Startup lab promotion

younglabWe know that small teams and startups may deal with tight budgets.  You also have pressure to make quick decisions so you can get your projects moving. We love small labs at AgileBio and we are now making it easier with special pricing (limited-time offer).

In addition to the free mode (up to 3 users and 1000 records) take benefit of these promotional prices:


Academics small lab (up to 5 users):

  • LabCollector U5 2500€ 999€ or $999
  • LabCollector + ELN U5 with ELN versioning 4500€ 1800€ or $1,800


Private license (up to 5 users):

  • LabCollector U5 4000€ 1800€ or $1,800
  • LabCollector + ELN U5 with digital signatures and ELN versioning 13000€ 4500€ or $4,500


Notes and exclusions:
Prices are for the downloaded instance of LabCollector with a perpetual license (locally installed). Promotion offered to academic labs restricted to R&D only labs. Core facilities, service labs are excluded. Quotes are valid for 15 days only, which after that time, the promotion has to be renewed if still active. The promotion is limited to LabCollector or LabCollector + ELN. Other add-ons are excluded and/or priced at catalog price. Annual support will be at usual catalog price.


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