############################## ELN Add-On ##############################


	NEW: Make page items draggable and sortable on home page
	CHANGED: Design page: remove CUSTOM item from the left side bar and make it unmoving on the right side bar

--- v4.032 07/01/2021

	NEW: Add page design feature on add/edit template

--- v4.033 07/01/2021

    UI: Add 'Edit' button on Diagramm Designer (ELN page) for better readability
    FIX: Bunsen burner on Diagramm Designer being named 'benzene' (in all language)
    FIX: Fix flatspreadsheet's graph refresh (edition) when multiple graph were present
    UI: Change flatspreadsheet's graph colors order for better readability
    NEW: 3 new flatspreadsheet's graph : horizontal bar, scatter and polar area

    FIX: Fix editors content conflict in page content history

    FIX: Flatspreadsheet's graph UI name when adding new graph
    UI: Remove useless XY axis for the following graph : pie, doughnut, polar area
    UI: Add a confirm dialog on graph remove
    FIX: Flatspreadsheet errors when working with big datasets
    FIX: Text content now strip all possibly unwanted content (iframe, javascript, css) before save & restore

    NEW: "All Books" tab now shows owned and collabs books for basic users (#159)
    FIX: Formulas missing support in graph

	NEW: Add and make page items sortable on add/edit template
	BUG: Fix encoding custom fields bug on home page

    FIX: Allow more characters in ELN levels like '+&=' (M4923)
	CHANGED: Change the display of sub pages in the table of content of PDF import
	NEW: Use default template by default when adding a new page
	BUG: Fix edit book name bug due to special characters of book description (M4924)

--- v4.034 29/01/2021

	NEW: Add an attached files section to the experiment level (M4905)

--- v4.04 02/02/2021

	NEW: Allow to edit page icon
	ADDED: Print page: add extra custom fields block
	ADDED: Page export PDF: add extra custom fields block

--- v4.1 12/02/2021

	FIX: missing page attach column indexes
--- v4.11 15/02/2021

	CHANGED: Improve manage image stickers page => replace two last table comumns by the one with switcher (M4929)

    NEW: Toolbox in advanced search. Now you can select results and do group actions. This first release contains only a Tag editor (more function to come)
    FIX: Export PDF long loading
    FIX: Prevents one rare fatal error, occuring on specific conditions

    FIX: Associated files PDF viewer (M4657)
	UI: "Search by text or barcode" UI improvements (M4921): 
			* clickable area is not exactly on the word "find"
			*  add the possibility to tape on keyboard "enter" to launch the search
	ADDED: Improve tree options: add book, experiment order by creation date (M4964)

	FIX: versioning: confusion with extra editor when recover content (M5107)
	FIX: versioning: confusion with extra custom fields when recover all
	FIX: save custom_field_value_history when editing extra custom fields

    FIX: print/PDF level order (now correctly based on creation date with oldest on top and newest below)

    FIX: PDF generator undisplayed images and rare truncated content

    FIX: Security fail allowing edition of closed page files if a particular succession of actions was done (M5151)

	CHANGED: Include gridstack.all.js locally
    FIX: Grids impossible to edit (M5158)
    FIX: Custom Fields save (M5158)
    FIX: Custom Fields being impossible to edit again after once edit (saved or canceled) (M5158)

	FIX: Zoho fileviewer didn't work for attached files stored in disk
    CHANGED: Improve how ELN contents (book/expr/pages) handle heavy images. Now suggest to compress images (less quality loss than previous resize to 1000x1000 system)

    FIX: LC data comment edit bug, a comment added to one record were displayed (visual only) for the other record to (M5179)
    CHANGED: Update ckeditor to 4.16 and some plugins
    FIX: Specific javascript bug due to window.URL overwritten when equation editor (plugin of ckeditor) was opened.

    NEW: QR code generator on ELN contents, extra contents & erratums (CKEditor)
    NEW: Footnotes on ELN contents, extra contents & erratums (CKEditor)
    NEW: On ELN pdf (books, exprs, pages & merge) generated, barcode are now clickable
    FIX: Subpages being duplicated in PDF generation

--- v4.12 01/04/2021
    FIX: Improve and harmonize "Additional Data" blocks views on pdf & print (M5189)
    FIX "Additional Data" missing on pdf merge & print merge (M5197)
    CHANGED: ELN diagrams in print & pdf will be more consistent with the web view (M5190)

    FIX: Expr/Pages/Subpages not selected at creation since M5151 fix (M5203)
    FIX: Custom fields type "text" don't display line breaks (M5201)
    FIX: Character encoding issues on PDF generated with custom fields (M5199)

    FIX: Templates edition bug (M5229)

    FIX: Improve template view (M5229 - extension)

    FIX: Rare case where default page template were not in first position (in template managers and selectors)
    CHANGED: It's now impossible to save a tamplate without a name (this field is now mandatory)
    FIX: Layout issue on page preview signature pop-up
    NEW: Confirm dialog on page signing and page validation
    FIX: Small UI bug for the "OK" button on "Admin>Page>Page Validation & Signing"

--- v4.13 28/04/2021
	FIX: save Zoho Sheet didn't save

    FIX: Search options not working on "View/Edit Template" page

    NEW: Add tree book filters by owner, creator, last editor (M5234/M5239)
	CHANGED: tag management => change logic 

 	FIX: tag not assigned to group should be available to all (M5291)
    FIX: Template additional data edition/deletion residues (M5272)

    NEW: ELN API now support getting and editing expr associated files
    FIX: File Connector not working with expr associated files
    FIX: File preview not working with expr associated files
	FIX: error editing page content for Portugal's users, due to an error in lang file of one ckeditor plugin
    FIX: One "Authentication" word typo in english lang file
    NEW: Remove warning for openssl and curl extension needed on 'Admin > Manage > Digital certificates' when extensions are already installed and enabled

    FIX: Sign page on 'Admin > Page > Page Signing' not working for certain users (M5276)
    CHANGED: Page Signing now lists project & tag infos
    NEW: Add a project and tag filters to Page Signing
    NEW: Page Signing preview list is now limited to 200 results in order to avoid long page load
    FIX: Missing templates in view template list
    FIX: Login/logout account view template list refresh
    FIX: User access bug at template creation
    FIX: Expr associated files not working properly with non admin user (M5240)
    FIX: Expr associated files cannot be download it once they have been upload (M5325)

