*************************************** LabCollector Changelog *************************************** 
LabCollector Changelog per year: 2011 / 2012 / 2013 / 2014 / 2015 / 2016 / 2017 / 2018 / 2019 / 2020 / 2021 / 2022 
2023 / 2024 ************** 2011 ************** v4.661 15/11/2011 - header_top JS inclusion problem on certain addons - corrected animals module: calendar pick v4.662 21/11/2011 - corrected EPL code for compatibility with Java updates after jdk_6_16 - corrected alerts email date filtering - removed user password required alert when on LDAP * v4.663 24/11/2011 - corrected Worklist bug: clean records and worklist without storage mysql error - JChemPaint applet integrated (molecule design) - Chemical structure popup viewer license corrected - Sigma-Aldrich SAP server changed - calendar-pick folder added back to restore compatibility with ELN v1.x - install_files: single-quote replaced v4.7 27/12/2011 - corrected PDA interface for storage tools (bugs on custom modules and single vial) - bugs corrected on content_insert for single vial and map view popup (custom modules) - Reagents & Supplies: Globally Harmonized System (GHS) compliants - New alert manager (with proxy setting) - New cron/tasks manager (with proxy setting) for Linux and Windows // CRON info TASKS HOUR: only for Daily / Weekly/ Monthly Periode
WEEKLY: on eatch monday MONTHLY: on each first day of the month // - Plasmid Genbank file import with annotations management support - Plasmid map editor with genbank annotations and with sequences match (comparison with sequences inside sequences module to
annotation plasmid regions/ORFs) - Multiple upload for GENBANK files (into sequences and plasmids modules) - improved Genbank import (more features imported/processed) - Custom Fields with background color - bug corrected: delete comments when deleting main storage - Added COLORS to storage grid positions (tube cap insert color representation) - Added category ref and link into documents search results summary line - corrected current order list budgets lists to hide hidden budgets (POM) - corrected: only adm or superadm can change how staff see orders (chem cat prefs) - added calendar pick on equipment forms (add/edit) - bug: added support for ZEROFILL in storage comments and colors - bug: table auto-increment for special formats on box models - Added: direct EDIT of box model - bug: html files in documents module now display directly again - bug: behavior of custom field as mandatory in categories corrected ************** 2012 ************** * v4.8 13/03/2012 - Changed label density to D15 in direct EPL mode for C39 format - Label series (generic) improved for better customization on 2 columns - EPL direct label print: support for 2 columns (second label is automatically a 2D code for small round top label) - bloqued return key press on AJAX (prevents window post on internal ajax) and NEW/EDIT forms (helps in barcode reading inside forms) - added favicon - removed date type fields in cross-search function - better cross-search for external barcodes and multiple keywords - correction on XML generator for AJAX box selection (support for character) - ORDER LIST: Brand name in PO formating - ORDER LIST: barcode bug in HTML templates - ORDER LIST: Budget periods management (money management) - ORDER LIST: Invoice vault (store invoice copies, real value paid, etc) - ORDER LIST: partial delivery without doing lots (check ignore and partial) - ORDER LIST: current orders filter by user GROUP. - ORDER LIST: PAST orders export with indication of final invoice data - reagents and supplies: lots can only be edited/removed by staff or admins - bug fix: next button was buggy when reaching last record - Worklists improved: Add process / Remove all from storage / Archive all records - Improved reagents and supplies INVENTORY tool: qty replace / add / substract - bug fix: corrected custom field date filter on NEXT/PREVIOUS button (filter was not passing). - Duplicate samples: display Unique code field in form - Samples Batch tools (micronic) improved for quicker import form generation - Jquery conflicts and loading improvement on ADD/EDIT forms - Support for lots barcodes having spaces (in multisearch) * v4.801 19/03/2012 - Bug fix: barcode multisearch corrected - Bug fix: budgets follow up to ignore canceled orders - Added: date filter in current order list - Added: subtotal in order list exports * v4.802 27/03/2012 - Bug fix: barcode multisearch corrected for 2D unique codes - Bug fix: corrected a problem on rack barcode if the rack name included - characters - bug fix: slight corrections on text and barcode size/positioning for EPL direct print - chemvector: updated version - Bug fix: corrected custom search filters categories (were not showing) * v4.801 - 19/03/2012 - Bug fix: barcode multisearch corrected - Bug fix: budgets follow up to ignore canceled orders - Added: date filter in current order list - Added: subtotal in order list exports ************** * v4.802 - 27/03/2012 - Bug fix: barcode multisearch corrected for 2D unique codes - Bug fix: corrected a problem on rack barcode if the rack name included - characters - bug fix: slight corrections on text and barcode size/positioning for EPL direct print - chemvector: updated version - Bug fix: corrected custom search filters categories (were not showing) ************** * v4.81 - 11/05/2012 * v4.81 - rev1 15/05/2012 * v4.81 - rev2 18/05/2012 - Bug fix: analysis tab for decimal values - Adjustment: series.php accepts call from extra_modules - EPL applet set to be accessible from extra_modules - New custom field type: autocomplete (based on record name of another module) - New custom field type: search into (allow linking of 1 master record to several sub-records in another module) - Added strict search checkbox (exact words search) - Added single field search capability - Added GOOGLE automatic translation option for multilang interface - removed mandatory category and status in animals - Animals cage plan: easy cage move - Animals cage plan: popup to show animal record names (mouse-over on cage icon) - MASS RECORD UPDATER: added more 2 optional fields. Now can update up to 4 fields at once. - Bug corrected: Add new storage was showing edit form too. - session_register(): removed for compatibility with PHP5.4 - Reduced barcode sizes for 2D and 1D (labels def) **************** * v4.85 - 13/09/2012 - Bug fix: secret filter problem on some installations (white list/white results) - Strict search for exports (print + excel) - Chem. Structures print: chemvector integration - Bug fix: save/edit structure records with PDB/MOL files - Import SDF (chem structures): step 3 preview: added chemvector viewer HTML5 instead of applet - Bug fix: barcode series 2D labels not printing ID - Bug fix: corrected ENTREZ/Ganbank sequence import to be compliant with new ENTREZ output - Bug fix: EPL label copy numering was generating an error - Bug fix: EPL 2D datamatrix code z position up 1pp (partial overlap removal with copy subnumbering) - Bug fix: worklist actions problem with session variable - Bug fix: new tasks were not saving - Bug fix: batch sample tool bug on name column - Bug fix: module exports now show uploaded file names (for custom fields of type file) - Improvement: EPL commands for labels now with param S3 for better print quality - Improvement: Batch tool: better detect wrong positions on different boxex/racks. - Bug fix: lab logo resize on record print - Order list: primer excel export with better format - Order list: option GROUP orders by PO and seller - Order list: option to edit PO and budget on past orders (superadmin/admin) - Order list: option to reverse statuson past orders (superadmin/admin) - Order List: Added option to ALERT requester when article is marked as RECEIVED - Bug fix: Past orders excel export (clean tabs and returns on supply name) - Improved waiting list - Order list: budgets follow-up and invoices vault filtering by group even on admin - Order list budgets: ADD/EDIT budget periods only for superadmin. - Storage importer tool - LDAP setup: custom base DN - Bug fix: Storage Browser> bug in box status detection. Now checks on custom modules - Bug fix: tab link DEL icon for owner was not showing on most records - Reagents and Supplies: Choice of storage mode: simple or only detailed storage using main storage system. - Storage Browser: Added support for Shelf parts as box level - Bug fix: custom module EDIT problem when using custom fields of type LINK - Bug Fix: chemicals/reagents alert quantity field size was too small - Bug fix: autocomplete+searchin and strict search=> record name with spaces supported and search in name only - Export orders: cleaned some variables to remove tabulations, etc - Improvement: Batch tool: ADDED direct Biomicrolab ScanMini scanner - Improved: Import page: now can import documents and associate all files from a folder - Improved: Straw and cap colors: added alternate field to give name to color - Improved: Added more details on storage info on each record (rack name and position) - Bug fix: Corrected storage inventory export (was multiplicating straws). * v4.86 23/10/2012 - Bug fix in Batch tool - Improved: Mass Record Updater: unlimited number of feidsl to update. - Reagents: Batch inventory with SUM of batches. - Bug in filters display (unclosed DIV when using fields categories, etc) - interface CSS corrections - process (samples module): process deletion restricted when storage - New top menu and layout adjustments to support doctype - Code39 1D: changed barcode size parameters for better output on 200dpi printers - Bug Fix: in add/edit box form (auto rack selection was not propulated) - correction for rack scanner direct button - Added label type with no barcode - Added freetext line on direct EPL print single tube - Integration with Data logger for temperature tracking from Storage Browser. - Bug fix: file types preferences (icon upload) corrected ************** 2013 ************** --- v4.9 05/03/2013 - Bug fix on dowload documents with no names, etc - Raised limit to 100 for ANIMALS name - ANIMALS: added genotype field (records, print, export) - ANIMALS: Added Sex field (records, print, export) - ANIMALS: added month/year jump in date calendar - NEW: Animals: new pedigree tree - NEW: links visualization tree - Bug fix: settings for DEMO mode on Sigma orders was not saving - New alerts display system (popup and menu) - Small JS correction for autoreload in bulk updater and other files - Add types, organisms from form limited to admin users - Bug fix: equipment module filters - Bug fix: menu2.php had bad quotes in onclick links - Bug fix: custom fiels presentatin: better support for ELN linking (bug fix on links, images, files...) - NEW LAYOUT >> Modules: search engine on each module has now a new design. Slide panel to select filters - NEW LAYOUT >> Storage Browser: totally redesigned storage browser with new tree and filtering - NEW LAYOUT >> RSS box and users messages/posts - NEW DESIGN: Box maps are redesigned: interactive views, multi-select, etc - Order list vault: PO number entering by autocomplete - Order list: Added order APPROVAL STATUS/LEVEL - CHANGED: ORDER LIST = place order permissions management - SECURITY improvement: block access to content details and ordering system to non-logged calls - custom modules: added 3 positions for record summary on search result list (3 custom fields are displayed on title line of each line) - Rack 2D scanner: Added new sort option (by column) - Rack 2D scanner: Added option to copy data fields to all lines (from line 1) - Bug: worklist content field size changed to MEDIUMTEXT - Replacement of CKFinder by KCFinder (documents module) - NEW: Added GROUP filtering in all modules (group definition: can see only members records or all records) - Reagents lots/batch: added support for storage. Each lot can be assigned to a storage location. - Waiting list can now replace owner on list validation - Import data: added option to import as waiting data - NEW: Added GPS custom field (with link to google maps) - NEW: Added a search filter to search into Box comments - Corrected: user select on Add box now only shows active users - Bug: corrected REV. COMPLEMENT hybridization search of primers - NEW: added FILTER search on custom field type checkbox - CORRECTION: slash removal from PO number prior to formatting for XLS forms - BUG: corrected condition that prevented Add Link i custom fields for staff - NEW: Addon uploader/installer from LabCollector menu - NEW: Added total value to the inventory export of lots/batches - NEW: storage activity log from all modules with storage (blue book icon) - NEW: PROJECT table (project or study ID) - Records can be grouped by projects - Corrected: Linkpick does not search on archived records by default - NEW: Added record EDIT icon on worklist and managed memorized items: able to make a list of records to edit later - NEW: alerts on orders with long delivery time - Bug fix: popup box list corrected - NEW: icon to indicate batch/lots levels in reagents and supplies (search list view) - NEW: SEARCH engine>> storage filter now looks into secondary storage too ***** correction 18/03/2013 --- v4.901 19/03/2013 - Reagents: batch quantity edit is blocked to view only users. - Bug fix: IE document cat browse (filter) - CKEDITOR 4.02 included ***** correction 20/03/2013 - Bug fix: chemicals/reagents comment bug on duplication ***** correctiond 21/03/2013 - Bug fix: Add New record button not displayed on some groups --- v4.902 23/03/2013 - Bug fix: Animals add and edit corrected ***** correction 28/03/2013 - Bug fix: cmodule icon height fixed to 63px - NEW: Batch tool: added project field replication to all - NEW: Batch tool: Added support for boxes of 81 and 100 tubes - Correction: Index: post messages -more link- only appears when there are messages - NEW: real time map in batch tool rack scanner trigger ***** correction 02/04/2013 - CORRECTION: removed box map bubble popups. Made usage too slow on heavy loaded racks/maps.Bubbles only on single view ***** correction 05/04/2013 - Bug fix: admin waiting data: bug on 2 modules - CORRECTION: batch tool with noread value on rack ID. - Bug fix: storage comment search in modules - Bug fix: batch tool custom fields apply to all - Bug fix: Storage browser tree sorting of boxes in drawer is now same as in content view - Bug fix in order list sending email notifications on item arrival --- v4.903 07/04/2013 - Official release of corrections above ***** correction 09/04/2013 - Improvement: Alert to order requester if delivery is too long ***** correction 11/04/2013 - BUG fix: project popup broken in all modules (except samples) - BUG fix: Animals EDIT = owner was lost - BUG fix: comment problems with \r\n on animals ***** correction 16/04/2013 - BUG fix: Storage addition in reagents (main storage mode) - CORRECTION: Storage browser tree order alphabetically - BUG: Storage browser shelf part not displayed in single view mode - BUG: maintenance type lost when editing a maintenance - ADDITION: Freezer export ***** correction 19/04/2013 - BUG: Storage import by name - ADDITION: Box map bubble popup indicates record ID - BUG: Box Edit - owner was lost ***** correction 20/04/2013 - CORRECTION: Add Animal form - BUG: Storage Browser on rack view: box print button reactivated - BUG: Remove tube action now saved in activity log ***** correction 24/04/2013 - CORRECTIONS: Project autocomplete and filtering in module search - BUG: pedigree tree in Animals: error on symbol colors - CORRECTIONS: Plasmids: Direct button to map editor - BUG: plasmid map page 404 not found errors - BUG: Storage Export to Excel - ADDITION: Add storage box. Faility now added to freezer/shelf name for better identification - IMPROVEMENT/ADDITION: Inventory update now accept format with operation column. Quantities update are also calculated for each line allowing multiple operations in same file. --- v4.905 25/04/2013 - Official release of corrections above ***** correction 26/04/2013 - BUG: cmodule Excel export problem with project column - BUG: Add Animals form reload lost crossing info. ***** correction 03/05/2013 - BUG: secondary storage problem on storage import and reagents storage export - BUG: Storage Export to Excel/screen: secondary storage - ADDITION: Error popup if storage is selected with no box on new record or editing - ADDITION: Animals crossing DELETE ***** correction 13/05/2013 - BUG: animals display for custom fields when there was a crossing infortmation - ADDITION: Mandatory custom fields have now a red mark - IMPROVEMENT/Bug fix: Print view for reacords improved and corrected. - BUG: animals export list with crossing info - BUG: chemicals lots form. Add new batch was not working when no storage was set ***** correction 17/05/2013 - BUG: batch tools checkbox to ALL for project code ***** correction 21/05/2013 - BUG: custom field filters for checkbox: clean and checked status problem corrected - BUG: filters open status for subsets - BUG: Export when searching on storage comments - ADDITION: EXPORT with SORT ORDER from search ***** correction 23/05/2013 - IMPROVEMENT: Mass Price updater based on seller_ref - BUG: Custom modules line headers repeated. - BUG: Box delete icon check on storage content. - BUG: Menu min width to prevent menu items to collapse on small screens ***** correction 25/05/2013 - BUG+Improvement: QC notification on storage corections + email sent to owners - IMPROVEMENT: Reagents & supplies >> Now can be linked back to another module record (ex: reagent linked to antibody record). This was already possible in the other way. - BUG: LONG DELIVERY time alert filtering corrected in Order list. - IMPROVEMENT: ORDER LIST: staff+ level can now access budgets follow up. - IMPROVEMENT: ABook entries with validation to check for duplicates while filling form - IMPROVEMENT: Custom fields have now a helper text next to inputs in forms --- v4.91 28/05/2013 - Official release of corrections above ***** correction 29/05/2013 - BUG: Equipment, Antibodies list/excel export - IMPROVEMENT: icon to DELETE ALL empty boxes in a rack - CORRECTION: price + seller ref on import preview (chemicals) ***** correction 01/06/2013 - IMPROVEMENT: Reagents inventory export: value only calculated with INT quantities. Fractions with units are excluded - IMPROVEMENT: Reagents inventiry export button for simple value export (reagent name and total value in stock) - IMPROVEMENT: EXPORT option for listing all reagents with simple storage ***** correction 05/06/2013 - IMPROVEMENT: Add rack without need of a first box. DELETE rack option - IMPROVEMENT: PRINT record now also shows storage activity log (samples, primers, strains, plasmids, antibodies, chem. strctures, cmodules) - IMPROVEMENT: WOrklist: Remove storage: added registry log entry ***** correction 10/06/2013 - BUG: barcode field size limit raised in lots management - IMPROVEMENT: Batch tool: indication aid to show freezer rack positions already taken ***** correction 17/6/2013 - IMPROVEMENT: Batch tool: better scanner button to remove Java security alert - IMPROVEMENT: Batch tool: automatic selection of choice on accordion - BUG: Registry book display on