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LabCollector LIMS for BioBanking

BioBanking and other biological resource collections are growing faster. These structures must employ a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) to manage high information volume and meet the high standards of quality required by scientists and therefore accreditation bodies.

  • SaaS, Local or Cloud Hosting
  • Unique ID for each data entry (samples, reagents, equipment …)
  • Integrate samples results (assays, tests …)
  • Follow up sample process
  • Check database entries and modifications using a log of user activity
  • & Much More!

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AgileBio - BioBanking LIMS
AgileBio - LIMS for BioBanking

BioBanking Features & Capabilities

  • Customize the database modules, fields and search filters
  • Edit barcode labels to quickly identify information
  • Mass import, update and export of data
  • Manage lab inventory
  • Manage product orders and lot receptions
  • Edit online catalogue of available biological resources (optional)
  • Edit BioBank process workflows
  • & Much More!

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AgileBio Labcollector Laboratory Information Management System

Management Modules

Information and stock management are performed on a modular basis. Scientific end-users have been kept in mind and no extensive learning is required. LabCollector LIMS is ready to use immediately.

AgileBio Labcollector Laboratory Information Management System

Storage System

Stock localization is managed and defined in a straightforward manner and is not constrained. Box cell grid places can be defined by point & click and virtually any box configuration can be defined.

AgileBio Labcollector Laboratory Information Management System

Barcoding & Mobility

All data stored in LabCollector LIMS is identified by a barcode. This allows for quick information search and retrieval. LabCollector LIMS is capable of generating linear or 2D barcodes.

AgileBio Labcollector Laboratory Information Management System

Security, Traceability & Integrity

User access is restrained on defined user levels. LDAP and AD is now supported. History logs are stored to keep track of user actions on LabCollector databases (audit trails and data versioning).

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Affordable sample inventory management providing seamless integration for multiple tiers of data.

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