    NEW: Archived users are now displayed as striked
    CHANGED: Rename "Additional Data" in page template by "Additional Data (Custom fields)" (M5324)
    CHANGED: Modify icons and helper text in spreadsheet (M5320)
    CHANGED: Indicate search location in the title of the search bar in the tree (M5319)
    NEW: Add tree alphabetical and creation date sorts for pages (M4613) (M1064)
    CHANGED: Separate tree sorts for books and experiments (M1064)

    Move expr functionality update
    CHANGED: Page Validation now lists project & tag infos
    NEW: Add a project and tag filters to Page Validation
    NEW: Page Validation preview list is now limited to 200 results in order to avoid long page load

    FIX: Group definition not applied in labCollector data section (M5332)


	BUG: PI permissions removed when at least one PI permissions are updated (M4195)
	CHANGED: Edit tags even on closed pages (M4402)
	CHANGED: Add tag editing to LOG/Audit trail	(M4402)
	ADDED: allow quick add tag to search result (M4361)
	ADDED: filter tree by tag (M4325)
	CHANGED: Modify the filter to be able to filter by keywords AND by tags (M4325)
	ADDED: limit the search to pages only or all (M4325)	
	BUG: Fixes in search and pagination
	CHANGED: Allow edit tags to users with VAB permissions	

--- v3.7025 29/04/2020	

	BUG: adding multiple users from other group in book>manage users' access
	BUG: duplicate multiple pages didn't close popup and refresh tree at end
	BUG: experiment's owner doesn't see the button "Move to"

	NEW: layout
	NEW: Real time documents editing with FileConnector (M4208)
	ADDED: API upload and retrieve files attached to pages

--- v4.0beta 23/06/2020	

	CHANGED: link to CH and lot > do not show 1 lot by default (M4519)
	CHANGED: ckeditor update to last version and new plugins (Enhanced Imagem, Code Snippet and Equation Editor)
	BUG: book color is lost when edit book name
	NEW: subpages (M1259)
	BUG: apostrophe in template name or description didn't save
	BUG: default template was not available in workflow design
	NEW: Tag management page (M1290)

	CHANGED: update mpdf 8
	NEW: feature design page to reorder items in page and add new items (M1259)
	ADDED: file size and icon to download to associated files list

	ADDED: icon that indicates that the user can sign pages in book user's list
	NEW: all users have access to page to create our own certificate
	CHANGED: Cannot click on associated files preview if zoho is not configured & changed setup blocks order
	BUG: order of the custom fields in the template and page is not the same (M4566)
	BUG: in LabCollecor Data section, the button Memorized doesn't work (M3983)

	ADDED: Add new page -> template selector: filter by category first then see templates og the category
	ADDED: Selection of units improvement. Now we see UNIT (ml) before taking out the unit.
	ADDED: Work with spreadsheets without reloading the page.
	BUG: After adding a tag to an experience, we can't add a new experience, the button is blocked.
	BUG: Sign all listed pages at once doesn't work.
	BUG: Manage advanced permissions: block checkboxes to visitors.
	BUG: Images doesn't appear on PDF, lab logo is broken.
	BUG: PDF report diagram shows mixed with files list.
	BUG: Page -> Additional content -> Full screen: sometimes the photoeditor is displayed blank.
	BUG: Create a new workflow, when click on save button "Leave site?" popup apprears.
	BUG: Manage associated files is available even for closed pages.
	BUG: Diagram designer -> Add personal item doesn't work.
	BUG: Book users' access: when check "All membres", there are no relatives changes.
	NEW: Put install inside layout.
	NEW: Tree Filter: show active pages for the last 1/7/30/60/... days.
	NEW: Alert popup before sign page.
	CHANGE: Harmonization of the aspect of the text style between edition/saved, view print and PDF.
	CHANGE: Paginate certificates, filters, search (DataTables)	
	BUG: Remove java applet
	BUG: Number of pages on WF must not include subpages
	CHANGED: Modify SSL message on FileConnector popup
	BUG: the organization and the number of page elements change after save (#120)
	BUG: chemistry reaction template load and edit (#62)
	CHANGED: search to reduce the size of preview DIV and make search page clear with breadcrumb style on each result
	CHANGED: admin>file uploads restricted to super-admin
	CHANGED: resize images uploaded to content max width 600px
	CHANGED: resize images uploaded on photoeditor plugin, max width 600px
	ADDED: main search searchs also in extra page content (when a page has multiple content editor)
	CHANGED: create indexes in page history table to speed up page load
	CHANGED: add more indexes in multiple tables to greater overall speed
	REMOVED: 2 obsolete files, to prevent security risk

	BUG: when a user has not permissions to access one settings page, the template is not loaded (M4645)
	CHANGED: remove unauthorized options from menu in basic mode (M4645)
--- v4.0 21/09/2020

	ADDED: "copy activation key to clipboard" feature
	CHANGED: on editors, now button "floppy" saves and stay
	BUG: Encoding problem in the content (M4663)
	BUG: bad display adding users of other groups to book permissions

	BUG:  Digital Certificate> Download certificate keys don't work (M4677)
	CHANGED: Increase field size for reaction template
	BUG: Special characters do not display well in book list when ELN reference and in book select when duplicate page (#141)
	BUG: There are some duplications in book select when duplicate page
	BUG: Archived book names are not well aligned in book list when ELN reference
	BUG: Special characters do not display well in alert when a page is currently edited
	BUG: JS error in ckeditor plugin mindthegraph
	BUG: small issue in associated files radio button
	BUG: session lost in stockage options
	BUG: when close page, page menu is not loaded (#156)
	BUG: drag'n'drop on tree causes JS error (#158)
	CHANGED: pick lang from profile if set
	BUG: encoding issues
	BUG: certificates list is empty, if lang=fr (#175)
	BUG: search words with special characters (#169)
	CHANGED: update lang FR
	BUG: data of workflow's instruction field is truncated on save (#167)
	BUG: issues with apostrophes in workflow tasks (#167)
	BUG: hide the template select when creating a page in a WF (#173)
	BUG: responsive page bug (#176)
	CHANGED: fixes & improvements in load page spreadsheet(#151)
	BUG: when change lang on top right popup, new lang is not applied 
	BUG: error inserting reaction molecule template in page (#179)
	BUG: restore corrupted funtion spec_chars_fr in PDF generator
	BUG: some custom fields doesn't display after save
	BUG: add charset=utf-8
	BUG: fixes print merge
	BUG: encoding PDF and fix diagram overlapping
	BUG: user can add page even if he doesn't have permission

