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Electronic Lab Notebook

Turn your LabCollector platform with the ELN add-on into an efficient yet simple notebook to store and manage all your lab experiments. It is a great support/complement to the typical paper notebooks. The ELN can function both for hybrid (paper + electronic) notebook solutions as well as for paperless labs. The ELN benefits from a collaborative environment that is both secure, yet readily accessible by the right people in your lab. From simple experiment documentation to routine or complex records involving workflows and page templates, your lab can use the ELN to meet specific needs through extensive customization that is in your control.

The easiest way to store, organize, find and store share your work !
Unlimited Books and Experiments

LabCollector's ELN allows managing as
many books as you need to keep your
lab organized. Assigned books to the
appropriate staff to control access
for viewing, editing and reviewing

Integrate Complex Content

The content of ELN includes the
capability of a powerful text editor,
diagram designer,spreadsheets,
plus the ability to upload or link
data (row or processed).

Task Lists and

Project Management

Complex experiments can be managed
easily by using templates and task lists.
These functions make scientists,
techinicians and managers aware
about the status and progress of
the experiment.

Electronic Signatures

The ELN allows to include electronic
signatures. Scientists can sign
their notebook pages. Signed
pages become locked and can
no longer be changed. Managers
can review and countersign, and
add errata to completed work.
Printing or exporting pages as
pdf files to share work is made
easy bt ELN.

ELN for Chemistry

LabCollector's ELN offers chemistry tools
for designing chemical structures,
importing chemistry modules.
designing reactions and molecules.
You can quickly review chemical
properties or cross search structures
by ELN entries.

Extensive Customization

From unstructured experiment (biology, chemistry, pharmacy, …) documentation to routine complex record: find and define your specific needs through extensive customization.

  • Custom fields (text, checkbox, select list, mandatory …)
  • Workflow design
  • Page templates
  • Spreadsheet templates
  • Language choices
  • Tree navigation and search options parameters
  • Diagram designer tool: design complex chemical reactions and experiment schemes …

Organized and Collaborative

With LabCollector ELN, you can structure and share your data with your collaborators and team at any time from any location due to the ELN’s flexible sharing system. Key organization and sharing tools include:

  • Simplified use
  • Rich text editor
  • Search engine
  • Tree view
  • Task list/Gantt
  • Collaborative environment
  • Multiple images and files uploads at once
  • Link LabCollector data to the ELN
  • Archive function and experiment transfer
  • Task time reporting
  • Export to structured PDF (with barcoded pages, summary…)


Secure & Compliant Environment

LabCollector ELN offers a secure login system, secure permissions system for users and automatic data backups.

  • Manage user’s access
  • Secure login
  • Secure sharing and permissions
  • Validation system
  • Audit trail
  • Log of activity
  • Data backup

Electronic Signatures

Double electronic signature system based on CFR 21 Part 11 and patents requirements.


LabCollector’s ELN includes an easy to use electronic signature validation system that allows data integrity check (based on CFR 21 Part 11 and patents requirements). Notebook pages can be signed by both the authors and admin users. E-signatures give proof of content validity at signature date.

Fully Integrated with LabCollector LIMS

The Electronic Lab Notebook is an add-on for LabCollector LIMS. You can directly link to specific records in the LabCollector LIMS including documents such as protocols and SOPs, exact sample records including storage locations. Integration with other LabCollector modules such as Photobank further enhances the ability to easily and quickly find and include all information relevant to your experiment.

Flexible and Affordable

  • Unlimited books, experiments and pages
  • Perpetual license

ELNDocSend: Send paper notes with your Android Phone

ELNDocSend provides a quick document scanner service to be used by our LabCollector ELN community. It easily sends pages of notebooks to their dedicated note pages in their ELN. Each page in ELN can receive one document scan/photo. The app features a crop/rotation edition prior to publish in ELN. Each user will configure their ELNDocSend app with the LabCollector API token and user id to send to their own pages. The app can also create new ELN pages as needed. DOWNLOAD NOW!

Electronic Lab Notebook for chemistry

Our Electronic Lab Notebook is also compatible for chemistry uses.

Free ELN available

Even if your 30 day trial has expired you can continue using your ELN up to a maximum of 500 pages. This gives you time to really explore the software before making your decision. Don’t worry about your data – you can export your experiments at any time!

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