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LSMRemote configurable options (v4.0)

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For test labs that receive a request to perform tests (jobs) on a sample from a requester (clinic, hospital, etc), our Lab Service Management (LSM) add-on is the best option. However, to make the process easier we offer our utility LSMRemote which helps both you and the requester. LSMRemote application can be integrated into the website of the requester (clinic, hospital, etc).

LSMRemote is a easy web/mobile interface of your Lab Service Manager for your client accessible through your URL.

This makes it easier for the requester to send and view job requests, results, and reports.

Follow the steps below to configure different options in LSMRemote:-

1. Install LSMRemote and integrate into your website

2. LSMRemote configurable properties

Now the super administrator can access the config.ini easily via LSMRemote account. All the below functions can be accessed by super administrator.
Go to LSMRemote:

1. Install LSMRemote and integrate into your website

2. LSMRemote configurable properties

  • Once the LSMRemote is installed you can configure various options by accessing the config.ini file.
    OS (C:) -> Program Files (x86) -> AgileBio -> LabCollector -> www -> your online instance name will be seen on a folder (click on that folder) -> extra_modules -> lsmremote -> config.ini
IMPORTANT: Always remember to take care that both LSMRemote & LSM are of the latest version. If you have a doubt, reinstall both of the add-ons from your client area. This is important for the correct functioning of both LSMremote and LSM. If the LSM and LSMRemote are not of the latest version, some of the below options might not work.


  • When you open the config.ini file you will various options whose functions are described below.
    *config.ini will open in a notepad
    * You need to save every change you make.

    1.title = none25.hide_submit_link = false
    2.logo = ../../getLogo.php26.hide_user_name = true
    3.color = none27.hide_priority = true *NEW v4.0
    4.wsurl = [path]/ws/service.php?wsdl28.repeat_job_button = false *NEW v4.0
    5.autogenerate_job_number = false29.release_partial_results = false *NEW v4.0
    6.autogenerate_sample_name = false30.grid_width_100 = false *NEW v4.0
    7.allow_quote = true31.default_lang = en *NEW v4.0
    8.hide_job_date = true32.token_access = false *NEW v4.0
    9.hide_expected_date = true33.security_parameter = none *NEW v4.0
    10.report_html_button = true34.provider_login_title = _default *NEW v4.0
    11.report_html_label = _default35.patient_login_title = _default *NEW v4.0
    12.report_pdf_button = true36.grid_tests_mode = _default *NEW v4.0
    13.report_pdf_label = _default37.allow_patient_register = false *NEW v4.01
    14.report_files_button = true38.category_tree = false *NEW v4.01
    15.report_files_label = _default39.patient_recover_token = false *NEW v4.01
    16.quote_pdf_button = true40.patient_send_token = false *NEW v4.01
    17.quote_pdf_label = _default41.open_coc_automatically = true *NEW v4.01
    18.grid_multiple_samples = true42.token_expiration_days = 15 *NEW v4.024
    19.jobs_order = DESC
    20.hide_purchase_order = false
    21.purchase_order_helper_text = free text
    23.recover_password_text = free text
    24.allow_register = true
    *All the above options are explain in detailed below.

1TitlenoneIt will appear as a superscript above your logo in LSMRemotefree text
2.logononeIt will be the logo for your lsmremote websiteimage URL
  • It will be the logo you add for the lsmremote website.
  • For the image on the computer, you can save the image inside the “img” folder in the lsmremote folder (path shown above). Then for the logo, you can add in front of the logo = img/name of the image.file type
  • For an image on a URL, just add the https://……..
  • *NOTE: Please use HTTPS for more secure protocols.


 3. colornoneOptional background-colorweb color
  • To see which colors you can put, check this link & scroll down to the table of RGB colors.
  • You can either put the color name. *Remember not to put spaces between the name (lightblue NOT light blue).
  • You can also put the color code with the hashtag
  • After logging in the lsmremote you will see the color like below:

 4.wsurlnone connection to LSM add-onweb color
  • This option will connect your LSMRemote to your LSM (Lab Service Manager) add-on.
  • It is an important step during the installation of LSMRemote.
  • *Please check our KB on how to install LSMRemote.

5autogenerate_job_numbertrue connected to the generation of job numbertrue | false
  • The job number is generated when you submit a job. * Read our KB on how to submit a job.
  • If “false” then the Job Number field is displayed in the form (the user can enter manually a text or leave it blank to autogenerate.)
  • If “true” then the Job Number field is not displayed, so it always is generated automatically after the job is submitted.

6autogenerate_sample_nametrue connected to the generation of sample nametrue | false
  • If “false”, a ‘Sample name’ field is displayed in the form (the user can enter manually a text or leave it blank to autogenerate.)
  • If “true” ‘Sample name’ field is generated automatically after the job is submitted.

7allow_quotefalse connected to the creation of a quotetrue | false
  • If “false”, the job status will be seen as requested and no quote will be present.
  • If “true” then the job status will be visible as quote & quoted. (a new Boolean field is added to the form, to allow order just a quote instead of a job.)