	BUG: ELN doesn't force SQLmode as LC
	ADDED: Tags - autocomplete finds in middle of words 
	CHANGED: absolute path for images in PDF
	CHANGED: archived books keep the button to change owner, and can be unarchived by superadmin or pi
	BUG: some pages missing in Page Validation & Signing
	ADDED:  Warn the user that to create a tag he must press <Enter> if tag doesn't exist (M4710)
	CHANGED: Page signing: page popup show all page content like when printing page (M4518)
	CHANGED: make spreadsheet viewer readonly (requires LC update)
	CHANGED: improve layout of design page popup
	ADDED: flat spreadsheet saves columns widths and rows heights
	CHANGED: Increase icon size on book/experiment/page content
	BUG: Encoding issue in the warning alert when a grid is already in the process of being modified
	CHANGED: Hide select/add a template in spreadsheet data block on page content, if spreadsheet option = viewer
	ADDED: On default viewer 'Load another' file button added
	ADDED: On default viewer 'Download' file button added
	BUG: Users fullaccess don't have access to super admin's WFs (#177)
	BUG: Grid edit buttons don't refresh well (#165)
	BUG: Admin->Page Validation & Signing: when Certificate="Private Key" 'approve'->'validate' doesn't work (#182)
	BUG: menu overlapped over toolbar on template>editor>fullscreen (#214)
	BUG: when the title of the graph contains an apostrophe, the graph is not saved (#209)
	NEW: Add tags by group (#206)
--- v4.0101 27/10/2020	
	BUG: wf filter doesn't work fine (#220)	
	CHANGED: diagram designer, remove spaces on text boxes (#196)
	CHANGED: diagram designer, border of text boxes lighter (#196)
	CHANGED: diagram designer, allow reduce size of text boxes (#196)
	BUG: missing image 'refresh' in the list of forms of diagram designer (#171)
	BUG: it was possible to add twice the same book/experiment/page clicking twice in button 'Save' (#152)
	BUG: adjustment in diagram designer in PDF (#222)
	BUG: fixes in merge pages (PDF & Print)
	BUG: there was a conflict if Spreadsheet(view mode) + flat spreadsheet are in the same page (requires LC update)
	ADDED: enable plugin 'CopyFormatting' in CKeditor	
	BUG: after design page, the page menu is missing
	CHANGED: make a way to reload default elements in design page popup (#157)
	NEW: allow multiple spreadsheets in pages
	BUG: Fix encoding bug in template view (#168)
	NEW: Debug options for PDF images (testing purpose)
	BUG: list of books in eln plugin in ckeditor is empty (#223)
	CHANGED: Don't show arrows in book user access popup if the user only belongs to one group and is not superadmin (#224)
	BUG: reconnect to mysql makes sql_mode get lost

	BUG: error saving flat spreadsheet after apply styles (#227)
	BUG: Flat spreadsheets do not display in the exported PDF of the experiments (#228)

	BUG: books with the same date of creation may appear more than once in tree, caused by wrong order of elements
	BUG: JS error in console after sign a page
	BUG: JS error in load spreadsheet, after apply formatting (M4738)
	BUG: JS error in Internet Explorer, syntaxis not supported
	NEW: add a tooltip when activation key is copied
	BUG: fix encoding bug in alerts when page signing (#231) (#168)
	BUG: page of linked to workflow experiment must not be duplicated (216)
	BUG: when a PI administrator makes "sign all", he signs all the closed pages even those to which he does not have access (M4740)
	BUG: View/Edit SpreadSheet template doesn't work, there is an error on the console (#232)
--- v4.02 03/12/2020	
	BUG: link to another page was always targeting first tab (#225)
	NEW: add preview of plain text (.txt) files in ELN (if LC version > 6.01)
	CHANGED: new connection to fileconnector
	ADDED: plugin 'lineheight' to CKEditor
    NEW: spinner animation during tab's book list loading
    NEW: reloading the page (ie with F5) reopen the current opened ELN level
	CHANGED: increase the max size of images uploaded in content or photoeditor from 600px to 1000px
	CHANGED: Better performances on getting book tree list (mainly for a large number of ELN level entries)

	BUG: tags manager in IE11
	CHANGED: customize CKEDITOR plugin 'lineheight'
	FIX: Link to another page which should open "My Books" tab now really load&open "My Books" tree
	NEW: Advanced search with Elasticsearch
--- v4.02 03/12/2020

	CHANGED: API file upload: remove extra spaces and line breaks at the end of the file
	CHANGED: API file upload: recalc file size after removing extra spaces
	CHANGED: don't disable fileconnector buttons after click
	BUG: API file upload: version number was not good
	ADDED: 8-well plate & 8-well row to CKEditor plugin for insert plates

	UX: ELN Menu: It's now possible to open a majority of links in a new tab by pressing CTRL during the click (ie Home, Tools > Tag Manager...)

