new/pending samples list 12/03/2020 - ADDED: Project code to API GET response 16-20/03/2020 - ADDED: new field under ADMIN > Invoice list > Invoice (M4300) - BUG: repeated values in data trending chart (M4190) - BUG: project list is not filtered by requester in Edit job - ADDED: Billing Option based on priority (M966) - BUG: issues with project in LSMremote - ADDED: adapt LSMremote to new features (parameter time, case record...) - BUG: language in LSMremote form 23-25/03/2020 - BUG: add tests to category if test name has a comma - BUG: send email to all requester or to all users - ADDED: tooltip to priority if it involves extra costs - ADDED: tooltip of parameters is visible in LSMremote form - ADDED: Users of type customer are able to create new Case Record (LSM and LSMremote) - BUG: Purchase order is not inherited from LSMremote new job --- v3.214 26/03/2020 30-31/03/2020 - BUG: add new job asks for required field even if they are filled (if Case Record is not enabled) - BUG: save reagents&supplies panel, and protocols&equipment panel in Manage>Starting parameters 1-3/04/2020 - BUG: reset or change password in LSMremote doesn't allow special chars - IMPROVEMENT: Modification of the range logic (M4321) - IMPROVEMENT: Review in the test form the processing and result parameter forms (M4322) 6-8/04/2020 - IMPROVEMENT: On report, show out of range value as bold and bigger (M4323) - NEW: Add new fields to Ranges(M4336) - ADDED: add ##protocols## in invoice templates (M4344) - CHANGED: if the hourly price is not used, do not show the corresponding columns in the invoice (M4346) - BUG: Request notifications send 2 identical emails to the requester(M4355) - CHANGED: Replace the completed date by a range of date when we have "Sample_name completed on XXX" (M4345) - BUG: Compliance = OFF >> restart action is not displayed on the log (M4356)
-- v3.215 10/04/2020

- BUG: delete range doesn't work (M4366)
- CHANGED: not add default ranges in new tests
- BUG: range blank in add parameter popup
- BUG: prevent select the same range (or sample type or category) more than one time in the same test
- NEW: add parameter popup: button 'submit and add another'
- BUG: edit job form is broken if one custom parameter value contains quotes
- BUG: JS error in processing parameters if a test has not selected range
- BUG: sample name is truncated in Edit job, if name contains a comma
- CHANGED: update CKEditor from 4.7.1 to 4.14.0 (it solves issue with cell borders) (M4374)
- CHANGED: delete button View in Templates page
- CHANGED: improve button PDF in Templates page, to make same rendering as real
- ADDED: ability to remove one range from tests, without need to clear all
- BUG: API - didn't return sample results if parameter status was not sent
- BUG: duplicate parameters in test after remove and add again
- BUG: thousands of tests block the new job form
- BUG: menu shows entries underlined in Edge
- BUG: check/uncheck mandatory checkbox in tests> processing parameters and results doesn't work
- BUG: adjust size of the fancybox to create a new parameter inside fancybox to add parameter to test
- ADDED: calculated fields: multiple select (when adding dependent fields)
- BUG: calculated fields: refresh new fields to use it in formula
- BUG: commans in parameter's labels or helper text break header in results grid
- NEW: modify the new popup to add parameter to a test, to also view/edit parameter(M4380)
- BUG: DRAFT tests should not appear for the Customer in LSM(M4320)

- CHANGED: increase width of parameter name column in results page
- CHANGED: increase size of categories popup in tests page
- BUG: Delete and merge functions in Manage Project Codes in LC are not taken into account in LSM (M4352)
- BUG: Repeated samples in API response if they have shipment status repeated
- BUG: External view in LC shows deleted jobs
- BUG: Link from External view in LC goes to job list but it doesn't open the job
- CHANGED: LSM_remote: modify the signature of the email for password reset (M4391)
- BUG: If Report Mode = Integrated, samples with several test may have not right started/completed date in report
- CHANGED: Prevent click Save button multiple times and duplicate jobs unintentionally (M4378)
- CHANGED: multiline in job grid to avoid truncate content
- CHANGED: width 100% in job grid
- NEW: support multiple email addresses for requester (M4400)
- NEW: report tags for case record, gender and dob and received date (M4379)

--- v3.216 22/04/2020

- BUG: encoding issue in report sent by email
- NEW: tag ##received_date## (M4379)
- BUG: editing job, spinning well never ending
- CHANGED: add/edit a calculated fields, remove first element from dropdown and make it a tooltip
- CHANGED: Add test to row in always out of screen, place it up a little up  so we see the rows of samples

- BUG: values of custom sample parameters sometimes inverted in tag #samples#
- BUG: validation popup: red values when no ranges set
- BUG: duplicate row in add/edit job does not allow to save succesfully
- CHANGED: modify ckeditor paragraph settings (BR instead of P)
- ADDED: filters in Batch list to get all status (M4414)
- ADDED: filter by 'Final report not generated' in job list (M4414)
- ADDED: master checkbox in header to check all rows at once, in batch results (M4414)
- BUG: export CSV in batch results contains a first column not useful
- ADDED: add button export CSV in batch completed and validated (M4414)
- ADDED: enable option Report>CSV in right menu for batches too (M4414)
- BUG: filter by sample type in lsmremote
- BUG: if a job has 2 tests with the same name, it is not well displayed in job list
- CHANGED: ignore empty started dates in report 'started on'
- ADDED: API response includes sample type, batch and test status (M4416)
- ADDED: API supports now multiple ids on update sample (M4416)
- ADDED: API able to start batches (M4416)
- CHANGED: list of tests horizontal in CoC
- CHANGED: nowrap range value in result

- CHANGED: control charts std lines now computed on 50 first QC
- CHANGED: control & trendings charts jobs no deleted
- CHANGED: customer choice on data trending charts (M4189)
- ADDED: Make a new user level: validator with restrictions (M4421)
- CHANGED: improve ##details## tag (M4415)
- CHANGED: improve report copy log to allow search
- ADDED: more options to job list filter "final report" not generated/pdf/email/pdf&email 
- CHANGED: log must also show real name of user
- NEW: Generate barcode labels series

- ADDED: job tags on COC report (M4451)
- BUG: assign test to samples without sample type (when multiple rows selected)
- BUG: issue saving job parameters of type 'time'
- ADDED: sample type label and parameters labels to API response
- NEW: New feature for Batch printing labels (M1796)

--- v3.217 15/05/2020

- BUG: report - bold in range
- BUG: link to print labels on job may send repeated samples
- CHANGED: increase size of range values
- BUG: upgrade doesn't create table lsm_reportcopy

--- v3.2171 18/05/2020

- NEW: new layout
- ADDED: Add a pagination on dashboard for last new jobs (M4490)
- BUG: it is possible to assign batch to requested jobs
- BUG: fixes in workload charts for requesters
- BUG: fixes in control charts and data trending charts (division by zero)
- BUG: increase size of selectedrange in database

- NEW: report mode: separated by sample
- BUG: import CSV in new job page (lsm & remote)
- CHANGED: improvements in CSV export
- BUG: can't remove not started sample
- NEW: update sample status from API
- NEW: filter by result value in API

- BUG: automatic phrases assignment throough API
- ADDED: create job through API accepts case record id
- ADDED: filter API response by assaystatus
- BUG: parameter images on report are distorted

- BUG: issue with preselected ranges in manage>starting parameters
- BUG: some samples don't open in job list > group by job-sample-test
- ADDED: phrase to API response
- BUG: in popup to see parameter inside a test, the info about mandatory was not correct
- ADDED: All information of the Range should appear on the Log (M4409)
- ADDED: show sample type in batch list (M3572)
- CHANGED: Remove the limit in case record list
- BUG: check all in job list doesn't work with filtered results
- CHANGED: reduce time of check all in job list
- ADDED: API accepts sample type id or text

- BUG: Export/import results in batch
- ADDED: tags for all case record fields in templates
- BUG: footer of new reports miss the 'Report copy certified on' and/or the timestamp
- CHANGED: replace lot radio by dropdown select, without any value preselected
- CHANGED: new job: if only one requester, then preselect
- CHANGED: remove equipment list if user type is Customer
- CHANGED: put N/A for protocols empty in reports and small fixes in report borders
- NEW: tag for completed date
- BUG: import CSV in new job page (II)
- BUG: header and footer in LSMremote report is different to LSM report
- BUG: apostrophe in custom fields value gives an error

- BUG: Customer code is blank in API/getRequesterList
- CHANGED: trim sample name in API get
- BUG: API was not able to create jobs with many samples
- BUG: Delete Sample and Job doens't appear on the log (M4419)
- CHANGED: put N/A if column equipment is empty, and the same in brand&model, in report 
- ADDED: info about dates and users that started/completed/validated each sample-test to API response

- BUG: if result file path is not default, the size of files is displayed as 0b
- BUG: admin teams were not visible in Preferences>Tests>Default operator list
- CHANGED: don't restrict charts to a user
- CHANGED: API: replace double quote by single quote
- ADDED: prevent click Save button twice
- ADDED: button CoC to LSMremote, next to each job (M3490)
- BUG: apostrophe in sample custom fields value gives an error
- ADDED: code to costs/invoices extra lines
- ADDED: invoice's extra lines to merged invoices
- NEW: button repeat job in LSMremote (M4526)

- ADDED: show case record in sample/test popups
- ADDED: show case record in batch popups
- ADDED: on batch/samples list, allow specific date to be selected on receiving (M4539)
- CHANGED: Do not allow job generation with unmatched case record (M4537 I)
- CHANGED: improve job list paging and counters (M4537 II & M4532)
- ADDED: API supports barcodes as jobid or sampleid in GET and PUT
- CHANGED: remove folder doc-store/temporaty (use main LC temp folder instead)
- NEW: Link to Scheduler (M3962)
- NEW: button replicate results (M4515)

- ADDED: API: new search parameter 'batch'
- ADDED: API: samplesearch (for add-on Receiving)
- BUG: filter by username in auditlog
- ADDED: import/export in processing parameters grid
- ADDED: split button Save into Save+Stay and Save+Complete in Job Results and Batch Results popup
- ADDED: case record to CoC
- NEW: option to add columns (sample parameters) to results grid to view/modify/import together with results
- BUG: fix issue with disabled columns in results grids
- NEW: API: getBatchList
- NEW: option to release partial results in LSMremote (M4012)
- CHANGED: indicate in LSMremote if there are samples pending to be received
- NEW: button to copy activation key in license page
- ADDED: button today to calendars in forms
- CHANGED: select case record includes dob
- NEW: link case record to requesters and each requester only see its records

- ADDED: API: filter by status in getBatchList
- CHANGED: optimization saving job & sample custom fields
- CHANGED: optimization saving processing & results parameter in batch
- ADDED: API: append samples to existent job
- ADDED: option to add all columns (sample parameters) to results at once
- NEW: link in each job to view job data and sample data in LSMRemote
- NEW: filter by samples fields in LSMremote

