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SaaS, Local and Cloud Capabilities.

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No More Paper Records Or Loose Excel Files!

Built around independent modules that can interact with each other, LabCollector LIMS manages a variety of day-to-day useful lab information. The main concept behind LabCollector LIMS is that each scientist in the lab can quickly access and modify data and make it available to the rest of the lab community. LabCollector can be accessed from any computer on the intranet. Laboratory staff spends less time on recurrent and time-consuming operations and dedicate more precious time to research activities.

Quick Retrieval Of Sample Information

From inventory management to full sample life cycle tracking and experiment collaborations and much more you’ll find the right solution from our collection of modules and add-ons. See our Storage Accessories store for handheld scanners, label printers & much more.

All-In-One Management Platform For Any Application

Solutions for large, mid-sized and small, fast-growing businesses.

Management Modules

Information and stock management are performed on a modular basis. Scientific end-users have been kept in mind and no extensive learning is required. LabCollector LIMS is ready to use immediately.

Storage System

Easily manage and define stock locations with LabCollector’s user-friendly interface. Simply use point-and-click to define box cell grid places, and create virtually any box configuration to suit your needs.

Barcoding & Mobility

LabCollector LIMS uses barcodes to identify all stored data, making it easy to search and retrieve information quickly. You can generate linear or 2D barcodes for better organization.

Security, Traceability & Integrity

LabCollector LIMS uses user levels to restrict access and now supports LDAP and AD. Plus, history logs and audit trails help you track user actions and maintain data versioning for added security.

Produce Reliable Results Fast & Effectively

Learn how LabCollector LIMS can help you automate workflows, associated information & manage samples.

Available for: LabCollector download available for Windows and MAC

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