--- v4.03 15/12/2020

    BUG: Fix flatspreadsheet's graph refresh (edition) overlapping previous graph, now the previous graph is replaced in the user interface
    BUG: Fix flatspreadsheet's legend in case of "Legend range" being empty, no more "undefined"
    FIX: Page block duplication on save from Page designer

--- v4.031 22/12/2020

    Merry Christmas!
    NEW: Add spreadsheet local edition with file connector, use your favorite spreadsheet editor to edit sheets on ELN pages
    UI: Page "SpreadSheet Data" button are now in a similar style than the other categories
    NEW: Add API action 'getPageSpreadsheet'


	IMPROVED: reduce memory consumption and loading time for pages with huge number of attached files
	BUG: ZOHO token generation doesn't work if ZOHO password contains the character '&' 	
	BUG: duplicate page doesn't work if the user is not superadmin
	BUG: adapt molecule editor and viewer to last Moledit lib
	BUG: button "Insert in page" in molecule reaction popup doesn't work, if page content is empty 

	BUG: edit button doesn't work if the name of user contains an apostrophe (M3369)

	BUG: If page name has apostrophe, versions in history are not saved (M3397)
	BUG: unlock autologin screen does not work if password encryption mode is SHA-256 + strong rules
	ADDED: button to logout in autologin screen
	CHANGED: Update Photoeditorsdk to version 4.18 (M3550)
	BUG: API method getPageImages sends wrong base64 data if PHP >= 5.4	
	BUG: API method to update content of existent page does not update
	BUG: login validation in sign page does not work if password encryption mode is SHA-256 + strong rules
	BUG: update content through API does not generate versions
	BUG: wrong timestamp in history/version (M2280)
	BUG: Template edit allows to add empty user (M3200)
	BUG: repetition of the same page to validate and sign (M3216)
	BUG: API bug page name with apostrophe(M1273)
	NEW: copy/replicate multiple pages at once (M3552)
	CHANGED: certificate passwords are encoded now in database (M3401)
	NEW: In Pages > allow link to exact CH lot (M1237)

	BUG: problem of encoding in manage user access form	(M2277)
	BUG: Alphabetical order not working in Tree (M1923)

--- v3.692 01/07/2019
	BUG: search with 2 keywords not making AND (M3238)
	NEW: user can choose the operator AND or OR in search by keyword (M3238)
	BUG: Duplicate page does not refresh tree selected position (M2278)
	BUG: typo in Digital Certificate Options (M2407)
	BUG: Export in PDF doesn't work if contain broken images (M3628)

	CHANGED: move layout to current LabCollector design (M3684)
	BUG: group filtering in LabCollector data search too old (M3692)
	BUG: encoding in page version popup (M3681)

	ADDED: add LC link search could allow link in record to check details (M3711
	CHANGED: Remove Java spreadhseet (M3076)
	NEW: paginate search results in LabCollector data (M3710)
	NEW: link page in WF to a task item (M3709)

	NEW: add checksum to audit trail (M3780)
	NEW: verify on EDIT content and page elements if session is still alive (M3675)
	NEW: release flatspreadsheet with graphs (M3077)

--- v3.7 09/08/2019

	BUG: ELN version does not show anymore on footer (M3805)
	BUG: Change book owner does not remove previous owners (M3803)
	BUG: the books to which the owner was changed didn't appear in "My books" tab (M3803)
	ADDED: show owner in template list (M3518)
	BUG: Attachments appear to be saved even if the permission on the storage folder is not correct (M3154)

	BUG: broken session allows to make books with empty owner (M3804)
	BUG: fixes in flat spreadsheet's graphs (M3077)

	BUG: graphs in flat spreadsheet does not work in IE (M3849)
--- v3.701 29/08/2019
	BUG: Flat spreadsheet's graphs in PDF look different of page view/print (M3859)
	ADDED: Generation of PDF/A, secured PDF and possibility to add watermark (M3851)
	BUG: Apostrophe missing in name of Book/Experiment/Page when exporting in PDF (M3629)
	BUG: name must be mandatory when creating spreadsheet templates (M1750)
	ADDED: File viewer for PDF attached files, as LC (M3857)
	BUG: Flat spreadsheet's graphs are not copied in duplicated pages
	BUG: Edit and Add values to Custom fields with apostrophe does not work (M3872)
	BUG: Export ZIP does not include attached files (M3873)
	BUG: flat spreadsheet does not appear in report included in ZIP (M3874)
--- v3.702 09/09/2019
	BUG: create new page generates 2 versions in history, since 3.701 (M3893)
	BUG: page doesn't open in local, since 3.702 (M3907)
	BUG: The option to forbid add and edit Workflows does not work (M3882)
	BUG: some special characters does not work in the name of custom fields (M3908)	
	BUG: wrong label in watermark options
	CHANGED: Order custom fields by name

	ADDED: compatibility with php7 (M3912)
	CHANGED: changes in permissions of user with role visitor (M3913)

--- v3.7021 13/09/2019	

	BUG: insert molecule on page fails in MS Edge (M3932)
	CHANGED: molecule viewer and editor support now .CDX format (M3933)
--- v3.7022 17/09/2019	

	BUG: Problem with the renewal of the digital signature
	BUG: Pate attachments stored in disk with the same name are overwritten
	BUG: add page templates without task to workfow doesn't work (M4075)
	BUG: Unable to connect to Zoho using a proxy (M4078)
--- v3.7023 06/11/2019
	BUG: Users in a group don't get results in LabCollector data search (M3692)
	ADDED: allow multi-tenant file upload for SaaS (M4037)	
	CHANGED: automatic file upload path for clients hosted in labcollector.online
	CHANGED: automatic silent installation for SaaS
--- v3.7024 06/11/2019


BUG: download file with Chinese character on filename

BUG: the slider to select max file size authorized in database didn't show the value if max value is greater than or equal to 100
BUG: define PI when one user belongs to more than one group (LT271 bis)

BUG: prevent pages being saved in browser cache (LT279)
BUG: template option 'Share with all ELN users' was always ticked (LT273)
BUG: template option 'Share with my group' didn't work. Since each user can belong to more than one group, it has been simplified to share with a list of groups (LT273)
IMPROVED: administrators only manage certificates of members of his groups (LT277)
BUG: buttons for save/cancel edition of grid are

IMPROVED: home timeline takes into account users within multiple groups and new collaborator group permissions
BUG: double event on click tree item made loading pages slow
BUG: firefox - message 'dropzone already attached' on firebug and hence attach files to page doesn't work
BUG: firefox - diagram designer menu duplicated
BUG: firefox - js error makes diagram designer menu doesn't work
IMPROVED: on click to add a link to another ELN page, provide text stating link was created (LT261)