- BUG: issue with filter and message 'Record not found' (M4573)
- ADDED: LSMremote: property to set default lang (M4495)
- ADDED: LSMremote: strong rules for passwords (M4572)
- ADDED: LSMremote: Display the case record data in the job list table (M4568)
- ADDED: LSMremote: allow the requester to see/modify the patient/case record (M4571)
- BUG: LSMremote: wrong number of samples validated/total (when samples have result files) 
- ADDED: API: filter by test status dates in GET job/samples/tests
- ADDED: API: option to update status of sample/test using assayid
- NEW: LSMremote: External access with token and security parameter

- CHANGED: move report barcode from report header to report footer
- ADDED: add 2 new report tags (M4481)
- CHANGED: reinforce sample delete logic in job update
- ADDED: API:Restrict API access to requesters (M4567)
- CHANGED: Replace templates/dynamic field pointer's popup by a slider
- ADDED: add the tag sample_id (M4580)
- ADDED: add the tag today_date (M4230)
- BUG: hide the button to send results to PWN in batch if that option is not enabled
- ADDED: add the word 'Urgent' next to tests in CoC, if the job has priority 'Rush'
- ADDED: option to use sample name as barcode (in labels and CoC)
- BUG: canceled samples should not appear on job list if filter overdue is set
- CHANGED: LSMRemote: show status canceled for jobs with all samples canceled 
- ADDED: LSMRemote: new property to set grid tests mode to checkboxes
- CHANGED: LSMRemote: preselect test, if there is only one and grid_tests_mode = checkboxes
- ADDED: LSMRemote: search by project code

- BUG: CSV upload in batch results shows new values in screen but they are not saved
- ADDED: parameter in labels barcodes page to change prefix or not use prefix
- BUG: LSMremote: modify custom file download to adapt to new security
- BUG: fix issues with html entities in export, and assign tests to sample
- NEW: add a sample column label setup (M4303)
- BUG: LSMremote: property 'jobs_order' stopped working
- ADDED: LSMRemote: Limit the number of jobs in LSMremote and give option to select more
- ADDED: add the word 'Token: ' to CoC
- ADDED: Add sample receipt date to ##samples## (M3264)
- CHANGED: reorder the column in samples tag (M4598)
- ADDED: Report - allow ##samples## tag to be used in Invoice template (M3437)

- BUG: don't append samples to deleted job, with API
- BUG: when click on the history icon, the screen jumps up
- BUG: issue with lang and new case record popup
- BUG: special characters in Equipment category name breaks the test view/edit
- BUG: LSMremote must show last jobs when number of jobs is limited
- ADDED: API: save in log and parameters history when update results

- CHANGED: LSMRemote: SAVE rename to Submit Order 
- BUG: feature 'add columns' to batch results, didn't work fine if sample parameters contains commas
- BUG: don't show DOB if it is equals to 0000-00-00
- BUG: tab 'Projects' of Requester is not refreshed properly, when click next record button (M4630)
- CHANGED: follow options of automatic name in new case record form
- CHANGED: include fields inside category in new case record form
- ADDED: API: fields caserecordob and caserecordgender to API response
- ADDED: create an option to select a default sample type (M4638)
- ADDED: LSM+LSMRemote: case record must be filtered by keyword/autocomplete (M4617)
- ADDED: Processing tab list on Completed and validation stages (M4616)

--- v4.0 18/09/2020

- ADDED: loader on batch views (M4655)
- ADDED: in job list export, add the case record data (M4631)
- CHANGED: LSMRemote: fancy to display Job details (M4611)
- ADDED: API: method to accept/reject/hold requested jobs
- CHANGED: split batches per status (M4618)
- BUG: The tag ##test_description## doesn't work (M4666)
- CHANGED: remove unmatched tags in reports
- ADDED: edit tags of valuelist, unit and phrase in parameters management
- BUG: remove red messages in console on call ajax

- BUG: Layout issue in add parameter form (M4650)
- NEW: Option to hide/show the Tax/VAT number, and choose a custom label
- CHANGED: LSMRemote: force calendar pick in date/datetime fields
- ADDED: View the list of jobs linked to case records in LC>LSM tab (module set as case record)
- BUG: Deleted samples should not appear when managing batch 'blank'
- BUG: make wrong value in date not break PDF
- CHANGED: API: extend search by parameters to find sample parameters and processing parameters, besides results
- BUG: batch box in batch results view is too short
- ADDED: API: add fields missing to requester list

- ADDED: new option to Requester>Preferred report: API Export
- ADDED: API: add field company to requesters list
- ADDED: API: add missing fields to sample type list
- CHANGED: pick lang from profile or lang dropdown
- BUG: special characters in case record list break the new job form 
- BUG: remove "Restart" button from batches view, keep it only for jobs

- BUG: more issues with special characters in case record name
- CHANGED: remove carriage return of result values, when sending results to PWNHealth
- ADDED: option in setup to select the default option to limit the total number of jobs in the job list
- BUG: quotes in customer name break the job form (new/edit)
- BUG: API: quotes in customer name break the API response for method 'getRequesterList'
- CHANGED: remove the word 'final' when sending the report to requesters by email
- BUG: mandatory parameters accept blank space on completing test
- BUG: send results to PWN stopped working
- BUG: sometimes, send results by email says loading, even after send

- CHANGED: LSMRemote: security parameter validation is case insensitive now
- ADDED: option to add attached modules
- ADDED: option to archive sample types
- BUG: calculated values in batch were not saved (in last version)
- BUG: LSMremote: dates were not editables on the popup to edit case record
- BUG: API: filter by parameter on job level didn't work
- NEW: Parameter multiselect

- BUG: LSMremote: associated record goes out of screen (#67)
- BUG: LSMRemote: sample type filter on single mode (#66)
- CHANGED: LSMremote: text must stay on checkbox line (#70)
- BUG: LSMRemote: email validator in register page doesn't validate long domains (#77)
- CHANGED: LSMRemote: increase bottom space on forms (#69)
- ADDED: LSMremote: filter list of tests to easy find (#65)
- BUG: default barcode print is not taking the setup (#73)
- ADDED: all popups on batch should allow to reassign batch (#71)
- BUG: evaluation null in report in parameter without phrases (#75)
- BUG: validate user request does not work
- ADDED: multiple choice test filter in job list (#78)

- CHANGED: LSMRemote: Calendar is not allowing dates before 1920 (#80)
- IMPROVED: LSMremote: improvements in date pickers, to make them easier, button today and default time (#81)
- BUG: time field issue, button 'now' inserts hours, minutes and seconds in one digit format (#84)
- ADDED: multiple choice test filter in batch list and new/pending samples list (M4728)
- ADDED: Option to add requester to results grid -dropdown "Add column"- (#86)
- CHANGED: Requester code not mandatory (#88)
- ADDED: option to add an additional field to case record name and dropdowns (#83)
- CHANGED: replace label for draft in report footer
- BUG: encoding issue in LabCollector attached module (#89)
- NEW: new option to share case record to all requesters (#90)
- ADDED: show requester ID in requester list
- NEW: LSMRemote: make the create CASE RECORD to be accessible directly self-registration + captcha (#79)
- CHANGED: assign batch in job list take into account current filters (#72)
- ADDED: link to edit case record in job form (#87)
- ADDED: LSMRemote: support multiselect fields (#68)

--- v4.01 05/11/2020 

- BUG: automatic name option in case record module generates repeated names

- BUG: LSMremote: datepicker in case record popup: impossible to change year in FF (#96)
- ADDED: Show full case record name line in Job list in LSMRemote (#103)
- ADDED: Give token on job view in LSM side (#97)
- CHANGED: API: case record name as UTF-8 to not break Receiving
- ADDED: shorter automatic name for samples (YYMMDD-1....n) (#99)
- ADDED: select case record email field in setup
- CHANGED: improve text of email sent to requester with report, and add it to lang files
- CHANGED: adjustment on job form toolbar to make it more responsive
- BUG: select option on dropdowns with many options eventually select the wrong value (M4629)
- NEW: new options to send emails to case record (M4661)
- ADDED: improve page breadcrumbs (M4656)

--- v4.011 12/11/2020 

- ADDED: Mark as accepted all selected jobs while are received (#104)
- CHANGED: Fields of type 'calculated' don't work as tag in LSM reports (#93)
- CHANGED: Remove the limit of 200 in select category dropdown 
- CHANGED: API: Optimize query for retrieve samples and status in method GET
- ADDED: new indexes for speed up API queries

--- v4.012 13/11/2020 

- ADDED: LSMREMOTE: option for category tree (#101)
- BUG: fix height and width for combo of parameter Valuelist
- CHANGED: optimize query for retrieve job list in LSMRemote
- CHANGED: API: Optimize query for retrieve samples and status in method GET (II)

- BUG: add sample type to a test doesn't work properly and sometimes is not added
- BUG: LSMRemote: dates of sample doesn't have the button Today
- CHANGED: add translations to Portugese of emails to patients 
- CHANGED: API: Optimize query for retrieve samples and status in method GET (III)
- ADDED: new indexes for speed up API queries (II)
--- v4.013 17/11/2020 

- BUG: LSMRemote: the test filter doesn't work on grid mode and category tree
- CHANGED: use lang labels in job list header
- CHANGED: grid headers bolder

- CHANGED: LSMRemote: improvements for mobile
- CHANGED: LSMRemote: fixes in category tree
- ADDED: API: add test code
- CHANGED: LSMRemote: add 1000 and 2000 to limit jobs options, and remove the option limit=none
- ADDED: LSMRemote: retrieve token by email
- CHANGED: job and sample search is not strict now
- ADDED: security parameter for accesss with token in LSMRemote can be a case record field
- ADDED: API: filter by jobstatus
- CHANGED: if security parameter for access with token in LSMremote is a date, use the LC custom format
- BUG: API: inserted received date, even if the sample was already received
- CHANGED: in case of multiple received dates, show the min in tag ##received_date##
- ADDED: send token by email to case record, in job list page, menu options
- ADDED: LSMRemote: link to edit case record in view job popup
- ADDED: LSMRemote: link to send token by email to case record
- CHANGED: LSMRemote: grid mode: forbid manual input in dates, only datepicker

--- v4.014 20/11/2020 

- CHANGED: apply LC date format to reports 
- ADDED: new method in LSMRemote API to return LSM configuration properties
- CHANGED: apply LC date format to LSMRemote and most of LSM
- BUG: LSMRemote: register page says invalid password
- BUG: LSMRemote: register fails if company has apostrophe
- BUG: restarted jobs on compliance mode, lost the reference to parent job, if they were edited
- ADDED: LSMRemote: button to print labels
- CHANGED: LSMRemote: icons for option buttons in job list
- CHANGED: LSMremote: open CoC in a fancybox in job list
- BUG: batches with ampersand were not displayed in job list
- BUG: initialize var in costs page
- ADDED: add a billing code to a test (#116)
- ADDED: attached modules can be mandatory or not in job form
- ADDED: parameter checkbox 'On Lab Form' for choose parameter visible or not on job creation (#110)
- ADDED: parameter checkbox 'Backend' for hidden fields, only visible through API (#118 & #109)
- CHANGED: LSMRemote: trim and remove backspace character on saving case record
- CHANGED: create/modify case record support chinese chars
- CHANGED: add field caserecordid to method getJobList in LSMRemote API
- NEW: Make a option to checkbox to be blocking for status: started / complete / validation (#117)