strains was not showing removed tubes ***** correction 20/6/2013 - IMPROVEMENT: Batch/lots inventory for reagents and supplies now can create new batch using reagent barcode or ID - BUG: secondary storage boxview display was not working on some situations with non-grid boxes - BUG: small bug in dynamic link display. Now does not count same record in related records found. - IMPROVEMENT: CALENDAR custom field now accepts years from 1900 - BUG: Add process on worklist was not showing sub-process - IMPROVEMENT: CMODULE search list headers now accept checkboxes values - NEW: Custom field of TYPE MULTIPLE SELECT LIST - BUG: Small bug in color selector (storage color choice) - IMPROVEMENT: batch tool: when replicating line, it changes the line background color. This helps grouping rows ***** correction 25/6/2013 - CORRECTION: Group filtering in modules only show when groups are defined - BUG: Barcode search for BOX and RACKS. Was not working on storage browser - BUG and IMPROVEMENT: Batch Tools scan >> Tubes scanned matching existing record with no storage now correctly shows up when processing. - IMPROVEMENT: SAMPLES: Automatic storage cap colors with sample type - IMPROVEMENT: Samples Batch Tools: cap color choice and automatic colors by sample type - IMPROVEMENT: Samples Batch Tools: cannot save without rack/box name and freezer rack selection - IMPROVEMENT: Samples Batch Tools: Overlapping positions detected (blink sign) - CORRECTION: RACK name field size raised to 150 to accomodate multipart languages. - IMPROVEMENT: Tasks can now have a delay. For example to run every 5 minutes - IMPROVEMENT: storage filter now shows room information --- v4.92 27/06/2013 - Official release of corrections above ***** correction 15/7/2013 - CORRECTION: ADDED KEY index on chemicals_lots on chem_id to speed requests in reagents and supplies (install.php) - BUG: registry book bug corrected to allow editing of entries - BUG: animals excel export - IMPROVEMENT: Added sex + genotype filter in animals - BUG: storage browser: box list in racks failing to display correctly when no box type defined. - IMPROVEMENT: ORDER LIST excel exports with different formats (reagents and primers) ***** correction 18/7/2013 - IMPROVEMENT: Added search/filter on genbank annotations on PLASMIDS and SEQUENCES modules - BUG/CORRECTION: Plasmid automatic map: annotations label shown - CORRECTION: animals crossing can now be created with past date - CORRECTION: GROUP filtering in modules allow now ungrouppd records to be seen by group members (makes general usage records). Records made by ungroupped users are visible by all. ***** correction 26/7/2013 - BUG/CORRECTION: MULTISEARCH by keyword was not finding all records - CORRECTION: PRINT button on box list view ***** correction 26/7/2013 - IMPROVEMENT: ADDED JSCRIPT language for label printing (CAB printers, Brady IP300,...) ***** correction 02/08/2013 - BUG: correction of a bug in groups update. - IMPROVEMENT: Added tubes count in each line of automatic storage log tab - IMPROVEMENT: Confirmation popup on DELETE LINK - IMPROVEMENT: Added storage information on related records tab display - BUG: in analysis tab, the linkpick popup was not limiting to module when using module choice limitation --- v4.93 05/08/2013 - Official release of corrections above ***** correction 30/08/2013 - BUG: install bug - BUG: Animals notes editor - BUG: Custom module comments editor - IMPROVEMENT: Added animals count per cage in facility plan and on records - BUG: Duplicated listings in group users (when searching in modules and cross search) - BUG: DEL MULTIPLES records for animals or custom modules was not blocked in case of cage. - ADDED: new DHTMLXCalendar + DHTMLXGrid + UI/UI-lightness ***** corrections 31/08/2013 - 11/09/2013 - BUG: Animal cages scheduler labels for SUM/Available - IMPROVEMENT: Admin>>Storage>>Individual storage is now accessible to users/staff for an easy/quick box list view (including common boxes). - BUG: storage_browser tree for GROUPS was missing ungroupped locations - BUG: Export print/excel on modules to restrict storage on groups properties. - IMPROVEMENT: Integration of Photobank photos view in modules (req. Photobank v3) for samples, strains,antibodies and custom modules - ADDED: Delete all empty racks option in a freezer (storage browser) - IMPROVEMENT: Added storage position sorting in search results (modules with storage) and exports - IMPROVEMENT: Calendar pick on process with timepicker - NEW: Tubes removal (popup) by Ajax with no page reload - BUG: Antibodies description was not exported - BUG: Eurogentec primer order export: primer length - ADDED: In Purchase Order Management added a new status: Sent to Sellers to better classify orders - NEW/ADDED: box maps (storage browser) show DUPLICATE positions with an alert icon - BUG: Excel export had bad project code - NEW/ADDED: SAMPLES module now has a BATCH process addition mode based on barcodes to add a process to a list of samples - BUG: label copies in direct mode was not working well - IMPROVEMENT: Order List Management is more secure when low permission users. Avoids non-authorized actions - IMPROVEMENT: Storage Browser with better metrology integration and new buttons for sub-menu --- v4.94 19/09/2013 - Official release of corrections above ***** corrections 27/09/2013 - 30/09/2013 - BUG: EDIT animal record was not saving comments and also status is mandatory - CHANGE: Abook. Company field now mandatory - BUG: Export reagents by risk icon - CHANGE: LOTS FINISHED ALERT maintains even quantity availabe is zero. - ADDED: Export Print List now with barcodes - BUG: problem on duplicates on box map ***** corrections 01/10/2013 - 17/10/2013 - BUG: corrected order by storage box column - CHANGE: extended size of link type custom fields - CHANGE: Module Search now can filter on all storage levels (+export) - CHANGE: Storage Browser: better verification of user and groups permissions (maps are not displayed if not in same group...) - BUG: corrected bug of autofill for racks only. it created unlimited number of boxes. Also fullness calculation was wrong. - ADDED: Better permission management for DESTOCK of lots in reagents & supplies. It has a new definition of permission in preferences - ADDED: NEW GROUP filtering mode: see all but restrict storage to own group - ADDED: genotype field in ANIMAL import - BUG: home page counters did not take in account the archived records. - BUG: in alerts for maintenance. Due date was wrongly calculated - ADDED: Support for CDX (ChemDraw) file type for molecules + CDX importer - BUG: autofill in storage browser was not loading box type - BUG: project code duplications when autocomplete value was not selected - ADDED: Print all labels for all storage containers at once (storage browser, inventory interface...) - BUG: box owner change - IMPROVEMENT: Storage import/update can now work with box names made of numbers (checkbox option to force box names) - IMPROVEMENT: New list view for storage tab --- v4.95 17/10/2013 - Official release of corrections above ***** corrections 18/10/2013 - 29/11/2013 - BUG: tubes popup remove and target div refresh - BUG/IMPROVEMENT: Excel exports now support entities to be converted in UTF-8 (asian characters, etc) - BUG: Bug in box map editing positions with cells having number 10 - CHANGE: linkpick CSS revamped - BUG: Bug corrected in strict search - BUG: corrected problem when exporting data after filtering with custom fields of type checkbox - ADDED: settings to define who can ADD LOTS in reagents and chemicals - CHANGE: SELLERS and BRANDS separated now - BUG: animals module when choosing storage was losing values in long text fields - BUG: bug on multiselect field types in search filters - ADDED: keyword search on custom fields of type SELECT, CHECKBOX, MULTISELECT - IMPROVEMENT: complex search and filtering on multiple custom fields. Now query is reviewed and improved. - BUG: decimal to text field conversion corrected - BUG: storage browser rename/move racks in content - BUG: Export with custom field of type MULTISELECT - ADDED: selectable field to add to barcode labels (series or single label) on direct printing mode - ADDED: ALERTS for EQ maintenance now sent to person in charge - ADDED: ALERTS for EQ maintenance contracts END (sent to person in charge) ***** corrections 29/11/2013 - 19/12/2013 - BUG: Corrected import with some custom fields - ADDED: LDAP/AD user import - BUG: in bubble popup on box map for custom modules - CHANGED: Storage filtering by group AND also box owner (non-admin users cannot see box content from other users). - ADDED: better control on duplicate fields when creating custom fields - ADDED: box map bubble popup now shows storage comment - BUG: DELETE main box on custom modules - ADDED: ****** SINGLE VIAL ALIQUOTS management ****** --- v4.96 20/12/2013 - Official release of corrections above ***** corrections 08/01/2014 - BUG: Force UPPER case in custom module short code name (strtoupper on print, eport for barcodes) - BUG: Export bug with storage comments on Excel - IMPROVEMENT: Linkpick search and display ************** 2014 ************** ***** ***** corrections 10/01/2014 - 26/02/2014 - BUG: in storage browser renaming for asian, hebrew and other languages - BUG: Export bug with storage comments on Excel for secondary storage - ADDED: information of box Id and name when removing tubes (in storage activity log) - ADDED: Hidden budgets can now be seen and reactivated back - ADDED: Direct barcode print now allows ALTERNATE UNIQUE CODE for barcode instead of internal code. Ideal for custom barcodes. Single label or series. - BUG: import for animals - BUG: in storage registry full report for strains - BUG: UTF-8 CSV/Excel export on Mac was not working because of BOM. BOM removed for Macs and UTF8-BOM option in Admin>>Setup. - ADDED: Antibodies export added MARKER and APPLICATIONS columns - BUG: Tube counting in storage details - ADDED: Export reagents and suuplies with any risk icon - ADDED: Import Documents with documents files (multiple files or in ZIP archive) - BUG: Alerts for long waiting items in delivery (PO Management) - BUG: mandatory field process in custom fields in category - ADDED: ORDER LIST + STOCKS: automatic conversion from quantity ordered and storage units (based on packaging size) - ADDED: total tubes counter on each record (when storage exists) - ADDED: Message posts: new message post can send also to all users by email - ADDED: Primmer anneal on Primers: find matching primers. - ADDED: Batch/Lots export with RISKS and PICTOGRAM, UNITS and BRAND - BUG: maintenance logic. Now each maintenance must have alert checkbox ON. - ADDED: maintenance report added more secure against file replacement - BUG: missing project code on the replication of records - BUG: picklist display problem with certain comments - ADDED: Unique 2D code display on all modules and New record forms with storage and MAIN STORAGE - ADDED: multiple invoices for the same PO in invoices vault - BUG: Problem in Barcode series with IE10 and IE11 (was not loading Zebra Java applet) - ADDED: QUICK STOCK movement utility in reagents & supplies module (barcode >> quantity >> done) - BUG: corrected some problems in PO templates management (delete, form opening after submission) - ADDED: GenBank view/export format on each sequence/plasmid. GB parser/Importer improved to import more information on annotations - ADDED: IMPORTER (Admin>>Data>>Import) added a paste area to copy-paste lines to import instead of upload file. - BUG: data import with select custom field. - ADDED: Improved Samples BAtch tools with more scanner formats choice and merge extra file feature to recover data from additional file (sample name and description). - ADDED: BLAST with option for 'megablast' - BUG/IMPROVEMENT: better label printing. - BUG: In boxes list in IE10/11 there was a problem with accentuated characters - CORRECTED: Modules naming in Waiting list - CORRECTED: Modules order in Admin Custom Fields - ADDED: Export lists from memorized items (each module) - BUG/CORRECTED: project code autocomplete now accepts writing full code instead of selecting it. This problem led to search fails and duplicated project names. - BUG: custom fields MANDATORY option on SELECT, MULTISELECT... - ADDED: PO Manager: Sent to seller marked after E-ORDERING - ADDED: Delete Animals facilities - BUG: Delete project code associated info (link) when deleting a record. - ADDED: Sequences CSV Export: type column addded - ADDED : E-ORDERS: Added Life Tech & Storage-Accessories.com e-Procurement/punch-out ordering - BUG: Field Mask in plasmids strain field. - NEW: Main MENU nav bar is now sticky (remains visible) - NEW: jquery bx-slider version - BUG: history log date search - ADDED: RECORD NAME with special keypad for greek letters - IMPROVEMENT: multiple file uploads (custom fields FILE type) - ADDED: history log filter on modules - ADDED : Storage Browser: Complete storage export FOR ALL MODULES - VERIFIED/CORRECTED: Changes made to support PHP 5.4 - Generic barcode generator updated for PHP5.4 - EVOLUTION: removed old jquery and jquery1.9 to use single jquery 1.11 - BUG: Problems when exporting lists in Excel after mass record updater - BUG: Animals import - CHANGED: Barcodes using CODE128 (replacing CODE39) --- v4.97 25/03/2014 - Official release of corrections above ***** corrections 28/03/2014 - BUG: custom fields editing - BUG: Excel export spaces in words - BUG: UTF8 problem on record names - BUG: rack/drawer names with spaces problem ***** corrections 07/04/2014 - BUG: Remove tube icon on secondary storage ***** corrections 09-10/04/2014 - CHANGE: Added support for BACK button on searches. - BUG: Smal graphical display problem in Custom fields admin - CHANGE: Staff level can create Common Boxes - CHANGE: Box Owner can now throw away its full boxes (box+contant) - BUG: Storage Browser problems with accentuated letters - BUG in user count (admin users) - CHANGE: USER level does not see all alerts anymore; only reagents/supplies quantities/expiration alerts - BUG: See All Secondary storage was blocking list view - BUG: maintenance alerts ***** corrections 11/04/2014 - BUG: See All Secondary storage was blocking list view (strains) - BUG: strip new lines in importing (problem on Macs) - BUG: admin group policies (filter active modules) - BUG: Storage Export select ALL vs single module ***** corrections 14-17/04/2014 - BUG: Project code on custom modules Exports - BUG: In alerts for maintenance BY EMAIL - ADDED: DEL button on record removed IF record has past storage movements (CANNOT DELETE). - BUG: Delete Multiple records, now deletes storage log associated to records. - ADDED: MOVE racks in storage Browser - CHANGE: Storage browser / Rack level content design changes (menu buttons...) - ADDED: Print button on Staff Contacts page - ADDED: Storage Browser. Add tubes on MAIN storage have overwrite verification and bypass choice ***** corrections 18/04/2014 - BUG: Analysis tab edit: problem on dates and calendar, alignment of fields, color of fields ***** corrections 23/04/2014 - BUG: Secondary Storage list bugs (unique code, owner, etc) - BUG: Custom field of type category is now displayed on record and print view ***** corrections 27/04/2014 - IMPROVED: Storage Browser. Add tubes on MAIN storage have overwrite verification and bypass choice. Now in 2 steps for more security. - BUG: box coordinate bubble popup was failing on some tube coordinates (with no , at the end) - BUG: strains search with filter by memorized items. - BUG: duplicate record in custom modules and semi-automatic numbering --- v4.972 29/04/2014 - Official release of corrections above ***** corrections 30/04/2014 - BUG: replica positions problem - IMPROVED: lots inventory history log now indicates action - IMPROVED: lots ADD/EDIT now puts new quantity in history log - IMPROVED: Alerts menu for lots quantities revised. ***** corrections 02/05/2014 - BUG: STAFF+ access to order management. Staff+ can see and manage ALL orders (in same group). Staff++ outside groups see/manage all orders. - BUG: Expired budgets where still visible ***** corrections 20/05/2014 - BUG: secondary storage on storage export reports (from storage browser) - ADDED: vials counters on storage exports (from storage browser) - ADDED: Vials count on all module exports ***** corrections 21/05/2014 - BUG: Labels on 203dpi printers (zebra) --- v4.973 22/05/2014 - Official release of corrections above ***** corrections 22-26/05/2014 - BUG: Budget filtering in cart popup - ADDED: Order list: second POM submenu on bottom page - ADDED: POM Filter: ORDER BY DATE: ASC/DESC ***** corrections 02-15/07/2014 - BUG: Add new staff cannot accept empty name - BUG: session variables (demo_days_left and loginsession) - ADDED: ARCHIVE items from memorized list - ADDED: REMOVE VIALS from memorized list - BUG: storage filtering in custom modules - ADDED: Tubes occupancy statistics per rack/drawer and per box (storage browser) - BUG: automatic upgrade mode bugs - BUG: jquery in lots tab, index - BUG: ORDER LIST MANAGEMENT: budget group filtering was overlapped by user group. Now budget group prevails on purchase orders filtering - BUG: secondary storage details display in modules when zero tubes - CHANGED: when no tubes on storage lot, the box map view icon is not present anymore - BUG: history log jquery - ADDED: waiting list: icon to open/view record - BUG: Add process operator selector - BUG: template model lists in Formatting PO. - BUG: in setup form to change login options - ADDED: Option to send email notification when saving Worklist >> send to specific shared users - BUG: in SDF importer - BUG: upload custom fields FILE format in EDIT RECORDS - CHANGED: 'Clean All Fields' button now switches totally to keyword search. - BUG: custom fields check on duplicate columns names in DB - CHANGED: EDIT chemical record: old risks system hidden in form if not used. - CHANGED: fancybox popup editing of records (no page change) - BUG: barcode series with EPL interface and 2D codes: print aliquot numberings - BUG: edit secondary storage. Colors were not saved. - CHANGED: Storage blocks better aligned on storage tab. - ADDED: Storage FancyBox popups to remain on pages. - ADDED: color cap indication on all storage blocks - ADDED: Reagents and supplies: Option to define who can edit RISKS info - BUG: Order list requester filtering - BUG: Add maintenance and sample process calendar ()bug in javascript ajax load). - CHANGED: ckeditor 4.4.2 with new skin - ADDED: Option to block duplicates on record names. - ADDED: edit records now also with name validations (duplicates alert and block) - ADDED: Better support for " and ' in names and other fields (edtit bug) - BUG: plasmids/sequences >>> primers anneal search - NEW: new login box design - BUG/LOGIC: maintenance on sub-categories with no general maintenance delay. Now each extra maintenance type is independent of main maintenance intervals. - BUG: vial count in storage exports (count only real vials) - NEW: changed page headers (design) - BUG: barcode EPL mode code128 was missing on some parts - NEW: Internal consumptions management (destock per user with rebill option with budget accounts) - NEW: Quick destock linked to Internal consumptions management - NEW: Batch Inventory linked to Internal consumptions management - BUG: Excel export from Plasmids (group filter) - CHANGED: Removed replicate from master option in samples EDIT form - ADDED: Edit Project code in records - ADDED: Project codes management page - ADDED: Box Map popup details now supports seeds from Plants Manager - ADDED: Full box list pagination in Admin storage - ADDED: CSV/Text file import of preset values for Custom Fields of types SELECT and MULTI-SELECT - ADDED: STAFF+ can now derive samples - CHANGED: DEL button on record removed IF record has past storage movements (CANNOT DELETE) >> NOW only if more than 5 movements - ADDED: Custom Field type FILE: new mode => Save on Disk - NEW: MULTIPLE Custom fields categories - ADDED: DEFAULT values for SELECT, MULTISELECT, CHECKBOXES - BUG: custom fields as filters bugs (lost filter values on searches) - NEW: Quick VOLUME deduction on single vials/tubes. History of each volume removed is kept on storage log - NEW: Unique code management and edition on vials/aliquots (secondary storage) - NEW: aliquots inline editing of unique_code values (double click to edit) - IMPROVED: empty values for DECIMAL custom fields now corectly saved (not 0.00 anymore) ***** corrections 02-22/09/2014 - ADDED: batch tools merging with external CSV source based on field headers - BUG: box popup is cases of overlaps with different modules/types of records - BUG in Excel import of racks only - BUG: clean button on search forms had error on field name - NEW: Volume of vials batch management in 2D rack scanner interface/importer. - NEW: Rack 2D scanner tools: Also includes now replication of vials based on model box, with volume support. - NEW: Complete box replication (plate derivation) to secondary storage - NEW: Volume of vials deduction in worklists - NEW: Forgot password retriever (logon form) - NEW: New login form design - NEW: new menu design easier to use - CHANGED: Reagents alerts on quantities 0 only for articles with valid expiration date - BUG: chemical lots date drop down - NEW: versioning option for records update. A version content viewer is included - NEW: Remove volume on vials on worklists and saved worklists - NEW: New reporting tool in Admin>>Storage>>Storage IN/OUT, for exporting all tube and volume movements by module and between date range. - CHANGED: bubble popup on box maps switched to a lighter system to improve display. Now bubble shows also on rack view. - ADDED: bubble display on box map indicates tube volumes - ADDED: reagents and supplies search option with NO RISK pictogram defined --- v5.0 22/09/2014 - Official release of corrections above ***** corrections 24/09/2014 - BUG: inline edit unique code on storage list view - ADDED: default value active on multiselect combos. - BUG/CORRECTION: Edit custom Field for CONVERT TO/FROM Multiselect - ADDED: STORAGE IMPORT now can import comments ***** corrections 30/09/2014 - BUG: install and upgrade bugs - BUG: greyed icons after license update - BUG: documents cats filtering when multiple custom fields - BUG: mass record updater module selector ***** corrections 01/10/2014 - BUG: sellers cat update for Address Book - BUG: instal first login --- v5.01 01/10/2014 - Official release of corrections above ***** corrections 05-16/10/2014 - BUG: budget followup spread and Excel error on small time periods - BUG: Main storage saving for custom modules - BUG: record options saving - ADDED: Treeview now shows reations based on autocomplete name links (custom fields). - BUG: box filtering in admin - BUG: password size too short. Now limited to 30 chars - BUG: batch tools with rack ID = NOREAD - BUG: upload files on disk (edit record) - BUG: upgrade to bring volume fields in modules (patch in admin>>Indivisual Storage) - BUG: order list export to Excel/CSV on quantities and brand names - BUG: mySQL backup (index definitions) - BUG: user select/filtering on record editing - IMPROVED: better upload security to block web executable files (PHP,ASP,CGI) - ADDED: "Today" button on custom fields of date type to quickly add the current date --- v5.02 16/10/2014 - Official release of corrections above ***** corrections 17/10/2014-06/11/2014 - BUG: EDIT records when blocked duplication option ON - BUG/CORRECTION: Chem. Structures export with more columns - NEW: Automatic naming option on modules (Add new record and importing) - NEW: Block of duplicate names while importing (if option is active in record preferences) - BUG: custom module icon on import data interface - BUG: box secondary replication - BUG: editing animals - BUG: removed the staff access to Admin>>Preferences - NEW: automatic storage system (single vial) as suggestion or imposed. - ADDED: on batch tools, when scanner defined automatically activate direct scanner trigger mode. - NEW: force waiting list for all in SAVE or EDIT (default is only USERS) - NEW: First step in multilanguage interface. Menu is translated --- v5.1 07/11/2014 - Official release of corrections above ***** corrections 14/11/2014 - BUG: upload pregmatch against script uploads - BUG: main multilang and addons compatibility - ADDED: order list now has the option to FUSE quantities on exisitng lots when receiving items (replenish stock). - ADDED: option to export lot inventory with recently emptied lots (90 days old) + lot comment in excel file. --- v5.11 18/11/2014 - Official release of corrections above ***** corrections 14/11/2014 - CHANGED: TreeView link visiviity permanent - CHANGED: Minor field sizes corrections in strans, primers - BUG: boxgrid map popup bug on custom modules - BUG: upgrade loop for 4.9 to 5.0 - BUG: lang loading in some parts - BUG: multiple genbank uploads - BUG: errors on storage selection when no temperature set. - BUG: storage guesser bugs on empty equipment --- v5.12 21/11/2014 - Official release of corrections above ***** corrections 24/11/2014 - 15/12/2014 - BUG: in install_files/setup_tabes.php - CHANGED: improvement of Manage Project Codes tools (record counter, admin verification...) - BUG: box map link to structures corrected and added support for box maps from different addons - BUG: bug in File upload in custom field dependent of category - CHANGE: changes in style of forms and record view - ADDED: Automatic storage in IMPORT. New records can be automatically placed in boxes. - ADDED: merge chemical/consummables lots --- v5.13 15/12/2014 - Official release of corrections above ***** corrections 16/12/2014 - 24/12/2014 - IMPROVED: box list with common box on racks - BUG: empty box maps display problem - BUG: storage guesser on EDIT MAIN storage - BUG: export structures to excel filter on type of structure. - BUG: CSS adjustment in modules advanced search for multi-select going out of zone - ADDED: automatic name rules on duplicate records - BUG: print record: Plsmid storage comment ************** 2015 ************** ***** corrections 05/01/2015 - IMPROVED: added quick destock stand alone - BUG: print record: display of storage volumes - BUG: print record: image thumbnails print - added: resigned applets --- v5.14 05/01/2015 - Official release of corrections above ***** corrections 07/01/2015 - BUG: upgrade interface text - BUG: backup without option to sip ELN tables - ADDED: IMPORT interface now accepts SELECT custom fields values to be passed on the import file. - ADDED: Batc/Lots import interface. - BUG: corrected automatic name when editing - CORRECTION: Detection of type of packaging size values. If non numeric, ignore on delivery to automatically adjust units in stock (units in order vs units in stock conversion) - CHANGED: staff+ now has also access to all boxes (like admin). - ADDED: Last search results are kept by cookies (48h) giving each user a list of records each time entering a module. ***** corrections 12-21/01/2015 - BUG: problem on link custom fields displaying existent links when editing records - CHANGED: raised limit to 75 box rows - NEW: new export engine in modules with several output formats and export models - CHANGE: removed batch lot number requirement. - BUG: access to hybridization tools from Plasmids and Primers module in restricted users - BUG: genbank importer with Vector NTI Gb files - BUG/correction: storage icons on the samples process - BUG: Custiom Field Conversion SELECT <->TEXT FIELD - BUG: box count in drag function in storage browser. - BUG: Analysis TAB with custom fields: Multiple select lists - IMPROVED: Search by 2D codes in main and secondary storages in modules SAMPLES, PLASMIDS, PRIMERS, ANTIBODIES, Cust. Modules - ADDED: NEW LOTS LABELS: direct barcode labels option after NEW lots received (purchase order management) ***** corrections 29/01/2015 - BUG: batch tool import of custom field values ***** corrections 02-26/02/2015 - BUG: Automatic storage transition to new box - ADDED: option to delete document in documents module - NEW: new record print engine - BUG: primers import: automatic storage - ADDED: Prefill racks and boxes: starting number and leading zero on rack name - ADDED: zerofill option active on Automatic namings - BUG: (multiple) images thumbnail display and download as custom field FILE type in category fields - BUG: line separator in category custom fields - CHANGED: Custom Modules; 2D unique code only shows if storage is activated - BUG: take volume on worklist --- v5.15 26/02/2015 - Official release of corrections above ***** corrections 02/03/2015 - BUG: storage admin: model icon link (in stroage menu) ***** corrections 18/03/2015 - 26/03/2015 - BUG: Export generation in modules - BUG: abook search - CHANGED: code clean up in modules (serches) - CORRECTED: LDAP/AD importer - BUG: Sample batch tool project ID problem - BUG: cmodule filter by owner - BUG: PO template Excel (column shift) - BUG: Batch lots inventory in DDUCTION mode - BUG: custom fields category dynamic in EDIT in Address Book - BUG: linkpick limitation - BUG: staff/user when creating storage locations - BUG: clean risks choices when multiple chemical saving (add another) - BUG: edit records and remove value on comboxboxes ***** corrections 02/04/2015 - 15/04/2015 - NEW: automatic number of repeats allowed when creating records (multiple copies of records) for AN, SP, ST, CS modules (if no block duplicates active) - NEW: TAG powered genotype field in ANIMALS module - ADDED: 48h memory on Add tube in Storage browser to keep last Module per box. Speads up repetitive storage in same box. - CORRECTED: Menu access to tools when logged as visitor - BUG: Export engine. - BUG: past orders packaging size. - BUG: Add new Address Book entry, now redirects to new record (Save & Back to Module) - ADDED: import primers now has ORIENTATION column - BUG: Added project code editing on DOCUMENTS module. - BUG: calendars in EQ and AN modules now allow quick year/month jump - BUG: correction on box_type bug ***** corrections 07/05/2015 - 15/05/2015 - BUG: group filtering bug in add new box. - BUG: group filtering in Project management - NEW: DYMO direct label printing integrated. - BUG: strains: search by 2D unique_code on secondary storage - BUG: Special Format editor in Storage Browser - BUG: Add Link in record to block user hit of ENTER key - BUG: Add lot immediately after chemical record: added unit and corrected the final redirection to new record (back to module) - ADDED: EDIT custom Fields now allow change field category - BUG: Import: owner drop down nw shows based on group membership and also filters archived staff - BUG/IMPROVEMENT: Order list (CURRENT and PAST) is now better filtered for intra_group visibility - BUG: owner info when updating rack in batch tools - ADDED: Cart pop shows option to select DELIVERY address (for automated orders) - ADDED: Stock Transfer from box to new box (on shelf parts). - BUG: backup of FILES folder (for custom fields of type FILE TO DISK - ADDED: Automatic naming without prefix/suffix --- v5.16 18/05/2015 - Official release of corrections above ***** corrections 20/05/2015 - BUG: group filtering and order list ***** corrections 27/05/2015 - 01/06/2015 - BUG: strains filtering by owner - BUG: Cleaned code in admin_actions and admin_functions to remove deprecate ereg function calls - BUG: export with project codes and sorting - BUG: ownership access to EDIT when staff (ST,PR,AB,PL,CS,cmodules) - BUG: Alerts popup - BUG: manage storage icon link (temperatures) - BUG: Add box: special format editor not opening in AutoFill tool - BUG: Duplicated boxes in storage filter. - ADDED: check all option on genbank importer - NEW: Intelligent field masks to format typed data (on some default fields and custom fields). ***** corrections 27/05/2015 - 01/06/2015 - BUG: documents search bug ***** corrections 18/06/2015 - 30/06/2015 - BUG: Correction and improvement of the PRINT record feature. - CHANGE: Improvement is search engine in modules to optimize speed (also impacted memorize all feature) - ADDED: New encryption support (SHA-256) on user passwords. Double password confirmation on superadmin and new users. - BUG: clean spaces from record ID when saving new tubes from storage browser. - BUG: Order List filtering by group - BUG: module Documents custom filters - ADDED: one-click to close a maintenance - BUG: HTML with " in comments large fields - BUG: export fields selection on non-admin users - BUG: import CSV blank lines now ignored - ADDED: preferred storage per module - BUG: removing last single tube on multiple vial set --- v5.17 30/06/2015 - Official release of corrections above ***** corrections 01/07/2015 - 06/07/2015 - BUG: type MySAM on create new modules tables - BUG: Order list: link on item name - BUG: Record print: added maintenance list - BUG: Add new SP or Cmodule: storage selector - BUG: documents module NEXT/PREV buttons ***** corrections 07/07/2015 - 20/07/2015 - CHANGED: R&S Module: record cannot be deleted if present in order list (past or current) - BUG: R&S by ID search. Bug on buttons NEXT/PREVIOUS - BUG/ADDED: History log bug on NEXT /PREV buttons + added a keyword option to the search - BUG: FASTA format in export in SQ module - BUG: superadmin user change. Bug on password verification - BUG: Missing JS file for intellingent masks - BUG: storage browser GROUP filtering. ***** corrections 29/07/2015 - 05/08/2015 - BUG: Export chemicals - BUG: API webservice bug on FILE2 mode upload - NEW: Animals cage planner with drag & drop - BUG: delete animal cage bug (was wronlgy overwriting field for sex) - CHANGED: Animal importer now imports gender ***** corrections 23/08/2015 - 02/10/2015 - IMPROVED: Multiselect mode to drag and drop boxes in Tree in Storage Browser (move from racks) - BUG: File upload bug on long names - BUG: box map access on storage browser when no box_type defined. - BUG: sequence Blasts interface (removed Koriviewer icon) - ADDED: confirmation dialog on deleting PO templates - CHANGED: multilang home page - ADDED: icon to open document record on sample process reports - NEW: On worklist adding process now gives option to immediately create/add the document report to all samples - CORRECTED: box map generation bug on 384 plates - CHANGED: new icon for freezers - NEW: new version of the home page links: unlimited number of links, drag-drop sorting. - IMPORVED: Plasmids map added in PDF have now an inline view - IMPROVED: Plasmid Map editor: Preferences to delete options - BUG: versioning XML with custom fields of FILE types - BUG: Storage filter bug when on Main Location room - NEW: Documents category favorites displayed in tabs in documents module - BUG: NCBI importer in sequences - BUG: Create new sequence records: Blast it first link - BUG: removed label= from annotations imported - BUG: SAMPLES process report link when document is empty - NEW: animals crossing management improved - BUG: Export custom fields checkbox/multiselect values - ADDED: Del box from Storage Browser now offers option to CLEAN box or DELETE box (with or without deleting records) - CHANGED: DELETE record confirmation page redirects back to list - NEW: PubMed importer in Documents module + choice of default category for papers - ADDED: Animals: Age in days and weeks calculation - ADDED: full cross search in home page - IMPROVED: Plasmid Map Editor: check all, file names with no spaces - REVIEWED: Samples Batch tools: merge external file tool accept volume in capital letters - BUG: Export engine for chemicals depending on simple or main storage option - Export: field choice simplified and multilang support --- v5.18 02/10/2015 - Official release of corrections above ***** corrections 14/10/2015 BUG: Order List filtering for Staff++ BUG: plasmid map loading with genbank annotations BUG: Maintenance alerts due days had wrond day counts on longer intervals ***** corrections 06/11/2015 - 13/12/2015 BUG: NCBI Blast update to refelct NCBI server changes BUG: ORDER LIST for staff view all BUG: Storage import for secondary storage and unique_codes. NEW: IMPORT CSV to load on Organisms list BUG: 2D EPL label: comment/freetext was not showing. BUG: samples: storage filter : array{0} BUG: antibodies filter by owner IMPROVED: group filter in modules IMPROVED: display lots has detailed storage info. IMPROVED: R&S: storage tab now shows the units on storage on a lot IMPROVED: memory Worklist, Remove storage now can also remove secondary positions and aliquots BUG: box order list in Storage Browser tree now in alphabetical order. Aphabetical order filter in box list of storage browser (rack view) improved too BUG: export chemicals IMPROVED: Storage guesser/suggestion can now be deactivated ADDED: inline PDF viewer mode for documents BUG: Risks display in Chemicals (if no icon, phrases where off) BUG: ckeditor marker style added to LC (highlights in comments) BUG: chemicals export and linking when using groups ADDED: check all on link pick IMPROVED: export display on secondary storage BUG: special characters in Excel PO formating BUG: PubMed and Genbank importer with proxy usage BUG: EQ maintenance close icon behavior and access to reports ADDED: delete option for files /reports in maintenance (while still unlocked) ADDED: ordering/shopping cart icon on any item with R&S module link + icon bar light revamp REPLACED: PHPExcel 1.8 BUG: Order List: PO number now accepts / character ( replaced in file by \) BUG: Quick Destock with different user permissions ADDED: Export now exports vials REPLACED: Export shows more info about storage BUG: Export opens in new page CHANGED: Batch sample tools (new scanner file option...) ADDED: API/Webservice with new command action = tube_sorter and box storage detailed in normal output. NEW: FREE/DEMO MODE with unlimited time supported by banners. FREE mode is limited to 500 records and 1 user --- v5.19 19/12/2015 - Official release of corrections above ************** 2016 ************** ***** corrections 30/12/2015-18/01/2016 BUG: install: risk code column too short (install_fies) BUG: install files with inserting generated bug on strict MYSQL servers BUG: search filter always applying group. BUG: menu in free mode BUG: enterprise support corrections ADDED: support for enterprise multi-accounts/SaaS on documents upload ADDED: support for enterprise multi-accounts/SaaS