8hide_job_datetrue connected to the job date true | false
  • If “false”, the job date is displayed
  • If “true” then the job date is not displayed.

9hide_expected_datetrue connected to the expected date of job finishingtrue | false
  • If “false”, the expected date is displayed. The expected date is when the job needs to be finished.
  • If “true” then the expected date is not displayed.

10report_html_buttonObsolete functions. Please delete them in case you find them in your config.ini file
12report_pdf_buttontrue connected to the report button for resultstrue | false
  • If “false”, the report button is displayed. This button will show the result report of a finished (validated) job in LSM add-on.
  • If “true” the report button is not displayed.

13report_pdf_label_default connected to the report button label text_default | free text
  • If “_default”, the report pdf button shows “report” text.
  • If “free text” the report pdf button shows pre-configured text. As in the below image.

14report_files_buttontrue connected to the attached files with resultstrue | false
  • If “false”, the file button is not displayed. These files can be image files or pdf, etc that are attached before finishing the job in the LSM add-on.
  • If “true” the file button is displayed.

15report_files_label_default  connected to the attached files with the results button text_default | free text
  • If “_default”, the file button shows text “files”
  • If “free text” the file button shows the text pre-configured text as below.

16quote_pdf_buttontrue connected to the quote buttontrue | false
  • If “false”, the quote button is not displayed.
  • If “true” then the quote button is displayed.

17quote_pdf_label_default connected to the text on the quote button_default | free text
  • If “_default”, the quote button shows the text “Quote”
  • If “free text” then the quote button shows the pre-configured text, like in the below example image.

18grid_multiple_samplesfalse connected to the number of samples/jobtrue | false
  • If “false”, only one sample per job is supported and the grid of sample data is not visible like in the “true” situation.
  • If “true” many samples per job are supported, like in the example image below.

19Jobs_orderDESC connected to the number of samples/jobDESC | ASC
  • If “ASC”, jobs are arranged from low to high
  • If “DESC” jobs are arranged from high to low

20hide_purchase_ordertrue connected to ‘purchase order’ optiontrue | false
  • If “false”, Purchase order option appears
  • If the “true” Purchase order option disappears


The purchase order option will not show in either true/false property if it is not selected in the LSM ADD-ON -> ADMIN -> PREFERENCES -> COSTS -> PAYMENT MODE 

21purchase_order_helper_textfree text connected to helper text of purchase orderfree text
  • You can add the text as you prefer.

22recover_password_modenone connected to recover password optionmail | text | none
  • If “none”, the “forgot your password” option doesn’t appear
  • If “mail” the password will be recovered by email
  • If “text” the password can be recovered by contacting your administrator

23recover_password_texttext connected to recover password option texttext
  • If “text”, the password text can be changed as per your choice, for example, like below.

24allow_registertrue connected to register optiontrue | false
  • If “true”, the register option appears
  • If “false” the register option doesn’t appear

25hide_submit_linkfalse connected to ‘submit order’ option for jobtrue | false
  • If “true”, the submit order button does not appear
  • If “false” the submit order button appears

26hide_user_namefalse connected to user name for a jobtrue | false
  • If “true”, then the ‘User’ option won’t appear under the requester name.
  • If “false”, then if a user adds a test to an existing job (via the Workflow Manager for example) then the user’s name option will appear under the Requester name.

  • *NOTE: In relation to the user name option that allows you to add samples from workflow add-on, for example, you can also add a sample to existing jobs in LSMRemote.
    You can use the link below and add (append) the samples to an existing job. You just need to modify your URL (orange part) like below.
    https://your online instance name/extra_modules/lsmremote/addfromlc.php?append=1&jobNumber=JOB-106
27hide_priorityfalse connected to the priority option for a job.true | false
  • If “true”, then the option of ‘priority level’ won’t appear under the requester name.
  • If “false” then in a case where the user adds a test to an existing job (via the Workflow Manager for example) then the user’s name will appear under the Requester name.

28repeat_job_buttontrue connected to repeating a jobtrue | false
  • If “true”, then the repeat option will be seen, which allows you to repeat a certain job. You can also add more samples while repeating the same job.
  • If “false” then the repeat option will not be seen.

29release_partial_resultstrue connected to a job with multiple samplestrue | false
  •  If “true”, then the job info option will appear. If a job has multiple samples then it will show the number of samples validated/total number of samples. Also, you will be able to download the report of samples whose job is ‘Validated“.
  • (*This option makes sense in jobs with multiple samples, the provider does not have to wait until the full job is finished, he can access a report of validated samples meanwhile and also notice the job is still In progress, with the button report still visible)
  • If “false” then the repeat option will not be seen.


30grid_width_100true connected to a job with multiple samplestrue | false
  • If “true”, then the “submit order” & “Get results” page will adjust its width to 100% (meaning it will fit the page width.)
  • If “false” then the pages will be of default width.