--- v4.015 27/11/2020 

- BUG: LSMRemote: IE11 doesn't support JS function 'replaceAll'
- BUG: LSMRemote: pre-registration fails after the date format improvements
- CHANGED: LSMRemote: add case record info in labels
- CHANGED: update lang Norwegian
- ADDED: make the checkbox blocking for status work in batches
- BUG: quick edit mode didn't update values on save
- BUG: LSMRemote: refresh case record name after edit
- CHANGED: make the checkbox blocking for status work in single sample
- ADDED: message in batch view, if there are samples blocked
- CHANGED: allow import Super Admin account in users list to show the real name from LC
- NEW: category mode 
- CHANGED: increase width of tests and category columns in new job grid
- ADDED: option to select default option to assign tests in new job grid
- ADDED: field 'small name' in Tests, to use in new job grid
- ADDED: LSMRemote: add calendar & mask in security parameter, if it is a date parameter (case record field)
- BUG: home dashboard shows only 3 items if page is very witdh
- CHANGED: increase number of items in home dashboard to 6
- BUG: reorder in parameter list stopped working
- BUG: open deleted job showed all fields blank
- BUG: fixes for the new option to select default option to assign tests in new job grid
- BUG: format 2 decimals in line total in invoice PDF 
- ADDED: LSMRemote: add calendar & mask in security parameter, if it is a date parameter (sample custom field)
- CHANGED: requesters don't see unlinked patients, if case record sharing option OFF

--- v4.017 04/12/2020

- BUG: LSMRemote: search by case record returns no results for requesters
- CHANGED: Show field Company in requesters list
- CHANGED: Requester name is no longer mandatory
- CHANGED: Modify requesters dropdown to show Company, Address, City, State
- ADDED: Add setup to choose default option for samples received
- CHANGED: user list now has a filter by source
- ADDED: LSMRemote: new property 'open_coc_automaticaly' in config.ini
- ADDED: API: update job custom parameters
- CHANGED: job form - all aditional params must be in a collapsable accordeon section
- CHANGED: Backend parameters must be added to forms but hidden, to not lose data
- BUG: LSMRemote: search by case record didn't search in extra fields
- BUG: Bad condition on min/max for trending charts
- ADDED: add dropdown to add columns to batches completed
- ADDED: add column job ID to batches grids 
- BUG: save job doesn't work if there is a custom parameter of type file
- ADDED: PDF label printing
- BUG: LSMRemote: new fixes for case record filter
- CHANGED: Modify requesters dropdown again to show Name at first

- CHANGED: API: caserecordname includes composed names
- CHANGED: API: use LC function is_ssl() instead of check var $_SERVER['https']
- CHANGED: catch errors in date conversion with invalid dates, to avoid error 500
- BUG: LSMRemote: Click order icons in job list headers did nothing
- ADDED: case record fields to SELECTs when label printing
- ADDED: case record fields to dymo printing
- CHANGED: batches popup didn't show composed names for case record
- BUG: Dymo printing: click clean button did nothing
- CHANGED: change button label to start job/batch, Save & Start, instead of Save
- ADDED: repeat buttons to save/cancel job at bottom of new job form
- BUG: PDF label printing: fix including lines bug when saving label template
- BUG: PDF label printing: fix text color bug
- BUG: adding a new requester asks for a name, but it is not mandatory
- CHANGED: button options in job list moved to left
- ADDED: case record fields to EPL printing
- BUG: the button Cancel new attached record didn't work
- BUG: fixes in sample backend parameters
- BUG: filter by status in LSMRemote
- BUG: fixes in joblist: accept selected jobs doesn't work in last version
- CHANGED: PDF label printing: uncheck 2D and check no barcode for second column if label type doesn't have W2 
- BUG: fixes in job popup, in the new section 'Job additional data'
- BUG: some batches didn't appear on batch list search filter 
- BUG: lsmremote joblist is blank if case record is not enabled
- NEW: new field RegistrationID in Requesters
--- v4.019 18/12/2020

- BUG: LSMRemote: label doesn't include the extra name field if it is a calculated field
- BUG: Missing commas in API query
- BUG: search requester name in dropdown didnt work, after latest changes in requester dropdown
- CHANGED: hide/show fields dependent of categories in case record form
- NEW: new email templates system
- NEW: associate users to more than one requester
- BUG: fixes saving users 
- BUG: fixes importing users and editing users

--- v4.02 20/12/2020

- CHANGED: extra name column in requester details case record tab
- CHANGED: API now validates job or sample parameter values for custom fields L or M
- CHANGED: results export in batch list now only export the checked results if there is at least one checked

- BUG: PDF printing: fix encoding issue
- NEW: new parameters custom filters system (M4766)

--- v4.022 23/12/2020
- BUG: the option to send report to PWN in job list was always inactive

- BUG: job list filter didn't show more than 200 requesters in requester dropdown, even filtering


LSM v3.2064 – 21/06/2019

- BUG: API upload files to default path instead of customized path
- IMPROVEMENT: changes in API for add-on "Sample receiving" (M2960)
- IMPROVEMENT: Add more than one document to the results (M2737)
- BUG: uploading multiple file must be displayed accordingly (M2968)
- IMPROVEMENT: Add new parameter and autorefresh/ajax of parameters in Edit test form (M2941)
- BUG: Issue with datetime parameter - the time doesn't show even when you explicitly set a time (M2943)
- IMPROVEMENT: Extend the barcode verification to any custom parameter (M2953)
- IMPROVEMENT: Barcode verification works too with key enter, no need to press the button
- ADDED: Option to lock (validate) test and parameters (M2970)
- BUG: File name in uploads truncated (M2958)
- IMPROVEMENT: Increase job number size and sample name size to 100 characters (M2961)

- BUG: fancybox width too narrow, avoid horizontal scroll (M2962)
- IMPROVEMENT: new options to download files in a zip (M2981)
- BUG: Order of Protol & Equipment parameters is reversed during Job execution (M2945)
- ADDED: Quick edit mode in batch view for processing parameters (M2964)
- ADDED: Report for processing parameters (M2967)
- ADDED: Allow parameters to be marked as optional inside a test (M2946)
- ADDED: Allow user select mandatory parameters (M902)

- IMPROVEMENT: better display of ranges (M2988)
- BUG: automatic assignment of phrases was not working with negative ranges (M2988)
- BUG: Deleting and adding back the same parameter is not possible in the one action (M2993)
- IMPROVEMENT: Limit number of results in job list (toolbar > limit)
- IMPROVEMENT: Advanced search in job list (toolbar > filter)
- IMPROVEMENT: search/filter job with a list of sample names/job names (M2963)
- CHANGED: enlarge dashboard items, and allow grow on hover
- IMPROVEMENT: Show Team in user management page
- CHANGED: User last name is no longer mandatory

- ADDED: new configuration property 'hide_submit_link' in lsmremote
- IMPROVEMENT: allow choose requester in Import users window
- BUG: Audit log has an incorrect timestamp (M3032)
- BUG: Tests management: Processing parameters are being assigned unintentionally to new tests (M2991)
- BUG: Tests management: delete parameters after reorder the list deletes the wrong parameter (M2992)
- BUG: ENTER key does not work when searching by barcode in header search box (M3039)
- CHANGED: Names of report files in Zip and individual files need to include the Template and Job name (M3034)
- CHANGED: Name of CSV report must include Job name (M3034)
- BUG: CSV report didn't contain data if test was assigned to a Team
- BUG: Typo: Email sent successfully (M3043)
- BUG: Increase fancybox width and fix scroll issues
--- v3.2063 1/01/2019

- BUG: Cannot add a new reagent - directs user to Equipment module form instead (M3071)
- ADDED: New parameter type AVG (M877)
- CHANGED: replace function 
stats_standard_deviation(PECL) by in house function in control chart

- BUG: LSM Pagination doesn't need to click outside now (M3055)
- IMPROVEMENTS: PDF/A1-b compliant document (M3082)
- BUG: Export button on Job List page doesn't work (M3054)
- IMPROVEMENT: Add more detail to export from Job List page (M3084)
- BUG: prevent blank ranges in tests (M3088)
- BUG: destock of reagent doesn't take into account the lot chosen by user (M3089)
- BUG: Colours on jobs not representative of the status of the samples inside (M3080)
- IMPROVED: Helper text on parameters (M2994)
- BUG: lag after creating a new parameter through tests management (M3092)
- CHANGED: set CKEditor autoParagraph to false, and fillEmptyBlocks to false;

--- v3.2061 15/02/2019

- NEW: tags for reports #reagents# and #equipments# (M3104)
- BUG: dropdownlist options too narrow
- BUG: list of requester in job list filter panel only shows 20 items, and does not filter when begin typing (3105)
- BUG: button Clear in job list filter panel doesn't reset operator and requester list if there is any blank name in the list
- BUG: Parameter list - loses sorting after you save a parameter (M3102)
- BUG: Space in login name allows the customer to log in but they cannot submit a job from LSMremote (M3103)
- BUG: After send results of a job to PWN, search form is broken in job list
- CHANGED: search by jobNumber ignores PWN prefix (M3123)
- NEW: Allow select a cell or block of cells in job list and copy using Ctrl+ (M3122)
- BUG: Sort order in job list (M3121)

--- v3.2062 20/02/2019

- BUG: Validate results with password confirmation doesn't work if password contains a &
- BUG: Checking the box for delete all result parameters inside a test does nothing (M3141)
- CHANGED: Allow Reagent default quantity blank in tests management (M3140)
- CHANGED: Test to derive sample out of validation process (M3132)
- CHANGED: By default derived samples take the same name and type of parent sample (M3132)
- CHANGED: Sample type field is visible in all test status (M3132)
- CHANGED: don't confirm password if test has only Sample as output (M3132)

- CHANGED: After creating a derived sample, user is offered to jump to the new sample (M3132)
- NEW: General setup to choose allow or not jobs without lots (M3139)
- CHANGED: Sorting requester list by code supports numeric codes and alphanumeric codes(M2875)
- BUG: Results not saved when Save button is pressed on a test(M3146)
- BUG: Remove headers of empty tables from report (tag ##results_extended##) (M3149)
- CHANGED: Include processing parameters in api response (M3152)
- CHANGED: Allow apostrophes in parameter label (M2909)
- CHANGED: Allow special characters in sample type (M3142)
- CHANGED: Allow special characters in protocol (M3150)- BUG: Issue filtering by batch if group by batch is selected (M3148)
- CHANGED: Refresh batch list in Job list filter panel, after create a new batch
- NEW: reports to comply ISO17025 with unique tracking (3133)

