*************************** Sample Receiving Changelog *****************************
Sample Receiving Changelog per year: 2019 / 2020 / 2021 / 2022 / 2023

Receiving Addon v1.0

– CHANGED: Made Workflow addon detection work on windows, and not only Linux

– CHANGE: Change plate save method to user ajax (HTTPS CURL problem)

– CHANGE: Save custom fields mapping by project instead of module


– BUG: Fixed an SQL error on addon installation

– BUG: Fixed bug box save

– BUG: Fixed bug plate edition save
– BUG: Fixed bug plate opening after filter

– IMPROVEMENT: Double scan as option (M4399)
– IMPROVEMENT: Finish Package and Finish Plate buttons placed at different sides (M4309)
– IMPROVEMENT: In New package form, leave the field Project name EMPTY (M4308)

– IMPROVEMENT: New column LOGS to use the comment field for user comment only (M4298)
– BUG: Fix plate NO LSM: new unique_code was not saved (M4385) & styles V2
– IMPROVEMENT: Recover the package ID and the arrival date in sample record (M4393)
– IMPROVEMENT: When a plate is saved, stay on this plate view and not return on all plates list (M4386)

– CHANGE: Made a new mode to plate existing samples with new setup options (M4406)
– CHANGE: Allow the mapping of default parameter from LSM (M4395)
– CHANGE: LSM token in setup for remote instances (M4455)
– CHANGE: Need to check the project code from LSM (M4388)

– CHANGE: Check if project code has been returned from LSM API to prevent an error
– CHANGE: Check if consent has been configured on LSM, if not set consent = no by default, to create pending samples

– CHANGE: Update LSM batch
– CHANGE: Can now chose naming option for box/sample

– CHANGE: Cannot close a package having pending samples
– BUG: Fixed a bug on QC passed, plate comment was replaced.
– CHANGE: Added help sliders in setup
– CHANGE: Use avatar everywhere a user name is displayed

– CHANGE: Added checks on CSV load after some barcodes have been already plated by scan
– CHANGE: Plate scanning popin now allows box barcode (PLTxx or xx/BX), box id, box name
– CHANGE: Save new plate unsaved positions in sessionStorage to recover on new plate reload
– BUG: Fixed Gravatar ajax bug
– BUG: Fixed setup LSM mapping removed on update
– CHANGE: Ajax loader on CSV loading and plate saving to prevent double click
– CHANGE: Default volume in setup, then in plate, then specific by position
– CHANGE: Generate random barcode & print, & fixed a bug on volume

– CHANGE: Plate list: choose a package with a selectbox
– CHANGE: Plate list: list packages in table

– CHANGE: Added an option to enter free text as box name
– CHANGE: Locked cells styles
– CHANGE: Added option to skip QC & option to update LSM batch on skip QC
– CHANGE: If license type is empty, type is LITE
– CHANGE: Renamed boxes status QC passed and Finished
– CHANGE: Changed LSM API call: samplename replace with samplesearch (for name & S[id])
– CHANGE: Check LSM sample with less restriction (checked an existing parameter in sample)
– CHANGE: Choice list of multiple samples from LSM styles
– CHANGE: Added box name pattern y_n

– CHANGE: Pooling – v2.206
– CHANGE: Moved barcode generation button
– BUG: Fixed bug on sample name during box edition
– CHANGE: Package samples screen: left sample list scroll
– CHANGE: Box name check before plate creation & regeneration/edition management (patterns & free text)
– CHANGE: Package sample: inversed samples list

– CHANGE: Package sample: print barcode label in a popin instead of new tab & green icon after click
– CHANGE: Allow LSM samples from another projects (configured in setup)
– CHANGE: Package samples screen: group plate management buttons, move pooling switch on the left of the menu
– CHANGE: Package samples screen: single barcode printing with freetext fixed
– CHANGE: Setup: can only create configuration for non-archived projects
– CHANGE: Setup & plating: LSM projects must be checked to be restricted
– CHANGE: Setup: projects can now be archived / unarchived – v2.207
– CHANGE: Direct batch on finish is dissociated with skip QC step
– CHANGE: Button to print all samples barcodes from plating or box listing
– CHANGE: Fixed a potential PHP warning
– CHANGE: After QC validation, return on box listing filtered on waiting for QC

– CHANGE: Package sample: barcode with double quote now throws an error
– CHANGE: Package sample: truncate too long barcodes & improved error catching on save
– CHANGE: Can now remove pending samples
– CHANGE: Consent parameter name / values are now all case insensitive
– CHANGE: Fixed a bug on last setup projects checkboxes – v2.3