31default_langen connected to the language of lsmremotelanguage initials
  • You can see the language initials on the homepage of LSMRemote. (like in the below image in red)

32token_accesstrue connected to the token for patients to access the reporttrue | false
  • If “True” you can see the token access option on the login page where the patients can have direct access to their report, by accessing the token number.
  • *This is a convenient option for patients who want to see their report directly, instead of waiting or visiting the hospital or test lab.
  • If “False” you cannot see the token access option.
  • *Please read our KB to see how to activate the report access portal. Section 3

Please note:
This option needs to TRUE for the below options to work and be visible:
– security_parameter
– security_parameter
– allow_patient_register
– allow_job_register
– signature
33security_parameternone connected to the access for loginnone | any sample custom parameter
  •  If “None” you can only see the token access option and no other security parameter.
  • 1. To have a security parameter, you need to go to LSM ADD-ON-> ADMIN ->PREFERENCES ->PARAMETERS ->LEVEL SAMPLE & create the parameter as per your requirement.
  • 2. Add the same name in the config.ini file under the security parameter option and save the file.patient_login_title
  • 3. Access the lsmremote login page and you will be able to see the newly made security parameter.
    *Remember that this security parameter will also be present while filling the “submit order” form, under the sample data section.

34provider_login_title_default connected to the access for login_default | free text
  • If “_default” you can see on the login page “Providers portal”
  • OR you can add your lab name as a free text.

35patient_login_titleNone connected to the access for loginnone | free text
  • If “none” you can see on ht login page “Direct Report Access”
  • If “free text” you can add the heading for the login page for the token as you want.

36grid_tests_mode_default connected to the test mode_default | checkboxes
  • LSM and LSM remote have 3 modes for tests. When you go to LSMREMOTE -> SUBMIT ORDER -> SAMPLE DATA -> ASSIGN TESTS

  • Category grid mode allows you to select a test in a small pop-up.
  • Test grid mode, allows you to select tests in the form of checkboxes.

  • When you add the “_default’ option in config.ini then you will see a pop-up to search the test.
  • When you add the “checkboxes” option then you will see the tests related to samples in the form of small checkboxes.


37allow_patient_register false connected to the case record in LSMtrue | false
    • If “True” you can see the Patient pre-register option on the login page where the patients can register themselves before going to the clinic for giving blood, urine, swab, etc samples. in connection to token access option. See point 32 above.
    • If “False” you cannot see the Patient pre-register option.

    • When you click on pre-register, for example the patients can register themselves before going to the clinic to give the sample.
      *Below is just an example to show you. 

    • The information entered in the above form will be seen in the custom module, for example the Patients module created in LabCollector.

    • The fields in pre-register form will be the ones that you will in the LSM create job and add case record. (LSM -> CREATE JOB -> CREATE NEW CASE RECORD)
      *Remember your case record option in LSM needs to be activated before LSM -> ADMIN -> SETUP -> CASE RECORD. Please see our KB to activate case record.
    • When you type the name, in this case the example name is 47 you will see the case record in your list.
    38category_tree false connected to the test categories in LSMtrue | false
        • While submitting order you can add samples and the tests that you need to perform on those samples.
        • In point 36 above, we could previous see the test in a grid or checkbox format.
        • For better representation and easy searching we have the option of “tree” format where the tests will be displayed in the tree hierarchy format.

      39patient_recover_tokenfalse connected to the recover token in LSMRemotetrue | false
          • If false, then the patients cannot recover the token by email.
          • If true, the client/Patient forgets the token number, you can activate this option for the client to recover the token number by email.

        40patient_send_tokenfalse connected to LSMRemote token optiontrue | false
            • When false it does not add an link to send the token by email.
            • This option when true adds a link to send token by email in job popup in LSMRemote.

          41open_coc_automaticallytrue connected to LSMRemotetrue | false
              • When false it wont allow the CoC to open after the job is submitted
              • If true the CoC will open automatically after submitting the job.
                *below is the CoC template we have already created.
            42token_expiration_days 15 connected to LSMRemoteNumerical values ONLY
                • When 15 that means the token that patient receives for accessing report will expires in 15 days.
                • NOTE: Don’t keep it zero as the token will expire as soon as it is generated.
                • TIP: To keep the token valid for many days, keep a higher number like 365 for 1 years, 60 for 3 months.
                  *Please see our KB to see how to access patient report using LSMRemote.
                • When the patient access the report, there will be three options.
              43signature1 connected to LSMRemoteempty |1
                  • In the patient pre registration and job pre-registration, now you can have the signature option.
                44allow_job_registertrue connected to LSMRemotetrue | false
                    • This is an option to allow patients to not only register themselves but also do the job registration themselves. So when they go to the sample collection center, they just have to provide the sample and not utilize time to fill all the details in the job form.
                      *Please see our KB to see how to do pre registration using LSMRemote.
                  45extra_label_datafree text connected to LSMRemotesample level parameter
                      • You can add LSM sample parameters in the barcode of the sample.
                        NOTE: This can be only seen with 2D barcode only and not 1D barcode.

                    46acuity_link_prefixfree text connected to LSMRemotefree text or empty


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