- CHANGED: tag ##validator_name## includes now both validator names, when two-step review is enabled, and dates (M3159)

- BUG: Typo in Delete Parameter message (M3166)
- CHANGED: Replace PDF default font from serif to arial
- CHANGED: Visual improvements in tags #reagents#, ##equipments##, ##process_extended## and ##results_extended##
- CHANGED: Add completion date to ##results_extended## tag
- BUG: datetime fields doesn't register the changed time if user doesn't click date again (M2943)
- BUG: deletion of protocols/equipments inside a test doesn't work well (M2831)
- CHANGED: All labels of report are now in lang files- BUG: export job list doesn't match the number of jobs displayed in the screen

- CHANGED: change all status dates (started, completed, validated) to datetime
- BUG: two-step validation in batch- CHANGED: block entry in validation step
- NEW: button reject in validations, with reason to reject

- NEW: history of test status, with validations and rejectios
- BUG: Validated/Approved tests can still be edited (M3169)
- IMPROVED: dashboard, validation board, if double validation show 2 validators and dates
- BUG: Fields AVG mixing parameters of processing and results panel, are not automatically refreshed, in batch window
- IMPROVED: add a background image (calculator) to AVG fields in grids, so as not confuse it with disabled fields- BUG: seller field is blank in Reagents list if sellers are stored in address book
- BUG: person in charge is blank in Equipments list (M2715)
- CHANGED: exclude archived reagents and archived equipments from LSM
- CHANGED: exclude reagents with quantity = 0 from report (tag ##reagents##)
- CHANGED: Prevent deletion of files after the test is complete
- BUG: API returns broken xml if some value contains '<'
- CHANGED: option to hide user name in lsmremote when append samples
- BUG: when adding reagent Chinese characters don't show until you add the reagent (M2942)
- BUG: incorrect deletion message appears when editing a parameter (M2834)
- CHANGED: Need to allow for longer text in the range (M3161)
- CHANGED: Change message that appears when completing test without entering mandatory results (M3183)

- BUG: icon for delete files from parameter File doesn't work
- BUG: date values are not visible in results grid
- CHANGED: processing template per test (M3194) 20-22/03/2019
- CHANGED: improved template management (M3195)
- CHANGED: Simplify each popup in job list to remove job info that is repeated (M3196)
- NEW: Add the sample submitter name and date in popups
- CHANGED: Add Test code to Test List view (M3208) 25-29/03/2019
- CHANGED: Allow special characters in Test name (M3182)- BUG: save new team doesn't refresh list of teams
- CHANGED: Items on home page clickables
- CHANGED: Add buttons left,right,center,justify to ckeditor
- BUG: Tag ##process_extended## is missing in Dynamic field pointers list (M3219)
- BUG: Special characters in parameter name are not recognized when the parameter is used as a tag in a report template (M3220)
- BUG: DHTMLXWindows stay on top of blurred (autologin layer)
- BUG: LSMremote grid doesn't work if test or sample types have a single quote
- BUG: LSMremote report doesn't work since report signatures have been added
- CHANGED: LSMremote grid - enable single-click to edit
- CHANGED: Audit trail improvements(M3171)
- CHANGED: Search by Comment in audit log
- CHANGED: Add User ID in User list - BUG: Validated jobs tests can still be edited (M3169)
- CHANGED: Completed jobs can not be edited (only validate or reject) if compliance is enabled
- BUG: Hide buttons Validate and Reject if the job is already validated
- CHANGED: Add info about dynamic tags in Templates 01-04/04/2019
- NEW: Add a new button to restart validated jobs/tests
- CHANGED: Add buttons underline, strike, subscript and superscript to ckeditor
- BUG: Multiple Assignments - checked samples not recognized (M3136)
- IMPROVEMENT: Don't reload templates page after save, add or delete
- IMPROVEMENT: Show Sample comment, and sample custom fields on sample view (M2736)

--- v3.2063 04/04/2019

- BUG: Download the PDF calendar does not work (M3246)
- NEW: Params with formula/calculation (M877)
- BUG: Sending results via mail to a requester doesn't work (M1046)
- BUG: Long job parameter names without spaces are cut off (M3252)
- BUG: Rephrase the message after discard results

- CHANGED: Add a header to Calendar PDF
- CHANGED: Allow use AVG parameters and other Calculated fields in formulas
- BUG: When a new numeric parameter is added, the page needs to be refreshed before add it to a formula/calculation
- BUG: Boolean parameters (checkboxes) always saves the value true (checked) saving through single job/sample/test popup
- BUG: Datetime - time of when page was opened instead of current time (M3261)

- BUG: value ordering in test details view is not working (M2154)
- BUG: Quick edit mode at job level copies values into boxes that shouldn't be filled (M3296)
- BUG: Samples Name that contain special characters cannot be created (M3277)
- BUG: No blank line in the select list for the processing Template (M3291)
- BUG: Memorized form has not enough space in Add job form
- NEW: Hold assigned samples
- NEW: Send samples to LabCollector
- NEW: More filters in job list, test, test status and sample shipment
- BUG: Typo in confirmation popup to save change (M3316)
- CHANGED: When "email" is not a prefered report, inactive the report sending by email (M3324)
- CHANGED: Report dispatch preferred allows more than one option selected now (M3324)
- BUG: Records are created twice in Add job
- Memorized records (M3319)
- BUG: Special characters are not accepted in the password when creating a new user (M3334)
- CHANGED: Allow special characters in User name (M3334)
- BUG: Typo in import users (M984)
- BUG: Add login check in reports page, to prevent errors with broken session

- BUG: some fields of the filter do not work (M3318)- BUG: Add a new team does not work if login has quotes (M3345)
- NEW: Add a sample type field in Test form (Admin>Preferences>Tests) (M1809)
- NEW: in new job, restrict the tests to the sample type (M1813)

- BUG: Change "Mail" to "Email" (M3353)
- BUG: issue in the selectivity of the sample type (M3357)

- NEW: attach sample type to more info: storage conditions, handling instructions (M3176)
- ADDED: Display Sample count at the test level (M3235)
- ADDED: Add Quick Edit mode to Input Parameters (M3295)
- CHANGED: Improve spacing of ##details## tag for invoice template (M3337)
- NEW: sample/job prefixes per requester (M3234)
- BUG: Control chart causes PHP Warning: Division by zero
- IMPROVED: Convert result of calculation into scientific notation (M3217)
- NEW: Enable project codes, elegibles per requester (M1022)

- NEW: Start WF button to link to WF addon (M2666)
- BUG: Job can be added without specifying a requester (M3393)
- ADDED: Add Model and Brand to Equipment tag (M3347)
- BUG: table lsm_lock has wrong values for JobSampleID
- CHANGED: the order of test in report needs to follow order of request (M3243)
- BUG: Adding the unit %AD in a test causes an error (M3405)

- BUG: autocomplete parameter does not work well if label has comma
- BUG: error saving Costs (M3418)
- ADDED: Column test code in Preferences>Costs (M3417)
- ADDED: Add next maintenance/calibration to Equipment tag in template (M3289)
- ADDED: new tag ##requester_email## in templates (M3434)
- ADDED: Include changes to Costs page in Log (M3428)
- BUG: The search field in the list of tests does not work with special characters' & (M3431)
- CHANGED: Move the Apply filter button (M3271)
- BUG: Project code is not restricted in LSMremote
- BUG: link projects to a requester and unlink, leaves a wrong value in database, and causes list of projects is empty for that requester in job form
- BUG: Date showing a datetime (M3444)
- BUG: Copy&Paste sample doesn't create processing parameters
- BUG: some fields in input parameters does not work (M3439)
- BUG: report id changes even for validated sample/test if the report is opened in third level of the tree
- BUG: generating report fails with MySQL STRICT MODE (try to insert empty in integer fields)
- CHANGED: Files uploaded to Document section should not be deleted but archived (M3354)
- ADDED: Duplicate button in tests management (M3326)
- ADDED: Archive button in tests management (M3326)

- NEW: Allow batch result sending (M3134)
- BUG: lsmremote shows project code field even if it is not enabled in LSM
- CHANGED: adjust tab height to content in home page

- CHANGED: use the field ON FORM in parameter form to enable/disable parameters in client form (M3475)
- BUG: Checkbox is not shown correctly in Reports (M3520)
- NEW: Free text option in addition to Phrase (M3484)
- NEW: Visual aid on approve tests page (M3471)        17-18/06/2019
- NEW: On validation mode, improve test management with duplicate/archive/validate/draft options (M3326)
- NEW: Need to have the option to hide certain tests from the LSM remote view (M3160)
- NEW: audit trail / version of parameter values (M3256)- BUG: misalignment in fields in sample view
- NEW: Workload Panel rebuild (M3558)

- CHANGED: Under Workload View tab, converted DHTMLX charts into ChartJS (M3558)
- NEW: Added some new charts with ChartJS (M3558)
- NEW: Can now select period for charts, display charts in fancy, download charts (M3558)
- BUG: Buttons lock/unlock missing in Test page
- BUG: error when open the new parameter popup from Test page
- CHANGED: lsmremote grid only show one empty row for default

--- v3.2064 21/06/2019

- BUG: error when open the new parameter popup from Test page (M3578)
- BUG: Edit a job with some test that has been archived, gives a JS error (M3577)
- BUG: Issue with filter and pagination in Parameter list if filter contains special characters
- NEW: Added a new control charts tab, with chart creation popin and sortable chart view (M3576)

--- v3.2065 27/06/2019

- NEW: tag ##results_merged## (M3591)

- BUG: ##samples## tag repeats information, if report mode is Integrated (M3583)
- CHANGED: Indicate that Requester is a mandatory field (M2566)
- ADDED: Add a placeholder for samples with no test so they can be seen in the default view (M3339)
- BUG: Cannot remove samples from a job (M3589)
- BUG: not allow to add prefix without project code (M3609)
- BUG: Tabs R&S and EQ missing in Manage Starting Parameters popup (M3634)

- NEW: Added trending charts, and full page views for trending and control (M2549)
- BUG: Fixed chart bug on y-axis step size (M3588)
- BUG: Job list filter does not work if Project code is not enabled
- BUG: Height of grid in Add Job not well formatted after CSV import (M3612)
- BUG: Import via CSV when editing empty job causes error with sample IDs (M3613)
- CHANGED: Autocomplete disabled in new job form and edit job form (M3618)
- CHANGED: Autocomplete disabled in all forms
- CHANGED: In edit job form it is not allowed to uncheck tests already started(M3589)
- CHANGED: Improve the design of the Menu buttons (M3624)
- CHANGED: limit users to total LC user license credit (M3555)

- CHANGED: Increase text limit in Description of Test (M3541)