#v3.67 19/01/2018


BUG: the button to hide/show the tree doesn't work always


BUG: issue with autologin screen on ADMIN pages (templates, workflows, manage) - images are overlapped (LT274)
BUG: on erratum edition, page modified_by was updated, and signatures could become invalid, if user was different
IMPROVED: dashboard includes now erratum modifications
IMPROVED: counter-sign option on books permissions management, authorized users have access to ADMIN->Page->Page signing (LT282)
IMPROVED: speed up Page signing page
BUG: filter by book in Page signing doesn't work
IMPROVED: page validation shows now one single line for each page (instead of one for each version) with a link to history comparison
IMPROVED: option to block pages creation in a WF until previous page has been validated (LT285)
IMPROVED: typo for countersign part, replace admin by witness (LT288)
BUG: the option edit and view only not stay validated once you validate manage users access (LT286)


IMPROVED: collaborators with permissions to close page and book owner can close pages, even if they are not the owners of the page
IMPROVED: search on book/expr/page content is case insensitive now


BUG: popup for page signing with login authentication has the login field filled and read only to prevent input a different user


IMPROVED: update URL to get ZOHO API Key
BUG: workflow list search doesn't work
BUG: workflow edition doesn't save modified by and modified date
IMPROVED: view dates of workflow creation and modification on workflow details
IMPROVED: view dates of template creation and modification on template details
IMPROVED: save in log the approval of pages in workflow
IMPROVED: button to approve all in page validation (LT284)


BUG: disable touch on sliders (admin->manage permissions and book->manage user access), because caused that checkboxes don't work with last version of Firefox

#v3.68 20/03/2018
IMPROVED: create index in eln_page_attach

IMPROVED: memory usage has been reduced when saving big content of page/expr/books

--- v3.681 26/03/2018

BUG: in previous version, pages are not signed when they are approved by admin

BUG: new users have permission to add new books, by default, but button 'New Book/Project' is not visible on header
IMPROVED: content editor fits height to content automatically, with plugin auto-grow

# v3.682 02/04/2018

BUG: Events of books that have been archived still appear in the timeline (MT1823)

BUG: scroll in list of reaction templates
BUG: encoding issue in list of reaction templates
BUG: eventual security fail in "My books" tree visibility

# v3.683 01/06/2018

BUG: script to upgrade version was not executed
BUG: links in LabCollector records (custom fields autocomplete, etc) are not working from ELN (M2131)
IMPROVED: general appearance of LabCollector data, linked records are opened in a fancybox
BUG: view template details shows misplaced elements if no option is chosen (M2133)
BUG: occasionally after creating a new page, it doesn't appear on tree until user forces a refresh (M2134)
BUG: incorrect characters in french for new experiment (M2135)
IMPROVED: remove archived users in LabCollector from permission pages (M2144)
BUG: book owners could add themselves as collaborators (2145)

# v3.684 08/06/2018

CHANGED: books of users with primary group are not visible for users of other groups in tab "All books", timeline and search results (M2180)
BUG: several corrections in search (M2190)
BUG: API returns false for GET method if there are books with apostrophe and format JSON is chosen (M2186)
BUG: when making an edit to a page the delete button remains after version 2 is made (M1949)

# v3.685 15/06/2018

BUG: table of users in 'manage user access' popup is blank if sql_mode = ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY


BUG: duplicate page doesn't work (M2215)
BUG: merge selected page (pdf), the first page appearing in the pdf is not the wrong one (M2230)
BUG: merge selected page, when one is not the owner of the book, print merged pages opens a blank window (M2231)
BUG: strange characters when writing in French with accent (M2232)
BUG: malfunction of buttons expand all and select pages on tree (M2233)
CHANGED: force collation 'latin1_swedish_ci' to ELN database tables in install
BUG: search by date doesn't work since last udpate
NEW: new features in API to connect with mobile app
- new POST parameter content
- new GET parameter action with values getBooks, getExperiments, getPages, getPageImages, getPageContent

# v3.69 27/06/2018

BUG: after do a search by keyword sometimes the keyword is not highlighted (M2340)

CHANGED: when a page is closed last modification date is compared with database time, instead of server time

BUG: if any page name contains a vertical tab (character \v) left tree is not displayed (M2401)

BUG: members of Full Access don't see superadmin in list of users when manage permissions of their books
BUG: after last update, list of users is empty (depending of mysql version)

BUG: Search with admin account fails (M2514)
BUG: In search results the keyword is not highlighted in a table in the body of the text (M2472)

05 -06/11/2018
BUG: Firefox console shows a red message 'XML error' searching LabCollector Data
BUG: Firefox console shows a red message 'XML error' if custom field of type grid has not rows
BUG: Users can not add theirself as a collaborator, even if they are not the owner of the book

NEW: Allow change book owner

--- v3.691 06/11/2018

BUG: Edit page/experiment/book name remove characters '20' from the beginning of the name


#3.64 23/01/2017
BUG: Closed pages with Jxcell spreadsheet are not loaded
BUG: Encoding issue in admin->manage permissions
BUG: Encoding issue in LabCollector linked data
BUG: Button link LabCollector data does nothing after edit a comment
BUG: Update license does not refresh session
IMPROVED: Increase number LabCollector links in pages and experiments to unlimited
NEW: View CIF files in LabCollector linked data

#3.641 27/01/2017
BUG: Pages hang or take a long time when saving very long contents
BUG: LabCollector modules renamed or hidden are not refreshed on the ELN module list
BUG: Group members can't link LabCollector shared records
BUG: Only admin could recover content of pages
BUG: Admins and users with permissions to see all books only saw their books in the search list
BUG: Search by tag
BUG: Diagram designer install
IMPROVED: All users with permissions to create templates can add and edit spreadsheet templates

BUG: Filter by dates
IMPROVED: Display datepickers in search by dates

IMPROVED: Show Book/Page/Exp ID on tree and top of content
IMPROVED: Delete page button removed in WF if not last page in WF
IMPROVED: Move restriction on WF tree elements
IMPROVED: Remove box grid (box map)
IMPROVED: Green color on tree filter icon when there is an active filter
IMPROVED: Installer mustn't remove tables neither reload itself after errors
BUG: Download file issue in Chrome

BUG: Barcode in print/PDF
IMPROVED: PDF name and styles

BUG: Search in items of other owners if superadmin or VAB permissions
BUG: Search results aligned vertically
BUG: There is no way of revoke PI permissions if user is no longer administrator on LabCollector