on plasmid map editor & plasmids ADDED: support for enterprise multi-accounts/SaaS on LC setup menu BUG: order list icon on modules (linked chemicals) BUG: order list for enterprise POM corrections BUG: order list filte rby PO number with spaces ADDED: links on PDF exports and record prints BUG: chem lots remove icon with 0.0 values CHANGED: moved R&S consumption to ADMIN area BUG: budget views split and grid ADDED: visual indication on equipment with an active alert on maintenance CHANGED: HTML5/JS PDB viewer replaces jmol in Chemical structures module BUG: Order list exports special characters and names with comas ADDED: new group level to allow ALL orders access to admn and staff++ (current and past) BUG: API XML when having special characters CHANGED: HELP menu now has 3 options for tickets, KB and manuals CHANGED: batch tools (scanner) when merging with header type files, if empty column on 3rd position, line is ignored (to avoid overwriting with empty cells) CHANGED: Free mode banners on demo accept adblockers --- v5.195 19/01/2016 - Official release of corrections above ***** corrections 21-25/01/2016 IMPROVED: API now brings box comment on tube_sorter mode BUG: Project selector on EDIT records (duplicate records) BUG: Record replicatingg and EDIT with block duplicate options BUG: Duplicate record redirection BUG: API on modules without box/storage --- v5.196 26/01/2016 - Official release of corrections above ***** corrections 21/01/2016 - 02/03/2016 IMPROVED: API search now supports strict/not strict keyword IMPROVED: samples batch tool with mouse multiple selection for replicate checkbox IMPROVED: samples batch tool with MERGE file update (complete boxe/rack data BUG: sample batch tools box size determination IMPROVED: Added Dymo DTCR-6000 support and Code128 for 1D barcodes BUG: Sample Batch Tools, block drawers full. BUG/IMPROVED: Order list for admins in groups also shows orders from general budgets ***** corrections 12/03/2016 - 24/05/2016 IMPROVED: Add links in records with fancybox BUG: Add Project in custom modules ajax error BUG: structures module (edit icon and group filtering) ADDED: Add links on a worklist BUG: free mode and list of users BUG: color selector on batch tools BUG: import SELECT option in Primers BUG: edit unique code in storage list view (inline editing) BUG: memorize all in R&S module BUG: save straws without repeats BUG: correction on Abbot TOR merger in sample batch tools BUG: Alerts for EQ maintenance corrected. New maintenance records clean previous entry. BUG: import animals genotype BUG: related records by name --- corrections up to 15/06/2015 --- - NEW: new record forms - NEW: record data presentation and design - NEW: Choose fields in summary lines on search lists - NEW: new custom field types (NCBI link, YES/NO...) - NEW: new plasmid editor and viewer (HTML5) - NEW: ORF sequence displayer - NEW: ABI file viewer (HTML5) in sequences module - ADDED: new admin area for default fields - ADDED: new admin area for custom fields - ADDED: Production manager (from recipes ists) with links to batches/lots - IMPROVED: content insert and storage insert design - IMPROVED: export configuration system, including orders export and automatic export - IMPROVED: manage users and staff with pagination and filter - IMPROVED: new area to manage sellers, with quick add option in the new form - ADDED: Admin setup now allows to switch database engine to InnoDB and optimize INDX in Mysql tables - BUG: field type change SELECT to TXT - REPLACED: HTML5 molecule draw/designer - IMPROVED: Storage guesser - BUG: in free mode banners and when offline - BUG: installation script --- corrections up to 20/06/2015 --- - BUG: POM, group by sellers - BUG: custom fields default field names - BUG: additional owners could edit main owner --- corrections up to 23/06/2015 --- - ADDED: versioning for new fields - ADDED: better rules for multi-owners - ADDED: Chemical lots split/derivate/open item - ADDED: FIFO option for destock chemicals lots --- v5.2 24/06/2016 - Official release of corrections above --- corrections up to 31/06/2015 --- - ADDED: new design of analysis tab and new complete analysis tab form - BUG: admin_modules -> ' breaking the JS in the keeper name - ADDED: POM: option to send or not send the email to sellesr - ADDED: email to sellers can attach both PO as excel or pdf - BUG: custom modules custom logo/icon - CHANGED: removed banners from 30d demo mode - CHANGE: install.php with correcte COLLATE to latin - BUG: Back in quick destock after validation.By default 1 unit - BUG: export and print with database fields names with "&" - BUG: e-order menu design in POM - BUG: import of chemicals blocked due to missing category - BUG: user name display/encoding in addons - BUG kcfinder permissions corrected - CHANGED: storage design change to have and show hidden content - ADDED: enterprise_lab sessin variable added to kcfinder to create multi clients folders - ADDED: Default interface language in setup - BUG: Excel export bugs and CSV export in UTF8 - ADDED: Setup pages translated - IMPROVED: lang switch keeps correct page - BUG: empty by ID search - IMPROVED: SAMPLES search by process with extra filter for STATUS - ADDED: Search by keywords in modules with choice od logical operator (OR/AND) - BUG: Animals import on sex values (low/upper case) - BUG: versioning data n-1 - NEW: Box size checker when editing box layouts to avoid make it smaller than current contents. - NEW: POM: new tag ##budget_line## for each line in an Excel PO template. Adds specific budget info per item - CHANGED: storage drop down sorted by room names - BUG: add box in limited rack. placeholder bug made wrong box count - BUG: filters display based on nested cutom fields - BUG: automatic exports - BUG: encoding on custom fields names --- 27-30/07/2016 - BUG: custom fields now don't create MySQL table columns in html entities - BUG: export modules auto path and file name with spaces corrected for windows - ADDED: new option in the setup Strict Search On MySQL Content With HTML Tags --- v5.21 30/07/2016 --- 02/08/2016 - BUG: strict search MYSL function problem - BUG: storage browser fullness meter on tubes was wrong --- v5.21 02/08/2016 --- 04/08/2016 - BUG: Waiting List Admin Area CS module records weren't passing the record id (count) to the view and edit options - ADDED: Waiting List Admin Area edit is now with the new form --- 29/08/2016 - 16/09/2016 - BUG: Recipes log links to modules corrected - BUG: Recipes now take into account edited module icons (submited icons) - BUG: Normal link between final recipe product and it's components is now the correct order (before it was reversed) - BUG: Content insert in the modules is now prepared for long words with no breaks - custom fields: type field with size long | default fields: type textarea (ckeditor), genotype fields and sequence fields - BUG: Summary line now has the new custom fields types - BUG: Cmodule summary line was updated to be the equal to other modules (allowing default fields in the summary line instead of the previous already existing version where only custom fields could be selected to the summary line) - BUG: Module filters, the ones that are expandable (filter_display) now are prepared to filter by new custom fields types - BUG: Custom fields admin area allows new types to be filters and searchable - BUG: Manage Users admin area had a JS error in the AJAX search - BUG: modules edit form now shows the correct ID of the record to be edited (the current ID of the record not the next ID to be inserted in the table) - ADDED: Genotype tags now break by space and comma on copy past - ADDED: Genotype tags now have drag&drop to edit order - BUG: Keep expired R&S in alerts - BUG: Box size checker on edit box giving wrong results and not exluding box types of not boxes and plates - BUG: first demo mode on Windows installer - ADDED: Summary line with no limits (the 6 field limit was removed) - ADDED: Different users cannot share the same password anymore - BUG: Boxgrid highlight wasn't working in the storage_insert link but was working on the content_insert link - ADDED: Plasmid module now remembers if the plasmid map in content insert is open or close (if the users opens it -> it remains open | if the users close it -> it remains closed) - BUG: Column "module" of the table "modules_field_options" was increased to varchar 50 (before was varchar 10 -> too small) - BUG: In content insert before if chem_id_child was set 0 instead of empty the tab to link to CH didn't show anything - ADDED: In content insert "Add Link" is only for admins and record owner/secondary owner but now the "Open Treeview" can be open by all users - ADDED: Modules form now has a clear all genotypes - ADDED: Import with automatic storage was updated to use the new guesser functions - ADDED: Admin modules was split into 2 admin_modules.php (template) and admin_modules_form.php with the actual form - ADDED: Admin modules create new record now is also prepared to fancybox form, before only edit record was prepared for fancybox form - BUG: Admin modules repeats now work when the ID is editable on create record - BUG: In admin modules derived sample (form is loaded through ajax to content insert area) the javascript of the form wasn't working in IE 11 - BUG: Autocomplete custom field was direct to wrong table when was in a category - BUG: RE cutter tool on plasmids - CHANGED: FREE mode with 3 users and 1000 records - CHANGED: TOTAL of 13 modules in full license: can be a mix of default or custom modules. - BUG: URL and GPS custom fields are now created with VARCHAR(220) instead of the previous VARCHAR(50) which was too small - BUG: The translation variable of content insert's field search into when in a category was incorrect - BUG: Ckeditor options were increase in custom field size long, to have the same options then the default textarea fields - ADDED: createSchtasks and createCron4Unix are now prepared to add CRON jobs with arguments (argv) in Windows - BUG: inventory update with storage locations. - BUG: replicating boxes & content: grid exclusions maintained - BUG: replicating boxes & content: replicating colors - BUG: Custom Modules: delete custom module was not removing mysql table - ADDED: Dutch language - BUG: Duplicated and derived records with upload fields not longer delete the files from the parent record, they get the files from the parent except the "deleted" ones, not a real delete because they have to remain in the parent record - CORRECTED: alerts file: remove deprecated split function - ADDED: support for SAAS/Enterprise in CRON/Tasks custom scripts --- 19/09/2016 - ADDED: Custom field type date in a category no longer has today default value - BUG: Now it's possible to reset the color assigned to a storage with the no color option on the select - BUG: The storage was being reset when an edit was made in the custom form - ADDED: Blocking system to avoid invaid passwords --- v5.22 19/09/2016 - BUG: Batch process adding using unique codes - BUG: free modules credit calculator --- v5.22 bis 20/09/2016 --- 21/09/2016 - CORRECTED: remove deprecated variables used in the memorize all previous function - BUG: new form didn't pre-selected correctly the risks in the multi select boxes --- 22/09/2016 - BUG: module record info (content_insert) and module storage info (storage_insert) now filter by storage owners (group permissions) - BUG: upload molecules as CDX - ADDED: reason comment box to delete a record --- 23/09/2016 - ADDED: new form can now be used as fancybox to create record not only to edit record - ADDED: now custom fields type autocomplete can be used as filters --- 24-27/09/2016 - ADDED: remote license providing added. - BUG: user/superadmimn passwords verifications and rules - ADDED: AutoFill import in storage browser only accepts CSV or TXT files. - ADDED: custom fields DECIMAL, now editing field has info on the format to be used. - ADDDED: primers, sequences, plasmids new filter on sequence size - ADDED: check all in tubes removal popup - BUG: structures editing - BUG: Excel export --- 28-29/09/2016 - ADDED: complete revision of the custom fields admin area in order to all type of fields be searchable and be filters (except link, file, file2, searchin and line_sep) - BUG: in manage project code the json returned by actions/functions had a encoding problem - BUG: edit project code in records that had a previous project code - BUG: custom form's helper text that is located in a JS qtip is now prepared for ' or " - BUG: storage guesser in mode 2 now correctly moves to the previous box if the next is full - BUG: chemicals form now takes into account who can edit the chemicals risks --- 04-06/10/2016 - BUG: modules form now has quick forms to add organisms and sample types, this quick forms were present in the last version - BUG: in CH the users cannot add storage (content insert and storage insert) - ADDED: Staff+ (Plus) allowed to replicate records - BUG: filters usage on dependent fields for YES/NO - BUG: ID size in Record options for SQ,CS,DC - BUG: custom fields type field with size long now shows an active href in print mode - BUG: missing options for module DC in Record options - BUG: barcode print preview now works on chrome - ADDED: the genotype tabs now can enable or disable in the form admin area for default fields - ADDED: new tag system that allows single tag edition - BUG: POM has a bug on partial deliveries with PO in HTML format --- v5.23 07/10/2016 --- 09-14/10/2016 - ADDED & IMPROVED: substructure search engine using now a normalized cache - BUG: group filtering in modules - IMPROVED: Plasmid maps show genbank annotations by default and better draw from sequences - BUG: Order list export price problem - BUG: primer length - BUG: license session problem - BUG: custom modules verification: names already taken - NEW: ELN tab in records to list all pages and experiments using those records. - BUG: plasmid map editor cutoff - BUG: Box names with & and special characters - BUG: Edit movement in registry log in SAMPLES module (bad redirection) --- 19-07/11/2016 - BUG: correct volume and tube legends in storage insert and in content insert - BUG: export html now exports the barcodes whe ID is exported - NEW: Tube move (or split) in storage. Allows to move 1 vial from a storage to a new secondary storage (1 to 1 or 1 to many) - BUG: EDIT main storage in storage tab view - BUG: history trail when moving/renaming storage containers (freezer, rack, box) in storage browser - BUG: correct order of the sub-category fields (ordered right after the main field) on the left side of print/export select fields fancybox and on the export/print admin area - BUG: modules form name validation had a bug with names with char ' - ADDED: select custom field options now show ID - BUG: racks and boxes alphabetically in search filter (modules) - BUG: filter display for the analysis tab repeated the fields that weren't from the analysis tab causing that fields to post empty because the duplicated ones were empty - ADDED: content insert links now show the R&S link (chem_parent) in first place with different background color - ADDED: modules form now has the option to select the fields who will appear - BUG: demo users count - BUG: tube counter in storage browser on boxes with special format - ADDED: R&S lots derivation now adds better tracing comments (from, date, user...) - ADDED: verification and alert on box positions already assigned in a rack/drawer - BUG: Add Link in a saved worklist was missing - BUG: recipes showed info in the incorrect position when there was no lot number - BUG: now there is an option to cancel the action to select another lot - ADDED: recipes now show a green alert when there is no validity date - BUG: LDAP IMPORT - BUG: export only exports barcode in the html version --- 18-1/12/2016 - ADDED: sample processes tab now has the new documents form to add/edit process reports - ADDED: straws no longer need straw_ref to appear in content insert and storage insert - BUG: export and print in custom modules now have storage and cages - BUG: sequences module cross search to primers - BUG: staff plus and staff can now choose secondary owners besides themselfs, in primary owners they can only choose themselfs but in secondary owners they can choose anyone (that's why there is secondary owners permissions in form admin area) - ADDED: when login page is admin.php the login process redirects to index.php - BUG: export admin area now works correctly in french language (whith ' in javascript variable) - BUG: export admin area works properly in terms of franch and portuguese special chars encoding - ADDED: four fields were added to the antibodies import, two multiselect fields (reactivity species and applications), plus a select field (purity) and a text field (concentration) - ADDED: the field type in antibodies import has updated to include all current types - BUG: actions2 now processes correctly the structures upload - ADDED: two types were added to the antibodies type field (Bispecific and Stain) - ADDED: possibility to add group master administrator, which can add/edit/delete users for that particular group - ADDED: missing risks (H206, H207, H208, H229, H230, H231, H232, H420, P101, P102, P103) were added to the install folder (risks_safety_insert_data_update_2.txt) - also necessary to make in the upgrade to 5.3 (right now patch in chemicals.php) - ADDED: risks select's in chemical module form are now ordered by code instead of id - ADDED: it's now possible to make searchs by multiple ID's separated by comma - ADDED: now the export works with by_id in order to export multiple ID's - ADDED: additional fields added to the import - ADDED: modules form with only selected fields now correctly doesn't edit fields there aren't in the form, before if weren't selected to be in the form it put them to empty - BUG: Batch lots inventory (creation mode) was not creating - BUG: retrieve passowrd authentication mode (smtp) --- v5.24 01/12/2016 --- 05-22/12/2016 - BUG: modules form in duplicate mode now works correctly with the ID present (semi-automatic ID mode) - ADDED: modules form in duplicate mode now has a checkbox to chose either create or not create a normal link - ADDED: module search table now has a header with the fields legend's that always stays visible - ADDED: recipes/production log had a CSS change - ADDED: recipes/production now has a home button to unselect a recipe - ADDED: recipes/production now writes in the comments/description of the created record - ADDED: helper text is now visible and not just in a tooltip - ADDED: modules form now has an option to line seps become automatically selected in when a custom field inside that line sep is selected (...