- NEW: Track what tests a parameter is saved in (M3488)
- CHANGED: Sample-Tests in a job that has the Quote status should not be added to a batch (M3622)
- BUG: Removing tests from sample after switching sample type (M3660)
- BUG: Cannot edit requester's billing state (M3667)
- NEW: able to delete/archive/hide jobs (M2719)
- BUG: A zero in a result parameter does not show on report in dynamic tags (M3674)

- CHANGED: show better unity to same job lines (M3683)
- CHANGED: Cancelled samples still appear on the report of results (M3643)
- CHANGED: Add units to range in report (M3700)
- BUG: Bug with alert for warning against switching to another sample type (M3680)
- NEW: Create a tag for Protocols (M3645)
- CHANGED: Fix equipment tag in template (M3647)
- NEW: Add new Job report mode (M3647)

--- v3.21 26/07/2019

- BUG: assign batch to quoted jobs is still possible (M3622)
- BUG: icon for started samples in job list grouped by job-sample is a play icon instead of flask
- BUG: batch cannot be added to test level (M3622)
- BUG: some special characters in the Location field of Equipment Module, blocks the opening of tests on LSM (M3773)
- BUG: button Clear all in document panel does not work (M3354)
- BUG: next maintenance date is not good (M3289)
- BUG: message for deleting tests in job list asks confirmation to delete the job (M3786)

- BUG: Remove option Cancel for validated samples (M3795)
- CHANGED: Disable option Delete for staff users (M3796)
- BUG: job with deleted test, appears as complete (red icon) and it cannot deleted (M3797)

- ADDED: show ID of parameters on the test setup panel (M3830)
- ADDED: Add a new type of field for STD (M3824)

--- v3.211 22/08/2019
- BUG: test name with apostrophe causes issue in PDF bookmark
- CHANGED: do some HTML formating to ##results## (M3881)
- BUG: dynamic calendar events trigger unwanted actions (M3875)
- ADDED: Options for automatica naming
- ADDED: Page NEW SAMPLES, show internal sample ID (M3898)
- ADDED: Page Batch View, show internal sample ID (M3899)
- ADDED: Batch list/view give sample type info (M3902)
- CHANGED: Expected date: no past possible, and convert to datetime (M3918)

- ADDED: New Samples page >>> Allow receive at once several samples (M3906)
- ADDED: Job List >>> New button sample shipment to change sample status, and removed the ability to edit that column in the grid (M3906)
- NEW: New Samples page >> assign batch must also allow operator change (M3900)
- BUG: Non active billing option must not accept quote (M3929)
- BUG: Bug on batch popup view>> protocols/equipment list is wrong (M3901)
- ADDED: Receive date must be shown on screen (M3903)
- ADDED: Add job needs option to mark samples as received (M3919)
- ADDED: job list group by to be Job>Samples (M3905)
- CHANGED: add DRAFT in footer in jobs not completed/validated (M3921)
- CHANGED: Report header. Keep only barcode (M3920)
- ADDED: Print quote PDF from job list view (M3569)

- BUG: AVG field having SD cannot be edited to remove SD option (M3951)
- CHANGED: Better display of job fields on JOB level to occupy width (M3876)

- ADDED: Allow users to change the automatic numbering system (M3223)
- ADDED: in semi-automatic naming, allow empty sample name without random (M3922)
- BUG: API adds a linebreak to files (M3975)
- ADDED: be able to edit Quote fully (M3897)
- CHANGED: LSMRemote: sample received date must be shipment received status date (M3333)
- CHANGED: remove the options print report and print quote, keep only PDF

- CHANGED: visual improvements in job form validation
- BUG: API returns deleted jobs
- ADDED: more columns to invoice export
- CHANGED: calc, avg and sd parameters - don't convert to scientific notation if result is 0 (M3985)
- ADDED: make sure received status is asked and indicated when starting a test (M3981)
- CHANGED: update dhtmlxScheduler 5.3.1
- ADDED: add ANY custom parameter on quote/invoice (M3877)
- BUG: z-index in templates page - dynamic field pointer
- IMPROVEMENT: checkbox operation in pending/new samples list (M3980)
- IMPROVEMENT: update MPDF version 8.0
- BUG: Some chinese characters not displaying correctly in PDF (M3286)
- ADDED: additional verification of mandatory parameters (M3978)
- ADDED: option for PDFA in admin>preferences>regulation
- IMPROVED: data layer compatible with PHP7, and securized

- BUG: fields misplaced in job and sample forms
- BUG: job number empty, if semi-automatic option is set for names, and prefix is set for customer

- BUG: list of attached files to test is empty
- BUG: Sort columns in Admin pages don't work

--- v3.212 14/10/2019

- ADDED: estimated start date (by default received date) and estimated end date (calculated automatically with test default hours and taking into account working hours and weekends)
- ADDED: Show time left in Pending samples list
- ADDED: Filter by overdue in Job list
- ADDED: Timeline in Calendar, with section by operator
- ADDED: drag-n-drop in Calendar, to change estimated dates 

- BUG: image and sample fields doesn't work because JS reference to dhtmlxVault has been removed (M4020)
- BUG: confirm login doesn't work (M4021)
- CHANGED: add quotes to constant definitions in security.php to avoid undefined notices
- BUG: new problems in job status/icon color
- CHANGED: Excel recognises exported CSV as SYLK files
- ADDED: log does not show partial saves in results (M4019)
- CHANGED: increase the size of the popup Templates options (M3841)

- BUG: job list export doesn't consider all filters
- BUG: order in pending samples list and new samples list
- ADDED: Grid view in Calendar
- BUG: a parameter used in a test (Processing parameter tab) can be deleted in Parameters management page
- ADDED: long text with CKEDITOR (M3959)
- BUG: error on quotes if PDF/A is enabled
- CHANGED: remove quoted jobs from home page dashboard
- NEW: on new jobs we should have a way to approve request before assigning (M3936)

- CHANGED: Remove maximun size = 250 for protocols description (M4079)
- BUG: Edit requested job makes it automatically become ASSIGNED (M4077)
- CHANGED: long text seems to truncate by size
- CHANGED: add new status requested to status dropdown in job list filter
- ADDED: requesters drop down must show company (M4069)
- ADDED: LSMremote: hide_priority in config.ini (M4076)
- BUG: Batch popup view shows equipment category instead of the equipment name (M3901)
- ADDED: filter parameters by ID (M3832)
- BUG: Add Job form, mandatory doesn't work with the file type fields (M3999)
- BUG: LSMremote open report for first time
- BUG: server error in Report > Full ZIP
- BUG: images of parameters of type image are broken in LSMremote reports
- BUG: There is an issue when a sample type is deleted (M4080)

- BUG: ability to import users archived in LC to LSM (M3250)
- CHANGED: allow 3 actions: Accept / Need more info (Hold) / Reject on the Accept/Reject Job pop up (M3936)
- CHANGED: show job history in the same popup (M3936)
- CHANGED: save all actions related with accept/reject jobs in audit trail (M3936)
- CHANGED: add status to filter: Requested, OnHold, Rejected, Deleted, Archived (M3936)
- ADDED: Requester should receive email notification of acceptance/rejection Job (M4067)
- ADDED: new setup options for job requests (M4096)

--- v3.213 15/11/2019

- BUG: Sample/test assigned to groups don't show the right assignment in home dashboard (it shows another user instead)
- BUG: Users of type Customer are able to open started test/samples on job list
- BUG: Users with source=LabCollector and type=Customer, see the menu admin/preferences (without content)
- BUG: Time left in completed tests must be calculated as estimated end date - completed date 

- BUG: Admins see job list empty


LSM v 3.1.7 – 11/01/2018
– IMPROVED – Lock system more efficient
– IMPROVED – Created indexes on databases to improve response times
– BUG – Multiple installation in the same instance caused error creating last table

– 22/01/2018
– BUG – Export grid in lsm and lsmremote add a tab character in header column “Type”

– 08-09/02/2018
– BUG – Job list – the list grouped by assay is empty (if multiple installations on the same instance)
– BUG – Create new job – button ‘Cancel’ does nothing and button ‘Save’ doesn’t go to job list page
– BUG – Error in order on Graph ‘Jobs Created by Day’ of home page
– NEW – QC chart
– IMPROVED – Manage input parameters: rows already completed are locked for staff users (LT195)
– IMPROVED – Manage results: rows already validated are locked for staff users (LT195)
– IMPROVED – New alerts in equipments

– 02/03/2018
– IMPROVED – Webservice for LSMremote doesn’t verify certificate

– 06-07/03/2018
– IMPROVED – Speed up LSMremote results page
– IMPROVED – Add completed date to LSMremote results page
– BUG: Typo in Parameters creation ‘is already exists’ (MT 1747)

– 21/28/03/2018
– ADDED: Warning message before submit order (are you sure?) in LSM and LSMremote (MT1008)
– ADDED: Helper text for Purchase Order in LSM, configurable in config.ini (MT1007)
– ADDED: Batch view – see breadcrumb with status (MT925)
– ADDED: Export to CSV in ‘View Job’ window (MT1006)
– ADDED: See User on job level (MT1005)
– ADDED: Add purchase order number in the table Invoice list under admin > invoices when payment mode is purchase order (MT1018)
– ADDED: Add a dynamic field pointer ##purchase_order## in invoice template (MT1018)
– BUG: Dynamic field pointers ##requester_name## and ##requester_address## don’t work, old tags ##customer_name## and ##customer_address## had to be used (MT941)
– CHANGED: Hide old password field in window for Admin change other user password (MT978)
– NEW: Change password in LSMremote (MT978, MT999)
– BUG: Typo while starting a new job (MT980)
– ADDED: Add information on user/requester on the right top corner of LSMremote as in LSM or LC (MT1015)
– CHANGED: See the quote in LSMremote on ‘Pending’ or ‘In progress’ job until the job is finished (MT1010)
– ADDED: Add an option in LSMremote to choose the default option between ASC or DESC ordering for the ID column (MT1013)

LSM v 3.1.8 – 04/04/2018

– 04-06/04/2018
– ADDED: Add a dynamic field pointer ##user_name## in invoice and results templates (MT1040)
– ADDED: New type field in parameter: longtext (MT1012)
– IMPROVED: Batch number is auto-suggested based in a time stamp with an incrementing number yyyymmdd-1, yyyymmdd-2 (MT1768)
– ADDED: Add a dynamic field pointer ##operator_name## in results templates (MT914)
– ADDED: Add a dynamic field pointer ##validator_name## in results templates (MT915)
– ADDED: Add a dynamic field pointer ##protocol_name## and ##protocol_description## in results templates (MT982)
– BUG: Issue of refresh for job/test color status (MT1017)

– 10-12/04/2018
– IMPROVED: Breadcrumb in job/batch view is now dynamic (MT1790)
– ADDED: Parameters of validated samples cannot be edited, if admin wants to edit, has to insert a reason, that will be traced in audit log (MT1029)
– ADDED: Deviation records, saved in custom module (MT1031)