#3.642 20/02/2017
BUG: Install fails: attempt to create some tables that exist

#3.65 05/04/2017
IMPROVED: ​Plugin Molecule and Reactions revamped - all images are generated in .png on browser, no further installation neither code or temp folders to convert images on server is needed - draw new molecules - search on LabCollector or memorized data - cells of reactions are editables, - drag'n'drop of elements - ability to add/remove columns/rows - reuse templates - admin->template->reaction template - when reaction is inserted in content: not to insert inside other object
IMPROVED: Diagram designer improved - replace jmol plugin by molsoft, all images are generated in .png on browser - draw new molecules - add memorized structures from LabCollector - add structures already linked in page - view images of arrows/forms in menu - auto-save texts - print preview (diagram menu) and export PDF (page menu)
IMPROVED: LabCollector data - added button "Memorized" to link memorized records from LabCollector - prevent to insert duplicates - inserting a structure in content using reactions plugin, or in diagram, involves a link in LabCollector data is created
IMPROVED: Custom fields - text fields: length restriction. textbox have maxlength set to prevent write more text that would be truncated - grid fields: import from CSV now works - grid fields: buttons to edit/save/cancel were too big, now they are small like on other components - show helper text when defined - date field: added popup calendar - align all custom fields to left

IMPROVED: Well plates plugin, dropdown to select different types (plate96, plate384, plate48, plate24, plate12, plate6)
IMPROVED: New icons for pages (flask, molecule)
IMPROVED: Remove spaces surrounding content editor
IMPROVED: Prevent Firefox redirect to Java page (new Firefox version doesn't support Java)
IMPROVED: allow paste images in Safari
BUG: After user sign a page, a blank page appeared instead of reload
BUG: If WF requires validation, prevent users sign their pages before admin approve & sign, button is hidden.
BUG: If not WF or WF doesn't require validation, prevent admin can sign page before owner do it
BUG: Eventual bug in signatures with login authentication and LDAP
BUG: Conflict in flat spreadsheet if more than one page is open at the same time
BUG: Only first page of spreadsheet was included in print/pdf
BUG: Photoeditor plugin in Internet Explorer caused error
BUG: Uploading files to filesystem in Linux built wrong folder and file names
BUG: When screen was blurred by login timeout, if maximizing the window some content was exposed
BUG: If try to add a page to a workflow that already reached number of pages, a redirect is fired and ELN is opened inside the popup
NEW: Extended demo mode to a non time limit mode for FREE usage of ELN, limited to 500 pages
BUG: Upgrade needs re-login
BUG: Upload files with size similar to max allowed packet size

#3.651 09/05/2017

BUG: Check permissions before download attached files or spreadsheets BUG: Opening items clicking on search results shows blank page if item doesn't belong to 'My books'
BUG: Must not remember last item opened when logout and login with a different user on the same browser


BUG: Out of memory if a page has a huge number of attached files

#3.66 13/07/2017

NEW: Plugin to add ELN cross references to content
NEW: Erratum boxes for closed pages
NEW: Timeline with last events on home page
NEW: History allows version comparison. Modifications are highlighted (green for additions, red crossed out for deletions)
NEW: Color code for books/experiments and pages. Color visible on tree, content, print, pdf and search results
NEW: Integration of Zoho spreadsheet editor/viewer for instances not reachable by internet
NEW: Option to 'Duplicate' page
IMPROVED: Floating editor toolbar
IMPROVED: Content switch to edition mode with double-click
IMPROVED: Name, tags and project switch to edition mode with single click
IMPROVED: Updated ckeditor to v4.7 (includes improvements in advanced table selection, paste from excel and others)
IMPROVED: Content edition - press enter makes a new line, press shift+enter makes a new paragraph
IMPROVED: Content editor has font type/size by default
IMPROVED: Select pages on all tabs without reload tree
IMPROVED: Export page as PDF includes book name and experiment name
IMPROVED: Decreased value of auto-login timeout (5-20 minutes)
IMPROVED: Search by created date and modified date together
IMPROVED: Layout and styles
BUG: Spreadsheet on print causes error
BUG: Merge pages misses elements
BUG: Button 'move experiment' overlapping
BUG: Missing name/id on archived books
BUG: Headers of manage users are not aligned
BUG: If a not admin user owns a book, opens 'Manage users' and submits, the same user is included as 'collaborator' besides 'owner'

#3.661 26/07/2017
BUG: users inside a group with VAB permissions view all changes of other groups on timeline
BUG: users inside a group don't view the top menu of experiments on their own books
BUG: book content is not refreshed after close 'Manage user access' popup window

#3.662 21/08/2017
BUG: Signing pages hangs out if there are many unsigned pages with big content
IMPROVED: Replace message 'not signed by owner' by 'closed by user on datetime' on print/pdf

#3.663 22/08/2017
IMPROVED: Performance on timeline if long list of items
BUG: fonts on PDF generator BUG: save file upload path

#3.664 30/08/2017
BUG: timeline of previous version lacks items for last month
BUG: prevent overlapping menus BUG: encoding issue in timeline and manage certificates
IMPROVED: PDF supports CJK characters (Chinese, Korean, Japanese)

#3.665 22/09/2017 BUG: edit button of content box is missing, and upload page thumb doesn't work after visit 'All books' tab with FireFox
BUG: edit content in tablets doesn't work
BUG: users PI don't appear on user list to add collaborators if user logged is not super admin
IMPROVED: label 'default group' replaced by 'Full access'

#3.666 19/10/2017
CHANGED: custom lab logo doesn't use direct link to make it compatible with .htaccess protection

#3.667 23/10/2017
BUG: Zoho spreadsheet adapted to last change on Zoho Sheet API (now parameter eventsource is missing on save action)
BUG: Zoho integration for local servers adapted for instances behind proxy

#3.668 27/10/2017
BUG: bug to link images from ELN to Photobank if album name have spaces(LT143)
IMPROVED: Photobank plugin adapted to Photobank v3.1