– CHANGE: Test LSM connection in setup
– CHANGE: Can now scan a limited number of replicates – v2.31
– CHANGE: Option to update job acceptance status – v2.32
– CHANGE: Added LSM case data – v2.33

– CHANGE: LSM case data now stays 30sec instead of 3sec
– CHANGE: Added an option update LSM sample status or not – v2.34
– CHANGE: Improved license decryption
– CHANGE: Tests on curl with option to disable certificate verfication – CHANGE: Fixed license version in lic_ws

– BUG: plating mode by record name

– CHANGE: Sample type for Samples module
– CHANGE: Display used packaged by box in all plates UI
– CHANGE: Trace date/user of all status & fix date update with mysql now() – v2.36

– CHANGE: Added an option to add samples in a secondary storage – v2.37
– BUG: Fixed box name generation bug on pattern 5

– CHANGE: Added the “copy activation key to clipboard” feature

– BUG: Hide Skip QC step from setup when lite mode
– BUG: Fixed a SQL bug on lite mode
– CHANGE: Added an option to allow/forbid csv/rack loading – v2.38
– CHANGE: Replaced php date function with mysql date function
– CHANGE: oBox object is now saved by project

– CHANGE: Changed all boxes ui to add filters – v2.39
– CHANGE: Changed all packages ui to add filters – v2.40
– BUG: Fixed a bug on license check (host condition)
– CHANGE: On home, pre-select project if there is just 1 project configured
– CHANGE: Can now continue with a new plate after having finished a plate
– CHANGE: Changed unfinished packages ui to add filters
– CHANGE: Changed pending samples ui to add filters
– BUG: Pending samples location edition popin button styles & translations
– CHANGE: Added project to multiple sample
– CHANGE: Package samples: warning message on page unload without having save
– CHANGE: Change label in setup
– CHANGE: Package samples: changed close package menu entry to distinguish from finish plate

– CHANGE: Changed all tables filter selectboxes to show labels instead
– CHANGE: Removed duplicate function with LC generaterandomstring – v2.41
– CHANGE: Multiple changes on all boxes actions – v2.42
– BUG: Package samples save: bug sql with commas with some conditions
– ADDED: PDF label printing

– CHANGE: Added title on every actions in tables
– CHANGE: Package samples: Print UI in fancy
– CHANGE: Give assay id on batch update


– CHANGE: Direct batch on plate finish now working with secondary storage
– CHANGE: Merge plates to 384 and auto update LSM batch – v2.43

– CHANGE: All lists can now be exported in CSV format – v2.44
– CHANGE: All external tools used in lists are now open in a fancy
– CHANGE: On LSM status update, open a popin to retry until LSM response is 200 – v2.45

– CHANGE: On plate save: new popin to choose save option – v2.46
– CHANGE: Changed texts on popin to choose save option
– BUG: Fixed large login popin

– BUG: Display bugs after having started workflow
– CHANGE: Package samples: CSV import now accepts coords like A1 AND A01 – v2.47
– CHANGE: New LSM option to auto start batch after having created it – v2.48
– CHANGE: Merge 384 now creates a special receiving box entity – v2.49

– CHANGE: New option to update LSM shipment status with plating date or package arrival date – v2.50
– CHANGE: Button on home to close opened packages since 1 day/week/month
– CHANGE: All plates: replaced workflow & 384 buttons with icons

– CHANGE: Refactored all finish actions with skip qc and batch action
– CHANGE: Added some charts on all plates screen
– BUG: Don’t show archived projects on package creation selectbox
– CHANGE: Arrival date is now a datetime with a datepicker – v2.51

– CHANGE: Lists: Remove reset button text to keep icon only
– CHANGE: Plating: Can now clear a position (remove a sample from a cell) – v2.52
– CHANGE: Plating: Redirections on all plates list now pre-select appropriate status
– CHANGE: Now using LC configured timezone – v2.53
– CHANGE: Lists: Display all dates with LC configured date format
– CHANGE: Plating: Now managing html entities in case records – v2.54
– CHANGE: Lists: Full pagination system changed for sliding window pagination – v.2.55
– CHANGE: Lists: Pagination first & last, and loader on filter