– 16-20/04/2018
– BUG: Save partial results didn’t allow blank values
– ADDED: Add forgot your password on LSMremote. 2 options: show a text with contact person or send an email to reset password (MT998)
– ADDED: New status ‘Canceled’ to cancel samples not processed and allow invoicing a job (MT1009)
– ADDED: Option to mark a sample/test as free to not include these samples in final invoice (MT1009)
– ADDED: Confirm password to save results (like validate) if regulation mode is enabled (MT1032)
– ADDED: Option for two reviewers (MT1032)
– CHANGED: Person entering data and reviewers must be different users (MT1032)
– BUG: Barcodes are not printed in Dymo printer
– BUG: Total amount of invoice was calculated using current prices of tests, instead of prices already saved when invoice was created
– ADDED: Custom report for each batch (MT1836)

– 26/04/2018
– CHANGED: Shipping list includes received date (MT1855)
– ADDED: Button template options in admin->preferences->templates to select batch report template and shipping report template (MT1855)
– ADDED: Create individual tags in reports with all the parameters (MT1856)

– 02-04/05/2018
– CHANGED: Changes in Follow-up dropdown text (MT1928)
– ADDED: Add Dynamic fields pointer button to each template (MT1931)
– BUG: Priority filter = Rush doesn’t work in Job List (MT1940)
– ADDED: Confirmation dialog before cancel a sample (MT1933)
– ADDED: Option to recover a canceled test (MT1933)
– CHANGED: Remove Shipping List opening after Job creation (MT1947)
– CHANGED: Change the name of Shipping List to Chain of Custody (COC) (MT1945)
– CHANGED: tag ##user_name## was replaced by ##submitter_name## (MT1944)
– ADDED: Export function in Cancellation list as in the Job List (MT1943)
– BUG: Status filter issues (MT1953)
– CHANGED: Disallow delete Jobs/Test/Samples if job has started (MT1932)
– CHANGED: Make the Follow up dropdown options conditional (ex: disable Mark as QA if already marked) (MT1936)
– BUG: Upload protocol doesn’t work using default path
– ADDED: Deviation symbol needed for each deviated sample plus a link to the deviated record (MT1941)

– 07-10/05/2018
– BUG: Encoding inssue in select deviation module dropdown list
– CHANGED: Deviation record is opened in view mode instead of edit mode, if job is finished
– ADDED: Toolbar with a link to CoC in sample shipment window
– ADDED: General tags to CoC report template (MT1955)
– CHANGED: Improved format of CoC report (MT1855)
– CHANGED: Samples can be linked to a LabCollector record, creating a job and inserting samples from memorized records
– CHANGED: Move option to add deviation record to contextual menu – follow up and allow link deviation record to all levels (MT1942)
– CHANGED: Approved samples do not allow add a deviation record
– BUG: Upload image to template didn’t detect automatically protocol https, always used http

– 14-16/05/2018
– CHANGED: Add JS library morris, needed for QC chart, inside lsm folder
– BUG: If sample custom fields contains character &,<,> new job form doesn’t allow to add samples
– BUG: Error 500 in lsmremote – get results, if customer has not any job
– IMPROVED: lsmremote – import samples – CSV supports sample type names besides values on column type
– BUG: Typo in invoice list (MT1987)
– BUG: After edit quoted job in LSM: quote button dissapears in lsmremote and a SQL error is shown when order job in LSM (MT1897)
– BUG: LSM assumed that super-administrator login was always ‘admin’ (MT1032)
– BUG: Enter results and complete job with staff user asks for password confirmation but does nothing (MT1032)
– BUG: Batch numbers auto suggestion increments more positions than it should (MT1768)

– 24/05/2018
– ADDED: CoC report in LSMremote (MT1855)
– BUG: Order sample custom fields doesn’t work
– CHANGED: Mail to reset password from lsmremote uses LC Alerts Settings (M998)
– CHANGED: Users of type customer also can edit quotes in LSM (M994)

LSM v 3.1.9 – 24/05/2018

– BUG: Duplicate pages in report if test has multiple protocols
– BUG: Admin->Invoice and Report Templates in IE11

– CHANGED: Option to select job report mode (default or integrated) in templates management
– ADDED: Filter test list by Category or Test code besides Name (M1808)

– 04-05/06/2018
– BUG: StaffPlus user who is Admin in LSM cannot add equipment via LSM (M2035)
– BUG: Adding Reagent and Adding Equipment open old form (M975)
– BUG: Deviation record option should not be available if the deviation module is not choosen (M1992)
– BUG: If a parameter of valuelist contains special characters this can block saving results (M1794)
– BUG: Table deviation was missing if dbprefix is different to default, for new installation and upgrades to 3.19 (M2040)

– CHANGED: Manage > Validate cannot be used if no results (M2297)
– BUG: LSMremote upload CSV (M2205)
Ignore first line has been removed. Header is mandatory. A helper text has been added in import popup
Capture errors in import and show a warning when loading is completed
Reduced loading time for a high number of samples
Show an spinning well when importing
If gets an error when job is sent the full response of LSM is printed in screen
– CHANGED: Manage > Results > Export allow choose separator, and leaves out junk columns (M2296)
– CHANGED: Result upload CSV improvement (M2296)
allow choose the separator: comma, semmicolon or tab.
import process match rows by sample name, if sample name is not found, the row is ignored
when import finishes, one message with number of rows effectively imported is displayed, and modified rows are highlighted
automatic assignment of phrases works on import too
tooltip added in toolbar for import/export
it is not necessary that the file contains all the columns of the grid, and can contain extra columns that will be ignored
– CHANGED: speed up Batch list loading
– CHANGED: batch column is no longer editable in Job List
– CHANGED: button “Assing batch” works selecting job rows too besides sample rows

–v3.191 13/07/2018–

– 21/08/2018
– BUG: Create a job from lsmremote with a high amount of samples
– BUG: Last release had a bug on add job first custom field (M2447)

– 07/09/2018
– BUG: Encoding problem on reagents name causes error on edit test
– ADDED: Add test comments to PWNHealth report sending

– 10-12/09/2018
– BUG: Comments pasted from word were truncated
– ADDED: lsmremote automatic login for validated LC users
– ADDED: lsmremote can receive the job number, sample name and test IDs as URL parameters
– ADDED: lsmremote can hide toolbar using parameter toolbar
– ADDED: lsmremote can append a sample to a existent job
– CHANGED: possibility to link multiple equipment without protocol (M2583)

– 17-20/09/2018
– CHANGED: protocol tab, reagents tab and input parameters tabs visible at any test status (M2616)
– BUG: button pdf in Templates management page returns an error ‘invalid page format’
– BUG: select list of equipments shows html entities
– CHANGED: update mpdf to 6.0 (M2051)
– CHANGED: support to CJK fonts in pdf reports
– CHANGED: parameter image type (M957)
– ADDED: barcode to CoC report
– ADDED: add test name on grid headers for bulk actions (submenu manage)
– ADDED: tabs Reagents and Protocols to manage-input parameters

– 24-28/09/2018
– ADDED: barcode/sample name filter on home dashboard
– CHANGED: use LC login form
– NEW: new samples list
– NEW: checkboxes in samples list to select rows
– NEW: checkboxes in job list to select rows
– NEW: event single-click (for support touch screens)
– CHANGED: tab Protocol label replaced by Protocols & Equipments
– ADDED: footer with page number and header with job number to reports
– BUG: date field in LSM remote always ask for time as datetime field
– CHANGED: replace tabs by accordions in single job-sample-assay windows
– NEW: tag ##results_extended## in templates management
– NEW: button ‘options’ in job list to open contextual menu
– NEW: general LabCollector layout
– NEW: open main popups in fancybox instead of DHTMLXWindows

– 1/10/2018
– BUG: LSMremote single mode allow send samples with empty name
– BUG: LSMremote job required fields haven’t asterisk

– 3/10/2018
– CHANGED: update CKEditor v4.7.1

– 5/10/2018
– CHANGED: if regulation enabled, option for choose 1-step review or 2-step review
– CHANGED: if 2-step review is chosen, add an indicator in job list to completed tests awaiting for second review

– CHANGED: dashboard validated column shows only validated samples in the last 30 days
– NEW: option to register from LSMremote and validate/discard request from LSM (M2694 & M2327)
– NEW: added multiple indexes for speed up queries

— v3.2 11/10/2018

– CHANGED: increase discount field to allow negative numbers, and numbers up to 3 ciphers
– ADDED: add company/institute name to the Registration Form (M2702)
– BUG: LSMremote login box covers the message for indicating that there’s a wrong username and password combination (M2708)
– BUG: LSMremote quote PDF is not open because points to old mpdf lib folder path (only in new installations)
– BUG: tests and samples must show the option ‘delete’ if status is quoted or assigned, but only job has this option

– BUG: toolbar (job list/edit job) is partially hidden in small screens
– BUG: edit job does not save removed tests (M2448)
– CHANGED: option to hide purchase order in lsmremote job creation (M2710)

— v3.201 25/10/2018

– BUG: create job from lsmremote fails if autogenerate_job_number = true
– BUG: edit job bug because of missing file in 3.201 pack

— v3.202 29/10/2018

– ADDED: lsmremote can set tests as Readonly using parameter testReadonly
– BUG: priority filter in job list had a html tag
– ADDED: lang portuguese (M2551)

– ADDED: lang spanish (M2550)

– BUG: job list in last release takes a long time to load and hangs out the browser (M2761)
– BUG: import CSV didn’t block wrong sample types (M2762)
– BUG: edit job had list of samples empty if sample type is wrong (M2762)
– BUG: when saving a test with Sample as Result Type, always forces to enter the sample (even the clicked button is ‘Save’ and not ‘Complete’) (M2764)
– BUG: sample box in results’ test popup remains empty even if user has fill in before (M2764)
– BUG: samples created as Result Type are not linked to parent sample in database (M2764)
– BUG: when a job has derived samples (created as Result of other test) the job popup shows sample custom fields wrong (M2764)
– BUG: horizontal scroll missing in job popup (M2763)