&custom_fields=XXX,XXX&auto_line_sep=1) - CHANGED: demo mode accepts default to custom modules replacement. - NEW: automatic backup task setup from inside LabCollector - BUG: LDAP importer user count ************** 2017 ************** --- 04/01/2017-02/03/2017 - ADDED: export and print (and respective admin areas) now have an option for the number of vials - ADDED: check_tube function to parse all modules - ADDED: runtime sql mode change - ADDED: recipes can now be used to create lot, either a lot of an existing CH or a new CH with a new lot - BUG: "PO number is" select in the advanced search of current order list now only shows current PO options - ADDED: allow sharing between groups option (for the secodary owners) added to the form admin area - ADDED: fields inside a category in the module form now have a different CSS to be more visible - BUG: now it's not possible to create normal links to same record (popup window where normal links are created now doesn't show the selected record) - BUG: normal links to same record now appear in content insert in order to users be able to delete them (for previous versions) - BUG: help_users.php inside of the folder help had a typo ('crate' changed to 'create') - BUG: import preview now show correctly the custom fields in CH and EQ - CHANGED: support for new PHPEmail - ADDED: when animal dead date is inputed the animal is removed automatically from his cage - ADDED: possibility to hide sequence info (lenght, tm, gc) in the primers module - BUG: sequence count before had " " in the lenght count - ADDED: batchs/lots inventory export now also exports the chemical category - BUG: custom module deletion now deletes from table modules_field, this prevents duplicated fields when creating a new custom module with the same name of the deleted one - CHANGED: SD file import in molecules allow better support for TAGS and ChemBank (http://chembank.broadinstitute.org) SDF export files. - BUG: smiles field didn't appear in the structures record - BUG: export/print didn't show the molecule fields formula, smiles and mw - CHANGED: molecule viewer - ADDED: support for CIF files (crystallographic) in structures module and ELN - CHANGED: in the module form the ID field (when active) is now shown on top of the form instead after the name field - BUG: duplicated JOIN in storage form query in case of group filter that led to empty select - CHANGED: structures popup (in table view) still had the old module form to edit the record - BUG: genbank upload when special characters in file - BUG: upload functions when apostrophe in name - ADDED: print and export now have a field that shows the molecule structure in module CS - ADDED: new admin area to manage genotype tags - ADDED: advanced search in strains module now has a field to search for genotype - ADDED: new Dymo framework (works fine in IE and Firefox but needs a Dymo update for Chrome and IE Edge) - ADDED: barcode_series detects if there are no dymo printers and produces a link to the Dymo website - ADDED: setup now has a link to the Dymo website - BUG: editing license - ADDED: add/edit of decimal custom fields now has a decimal size validation to prevent fields in the modules_custom table that don't exist in the module table because of an incorrect alter table - ADDED: when deleting a custom field if the field don't exist in the module table (exists only in module_custom) the delete is done automatically to prevent mysql errors - CHANGED: new design for recipes PDF report - ADDED: additional fields were added to the recipes log - ADDED: when creating a new record if the module has autonaming then the name field is readonly unless the user checks an edit checkbox option - ADDED: when editing a record the name field is always readonly unless the user checks an edit checkbox option - BUG: tag system autocomplete now doesn't show repeats of the same tag - ADDED: new form with custom fields for the equipment maintenance - ADDED: new select options for the field "form" in the CS (structures) module - ADDED: admin users now displays the users limit, users already created and the users you have left to create - ADDED: install and install direct share the same include to fill the database data - BUG: storage XML encoding and special chars are now accounted for - ADDED: option to send email from localhost php mail() - ADDED: volume added to storage import - BUG: function includeLangFileLC only makes the include of the lang file if lang_select is selected - CHANGED: new and more complete versionning system - CHANGED: primer's sequence, in orders management, now is truncated and with a tooltip that shows the complete sequence - ADDED: primer's sequence tooltip (in orders) and the tooltip that shows the database name of a custom field (in custom fields admin area) now only disappear on unfocus and not on mouseout - BUG: chemicals pagination now works correctly with risks icon filter - BUG: duplicate form now has a cancel button --- v5.25 02/03/2017 --- 06-14/03/2017 - BUG: unique code limit in storage forms (fancybox) - IMPROVED: Import storage now alerts if a position is already taken. - IMPROVED: Storage importer with colors and easier interface (LT408/416) - BUG: storage importer: contact names not taken (LT403) - BUG: modules import failed with field names having dashes (LT415) - BUG: the normal link - relative to to R&S record (chem_parent) to it's child link (chem_child) - displayed in the R&S content insert was linking to same R&S module instead of the child record module (LT417) - CHANGED: created date filter in modules extended to 5 years - BUG: small bug in license user count --- 22/03/2017 - BUG: maintenance form now working correctly when you open the form on the edit link in the tab MORE>>>> (LT432) --- 27-03/04/2017 - ADDED: modules custom fields database name now replaces "-" with "_" and also the name is all lower case - ADDED: batch export (Export All Lots to Excel) now includes seller, seller reference, brand and brand reference - BUG: animals module now adds and edits correctly when using animal date of death - BUG: animals module form now allows for the origin crossing to be empty --- 17-20/04/2017 - BUG: add or edit custom fields had a bug with the char ' in the helper text field - ADDED: new field InChI on structures module. Molecule drawn also imports from/exports to this field - ADDED: pom alert to user that made the order now uses phpmailer and smtp (order_list_current.php) instead of mail() - CHANGED: speed optimization on modules strains, primers, plasmids, antibodies and samples (LT426) - CHANGED: send EQ alerts to secondary owners too (LT468) - ADDED: new custom field type 'time' (LT431) - ADDED: function email_alerts now uses current smtp instead of php mail() - ADDED: new custom field type 'userlist' (LT409) --- 24/04/2017 - CHANGED: modules form doesn't allow name editing for users and staff if autonaming is active - ADDED: insert sequence from SQ module on Plasmid Map Editor (LT459) --- 24/04/2017 - CHANGED: emails to PO seller now verifies if it's to use SMTP class or PHP localhost to send emails --- 27/04/2017 - ADDED: custom field 'decimal' - add option for a statistical value verification (LT469) --- 02/05/2017 - BUG: Add box in group limited users had no access to shared freezers (including in module form and in storage form) - BUG: custom field 'decimal' - insert integer 0-9 didn't work - BUG: custom field 'decimal' - edit value and leave blank didn't work - BUG: analysis tab - blank popup when click 'save' button (LT486) --- 08-09/05/2017 - BUG: when adding a new project code in Manage Project Codes the insert failed when using chars like ' (mysql escape inserted in the query) - BUG: excel 2016 wasn't being able to open exported excel files created by PHPExcel because the file format or file extension was not valid - CHANGED: custom fields cannot start with numeric characters (produces XML errors, in versionning for example, because of tags started with numeric characters) - BUG: when adding a new text custom field the column validation was giving an mysql error --- 11-15/05/2017 - CHANGED: PDFs generated from PO changed to A4 size, portrait orientation and more readable colors - BUG: Memorized items in Barcode Label Series with Dymo (LT503) - NEW: Group Policies allow add-ons block to groups - BUG: popup in box grid not working on some cases (positions without comas) --- 16-24/05/2017 - BUG: in the module search the dynamic line titles couldn't used the function linked_data to get the values of custom fields type link because the function linked_data uses global variables - BUG: tube counters in storage browser - ADDED: Batch tool record now has Grifols Triturus equipment format data merging. - CHANGED: Quick destock improved for mobile and sektop usage --- 24/05/2017 - ADDED: Volume on export - BUG: Edit storage on main storage AJAX must refresh main insert DIV not storage div - ADDED: Update records with API web service allows update by label (besides by id) - ADDED: PUT method in API web service accepts a new parameter to insert a new record if record not found --- 30/05/2017 - CHANGED: new custom fields go to the end of the list instead of the beggining --- 02/06/2017 - ADDED: Filter by maintenace fields on equipments module --- 06/06/2017 - CHANGED: Update molsoft library to display molecules with charge on Ca or P - CHANGED: Allow insert images on templates for Purchase Orders (LT523) - ADDED: Option Verify Fields Integrity added to custom fields admin area in order to clear any problems due to incomplete custom field's deletion --- 13/06/2017 - BUG: API POST doesn't insert samples if sampletype is empty - BUG: Link to 'Plasmid Map Editor' shows a blank page --- 14/06/2017 - ADDED: Lock system. Prevent multiple edition on the same record and show a message (LT101 & LT527) - CHANGED: Custom fields type file and file2 are now TEXT type in the MySQL database instead of VARCHAR(1000) because of MySQL maximum table size --- 15/06/2017 - CHANGED: New custom field name input has a max lenght of 50 chars --- 16/06/2017 - CHANGED: Option Verify Fields Integrity now displays the deleted fields --- 19/06/2017 - CHANGED: sellers conversion between sellers table and AD module now prevents duplicated names (unless same name different categorie in module AD) - ADDED: sellers conversion between sellers table and AD module now creates a backup of the destiny table before the data migration (inserts) --- 21/06/2017 - 28/06/2017 - ADDED: open records by click on name - BUG: derive to sample in custom modules was wrong old form --- 30/06/2017 - BUG: netplasmid: allow place optional insert in any position of the sequence and update the result sequence --- 05-06/07/2017 - CHANGED: in the modules list now columns with text too big are truncated with "..." and the full text is available on mouse over - ADDED: module EQ export now receives the maintenance search filters used in the search to filter accordingly - CHANGED: Login audit trail now saves visitor/user IP (LT543) - CHANGED: custom fields with over 100 fields no longer have drag & drop to determine fields order - CHANGED: custom fields now has a tooltip when clicked in the order number to send the selected field to a determined position (if less than 100 fields both systems work - tooltip and drag & drop) --- 10/07/2017 - BUG: in both export and print when the field storage was selected but not the field secondary storage there was so missing information relative to the storage field (namely the box_details) - BUG: primary owner storage wasn't showing in content insert or storage insert - CHANGED: custom field legends are now limited to a maximum lenght of 100 chars, when this lenght is reached an alert tooltip is showned and no more chars are allowed - ADDED: in custom fields is now possible to change the database name -- 11-14/07/2017 - BUG: import from GenBank file supports all kind of break line (Windows, Linux, OSX) - CHANGED: enabled versioning control for updates coming from API, including Parser add-on - ADDED: login rule to restrict login from IP (LT544) -- 17-21/07/2017 - BUG: increase limit of characters for plasmids' map image (LT423) - BUG: hard return in rich text editor (Safari) sends the cursor to the first character in the text box (LT465) - CHANGED: update ckeditor v4.7.1 (LT561) - ADDED: inline lot qty edit now saves comment (LT572) - CHANGED: removed viewer for CIF files - BUG: tab ELN for primers is blank - ADDED: Storage export on rack level (in storage browser) (LT218) - IMPROVED: Plasmid map editor genbank annotations: display field 'type' on map labels instead of field 'name', name + type is visible on click users can set colors to genbank annotations not display labels of genbank annotations if sequence is very small (in comparison with size of plasmid) to avoid overlapping improve algorithm to display restriction sites labels, to avoid overlapping subdivide manage preferences section in 3 parts users can choose 'map_primary_stroke' = features | genbank, in netplasmid > manage preferences > misc general styles improved, redundant labels removed and better disposition on page -- 24/07/2017 - CHANGED: Extension restriction when uploading images: logo and file type icons. Only .png, .jpg and .gif is allowed - ADDED: Replaced EPL printing from Java to JS -- 02/08/2017 - ADDED: new record's archiving system with value 1 and value 2, being number 1 equal to normal archive and number 2 equal to a readonly status (only number 1 is reversible) - CHANGED: modules search now has a filter for record status allowing to search for active, archived, readonly or all records - CHANGED: export now takes into account the record status filter - CHANGED: equipments with maintenance history cannot be deleted (only archived or readonly) - CHANGED: chemicals with simple storage cannot be deleted just like when they have storage in main storage - CHANGED: chemicals with lots cannot be deleted (only archived or readonly) -- 18/08/2017-23/08/2017 - CHANGED: function validateUser to become central authentication function including all methods - CHANGED: update date now changed when doing mass record updater and price updater - CHANGED: mass record updater and price updater now trigger versionning in order to have the versions previous to the mass updater - CHANGED: mass record updater now stores ALL records ID's and ALL fields updated (mass price updater only stores ALL records ID's) in a single history record that groups ALL info for that mass update - CHANGED: importer now stores ALL imported records ID's in a single history record that groups ALL imported ID's for that import -- 28/08/2017-01/09/2017 - ADDED: chemicals lots now have the possibility to upload a file/report to be associated with a specific lot (like equipments maintenance) - CHANGED: href to Add New Record no longer includes irrelevant information that only cause the URL to become too long (namely $_SERVER["QUERY_STRING"]) - ADDED: Reagents & Supplies module now has custom fields for the risks tab - ADDED: Risks tab fields from Reagents & Supplies module can now be exported/printed in the Reagents & Supplies export/print - ADDED: Risks tab fields from Reagents & Supplies module can now be used as filters - BUG: linpick popup to select the linked records for custom fields of the type link didn't worked correctly in the maintenance form - BUG: Maintenance tab filters had a bug, that is now corrected, if there was a database column with the same name in both tables (maintenance and equipments) - ADDED: Maintenance tab fields from Equipments module can now be exported (general export or by equipment in the maintenance tab) -- 04/09/2017-05/09/2017 - ADDED: Postfix in custom fields. Text to be displayed always after value - ADDED: Default operator in Web Service API. If request doesn't receive keeper, default operator will be used -- 07/09/2017-08/09/2017 - ADDED: chemical lots now retain the original lot quantity - CHANGED: chemical lots quantities cannot be increased over the original quantity, can only be increased to a maximum value equal to original quantity - CHANGED: only admins can edit chemical lot - ADDED: option to destroy chemical lots (only users with destock permissions can destroy lots) - ADDED: new function to save chemical lots consumptions with more details -- 11/09/2017-15/09/2017 - CHANGED: Modules Export rebuild to replace GET by POST (LT591) - CHANGED: Include dependent fields on export features (LT492) - BUG: Export storage: Rack missing (LT436) - BUG: Alter field 'module' of table 'module_fields_options' to varchar(50) (LT555) - ADDED: Option to export attached files on print record - ADDED: Web service API reads project code - BUG: Web service API accepts encoding charset using PUT method (previously only accepted that header param using POST) -- 18/09/2017-19/09/2017 - ADDED: Web service API accepts values for custom fields of type select and yesno - BUG: Add tube failed in FF and IE on add new record or edit record (LT453) - BUG: Missing value for volume on export modules, field Storage (LT515) - BUG: Character ' blocked value for custom field of type select list (LT495) - BUG: Staff/Staff+ lost access to Import Pubmed Papers into Documents module, and Import Genbak Data on Plasmids and Sequences modules (LT521) -- 20/09/2017 - 21/09/2017 - BUG: timer field was calculating the Now() time with PHP instead of JS (with PHP the time was always the same for loaded page) - IMPROVED: AutoFill racks/boxes now accept increment with letters -- 26-29/09/2017 - ADDED: Update records with API web service allows multi-upload for custom fields of type file or file2 - BUG: Remove color to secondary storage, selecting 'no color' was not working (LT242) - BUG: Color legend was not visible on add or edit secondary storage - BUG: Custom fields of type 'Link' were not clickable on maintenance tab - IMPROVED: barcode multisearch now accepts unique codes in any module - IMPROVED: aliquots barcode search now works on multisearch - IMPROVED: In PO to Sellers setup, allow to choose to add CC to the email sent (requester email, user that submits and custom addresses) - BUG: Archive/Unarchive tooltp (LT446) - ADDED: print box map button added in storage browser box level -- 02-06/10/2017 - BUG: When editing a Documents record if we checked delete previous and upload a new one, no file was uploaded at the end (LT573) - ADDED: On a record, when versioning is active, show current version (LT575) - BUG: RS Consumptions export does nothing (LT560) - BUG: RS Consumptions filter is not filtering properly - BUG: RS Consumptions print opens a blank page - ADDED: registry book tab available on all custom modules (LT622) - NEW: History/audit trail export to CSV (LT185) - CHANGED: custom fields integrity check now presents a list and a cofirm button before deleting incorrect fields - CHANGED: custom fields integrity check now saves in audit trail - ADDED: Volume field added to main record forms (LT400) - IMPROVED: superadmin user edit does not allow user names already taken (LT402) - ADDED module indication on links tabs below records (LT596) - ADDED: Default field 'State/Province' on module Address Book (LT548) - BUG: NCBI both external and internal blasts not working (608) - BUG: Typo in import storage (LT631) - BUG: extra slash on helper text or sufix on custom field (LT630) - ADDED: Custom Dymo label templates can be uploaded - ADDED: Print record has 2 signature boxes and module name (LT634) - BUG: Alerts ignored custom modules on waiting data (LT635) - ADDED: Chemical Structures - Export in SDF (LT471) - ADDED: Option to make project code mandatory on modules default fields configuration (LT387) - ADDED: Associate security groups to projects code (LT387) -- 09-18/10/2017 - CHANGED: module form now blocks duplicated unique codes (LT569) - BUG: module form had a bug on multiple realtime validations - BUG: import doesn't show invalued imported users (user that don't exist in LC user list) - ADDED: import now imports the new select user custom field type correctly (LT607) - ADDED: Web service API includes info of custom fields of type file and file 2: name, size, type and content in base64 - ADDED: Web service API includes plasmid sequences in plasmids module - BUG: in a module with an analysis tab editing analysis tab removed the existing files (LT638) - BUG: securize download scripts to disallow access to private files in shared servers - CHANGED: download links for PO forms and templates are not direct download now - CHANGED: online file viewer doesn't use direct url, but embed binary data - ADDED: DC versionning to has an link to the previous file (LT574) - ADDED: Sequences and Plasmid modules - Export in GB Format (LT356) - BUG: export rack (storage browser) - CHANGED: import preview shows incorrect values in multiselect fields and imports only the correct ones - ADDED: users can belong to more than one group, and see content of those groups in modules - CHANGED: allowing master administrators to create new lab members (not only user account) (LT464) - CHANGED: in users management page, alert user if click pagination and there are changes without save - BUG: batch tools: merge method and open custm fields panel (also new layout on custom fields panel) - CHANGED: custom lab logo doesn't use direct link to make it compatible with htaccess protection - CHANGED: custom link icons and custom modules icons doesn't use direct link to make it compatible with htaccess protection - ADDED: global security to redirect to login page if no user logged - IMPROVED: mass updater now shws the expected values of dynamic fields (select, checkbox, etc) - BUG: get derived form function had a bug - NEW: WF addon now has a tab that shows the active workflows for that record --- v5.30 18/10/2017 -- 20/10/2017 - BUG: MYSQL index problem on versionning table - CHANGED: Added indexes for other recent tables - BUG: If user is not logged, version upgrade works but info is not displayed in page, only a wheel loading -- 24-25/10/2017 - BUG: Import fails with French language - BUG: Customized icons of modules don't appear in import window - BUG: Install fails if lab name has apostrophe -- 6/11/2017 - BUG: operator OR doesn't work on custom modules (LT674) -- 9/11/2017 - BUG: netplasmid on Internet Explorer doesn't work - BUG: login redirection url doesn't take into account subdirectories and cause a page not found error -- 15-16/11/2017 - BUG: staff users view a blank page when try to create a new post message from home page (LT684) - BUG: send a copy of user post by email to all users doesn't work on secure servers - BUG: path to logo on test email is wrong if LC main folder is root -- 20/11/2017 - BUG: Project Code Tool shows null result for ELN and workflow links (LT675) - BUG: Project Code Tool - description with multiple lines overlaps other content -- 22/11/2017 - BUG: secondary groups were interfering with the saving of secondary owners -- 23/11/2017 - CHANGED: linkpick pagination now uses GET parameters to build the query instead of making GET of the whole query because of URL too long errors -- 28/11/2017 - BUG: after creating a new user assigned to a group, it appears as full access on user list (LT693) - BUG: multiple groups - home page only shows primary group name, it has been changed to show all group names like modules pages -- 29/11/2017 - BUG: the total count of storage tubes and vials was incorrect due to the fact that the function count_tubes now uses a global box_details variable (LT696) -- 30/11/2017 - NEW: possibility to create categories fields inside custom fields type checkbox and multiselect - BUG: PO FORM popup display -- 01/12/2017 - ADDED: Corrected Dymo template upload and information --- v5.31 30/11/2017 -- 04/12/2017 - BUG: analysis tab edition form had a JS error (only in IE 11)(LT702) -- 05/12/2017 - NEW: custom fields type date can now have alerts configured - BUG: postfix doesn't work when it is related to fields inside category (LT701) - BUG: search for keyword in linkpick didn't worked (LT690) -- 12/12/2017 - BUG: custom logo is broken on print record, if htaccess is present - NEW: second level category fields - BUG: treeview popup had a bug on links to custom records - NEW: able to terminate record edition (read-only) in the manage memorize items area - BUG: the same permissions used to allow record edition are now also used to allow record analysis tab edition (LT 706) - BUG: visitors were able to use recipes (LT 707) - BUG: custom modules admin area would redirect to incorrect module in custom fields admin area (LT 678) - BUG: for the users groups permissions full access it's not the same as all groups selected (LT 688) -- 15/12/2017 - NEW: ability to print LC records values in the Dymo labels -- 19-22/12/2017 - NEW: second level category fields can now be correctly used as filters in filter display - NEW: categories fields inside custom fields type checkbox and multiselect can now be correctly used as filters in filter display - NEW: quick add of checkboxes (like for select options) in the module form - CHANGED: default fields name and keeper don't show the ON/OFF button - NEW: default fields now show the database name just like custom fields - BUG: when printing the unique code in dymo labels the record module would also be printed like in a normal codebar with record ID (LT 654) - BUG: Dymo labels now print the sub-pagination correctly (1/5, 2/5, ...) - BUG: the functionality to download attach files in the print was causing an JS error and that would prevent the click in the print button LT 697) - BUG: Scanner Batch tools allows again replication rack as secondary storage - NEW: Added microlate storage type to manage microplates. These are not editable (no tube removal). Previous plate type is called Tube Tray now/ - NEW: in the selected custom fields used to filter the fields in form if an category field is selected then all sub-fields will appear for edition - CHANGED: storage tab (list view) now only displays the general edit buttons (info, edit and delete) once for storage instead of one per position - BUG: normal link from chemical record to it's "chemical child" was incorrect (LT 680) - BUG: in the documents module the upload of a file with apostrophe in the name would fail (LT 681) - NEW: new export column to export total volume (LT 714) - BUG: in the import in addition to the advanced option to import to wait listing the import now also imports to wait listing if the module as the wait option active (LT 718) - CHANGED: import will now clear one empty line at the end of the file/inputed text if there is one (LT 717) --- v5.31b released 22/12/2017 ************** 2018 ************** -- -- 04-05/01/2018 - CHANGED: removed double tabulation on install script (possible bug on mysql5.5) - CHANGED: in EQ module the reservation tab will now only appear in equipments that allow reservations (if such restriction exist) -- 08-12/01/2018 - CHANGED: upgrade - the indexes of new tables are created together with tables, instead of separated sentences - ADDED: Webservice API token barcode print -- 15-16/01/2018 - BUG: when creating/editing a custom field in analysis tab of a custom module the refresh would cause the page to go back to the custom module main list (LT 735) - BUG: same ordenation proccess for multiselect/checkbox custom fields in admin area and in the form (LT 731) - BUG: when exporting with a template model the search filters weren't taked into account resulting in an export of the full module listing (LT 730) - NEW: external authentication with SAML -- 18-19/01/2018 - BUG: when importing risk pictograms it was added an empty pictogram at the end that caused a broken image (LT 598)(LT 677) - BUG: on type date fields remove 0000-00-00 from showing in record view (content_insert_custom), export and print (LT 664) - CHANGED: Samples Batch Tool now has a more detail history entry as well as SP registy tab entry (LT 708) - BUG: the CH module form now takes into account who can add lots according to the preferences setting in order to show the button "Save & Add Lot"(LT 685) - CHANGED: the logout process now stores the logout IP just like the login process stores the login IP -- 22-25/01/2018 - BUG: CH risks tab had a problem of duplicated jQuery inclusion resulting in a problem when using multiple fancybox's - BUG: chinese chars were appearing as html entities in the download file name - BUG: form to edit secondary straws storage wasn't updating sec_id - ADDED: batch tools plate template (adn templates upload in rack setup) -- 30-31/01/2018 - BUG: typo in Reagents & Supplies module (LT 761) - BUG: typo in Tools >> Purchase Order Management (LT 760) - BUG: typo in Admin >> Data >> Trasfer Data - BUG: typo in Admin >> Data >> Fields Masks - BUG: typo in Alerts - CHANGED: custom fields - increase the limit for the file name from 100 characters to 250 characters (LT 695) -- 01-07/02/2018 - ADDED: validations for decimal custom fields - enforce min/max value (LT 742) - BUG: form to add main storage didn't display color names, and comments textbox's label was wrong - NEW: Chemicals disposal requests management - CHANGED: custom modules admin now has easy icon selection by click on image - ADDED: spreadsheet preview on custom fields (LT 691) - BUG: storage edition in storage tab list view was refreshing incorrectly (module table passed instead of module short name) - NEW: Equipment maintenance/calibration control charts - CHANGED: add filtering by group on message posting - ADDED: EQ out of order status -- 13-16/02/2018 - BUG: custom field edition wasn't working (except for fields and decimals because of new fields min and max) - BUG: users edition no longer allows duplicated usernames (was already the case in create user) - BUG: custom fields database name change now takes into account line_sep and searchin - BUG: custom fields searcin "link to" icon wasn't showing the module target of the searchin - BUG: multiple groups - create/edit record only shows one group name on footer, it has been changed to show all group names like home and modules pages -- 21-23/02/2018 - BUG: Delete storage from memorized records was not deleting comments and colors - BUG: Storage import comments on main storage cleaned on overwriting imports - NEW: new indexs to optimize LC database performance - BUG: destock (popup, tab and standalone) would submit a false destock when the quantity to destock was 0 or empty - BUG: PDF fileviewer in document module in Chrome and IE doesn't work (LT722) - BUG: Delete multiple records for CHEMICALS did not delete risks associated (LT801) - NEW: protected fields in form, read-only mode fields could be linked to automation (only receive from API) (LT800) -- 26-27/02/2018 - NEW: linkpick now is able to select records from multiple modules on the same page (no need to open and close) - BUG: linkpick now doesn't insert duplicated links - NEW: highlight changes in versioning (LT372) - NEW: include record current version in versions list to be able to compare with previous version - CHANGED: remove blank space from the start and end of User ID on Admin -> Manage users -- 28/02/2018 - NEW: custom fields type link can now be imported through their database format (previously it was just the link name) - BUG: the example with legend tags downloaded in the import now shows the database name when there is no legend instead of the database name with spaces instead of "_" - BUG: export and print were showing the orientation of the PR module as an integer instead of the corresponding text value (LT807) -- 02/03/2018 - NEW: new system of Primary Group Restriction -- 05-07/03/2018 - BUG: blast protein sequences in Linux caused error - BUG: blast results are empty if sequence length is less than 60 - ADDED: audit trail/history log allows link to record and brings now real staff name - BUG: structures form had a bug in editing mw value - BUG: menu problem on admin permission (LT806) - BUG: corrected IN/OUT audit trail report - BUG: import had a bug when importing select/multiselect custom fields whose values had accents -- 08-09/03/2018 - NEW: Added filter by risk on Tools>>Users R&S Consumptions list - CHANGED: new audit trail more detailed for admin >> manage users (LT699) - NEW: auto-login timeout option (LT123) -- 12-15/03/2018 - BUG: project code management doesn't save groups correctly - BUG: Edit maintenance was not disabled on locked maintenance - BUG: import now writes 0 instead of NULL in the database for secret and wait - BUG: module form now detects previous uploaded files to check mandatory custom uploads (MT661) - NEW: super admin can now unlock locked records (read-only records) - NEW: mandatory reasons for archive, lock and restore archived, locked records if compliance is active - CHANGED: lock records only for compliance active - NEW: module form mandatory reasons for record edition if compliance is active - NEW: show last login date on login successful - NEW: show last login date of each user on users management page - ADDED: reason for record edition is visible on version list - ADDED: option to send alert if user is blocked after 3 failed attempts - NEW: text custom fields can be encrypted in database (LT307) -- 21-22/03/2018 - ADDED: button logout on idle screen (M1677) - ADDED: backup file deletion confirmation (M729) -- 25-27/03/2018 - NEW: SHA256 option with strong password rules - NEW: SHA256-strong imposes superadmin changed passwords to become temporary. User needs to change on next login - CHANGED: New maintenance date must be today or past (not future). - ADDED: Box label now gets equipment name as free text - NEW: popup for quick lab member addition in Manage Users (M1740) - NEW: superadm can now block/unblock a user login in Manage Users (M1681) - CHANGED: block the conversion when the select of category is changed to yes (M1761) -- 03-04/04/2018 - BUG: a master admin can only edit users in his master groups (groups he is master admin) that have no primary or the primary is one of his master groups - CHANGED: AFTER attribute was removed from all queries of upgrade.php - CHANGED: upgrade.php now has no multiple MySQL commands in the same query - BUG: FIFO alert is active again in the quick destock fancybox (M193) -- 05-06/04/2018 - BUG: js_code was updated to prevent JS errors when there is multiselect/checkbox custom fields with category but no sub-fields has filters - CHANGED: name and owner fields now are always mandatory and their mandatory status can't be removed in the admin area of the form (M808) - CHANGED: new audit trail more detailed for admin >> preferences (M483) - CHANGED: new audit trail more detailed for custom fields management (M482-I) - CHANGED: new audit trail more detailed for default fields management (M482-II) - CHANGED: new audit trail more detailed for equipment maintenance (M796) - CHANGED: new audit trail more detailed for transfer data (transfer the ownership of a record) (M781) - BUG: users can't order primers but the order link container still appeared to users despite being empty, now the container doesn't appear (visual bug)(M806) - CHANGED: new audit trail more detailed for admin >> setup (M1672) - ADDED: Purchase Order List, past orders show invoice when available. Filter on invoice too. (M1799) -- 09-12/04/2018 - BUG: the total volume given in export needed to take into account the tubes of each storage (main and secondary) (M1819) - ADDED: Audit trail direct access from Admin menu (M1821) - ADDED: new tag for ordering templates: ##order_by## - BUG: Tools>Manage memorized items now edit with current fancybox mode (M662) - ADDED: Add maintenance to all equipment on memorized list (M1818) - ADDED: In alerts for EQ contract/warranty, now it is possible to edit and renew the dates right from the alerts (M1825) - CHANGED: module form now shows an alert when the warranty/contract date is automatically set to "No" because of past expiration date (M1675-I) - CHANGED: module form now validates the expiration date when the warranty/contract status is set to "Yes" (M1675-II) - BUG: PO sent to seller now sends an email per PO and not an email per each item in the PO (M780-I) - BUG: the PDF attachment in the PO email was being sent empty because of the special chars (accents) in the username that requested the order (M780-II) - BUG: print aliquots on Dymo (M518) - BUG: FIXED: EQ module, visitor can enter maintenances (M1831) - BUG: Mass Record updater > removed fields date_created, date_modified, secret, wait (M1834) - BUG: Print worklist from saved list popup (M705) - CHANGED: visitor level users now cannot be selected in the module form as owners, secondary owners or in the custom fields user selects (M1828-I) - CHANGED: visitor level users now cannot access the module form via direct link in the browser (M1828-II) - BUG: is now possible to create lot numbers with special chars (M116) - BUG: Order list cancel option was possible even after PO generated or sent to selllers (M1839) - CHANGED: the new more detailed audit trail for admin >> manage users now only creates a record for those users actually edited (M778) - ADDED: Import budget codes from CSV (M1852/1846) - CHANGED: import of budget periods allow update (M725) -- 16-20/04/2018 - CHANGED: chemical module now allows for the same owner logic (optional) as the rest of the modules (M1816) - BUG: manage recipe page had an encoding problem in french language (M419) - BUG: recipe PDF report was being generated empty in some cases because of special chars such as accents (M420) - CHANGED: multiple owners option is now by module instead of being the same option for all modules (M418) - CHANGED: module CH export now shows more detailed data for the batchs columns instead of just the full quantity available (M235) - CHANGED: more complete integrity check for custom fields, before only deleted fields present in modules custom but not present in the module table, but now also deletes the reverse meaning database fields present in the module table but not in modules_custom (M1804) - CHANGED: module export and print now have the possibility to export Creation Date and Last Update columns (M542) - CHANGED: install and upgrade now have int instead of tinyint in fields that higher numbers are necessary (M1869) - BUG: function linked_data when used altered the module table in use (linked_data global variables) on analysis tab display (samples_insert_analysis) - BUG: fields inside a category field wouldn't appear as filter in analysis tab (M503) - CHANGED: new audit trail more detailed for storage import and mass updater (M539) - CHANGED: new audit trail more detailed for main and secondary storage edition (M558) - BUG: new storage equipment form in manage storage had an escape duplication (M498) - ADDED: possibility to add creation date and update date to the summary line (M651) -- 23-27/04/2018 - BUG: a JS reload was causing the page