– CHANGE: Added an API with begin_time/end_time parameters returning samples/boxes data having change in this interval – v2.56
– BUG: LSM update batch icon not working with 384 plates
– CHANGE: Added an API with begin_time/end_time parameters returning packages/boxes data having change in this interval – v2.57
– CHANGE: Lists: action icons grouped into a dropdown

– CHANGE: All plates: show a warning popin when modifying a non-filling plate
– BUG: Plating: Fixed bug on sample naming, when saving in a not full plate

– BUG: Plating: Managed barcodes with special characters
– CHANGE: Plating: Raise an error if job status is not requested/pending/started

– BUG: Plating: Fixed scroll top on scan on Firefox
– CHANGE: Plating: Filter locations with prefered modules
– CHANGE: QC: Can now save box data & save box data + direct validation – v2.58
– BUG/CHANGE: Plating: Fixed rack scanner messages & added a loader

– CHANGE: Packages: Added a marker ‘urgent’ – v2.59
– BUG: Fixed a bug on box name generation for [yy]_[incremental number by year] option

– BUG: Plating: Convert XML LSM response from ISO to UTF8 to avoid crashes on special characters – v2.60

– BUG: Fixed blocking alter table query on plating save – v2.61
– CHANGE: On batch auto start, prefix contact id with LC to indicate LSM it’s a LC user id
– CHANGE: Refactored addon installation to take in account db engine & prefix
– CHANGE: Setup: hide unarchive selectbox when no project is archived

– BUG: Fixed storage filter when a prefered has been removed (with record still in module_options)

– CHANGE: Added audit trail on license update & changed box_features field type to TEXT – v2.62
– BUG: Fixed simple quotes in box features on QC validation (direct & indirect)

– BUG: Fixed quotes in box json object
– BUG: Fixed an install bug on 2.61 – v2.63
– BUG: Made Reject QC action work again

– CHANGE: Plating mode now supporting LSM – v2.64

– CHANGE: Cleaned all GET & POST variables, and all db queries – v2.65
– CHANGE: Fixed allow pooling switch button styles

– CHANGE: QC: Added confirmation msg box when leave page
– CHANGE: Fixed bugs related to variables cleaning – v2.66

– CHANGE: Fixed a plating mode error with secondary management and config combination

– CHANGE: Improved performance (indexes & algo)
– BUG: Fixed a js error on notifications when LSM sample with a #
– BUG: Fixed empty LSM search on plate save when barcode has a #
– CHANGE: All plates: Limit the number of available packages to 5
– CHANGE: Listing: fixed bug on barcode filter & delay keyup on all filters

– CHANGE: Plating: Refactored all CSV loading & added an errors summary
– CHANGE: Plating: Refactored all rack loading & improved code & errors management

– CHANGE: Support saas mode licences (Thibaut)
– CHANGE: Plating & routing: grouped LSM calls to optimize execution time – v2.68

– BUG: Plating mode: Fixed box_json bug on record creation because of mysql real escape
– BUG: Plating mode: Fixed existing record update when multiple samples found on same barcode
– CHANGE: Plating mode: Allow samples replicates – v2.69
– CHANGE: box_json is now longtext – v2.70

– CHANGE: Package samples: save to CSV is now POST data
– CHANGE: Added option to display patient data tooltip on plating or not – v2.71

– CHANGE: Addon can now be standalone, with a new get parameter standalone=1
– CHANGE: Can now define plating without associated package, by project
– CHANGE: Added HTTP error code on LSM test in setup

– CHANGE: Added an option to select box model in scanning UI – v2.73
– CHANGE: Extra field for plating now filtering only active option
– CHANGE: Remove barcode white spaces on plating & show a notification

– BUG: Made LSM patient tooltip work on plating mode

– BUG: Fixed QC reset progression
– CHANGE: QC custom fields record (Wish 62)

– BUG: Fixed package id update

– CHANGE: On LSM shipment status update, added tracking numer & user – v2.75

– CHANGE: QC user custom field now accepts user field & fixed bug when QC last sample is checked – v2.76

– CHANGE: LSM connection test: convert response encoding – v2.77
– CHANGE: APICaller force curl to set http version to 1.1 (apache worker mode problem)

– CHANGE: Finish plate & Finish plate skip QC modals now showing loader after clickking on different yes buttons – v2.78


– BUG: Fixed sample removal from plate (Ticket #611119) – v2.79
– BUG: Fixed sample pos fail on QC – v2.800
– CHANGE: Transparent addon install – v2.801
– CHANGE: LSM re-check UI – v2.802