— v3.203 14/11/2018

– BUG: link to LSMremote for WF fails if JobNumber parameter has spaces
– BUG: LSMremote: Incorrect login with space gives no error message and a blank page (M2751)
– BUG: On reports view, for the “Job created by day” graph, it’s not the jobs in axis but the samples (M2141 & M2221)
– BUG: order job in LSM – display problem (M2766)
– BUG: copy paste of sample in test gets wrong ID (M2512)
– BUG: equipment out of service can be chosen (M2348)
– BUG: samples with tests without results cannot have their status changed (M2774)
– BUG: edit job adding a memorized sample causes error (M2775)
— v3.204 19/11/2018
– CHANGED: when adding result as admin and not the assigned operator, update operator value (M2721)
– BUG: typo – “Fix price” should be “Fixed price” (M2791)
– BUG: Deviation module selection – cannot choose certain custom modules (M2792)
– BUG: template editor doesn’t open in Edge (M2818)
– BUG: valuelist parameter needs to have the option of no default value in test definition – input parameters (M2829)
– ADDED: parameter of type checkbox (M2796)
– ADDED: allow sorting of parameters in test definition (M2794)
– BUG: deletion of fields in Tests does not work well (M2831)
– BUG: Order of input parameters is reversed during Job execution (M2832)
– BUG: Adding a parameter that that doesn’t exist to a test may add an undefined row (M2836)
– ADDED: Add a barcode verification on compliance mode (M2840)
– ADDED: New tab for Processing parameters (M2841)
– BUG: lag between editing a job and opening it with other user -lock system- (M2857)
– BUG: issue completing big number of samples at once in Manage > Results (M2865)
– IMPROVEMENT: improve performance in Tests page adding more indexes (M2872)
– IMPROVEMENT: enable special characters in parameter label (M889)
– ADDED: changes in API for add-on “Sample receiving” (M2892)
– IMPROVEMENT: update results through API must assign an automatic phrase (M2914)
– ADDED: show test IDs and parameter IDs (M2917)
– IMPROVEMENT: Hide unit and/or phrase for parameters that don’t have unit and/or phrase (M2918)
– CHANGED: Update quote when adding tests, even if the quote has already been accepted (M2898)
– IMPROVEMENT: increase size of fields ‘string’ and ‘textarea’ (M2923)
– ADDED: parameter to upload any file (M2718)


LSM v3.1.5 – 27/11/2017

– BUG: Upgrade for v3.1 failed and so that manage costs gives an error, need to create some fields again

– BUG: missing LSM header in license page and install page

LSM v3.1.4 – 21/11/2017

– IMPROVED: instances under labcollector.online have set files path to a dedicated folder, out of LSM folder and not accessible online

LSM v3.1.3 – 17/11/2017

– NEW: New global config option to change uploaded files path

– NEW: Option to select a PDF result file and send it to PWN API together with results

– BUG: Validate Job Number and display a warning message if it contains invalid characters, on add/edit job

– BUG: Allow point(.) on login, user firstname and lastname of LSM users

LSM v3.1.2 – 24/10/2017 – BUG: LSMremote login

LSM v3.1.1 – 19/10/2017 – CHANGED: custom lab logo doesn’t use direct link to make it compatible with .htaccess protection

LSM v3.1 – 26/09/2017 – BUG – ##samples## fields are duplicated on report

– BUG – report was blank if one test didn’t have template assigned

– BUG – login problem since LSMremote for imported users and/or if password crypt has been changed to SHA256

– BUG – if no ranges defined, form will hide this field. If only one range is defined, then will be selected automatically

– IMPROVED – LSMremote – order quote and accept quote

– IMPROVED – LSMremote – multiple samples

– IMPROVED – LSMremote – import from CSV

– IMPROVED – Edit a quoted job

– IMPROVED – Send quote by email

– IMPROVED – Grey out equipment that are in alert mode

– NEW – Billing options to support price on categories

– NEW – Payment mode: Purchase Order. PO number is mandatory to order job or validate quote

– NEW – New methods in LSM API to get/post data

– NEW – Staff users only see their assigned jobs on dashboard and job list

– NEW – Button ‘Multiple assignments’ to assign staff user/group to multiple samples/assays on Job List -> Manage assignments

– NEW – Sample shipment status ‘Returned’

– BUG – Samples comments were always empty on job details window and only were visible on job edit

31/05/2017 – IMPROVED: Send a fixed number as result code to PWN – BUG: Still receive duplicates from PWN

25/05/2017 – IMPROVED: Include result name on data sent to PWN

12/05/2017 – IMPROVED: Adjust tab sizes to content on single pages 24/may/2017

– IMPROVED: Choose delimiter on import/export CSV

LSM V3.07.1 – 02/05/2017 – BUG: Job List – Jobs with invalid provider didn’t appear

– IMPROVED: Add/Edit job – Disable free text in Provider combobox to prevent jobs with invalid provider

LSM V3.07- 24/03/2017 – BUG: Escaping data in jobs automatically created from PWNHealth

– BUG: Edit job – unable to get property ‘appendChild’

– BUG: Edit user imported from LabCollector

– NEW: Chinese language

– BUG: New job form multilingual

– BUG: Missing reagents and equipment

– IMPROVED: Better performance in job list, significantly faster

– IMPROVED: Visual indicator in job list while loading data

– NEW: PWN integration now includes rules to automatic assignment of range based on fields received from PWN

– IMPROVED: PWN integration, prevent duplicates

– IMPROVED: Allowing assign different ranges by different test of the same sample

LSM V3.06.1- 23/01/2017 – BUG: Admin costs

– BUG: Incorrect number of tests eventually on the test list

LSM V3.06.- 12/01/2017 – IMPROVED: PWNHealth integration. Fields mapping system has been extended, now it allows defining additional parameters to send to PWN together with results

LSM V3.05.1- 10/01/2017 – BUG: Edit categories of assays or teams of users don’t load the items contained and when click save previous items are removed of the category/team

– BUG: Conflict with variable ‘url’ in assays management and users management

– IMPROVED: Assays management – categories dropdown show all categories besides allowing autocomplete, and a helper text was added

LSM V3.06.- 12/jan 2017

IMPROVED: PWNHealth integration. Fields mapping system has been extended, now it allows defining additional params to send to PWN together with results

LSM V3.06.1- 23/jan 2017
– BUG: Admin costs
– BUG: Incorrect number of tests eventually on the test list

LSM V3.07- 24/mar 2017
– BUG: Escaping data in jobs automatically created from PWNHealth
– BUG: Edit job – unable to get property ‘appendChild’
– BUG: Edit user imported from LabCollector
– NEW: Chinese lang
– BUG: New job form multilingual
– BUG: Missing reagents and equipments
– IMPROVED: Better performance in job list, significantly faster
– IMPROVED: Visual indicator in job list while loading data
– NEW: PWN integration now includes rules to automatic assignment of range based on fields received from PWN
– IMPROVED: PWN integration, prevent duplicates
– IMPROVED: Allowing assign different ranges by different test of the same sample

LSM V3.07.1 – 02/may 2017
– BUG: Job List – Jobs with invalid provider didn’t appear
– IMPROVED: Add/Edit job – Disable free text in Provider combobox to prevent jobs with invalid provider
– IMPROVED: Adjust tab sizes to content on single pages
– IMPROVED: Choose delimiter on import/export CSV
– IMPROVED: Include result name on data sent to PWN
– IMPROVED: Send a fixed number as result code to PWN
– BUG: Still receive duplicates from PWN

LSM v3.1 – 26/sept 2017
– BUG – ##samples## fields are duplicated on report
– BUG – report was blank if one test didn’t have template assigned
– BUG – login problem since LSMremote for imported users and/or if password crypt has been changed to SHA256
– BUG – if no ranges defined, form will hide this field. If only one range is defined, then will be selected automatically
– IMPROVED – LSMremote – order quote and accept quote
– IMPROVED – LSMremote – multiple samples
– IMPROVED – LSMremote – import from CSV
– IMPROVED – Edit a quoted job
– IMPROVED – Send quote by email
– IMPROVED – Grey out equipment that are in alert mode
– NEW – Billing options to support price on categories
– NEW – Payment mode: Purchase Order. PO number is mandatory to order job or validate quote
– NEW – New methods in LSM API to get/post data
– NEW – Staff users only see their assigned jobs on dashboard and job list
– NEW – Button ‘Multiple assignments’ to assign staff user/group to multiple samples/assays on Job List -> Manage asignments
– NEW – Sample shipment status ‘Returned’
– BUG – Samples comments were always empty on job details window and only were visible on job edit

LSM v3.1.1 – 19/10/2017
– CHANGED: custom lab logo doesn’t use direct link to make it compatible with htaccess protection

LSM v3.1.2 – 24/10/2017
– BUG: LSMremote login for superadmin if password crypt is SHA256

LSM v3.1.3 – 17/11/2017
– NEW: New global config option to change uploaded files path
– NEW: Option to select a PDF result file and send it to PWN API together with results
– BUG: Validate Job Number and display a warning message if it contains invalid characters, on add/edit job
– BUG: Allow point(.) on login, user firstname and lastname of LSM users

LSM v3.1.4 – 21/11/2017
– IMPROVED: instances under labcollector.online have set files path to a dedicated folder, out of LSM folder and not accessible online

LSM v3.1.5 – 27/11/2017
– BUG: Upgrade for v3.1 failed and so that manage costs gives an error, need to create some fields again
– BUG: missing LSM header in license page and install page

LSM v3.1.6 – 14/12/2017
– IMPROVED – Dynamic loading of dashboard elements to speed up loading of the homepage
– IMPROVED – Minimize content size of Job List to get a faster download
– NEW – Search by keyword (JobNumber) on Job List
– IMPROVED – More options to select status of items on Job List


LSM V3.05.- 21/12/2016 – NEW: Up to 6 ranges with custom labels. Ranges values are defined in Assay management and selected when starting each job/assay

– NEW: Automatic assignment of phrases for result parameters of assays, depending if value is in range, lower or higher

– NEW: Assay categories management. Each assay can belong to more than one category

– NEW: Be able to order parameters of new job form parameters management

– NEW: New button ‘assign batch’ in samples list & job list

– NEW: Integrate LabCollector users through an import system that also allow merge accounts.

– IMPROVED: LSMremote. New customization properties: hide job number, sample number, job date, disable quotes and customize report buttons

– IMPROVED: PWNHealth integration. Allow send partial results, no return error when abnormal results and track messages in audit log

– IMPROVED: Field type Boolean

– IMPROVED: Field type datetime

– IMPROVED: Rename group of users <-> team

– IMPROVED: Groups of users management

– IMPROVED: Batch view shows all batches

– IMPROVED: Allow default value and unit to be blank in admin->assay->input parameters

– IMPROVED: Dropdown list not truncated

– IMPROVED: Assign range to samples in Job List->Manage->Starting parameters

– IMPROVED: Allow multiple installations of LSM in the same LabCollector instance

– IMPROVED: Record last login of users

– IMPROVED: Parameter level can not be changed

– IMPROVED: Missing * in required fields (assays and jobs)

– IMPROVED: Helper text in job number

– IMPROVED: Helper text in select assay popup

– BUG: LSMremote problem to send new orders

– BUG: Admin Assays >> Filter does not work

– BUG: Admin Assays >> Order does not work

– BUG: Admin Parameters >> Order does not work

– BUG: Problem with sign in with administrator in Firefox

– BUG: Hide deleted jobs in Customer

– BUG: Some toolbar buttons push down samples grid out of area, in new job window

– BUG: pending samples list is not refreshed after actions

– BUG: Quotes selector to new jobs

– 19/10/2016 – NEW: Export/import CSV of batch results

– NEW: Allow creation and edition of empty jobs, without samples and/or without assays

– NEW: Result files are accesibles since job menu: Report -> Files

– NEW: Result files are visibles in lsmremote

– NEW: Result files are attached to mail sent to customer.