BUG: encoding issues in page history and signature name
BUG: sign images are not dimensioned on page, print and pdf
IMPROVED: not create temporal image files for sign images
BUG: color of experiments and pages don't appear on tree 'My collaborations'
BUG: initialize vars in permissions functions to avoid warnings in log
NEW: be able to archive templates (LT227)
NEW: be able to add categories to organize templates(LT227)
IMPROVED: ask for confirmation before delete a custom field
IMPROVED: link to edit custom field and edit predefined values, opens a fancybox instead of other window, and looks with modern style
IMPROVED: templates search
IMPROVED: add high level info on headers print/pdf (LT188, LT146)
BUG: export PDF gives a blank page if LabCollector has custom logo and .htaccess protection
IMPROVED: include print and export actions in audit trail (LT126)
IMPROVED: add helper text on manage certificates (LT235)
IMPROVED: add helper text in search tree informing barcodes are allowed (LT259)
NEW: option to allow/disallow remove files associated to pages (LT177)

IMPROVED: define an entire group as collaborator (LT172)
IMPROVED: multiple groups support (LT271)
BUG: click save button (diskette) on fullscreen mode gives a blank page
BUG: when pasting a picture in content editor, the image is pasted twice(LT270)
IMPROVED: tree speed up display (LT248)

NEW: breadcrumb with dropdown lists on book/experiments/pages
IMPROVED: tasklist - add time to task list beginning date and closed date (LT148)
IMPROVED: tasklist - be able to assign a page to each task and create subtasks (LT266)


#3.51 23/01/2016 BUG: Major JxCell/spreadsheet loading bug
BUG: Add New Page/Exp/Book fancybox adjustment
BUG: missing images
BUG: adjustment of icons on page content (flat design)
BUG: diagram objects resizing (jquery-ui) BUG: collaboration tree was not showing locks BUG: sign fancybox too short. Height adapted for FF BUG: fancybox to add experiments and books in FF (height) BUG: Edit Experiment name inline ajax call

#3.52 28/01/2016 BUG: Edit names encoding (UTF8)
BUG: admin page signing / validation open page preview corrected to fancybox
BUG: Advanced permissions settings & PI Definitions
BUG: View All Books

#3.53 14/02/2016 IMPROVED: keep session alive ajax call (every 10min)
BUG: license demo days left
BUG: LC link zone bug in older PHP BUG/ADDED: upload files with -, ), ( characters

#3.54 22/02/2016 BUG: license page display BUG: page upload/attach audit log BUG: Delete LC link on pages. Added also a confirmation dialog. Hides internal LC search after linking

#3.55 01/03/2016 BUG: mixed up user variables conflicting with main LabCollector

#3.6 24/05/2016 NEW: Image editor: upload and/or edit images (crop, apply filters, annotate texts & stickers)
NEW: Manage image stickers: predefined images plus custom images
NEW: Upload multiple files at once, clicking or drag-n-drop NEW: Upload page image. See thumbnail in top right corner. Included in page print & PDF NEW: Auto login time out (activated in ADMIN menu options) set a timeout before blur page and force to enter password to continue NEW: Button duplicate in template list NEW: Confirmation when exit/change page without saving NEW: Drag & drop of pages and experiment NEW: Flat spreadsheet NEW: API to connect with mobile app IMPROVED: Update ckeditor 4.5.7, remove a few buttons & applet Java IMPROVED: No block page if user editing equal user logged IMPROVED: Show template description in page IMPROVED: Workflow logic: all users can see WF created by superadmin IMPROVED: Choose Box/Microplate as template option IMPROVED: Search options improved to adapt all screen sizes IMPROVED: System of backup/restore of content editor on pages and description on books & experiments IMPROVED: New arrows & forms in diagram designer IMPROVED: Button 'Add Next Page' in page menu IMPROVED: Certificate options mutually exclusive IMPROVED: Buttons to open LabCollector data BUG: If user editing not equal user logged, edit buttons must be blocked BUG: Field 'Admin validation required' on pages BUG: Order of tasks in WF BUG: Upload files with spaces BUG: When big images in content, edit button was not visible BUG: Mandatory fields, display asterisk, fix error message & do not allow sign/close the page without them BUG: Audit trail not saving attach file details BUG: Admin certificate options are not responding well BUG: Options of FileSystem storage BUG: Edit Box/Microplate in experiment level BUG: Fullscreeen in spreadsheet BUG: Prevent creating pages without names BUG: Unable to close own pages, if authentication mode = 'login' BUG: Padlock doesn't appear in tree after close page BUG: Boxes/microplates don't appear in print view

#3.601 02/06/2016 BUG: Spreadsheet save in FF

#3.61 06/10/2016 NEW: Book field 'Project code' (based on LC project code manager). Searchable and filterable
NEW: Component 'Infographic' on pages and templates, integrated with Mindthegraph tool NEW: Plugin 'Infographic' in content editor, integrated with Mindthegraph tool NEW: Plugin 'Plate' in content editor, that insert a plate 96 as HTML table NEW: Plugin 'LabCollector' to allow insert links to records of LabCollector IMPROVED: Component 'LabCollector data'. Includes creation of new records of LabCollector IMPROVED: Web layer of Excel spreadsheets has been improved. Signed for HTTPS IMPROVED: Associate spreadsheet template to a page template IMPROVED: Paste image on Internet Explorer BUG: Flat spreadsheet support special characters

#3.62 10/10/2016 BUG: Default template missing
BUG: Upgrade from previous version fails
BUG: Open spreadsheet using protocol HTTPS
BUG: Edit content fails if computer language is German

#3.63 30/11/2016 NEW: ZOHO spreadsheet integration
NEW: Spreadsheet editor selector
NEW: Import spreadsheet from hard disk
NEW: Templates for flat spreadsheet
IMPROVED: Update flat spreadsheet engine IMPROVED: Update image editor PhotoeditorSDK v3.5 IMPROVED: View image stickers classified by category IMPROVED: Bigger window of image editor to facilitate the annotations of images IMPROVED: PDF export includes spreadsheets IMPROVED: Update CKEditor v4.6 IMPROVED: New skin for content editor IMPROVED: Copy content from word keeps format and includes images IMPROVED: Show structure in LabCollector data linked BUG: Photobank plugin very tiny BUG: Labcollector plugin opens blank page BUG: Content editor in fullscreen mode hides plugins BUG: Close a page while in EDIT mode and content is lost BUG: Error saving flat spreadsheet BUG: Sign all pages must not include own pages BUG: Templates search BUG: Change page name changes page icon BUG: Save in audit trail when deleting attached files