– CHANGE: LSM calls refactoring and local/remote calls option – v2.803
– BUG: Escaped caserecordname to avoid display pb when quote/doublequotes
– BUG: Dealed with accents & quotes
– BUG: Fixed parameters page not showing LSM tests

– CHANGE: Changed text No test for Any test

– BUG: On receiving_lsm_sample_id field creation, create the module_fields entry & added a patch for existing fields (M5882) – v2.804

– CHANGE: Can now map valuelist LSM/select LC custom field (M5883) – v2.805

– CHANGED: $action=nologin in lic_ws.php

– BUG: fixed encoding problem on requester name
– BUG: fixed isInstalled (addon) function & made pending samples home header work again – v2.806

– CHANGE: Removed API calls debug traces
– ADDED: LSM with plating mode & multiple jobs update for one sample name – v2.807

– ADDED: Javascript callback on plating save (M6061) – v2.808
– CHANGED: Inversed mapping module/LSM fields in setup

– FIXED: API headers PHP-FPM compliant (headers key in lower case)

– CHANGED: Changed addon version – v2.809
– ADDED: In setup, the LSM parameters and default fields are now dynamic, and added mapping check – v2.810
– ADDED: Added package naming options and box naming option – v2.811
– CHANGED: Arrival date label to Start/Arrival date

– FIXED: Fixed rack scan errors summary when LSM sample is not found or position is empty
– ADDED: Added new section general parameters and new option mode package/project just to change some labels – v2.812
– ADDED: When a LSM sample is not found (plating normal, csv/scanner), added a button to create pending sample, added new status LSM_SAMPLE_NOT_FOUND
– ADDED: When remove a pending sample, it is not removed from DB but takes a new status DISCARDED
– FIXED: Fixed bug on start workflow (empty WF job is not created anymore)
– ADDED: Added possibility to start a unique WF job with multiple plates

– FIXED: Bugfix on general parameters first call


– CHANGED: Pending samples home&page optimizations: check in ajax, only every 60mn, btn check on PS page – v2.813

– CHANGED: Import CSV: added a new column volume

– FIXED: Fixed exports not found & Memory class not found
– FIXED: Fixed exports filters

– CHANGED: Setup: each project is loaded on demand with ajax
– CHANGED: Home: Hide loading pending samples header
– CHANGED: Rack scan: empty positions (NO TUBE) are totally ignored
– FIXED: Fixed exports empty lines for Windows

– FIXED: Setup: Fixed Naming plate pattern radio buttons in new project setup

– FIXED: Rack scan: Fixed bug on LSM check & fixed rack loader – v2.814

– CHANGED: Rack scan/Load CSV: Can now create all pending samples at a time & fixed bugs (M6464)

– CHANGED: Added extra field 2 (select/datetime/field types), can now select fields instead of entering field name, setup fixes, plating mode fixes (M6463) – v2.815
– FIXED: Fixed help sliders for ajax in setup
– CHANGED: Updated help slider with new extra field 2
– CHANGED: On plating save, update pending samples status to plated

– ADDED: Added mapping custom field for package name – v2.816
– CHANGED: barcode printing now using LC printing module instead of cusom receiving label printing

– FIXED: Fixed fatals on export

– ADDED: Added a logger on rack scan/CSV load and box save

– FIXED: Fixed a possible PHP8 error in check lsm data popin – v2.817

– CHANGED: On plate save, mapping LSM data/module is now grouped in unique LSM call – v2.818
– ADDED: On plating UI, show projects allowed to be plated – v2.819

– FIXED: Fixed a potential fatal on box save mapping & fixed some PHP8 errors – v2.820

– FIXED: Fixed bug on pending samples (T#985422) – v2.821

 - FIXED: Fixed bug on plating mode: receiving_lsm_sample_id creation & csv import (T#657455) - v2.822

 - CHANGED: Refactored to add remote license post in lic_ws.php
 - ADDED: Added get_version.php file to return the addon version - v2.823
 - CHANGED: Securized get_version.php with token

 - FIXED: Encoding problems in setup LSM mapping, removed get_version.php file - v2.824

 - CHANGED: Changed some translations - v2.824

 - CHANGED: On plating save, the 2 buttons finishing plate in confirmation popin are now green

 - FIXED: Include selectpicker now used by LC function to populate rack list, adapted styles to receiving form - v2.826
 - FIXED: Fixed home popin to scan plate to open then package
 - CHANGED: Updated version - v2.827