– IMPROVED: On batch results, a sample is completed if all results are not empty. Checkboxes to complete samples have been removed

– IMPROVED: Upgrade styles to make forms more readable

LSM V3.03.2- 28/09/2016 – BUG: contextual menu of job list LSM V3.04.

LSM V3.03.1- 22/09/2016 – BUG: batch list – BUG: install script

LSM V3.03.- 31/08/2016 – NEW: PWN API integration (I). PWN setup page and activation.

– NEW: PWN API integration (II). Automatic creation of jobs from PWNHealth

– NEW: PWN API integration (III). New button in Job List menu to send results to PWNHealth

– NEW: New button ‘Replicate’ in New job toolbar

– NEW: Flag ‘OnForm’ in job/sample parameters

– NEW: selector to specify which range will be used in ‘Starting job’

– IMPROVED: Assay autocomplete also searchs by Assay code

– IMPROVED: 2 ranges min-max in assay results

– IMPROVED: Delete option marks job as delete (not real delete)

– IMPROVED: Automatic sample naming in New job

– IMPROVED: Shipping print button on ‘View job’ in addition to ‘Edit job’

– IMPROVED: Possibility to merge the results of all assays of the same job on reports

– IMPROVED: User ‘Groups’ button. Edit and delete groups, and autocomplete users dropdown

– BUG: Job level fields some times don’t display well

– BUG: Horizontal scroll in ‘Add job’ – assays grid mode – BUG: UTF8 error in send report by mail

– BUG: Only numbers in customer code

LSM V3.02.- 22/07/2016 – BUG: LSMRemote – report buttons (IE)

– IMPROVED: LSMRemote – when select category automatically select assays and vice versa

– BUG: assays repeated when selecting assay and category together in new job form

– IMPROVED: Labels in batch operations

– BUG: Incorrect tab size entering results

– BUG: Sample number, Sample name & Assay name not shown in popup windows

– BUG: Select language control

– IMPROVED: Customer list ordered in new job form, and autocomplete

– IMPROVED: Unit not mandatory and allows special characters in popup to enter results

– IMPROVED: Replaced alerts by messages that don’t need user to click, in administration screens

LSM V3.01.- 19/07/2016 – IMPROVED: Dropdown lists not pre-selected in New Job Form

– BUG: Button Save/Cancel in Menu Job->Add job

– IMPROVED: Entry batch operations. Remove assay name from columns and place it in header title.

11/07/2016 -BUG: Prevent creating repeated categories of assays

LSM V3.0.- 4/07/2016 – IMPROVED: Adjust size of tabs, and display horizontal scroll if needed

– IMPROVED: Login form answers to ENTER key to sign in

– IMPROVED: Filtering in ‘Pending samples list’ and ‘Batch list’

– BUG: No info in batch column in ‘Job list’ – group by sample

– NEW: Mark sample as QA/QC

– IMPROVED: Range values of result parameters in report

28/06/2016 -BUG: Edit job -BUG: Dropdown list in job form

LSM v2.9.- 15/06/2016 – IMPROVED: Upgrade DHTMLX Suite v5.0

– IMPROVED: Interfaz with new forms and grids, new look-and-feel and faster.

– NEW: Parameter datatype ‘Datetime’ – NEW: Parameter datatype ‘Image’

– NEW: Range in result parameters of assays: new fields Min & Max

– NEW: Field Code in Assays – NEW: Field Category in Assays

– NEW: Ability to select all assays belong a category at once, in ‘New job’ window

– IMPROVED: Small window with autocomplete function to select assays or categories, in ‘New job’ window

– IMPROVED: Ability to assign assays or categories to multiple samples, in ‘New job’ window

– IMPROVED: Unit not mandatory in parameters

– IMPROVED: Blank default unit and/or blank default phrase are allowed for result parameters, in Assay definition

– BUG: General comments not saved 23/06/2016

– NEW: Pending samples list

– NEW: Pending batch list

– IMPROVED: Shortcut to Add new job in Menu

– IMPROVED: Icons in job list

– IMPROVED: Show reagent & equipment info in batch results page

– IMPROVED: Style of editable cells

– IMPROVED: Batch field of job list is a dropdown list with autocomplete

– IMPROVED: Adjust size of forms

– IMPROVED: Add assay/add category answer to ENTER key to validate assay/category

– BUG: Export calendar & shipping list to PDF

03/05/2016 – BUG: Params in reports using tag ##matrix##

– BUG: Problems with borders in reports

– NEW: tag “job_param” in reports

– NEW: tag “results” in reports


LSM v2.8.- 16/12/2015 – Bug fixed: Fix error that occurs when opening job-sample-assay.

– PDF reports & invoice supports UTF characters. – Codebars include name of job, sample or assay.

– Bug fixed: Date parameters of assays display calendar. – Bug fixed: Value list parameters of job or sample display dropdown list of values. – Bug fixed: Depending on PHP configuration of ‘error reporting’ section, the ‘Validate’ button might cause error. – Bug fixed: Bulk actions (save results, validate) don’t work in some browser – Bug fixed: If user is admin, then username is not displayed in board view (home page), nor in sample status (follow up -> sample shipment) – Bug fixed: Field “phrase” is cut in grids. – Bug fixed: On JobList special characters are not showing right. – Upgrade DHTMLX Suite v4.6.

LSM v2.7. – 17/07/2015 – New option group by ‘assay-status’ in Job List toolbar, to facilitate filter samples and input results of samples in bulk.

– New checkbox column in ‘Manage’ windows to allow uncheck some sample in bulk actions, i.e. validate all samples except one.

– Popup to confirm password when trigger validation. This is a FDA regulation mandatory need. This feature can be activated in settings.

– New lock mechanism to prevent concurrent editing samples. If one sample is locked, it is opened in read-only mode.

– Improve audit trail. More actions saved and IP registered. – Improve bulk actions. All samples are shown even without parameters.

– Possibility of use sign plus (+) in values of parameters of type ValueList.

– Bug fixed in validate jobs when logged user is super administrator.

– Bug fixed in add/edit job with customer login.

– Bug fixed in ‘Manage’ options: some repeated columns appear.

– The order of parameters in ‘Assay’ definition, is always the same of creation order.

– Modernize buttons making slightly bigger and rounded

– New tags for results templates ##samples## and ##matrix##

– Order of input or results parameters is always the same (creation order)

– Enlarge the size of the ‘Change password’ to make it look full in all browsers

– Bug fixed: Customers were not allowed to open reports from job list.

LSM v2.6. – 20/05/2015 – Contextual menu in Job List shows always all options. When option is not possible, it is shown on menu as greyed out.

– Sample ID is now visible on Job List.

– New editable field ‘Batch’ in Job List.

– New option group by ‘job-batch’ in Job List, besides group by ‘job-assay’ and by ‘job-sample’. This option improves bulk actions allowing open ‘manage windows’ with all samples of a batch.

– New option in contextual menu in Job List to mark/unmark some sample as ‘Alert’. Samples with alert status are be colored in yellow.

– New item “Find” in toolbar of Job List page.

– New button “PDF” in ‘Calendar’ to generate printable PDF of month, week or day view. Using this button in day view generates work list.

– New button “Shipping list” in ‘New job’ window. This button generates a PDF with the list of samples and checkboxes of assays, and it is automatically opened when user click the button ‘Save’ of new job.

– Bug fixed: Jobs with ‘Expected date’ empty didn’t appear in ‘Calendar’

– Bug fixed: Datepicker position is fixed to prevent datepicker popup is truncated, in ‘New job’ window.

– Bug fixed: A new icon accompanies rows with ‘rush’ priority in Job List.

– CSS breadcrumb in single job-sample-assay popup has been improved.

LSM v2.5. – 28/February/2015 – LabCollector samples linking to LSM. ‘Add job’ and ‘Edit job’ screens allow add ‘Memorized records’ from LabCollector.

– Rename the samples. ‘Add job’ and ‘Edit job’ screens include a fast way to rename samples importing a CSV.

– New job status QUOTED that generates an automatic proposal invoice with a watermark ‘Quote’. Users can later ‘Order job’ in ‘Job list’ screen.

– Discounts in customers and invoices. If discount is set in ‘Customer’ page, the discount will applied to all future invoices of that customer. But discount can also be set in any individual invoice.

– Job/Sample/Assay icons have been changed. One color for each status in LSM and lsmremote.

– Bug fixed: invoices template was not well shown on ‘Admin->Costs’ screen.

– Bug fixed: the total of invoices on ‘Invoices’ tab of screen ‘Customer’ didn’t include the taxes.

– Upgrade DHTMLX Suite v4.1.3.

– Upgrade DHTMLX Scheduler v4.3. – Upgrade DTHMLX Vault v2.4.

– Ability to download already uploaded files in the ‘Document’ tab of ‘Manage-Results’ option.

– Ability to download already uploaded files in the ‘Document’ tab of ‘Manage-Validate’ option. Now it is also possible to upload files or delete them from here.


LSM v2.4. – 11/December/2014 – Parameters of type valuelist. Now it is possible to define the list of values that becomes a dropdownlist in assay definition and assay results.

– Parameters definition improvement. List of values/units/phrases are entered as tags (users only have to type and press enter to add a new value/unit/phrase).

– Job list export button has been changed to export only samples (SampleID, Name, Customer, Assay).

– When customer logins add a job, the field customer is pre-filled and not editable.

– When a job is started, the edit option is not visible to customer logins.

– Until job validated, the report option is not visible to customer logins.

– In templates definition, the tag list remain active to be able to copy-paste.

– Hide upload control in completed status.

– Fix order for custom parameters of samples in window of job details.

– Allow upload multiple files for multiple samples in the ‘Document’ tab of ‘Manage-Results’ option, and view uploaded files in the ‘Document’ tab of ‘Manage-Validate’ option.

LSM v2.3. – 5/November/2014 – Job status has four different values instead of 3: Pending (not started), In-Progress (started), Completed (completed but not validated), Finished (validated).

– Hide jobs in Job List only after validation.

– Tick icon for Finished jobs and Square icon for Completed jobs

– Validated jobs are not editables.

– Show only one column status in Job List: Job status is shown in job row; Assay status is shown in assay row; Sample status is shown in sample row.

– Show custom sample fields in job window.

– Show unit of sample parameters on reports.

– Added checkbox to ‘ignore first line’ on import CSV of samples.

– Changed label of buttons in ‘Manage’ options: “Save & Start” and “Complete” in order to unify with individual assay edition options.

– Fixed error in ‘Manage’ options when using character ‘>’ or ‘<‘.

– Fixed scrolling and window size in job window in order to popup window never be bigger of main window.

– Fixed encoding problems in reports (PDF/Print).

– Fixes some tags missing in reports (##customer_address## and ##customer_name##).

– Replaced PDF generating library: html2pdf by mpdf, which improves the quality of PDF resulting.

– When a report contained more than one assay, report will use each assay template, instead of the general template.

– Upgrade CKEDITOR v4.5

– Allow uploading/replacing images with repeated names in templates