#3.05 2015/01/19 - BUG in templates management - BUG in character encoding - BUG: templates editing and management - BUG: Workflow editing and management

#3.06 2015/02/04 - BUG: Template permissions

#3.07 2015/02/10 - BUG: Template options

#3.08 2015/02/14 - BUG: default template management - BUG: tooltip for boxes / clean display 2015/02/20 - BUG: book permission on non superadmin

2015/02/23: - BUG: book permission error on non superadmin - BUG: Fancy box size on books permission popup

#3.09 2015/02/24: - BUG: templates problem when no default exist (template_id 1) - BUG: page display with no template #3.10 2015/03/10 - BUG: Book permissions popup problems - BUG: Tags autocompletes when editing/adding - BUG: Tree now loads in full to facilitate searches

#3.11 2015/04/01 - BUG: Tree filter for ALL BOOKS
- BUG: eln_options value field size too short - BUG: eln upload table fields - BUG: edit tags - BUG Template/WorkFlow access for non admin/PI users

#3.12 2015/04/17 - BUG: EDIT button on boxes in pages.
- BUG: Image displayer tool panel width - BUG: PDF & PRINT generator page order. - BUG: custo Fields saving and improve in display with helper tooltip. 2015/05/19 BUG: Sign button not showing BUG: JS files

#3.13 2015/07/15 BUG: EDIT collaborations on books when PI. Was overwriting owner info. ADDED: option to remove signature image BUG: page display in the admin signing list BUG: unarchive/archive button bug.

#3.5 10/12/2015 BUG: refresh tree on experiment level NEW: New interface UI design


#2.21 2014/01/15 - New Ckeditor version 3.4 - New simpleuploads version 4.1 - New Ckeditor plugin Long String - New Ckeditor plugin Help - Lang bug - Optimise Java loading

#2.22 2014/01/15 - Fix Bug already doublons with checkbox custom field - Script Sql to delete doublon Custom Field on page - New Css color for Save/Edit button - Footer fixed at bottom - New information for division on ckeditor

#2.3 2014/04/22 - New admin management All Books (Read/Write) - New admin management for create Books/Projects - New Custom Field Link - New ckeditor plugins Molecule with chemtool license - New ckeditor plugins Lc_Photobank - Reworking of search - The activate options appear in License - Fix Bugs charset - Fix Bugs broken images (ckeditor) - Fix window tiff (Imagick) - Improved ckeditor automatic history backup: automatic history targeted to each ELN zone (pages, experiments, books, templates)

#2.35 - Changing the loading system of tree - New tree icons - New page types - Change Barcode CODE36 to CODE128 - Added database index for book/experiment/page

#2.4 - News functions Recover Content and Recover for version - Bug fix : back to authentication page when user session broke - Bug fix : book description saved in book history - Bug fix : image broke in history #3.0 2014/12/16 - New: interface - Box Maps & plates integration - New advanced roles and permissions - New templates and workflow management - New: ZIP export of pages, experiments, books - New: File uploads to HDD or DB - New: changed PDF generator - NEW: TAGs associated to pages

#3.01 2014/12/23 - Bug corrections - applet resigned


#2.17 2013/03/21 - New CKEditor - NEw Spreadsheet applet 2013/05/13 - Bug correction on admin & validation signing pages

#2.18 2013/09/13 - IE10 layout bug corrected - JAva applets resigned and improved

#2.20 2013/11/28 - added new management custom field

- new custom field selection on template

- New Custom Field : Grid

- bug fix : new task/check/edit redirection

- bug fix : add/edit WF template redirects to WF/template listing

- New edition for pages, expr and book

- New PasteButton in CKeditor (plugins)

- sign page require sign identification or sign certificate

- added management of digital certificate option

- IE10 New Css

- new PopUP changed the Modalbox for Fancybox - Java applets resigned and improved

- Tree search now works on special chars

- Improved and corrected PRINT and PDF exports

#2.20 rev1 2013/12/02

- IE11 support for Word copy/paste with images

- Print and Export bugs

- Encoding bugs

- linking bugs

#2.20 rev2 2013/12/04

- Print and Export bugs - Signing Options bug

#2.20 rev3 2013/12/18 - ckeditor bugs corrected

#2.20 rev4 2013/12/20 - Bug on H1-H6 style for printing and PDF


# 2.12 2012/01/11 -add new setup for font in PDF: in file "html2pdf/html2pdf_config.php", setup is $default_pdf_font; if not set / void: the default font will be helvetica; change this value to a PHP file name in "html2pdf/_tcpdf_5.0.002/fonts/" to change default font (exp "arialunicid0" for "arialunicid0.php"); you can choose / create your own PHP font. -Japanese characters in PDF is now defined by web browser's language configuration -lightest PDF for only occidental characters document

# 2.13 2012/02/27 -bug fix: markup 'captation' and 'colgroup' in PDF. Users can add other markup.
-new install & update script (more space for pages contents)
-new upload image (fix bug)

# 2.14 2012/05/15 -bug fix: Edit/lock protection on pages, user name on editing lock alert corrected
-bug fix: add template had no ckeditor -added workflow name on experiment level -added template name on page -added template name + instructions on edit page

# 2.15 2012/05/31 -bug fix: added JS support on content level -applet spreadsheet OBJECT/EMBED on create from empty sheet -bug fix: ckeditor toolbar missing icons are back

#2.16 2012/11/20 - ADMIN sees all books inside GROUP - View All Books Tab: visibility parameter in Admin menu - Admin>>Page signing & validation take care of groups - bug fix: Records linked view (for links, URLS, images, files)


# 2.10 2011/11/21: add functions: -download excel files -view excel files in PDF and print document -view version number for pages -can't edit a page if already open by an other user (lock page if editing) -merge two or more pages in print / pdf view

# 2.11 2011/12/16 -new typo supported in PDF: korean (configure you browser to read korean langage) chinese (configure you browser to read chinese langage) japanese

2011/12/23 -new icon for iPad