to reload after an post which was causing a second submit and the display of a re-submit form alert message (M308) - ADDED: new generic option to print labels in Dymo - BUG: maintenance tab table limited the width of the columns even for links and because of that the links cutted with ... couldn't be clicked (M1896) - BUG: the module form will now force empty MySQL fields date and time to NULL so MySQL don't place 0s values such as 0000-00-00 (M668) - BUG: storage browser display height on box list view (show legend was truncated) (M624) - BUG: Delete/clean box with from storage browser or without records was not deleting positions (m1885) - BUG: delete/clean box secondary positions details not cleaned (M1886) - BUG: button logout of auto-login page doesn't work on IE (M1882) - ADDED: export system with multiple export formats for budget follow up (M1847) - ADDED: new filters (end date, manager and group) were added to the budget follow up filters (M1848) - ADDED: invoice filter in past orders is now used on the past order export - CHANGED: storage browser: left tree natural sorting (M1817) - BUG: Delete/clean box with from storage browser had not registry book data (M1887) - BUG: storage browser permissions: Staff+/Staff replaced main storage in a record without being the owner (M363) - ADDED: registry log on tubes movements for Scanner Batch Tools (M568) - BUG: load csv file to add values to a custom field of type select ignored lines with character ' (M506) - ADDED: new option to force budget selection when requesting orders (M1901) - CHANGED: new group logic used to determine access permissions for modules, addons and modules storage on login (M655) - ADDED: new error message for when you try to edit a budget period and it overlaps with another existing budget period (M1849) - ADDED: new audit trail more detailed for budget period, before audit trail was missing (M1909) - NEW: edit price and quantity of articles in order list (M1908) - CHANGED: budget period csv import now accepts Budget, Manager and Group (M1850) - ADDED: strict mode for general search using single quotes (') or double quotes ("") (M750) - ADDED: reason to delete worklist (M1914) - BUG: visitor and low level can edit EQ maintenance, lock, etc (M1831) - CHANGED: export and print system's field selection drop zone now is 100% height - NEW: now is possible to filter module records for previous lab members as owners (M643) - BUG: previously visitor level users could edit equipments reservations in the scheduler tab of the equipments module (M1912) - BUG: purchase order delivery storage not correctly assigned (M784) - BUG: mass updater now reads correctly the IDs of custom fields yes/no type (M757) - BUG: API functions to remove storage and volume are now in audit trail (M1913) -- 02-04/05/2018 - NEW: custom fields type link now allows to create links to lots (M466) - BUG: on a module form when editing custom fields type link with in replace mode, adding multiple links resulted in only 1 added (M1934) - ADDED: add hold/quarantine status to chem lots (M1906) - BUG: login loading looping on webservice setup page (M1937) - BUG: failure to create/edit a seller with single quotes (') on the name (M1938) - BUG: decimal field in analysis tab cannot be edited to empty (M1952) -- 07-10/05/2018 - NEW: possibility to active/deactivate custom fields (M1925) - CHANGED: module form called from WF and other add-ons now doesn't allow to quick add/edit select and multiselect fields options (M1883) - ADDED: icon LSM on modules SP,CH,CS,AN,AB y custom to view linked samples in Lab Service Manager add-on - ADDED: audit trail (history log) checksum verification (M1682) - CHANGED: quick destock both fancy and standalone now offers the option to derive (M1969) - ADDED: link records back to LSM (M1968) - CHANGED: if SAML is enabled, users passwords are not editable - BUG: action to clear all entries of POM now is record in audit trail, including all order IDs cleared (M1974) - CHANGED: add/edit custom fields only allow check readonly option for compatible field types - BUG: prevent width expansion of the history table when the column action is too big and with no spaces (M1970) - CHANGED: text changes (M1973) (M1975) -- 14-18/05/2018 - NEW: add signature for compliancy pack (M1680) - CHANGED: module form now allows for staff and staffplus to quick add sellers in case of AB option, in case of built-in sellers table quick add remains only for superadm and adm - CHANGED: default & custom fields that are disabled (turned off) don't appear in the module filters (M1982) - CHANGED: when selecting a saved export/print model now the system indicates which modules have export fields saved and automatically selects the first module that has export fields (M1991) - NEW: possibility to sort by date created and date modified in the module's records (M2001) - CHANGED: deleted login users (admin table) are now archived and not completely deleted from admin table (M1999) - NEW: block LC if user count exceeds maximum allowed by the user license (M2000) -- 21-24/05/2018 - BUG: default fields admin area now doesn't allow the configuration of custom modules unique code and comments if they are disabled in the custom module configuration (M2011) - NEW: block record deletion if they are linked to ELN, WF or LSM (M2029) - NEW: Replicate and derive records from memorized list (M2036) - BUG: Each record version has now the right info about custom fields of type database upload and disk upload (M2032) - CHANGED: set default charset 'ISO-8859-1' in header_charset.php - BUG: The link sent by email to users that want to reset their password goes to login page (M2056) - BUG: mass updater works correctly with custom fields type yes/no given the ID (M757) - ADDED: import now has a custom data separator in order use other than : or | (M2059) -- 29/05/2018 - NEW: possibility to archive contacts from archived (not deleted) logins (M2076) - BUG: when editing a budget the keeper selected was the session_id and not the budget actual keeper (M2079) - BUG: issue with file names in list of versioning (M2032) -- 31/05/2018 - BUG: PO form email wasn't send to requester when it was checked -- 01-08/06/2018 - BUG: IN/OUT report wrongly sees replaced storage - CHANGED: inline loading of record tabs to link R&S records (M2102) - CHANGED: limit to 1 user = 1 real person (M2120) - BUG: Custom fields set as mandatory inside a dependent category where not behaving (M769) - ADDED: Control on R&S to block deletion when record used in recipes (M2121) - CHANGED: Multi-group membership logic totally reviewed (M280) --- v5.40 released 08/06/2018 -- 12/06/2018 - BUG: postfix not visible in Analyis tab in sub-field (M2153) - BUG: documents records repeated if more than one user are assigned to the same contact and has primary group (M2165) -- 13/06/2018 - BUG: number of reagents and supplies on home page is only taking records with owner into account (M2161) - BUG: Sample process edition on more than 5 process. Now all process are listed in main view (M2163) - BUG: create new user asks for a password when option is enabled (M2164) - BUG: custom field order in maintenance tab, dependent fields could appear before category field (M2158) - BUG: edit a lot does not save the hold checkbox - CHANGED: improve recipe UI to remove ambiguity when creating a new product vs a new lot (M2169) -- 14-15/06/2018 - CHANGED: custom field of type userlist show all active lab members (not filtered by active users) (M2177) - BUG: Typos in Reagents & Supplies preferences (M2166) - BUG: unable to sign record after terminate record edition from memorized list (M2193) - BUG: contacts with no record in admin table (no login access) will now appear in the form, only hidden staff and staff WITH record in admin table AND user type to visitor will be filtered (M2191) -- 18-21/06/2018 - CHANGED: prevent a new login if one user is already logged (M2195) - BUG: group without any restriction cannot see COMMON BOX (M2197) - NEW: POM budget owner can approve if threshold is reached (line total) (M1743) - NEW: POM - request to be approved option. Incloudes also a threshold (M2173) - ADDED: Send email to requester when purchase order for order/item has been approved (M2072) - ADDED: Notify budget owner when purchase order total price is higher or equal than threshold (M2073) - CHANGED: speed up the users list loading in manage users page (M2209) - ADDED: Link to custom Fields: add a condition to limit the available records to link (M2170) - BUG: linkpick hided read-only records by default () -- 25-28/06/2018 - CHANGED: record edition form now doesn't pre-select the session_contact_id in case of empty owner (only relevante to CH) (M2234) - CHANGED: Project codes search on description (M2239) - ADDED: Microarrays on record options (M2242) - CHANGED: Editing a record did not apply the field mask on fields with already values inside (M2245) - BUG: batch tools with template was not picking the template names - BUG: autocomplete for gene name and gene id in microarrays modules search bar didn't work - CHANGED: records are now fully visible in general search. records are built in a generic way for JS so can be used from other places (M2098) - CHANGED: content insert link "define cage" now directs to the module form with the Cage Data tab selected - BUG: filter Purchase Order list by groups/budgets was failing (M2208) - BUG: filter Purchase Order list for staff with or without SEE ALL ORDERS option (M2255) - CHANGED: Purchase Orders can be cancelled even after PO generated or sent to sellers (M2256) - NEW: Direct online remote license retriever from clientarea into license page in LabCollector (M1996) -- 02-06/07/2018 - CHANGED: window size to enlarge for MOVE TO action (M2183) - ADDED: Storage browser tree: allow drag to move Freezer to other facility (M2150) - BUG: sequences module has menu available for visitors - BUG: R&S chemicals Save and Add a lot was not allowing simple storage (M290) - BUG: R&S chemicals alerts for quantities on lots with no expiration date (M2265) - CHANGE: R&S chemicals alerts and DOT mark to ignore lots with units (M2266) - CHANGE: EQ record cannot be be archived if alerts are active (M2286) - BUG: Text cut off in Reagents form (M2248) - NEW: New custom field type: Calculation within same record (M723) - CHANGED: R&S module storage now can be edited by storage onwer (M2097) - BUG: Version history was partially duplicated if a field of type checkbox and category field had no value - CHANGED: 1D barcode printing now makes 2 labels for very slim labels -- 09-12/07/2018 - ADDED: Reason to sign and reason to edit have preset choices (M2272) - ADDED: debug mode on send email function. Debug view on popup tester - BUG: module form now uses MySQL date for create_date and update_date (M2304) - BUG: analysis tab form / maintenance form had problems with sub-category custom fields because of duplicated elements IDs (in the form and in the module advanced search) (M2320) - ADDED: confirm dialog on the DEL ALL button on Purchase Order Manager. -- 15-20/07/2018 - ADDED: Mass record updater accepts option/select text or value ID (M2325) - ADDED: General search in R&S: filter on date of LOT entry (M2095) - ADDED: Option to avoid saved user/pass in browser (M2330) - ADDED: Add sample type when deriving in batch to Samples Module from a memorized list (M2337) - BUG: Chem Structures display and use molecule on structure search (M2331) - ADDED: choice of action to remove volume popup and derive to a new record (M2342) - ADDED: Archive/Unarchive/Lock/Restore/Sign in batch (memorized list) (M2324) - CHANGED: Manage preferences in R&S, long lists with slider (M2096 & M2346) - BUG: export on seach result from LOT ID doesn't filter (M2031) - NEW: Custom fields TEXT/DECIMAL make an option to force unique (M2047) - CHANGED: Purchase Order Manager accepts view only users when the users are permited to order (M2353) - BUG: Do not allow the mandatory option for SEARCH INTO custom field (M2149) - ADDED: add project code to the summary line (M2349) - CHANGED: recipes final product is now defined in the template: product, lot, just lot deduction (no final product) or free for users choice at execution time (M560 + M2253) - BUG: is now possible to creation recipes with apostophe (char ') in the name (M2185) - CHANGED: recipes tool now takes FIFO into account (M2030) - ADDED: Samples batch tools to scan and make it a derivation from a master rack/plate already in storage (M2361) - NEW: Purchase Order Manager now blocks reuse of PO numbers after PO formatted/edited and budgets are enforced if set so (M2356) -- 23-27/07/2018 - CHANGED: import now detects duplicated unique code values (M2015) - ADDED: Archive signed and /or locked records (M2323) - CHANGED: when saving a CH association in a module record now indicates if that records exists or not and alerts if it doesn't not (M2366) - CHANGED: the module form now mantains the keeper when that keeper was archived (M2257) - CHANGED: now it's not possible to archive a lab member if that lab member is the keeper of module records (M2219) - BUG: Calculated custom field - cannot add operators straight away (M2374) - CHANGED: now the FIFO lot selection takes lot validity into account (M2373) - CHANGED: more visible module title in the import system (M2027) - BUG: Decimal custom field converts to a text field after any change (M2352) - BUG: complete comment (user + date) on quick destock popup addiction or deduction to a lot (M2268) - BUG: when performing a quick destock the user responsable for the resquest was always the user logged in (ignoring the user select) (M2269) - BUG: now it's possible to remove a color of a custom field (M2264) - BUG: Storage tree rack and box names cause error if an apostrophe ' is in the name (M2171) - BUG: rack with accent blocks the rack view in storage browser and box filter (M2267) - BUG: group filter in add storage form doesn't work (M2290) - CHANGED: replace the instructions in the Custom Field option Field Mask (M2390) - BUG: Addition of record to sequences module (through Genbank Import) is not recorded in history (M2282) - CHANGED: PO to Sellers - typos (M2389) - CHANGED: linckpick now allows to search by barcode (M2118) - BUG: linckpick search didn't work properly when performing a search by clicking enter instead of the search button (M2118-II) - CHANGED: import now detects duplicated uniqueness custom fields values (M2015-II) - BUG: multisearch now has the last version of group filters (M2263) -- 30/07/2018 - BUG: group names with apostrophe cause sql errors (M2394) - NEW: indicate to which groups the record is shared (M2119) -- 31/07/2018 - NEW: custom fields for registry book tab (M2189) -- 01/08/2018 - BUG: new validation of parent animals IDs when inserting a new cross (M2411) - CHANGED: Approval Threshold can now be imported in budget import (M2420) - BUG: linkpick failed to add/replace links with ' (M2421) - BUG: module form failed to delete link tags when the same link was used in two different link custom fields because of duplicated IDs (M2422) - ADDED: option to force new products purchased received (new lots) to go to quarantine/hold (M2403) -- 03/08/2018 - CHANGED: manage users page now shows an message no users found when you search for a user (M2440) -- 09/08/2018 - ADDED: Send to sellers tools with better views and checkbox controls (M2471) -- 11/08/2018 - BUG: versioning popup display --- v5.41 released 13/08/2018 -- 14/08/2018 - BUG: problem on detection of default fields for volume and storage while doing integrity check. -- 20-24/08/2018 - BUG: If record name duplication is allowed saving a record with a duplicate name is blocked (M2519) - BUG: Formula designer for calculated field doesn't work on IE (M2515) - BUG: Plasmid to primer cross match search (M2524) - CHANGED: add a loading progress bar in admin custom fields - CHANGED: custom fields marked as readonly supports wedge input - CHANGED: give the option to specify rounding and field size on a calculated field (M2475) - CHANGED: for recipes designed to create new lots the recipes system now allows to select the lot product on execution side (M2510) - CHANGED: Unlock demo mode for more than 3 users - CHANGED: Input data with barcode readers didn't fire the validation of uniqueness fields (M2540) - ADDED: POM has now a new tag. In addition to ##items## there is ##itemsandrequesters## - CHANGED: modify lock system to allow people work in WF in parallel on different fields of the same record (M2547) -- 27-31/08/2018 - CHANGED: Upload from GenBank, use the filename as record name, instead of LOCUS content (M2554) - CHANGED: Gb format is not compatible with Snapgene (M2555) - CHANGED: Gb format includes a button to download a .gb file (M2555) - CHANGED: Fasta view includes a button to download a .fasta file (M2555) - BUG: Some fixes in export to GB and export to Fasta, and modify output to download a file instead of open a web page (M2556) - BUG: Batch tools single add link (M2474) - CHANGED: show decimal fields orderered by the same order in form in calculated fields formula designer - CHANGED: show calculated fields in form with a button to refresh value, they also are updated automatically - BUG: export fields was duplicating sub-fields (M2573) - BUG: preview of CSV/xls file is not displayed in add-ons - ADDED: text cust field control with criteria (M2535) - BUG: user count on admin users (M2579) - ADDED: more date formats in PO templates (M2470) -- 3-7/09/2018 - ADDED: custom fields of type link allow a second condition - BUG: calculated fields show a message user has not enough permissions in labcollector.online - ADDED: icons for readonly and uniqueness in Manage custom fields - BUG: exclude table abook of function check_contact_has_records because it has not field keeper - BUG: POM: budget filter on Budgets follow up was shwoing unrelated budgets (M2584) - ADDED: Individual protection pictograms in Risk Management (M2592) -- 10-18/09/2018 - NEW: POM allows to set if PO number is editable on current and past order lists (M2593) - ADDED: Quick Add of Packaging units in R&S (M2094) - CHANGED: Form quick options additions into fancybox and limited to staff+ and up (M2639) - BUG: When legends of fields are long, they are overlapped by the inputs (M656) - CHANGED: Input text larger for decimal fields - BUG: filter search on multipleselect/checkbox after importing without trail | (M2595) - BUG: display of minus symbol in select combobox (M2602) - BUG: display of fields in records, forms and export broken due to NULL condition (M2604) - IMPROVED: user with temporary password must change password (M2201) - ADDED: Validate decimal custom fields out of range in form (M2601) - BUG: multiple bugs in search and export with AND/OR or keywords in modules (SQ, PL, PR,MA,DC) (M2618) - BUG: duplicates are possible if two users create a record in the same time (M2619) - BUG: custom modules and chemical module were missing a primary group JOIN check - BUG: multisearch was incorrectly filtering by project code and group - CHANGED: users with only one group are not the share to options in the module form even when they have exlude common records option checked - ADDED: automatic EQ maintenance alert status moves to latest entry for each maintenance category. Does not accept multiple alerts per category. (M2641) - BUG: password in sha256 does not work with quotes (") (M2642) -- 21/09/2018 - BUG: module search wasn't showing the user's secondary owner records when the user belonged to a group with exclude common records active -- 25-28/09/2018 - BUG: recipes admin area and recipe PDF export showed incorrectly the chinese chars - NEW: QIAGEN direct ordering in POM (M2473) - CHANGED: Improve the selection of dependent fields in calculated field formula -- 01/10/2018 - ADDED: quantity taken by user recorded in comments and audit trail for lots (M2677) -- 04-11/10/2018 - ADDED: The list of versions includes a version control view of each individual field - ADDED: more restrictive rule for multiple deletions in CH module to prevent delete when lots and orders (M2682) - ADDED: Quick Add links in forms for categories in CH and EQ modules (M2686) - ADDED: Verifications on PO number and multiple suppliers/budget on current list or format PO - BUG: multiselect/checkbox filter not working on export function (M2565) -- 16-19/10/2018 - ADDED: Custom Field LINK to have option to limit to 1 per record (M2638) - BUG: records that belong to lab members(contact.id) with no user (admin.id) associated now appear in search results - BUG: export/print "Modules Fields" selection zone would align to center when all fields were added to the export column - ADDED: Add DATE+TIME field option(M2627) - ADDED: calculation on date+time fields (M2628) - BUG: version list dates - NEW: icon on record display to view field versioning -- 20-21/10/2018 - BUG: Animals Add New Record form via the Cages Occupation Plan is the old format (M2704) - CHANGED: Admin storage menu elements hidden to groups with no storage access (M2621) -- 22-26/10/2018 - BUG: login page forces full refresh now, to avoid login form inside iframes - ADDED: add double confirmation to the passord in reset form (M2057) - CHANGED: upload to genbank used html5 or flash runtime regarding browser, force html5 runtime - BUG: styles missing in RE profile (cutter.php) - BUG: autologin display status is well kept now among LC and add-ons -- 29-31/10/2018 - BUG: a category field (custom field) now cannot be moved to inside itself (second level category) because that would cause a loop (M2723) - NEW: backup retention policy from 0 to 7 copies (M2724) - BUG: second level custom fields didn't appear in the export results (M2725) -- 01-09/11/2018 - ADDED: New option to manage option to edit quantities/price on items purchased (after approval) (M2727) - ADDED: New option to allow view only groups to destock (M2728) - BUG: superadm, admin have a share to with all groups but the select wasn't appearing - BUG: hybridize tool had a mysql bug in reverse direction when there was filter by groups - BUG: Maintenance form JS error (M2513) - IMPROVED: Option to decide permissions to add maintenance (M2741) - BUG: Create a new record put 0 on decimal fields (M2713) - ADDED: ability to reactive an archived user login - BUG: admins could enter manage groups page by direct call/access when only superadm can manage groups (M2606) - BUG: Improved IN/OUT reports (M1911) - CHANGED: summary line align to the left (M2530) - NEW: now default fields also show the field type (M614) -- 14-16/11/2018 - BUG: custom field userlist was only correct in the "first" level (outside categories) (M2755) - BUG: the new form wasn't writing storage changes in Registry Book (strains_log) (M2754)(M2092) - BUG: export groups/project code groups filters were outdated - BUG: match validation in custom fields slows down input value for those fields in WF - BUG: Storage browser EQ view has a SQL error (M2769) -- 20-21/11/2018 - BUG: autolock pops just after a fresh login (M2778) - BUG: field masks not applied when editing. Should not replace existing values (M2245) - BUG: Animals module. Do not allow dead animal to be in crossing. -- 23/11/2018 - CHANGED: in import the genotype field (strains and animal) must always separated by space (M2776) - BUG: leading zerofill interfearing with storage in R&S deliveries (M2797) - BUG: disabled fields and custom fields shouldn't appear in import title tags and export setup (M2793) -- 26-28/11/2018 - BUG: range validation of decimal fields was not fired if value was 0 - BUG: Read-only field - data is lost after Edit and Save (M2801) - CHANGED: option to block a module record on free recipe (M2510) - BUG: search filters used in module search weren't up to date in export (M2806) - BUG: form didn't block text in decimal fields (and 0 was saved) - BUG: Problem editing records with " in name (M2821) --- v5.42 released 28/11/2018 -- 01-04/12/2018 - BUG: form validator for decimal numbers blocked empty values - CHANGED: now empty/with insufficient quantity lots cannot be checked for use in recipes instead of previous alert after lot checked (M2830) - CHANGED: prevent delete fields used in calculated fields formula (M2835) - BUG: LDAP importer - BUG: action reason written in WF didn't go to history and it was not displayed in version list -- 07-11/12/2018 - CHANGED: default fields abook_cat, packsize and date_death cannot be turned off (M2817) - ADDED: alternative paramaters on LDAP (M2860) - ADDED: POM - Better control on missing sellers - BUG: POM: units received to be multiplied by integrer of packsize (ordering units) (M2863) - IMPROVED: HTML template for PO improved for tag ##items## - IMPROVED: convert seller field 'Address' in textarea (M2868) - ADDED: Samples Batch Tools now accepts a CSV file to merge in generic mode option (M2862) - BUG: secondary owners were not able to add process in samples records (M2814) - BUG: POM receiving was not saving original quantity field (M2846) - IMPROVED: Have masks on custom modules and move masks to Manage default fields page (M2861) - BUG: Chemicals > Hold/Quarantine option missing in new record with option 'Save & Add a lot' (M2381) --- v5.421 released 11/12/2018 -- 13/12/2018 - BUG: malfunction of match verification on custom fields in WF using barcode reader (M2884) -- 13/12/2018 - IMPROVED: support JCK characters in PDF export (M2895) - BUG: decimal field is added on after editing a calculated field, if the field is used more than once in formula (M2896) ************** 2019 ************** -- -- 08/01/2019 - BUG: custom fields type link with chinese chars were displayed incorrectly in the form after their selection in linkpick -- 10-15/01/2019 - BUG: incorrect pre selection of the manager in budget import - ADDED: Opiton in Import storage converter from numerical position to coordinates(M2879) - BUG: link to download Purchase Order in multi-POM interface was broken (M2975) -- 16/01/2019 - BUG: issue with parentheses in calculated fields' formulas (M2977) - BUG: Analysis tab import popup was not filtering some new custom field types - BUG: LC/POM: Fuse lot fails (M3025) - BUG: treeview on custom links (M630) -- 05-11/02/2019 - BUG: second level sub-fields values were interfering with first level sub-fields visualization (when the form by default shows the sub-fields of the selected category option) - BUG: Mandatory custom fields inside sub categories where ignored on external use of the forms (ex: from WorkFlow) - ADDED: New tag in PO templates (Excel) for packaging size (M3070) - CHANGED: POM to forbid generating PO documents with multiple sellers (M3085) 14-16/02/2019 - NEW: calculated field: access to the fields of another module (M03026) - CHANGED: enlarge popups to create or edit custom fields - BUG: Volume removed from picklit in memory was not indicated in registry book - NEW: Volume take out in batch (picklit in memory) generates a summary table easy to copy 18-26/02/2019 - CHANGED: new system for importing CS files with headers and tags in same location adding tags as needed - NEW: possibility to import storage data when importing records (M3108) - CHANGED: add more details in the message of validation: OUT OF RANGE (M3056) - NEW: PL module search by sequence (M3115) - BUG: Fix the option to make a Select list custom field "Keyword Searchable" (M3083) - BUG: Mass record updater doesn't work for the Address book (M3126) - BUG: Export POM fails with staff+ (M3135) - BUG: duplicate form was processing incorrectly the custom fields type file and file 2 (M2944) - IMPROVED: load molecule data in editor to preview and extract info (M3137) - BUG: mandatory sub fields as checkbox (M3144) - CHANGED: Removed 'Any' or 'Not Applicable' from custom select list (M770) 02-17/03/2019 - IMPROVED: Mass record updater retains NULL on empty values (M3156) - ADDED: support for CDX binary view in molsoft viewer/editor (M3157) - ADDED: prevent unwanted page exits when defining lots on order receiving (M3164) - CHANGED: duplicate record verifies the block duplicate and auto-naming options (M3062) - BUG: options in custom fields not saving properly because field options saved in wrong way in modules_options (M2402) - ADDED: Convert custom field YES/NO type into SELECT (M3179) - BUG: Audit trail search on a specific date (M3180) - CHANGED: Record general links limited to reduced space and have a load more link (M3181) - ADDED: Support for 48 tubes in Sample Batch Tools - BUG: imported positions having spaces where not visible correctly in map (M2408) - BUG: import was missing the option for numeric box positions --- v5.422 released 17/03/2019 25/03/2019 - BUG: Manage memorized items, choosing action in bottom dropdown list doesn't ask for a reason (M3260) - BUG: Storage select on automatic mode or no available positions (M3212) - BUG: chemical structures JS code missing 12/04/2019 - BUG: Send PO to sellers sends an empty PDF, only header, if it contains the character ™ - CHANGED: Allow chinese characters in Purchase Order PDF sent to sellers 15-26/04/2019 - BUG: Adding operators with different keyboard layouts (except US) doesn't work in formula designer for calculated fields - ADDED: audit trail access to staff+ (by setup) - BUG: incorrect groups filter due to an error with the groups array that should be empty for this specific cases (M3290) - BUG: cap colors bug due to french and other language interface (M3287) - BUG: maintenance file downloads to be behind downloads.php (M3292) - BUG: order cart popup too small from alerts list (M3109) - ADDED: Option to hide scanner batch tools from home dashboard (M3312) - BUG: Demo license allows more modules than limit (M3186) - ADDED: Calculated fields supports aggregations on fields of the same module - BUG: automatic storage (mode 2) was not saving (M3245) - BUG: storage guesser blocking selection when no grid or no tube found (M3226) - ADDED: customs field match to also use prefix/suffix (M3336) 03-08/05/2019 - CHANGED: Versioning: N/A needs to be added in the first row of the column Modification Reason - BUG: delete multiple records does not delete multiple owner association (M3350) - ADDED: lots comments expandable for longer comments (M3361) - ADDED: Compliancy mode on user password to force reset every 3 months (M3365) 10/05/2019 - BUG: increase size for field 'module' in table 'signatures' 13/05/2019 - ADDED: add an informative range on calculated field (M3331) 23-24/05/2019 - BUG: Apostrophe in user name causes error in search tool in Manage Users (M3438) - BUG: Dymo barcode printing and search for Racks (M3404) - CHANGED: Maintenance document needs to be available by everyone once uploaded (M3093) - BUG: menu change to support zip file presence (M3360) 29-31/05/2019 - BUG: import now inserts NULL when there is an empty value but keeps 0 if 0 is inserted because 0 is a valid value (M3284) - BUG: general search was incorrectly not display records whose owner didn't have a user account (M3285) - BUG: modules forms do not look on all tables for unique_code check (M3456) - ADDED: Unique code verification on storage adding forms both on main and secondary (M2085) - CHANGED: Conditional jquery load on top to avoid repeating loadings. - BUG: access to storage in R&S left icon (M3280) - ADDED: Box ID and name in list map list view (M3358) 03-07/06/2019 - BUG: static masks in custom fields didn't work(M2861) - BUG: the difference between form name and database name of default maintenance date field (data/maintenance_date) would create problems when a custom field name date was created (M3482) - BUG: Checksum failed on some audit trail operations due to leading zeros (M3485) - BUG: Audit trail on POM operations lacks PO number or ID (M3435) - BUG: module record display now shows in the storage area the total quantity available per unit type instead of adding different units (M2850) (M3232) - BUG: don't display the full url in custom fields type URL when that url is too big and also show link icon (M2915) - BUG: horizontal scroll in import when table is too big(M2976) - BUG: multiselect filter now retains it's value when changing pages in module results (M3474) - CHANGED: module form now display an alert when exit without save if the name input has value - CHANGED: module form now prevents multiple submissions - CHANGED: Non-admins cannot delete/archive/lock others records (M2273 M3367) - BUG: import now inserts in registry book when storage data is imported (M2859) - BUG: clear all fields button in module search now also clears collapsed fields (M3168) - NEW: option in recipe to allow lot quantity edition on recipe execution (M3398) 10-28/06/2019 - BUG: aggregation calcs on fields of the same module has refresh issues (M3338) - BUG: Scheduled backups do not take new rule of limit number of backups to keep (M3029) - CHANGED: Other improvements in backups (M3029) - BUG: backup does not include triggers (M3513) - NEW: audit trail saving of invalid/OSS values(M3525) - BUG: recipe text typo (M3512) - BUG: POM: Partial delivery does not work when the package size > 1(M3511) - BUG: chemicals module archive/lock is open to anyone (M3542) - BUG: Dymo label print of custom tags from SELECT type (M3515) - BUG: Mass record updated allows view only/blocked users to update (M3560) - BUG: Bug showing a SQL error while editing a main storage on the aliquots list view (M3562) - BUG: new rule for SHA256 + strong rules: force renew password on master admin/superadmin (M3569) - NEW: custom fields for lots (M3489) - CHANGED: new logic for budget group filter where empty/null is visible to all users and 0 means it's visible only for full access users - CHANGED: company field for AD form no longer has to be unique 01/07/2019 - BUG: autocomplete link back is not opening advanced panel (M3580) - BUG: master admins, not restricting admin choice to each group (M3579) - NEW: group permissions configuration in equipment options to determine who can see maintenace tab (M3581) 04/07/2019 - NEW: option for expiration as X days after execution of the recipe (M1843) - BUG: products with lots with insufficient amounts marked incorrectly as insufficient stock (M3607) - BUG: typo in custom fields (M1772) - NEW: recipes creation/modification now allows category filter to make it easier to add recipe components (M2990) 08-10/07/2019 - CHANGED: text addition (M2973) - CHANGED: repeated password block is now only verified on STRONG rules option 11-12/07/2019 - CHANGED: no file edit/insert allowed in lots expired or with no quantity unless there was already a file then give access but view only (M3623) - BUG: zerofill option ignored in storage form from storage browser (M3617) - BUG: mass record updated on ARCHIVED/LOCKED records and transfer data (M3630) - BUG: links in Chemical structures - BUG: zerofill option blocks the treview system (M3637) --- v5.423 released 12/07/2019 15/07/2019 - CHANGED: when adding multiple record entries in form module the unique code is only assigned to the original record and not repeated (M2894) 16/07/2019 - CHANGED: option to limit choice to existing records in autocomplete custom fields (M3045) 16/07/2019 - BUG: audit trail for transfer data reference locked records that were not transfered because of the locked status(M3699) 29-31/07/2019 - CHANGED: all dates in order list table are now datetime instead of just date (M2259) - CHANGED: file type custom fields now don't show as image files with BMP extension - CHANGED: summary line is now built by a function common to all modules (M3074)(M3621) 01-02/08/2019 - CHANGED: genotype database field in strains table is now text instead of tinytext (M2698) - CHANGED: force super admin to be linked to a contact ID (M2978) - BUG: incorrect LC_search cookie for modules sequences, antibodies and structures overwriting strains LC_search cookie (M2927) - BUG: ability to change project code using the memorized tools in manage project code for locked records (M3698) - BUG: record with an accent in the name (special chars) will break the memorized tools listing in manage project code (M3695) - BUG: ability to edit locked records using the memorized record tool (M3783) - CHANGED: increased database size for custom and default field legends (M3302) 06/08/2019 - CHANGED: revised responsive CSS for default and custom fields admin area (M3172) 09/08/2019 - NEW: new index for field analysis_tab in table modules_custom (M3800) - BUG: custom fields type encrypt needed break all CSS to prevent broken content insert design (M3801) 27/08/2019 - BUG: It's impossible to add maintenance to a signed record (M3455) - BUG: DESC order doesn't work in module search bar (M3823) 29/08/2019 - NEW: new setup for config fields orders with the possibility to mix default and custom fields (M3788) 04/09/2019 - CHANGED: adapt password strength rules to new fontawesome PRO (M3856) 09/09/2019 - ADDED: add a mass upload files for chromatograph in sequence module (M3696) - CHANGED: secure backup downloads (M3781) 17/09/2019 - IMPROVEMENT: form revisions (M253) - IMPROVEMENT: improved responsive design for modules form and admin area (M3870) 20/09/2019 - NEW: possibility to choose the logic of the groups policies permissions (M3693) 07/11/2019 - NEW: Risks in module Chemical Structures (M4083) 08-10/11/2019 - NEW: Common box restriction to groups (M3349) - BUG: Straw color (M4042) - NEW: Repeat orders on Past Orders (M4000) - BUG: Process tab on Samples module - BUG: Process tab: Visitor and non authorized users can add/edit storage (M2054) - BUG: Box grid view on admin storage broken qtip (M3996) 12-22/11/2019 - NEW: Analysis tab in sequences module (M3977) - CHANGED: The category tabs of documents module now include records from that tab's sub categories (M129) - BUG: PDF viewer in document module wasn't working in IE11 or Edge (M4087) - BUG: record data in the document module exceeded the size of the screen (M2214) - CHANGED: keep original AB1 file name on display (M4035) - BUG: add new lot when a record is linked to a R&S record does not work (M3866) - NEW: possibility to activate or deactivate options for custom fields type select, multiselect and checkbox (M3811) - BUG: clean button doesn't empty the filter field safety pictograms (M2575) - BUG: bug on popup_self_signded_certificate.php - NEW: Added mysql columns MIN/MAX on boxes_def for use in future limits and alerts in storage - BUG: bug inserting SAML options for the first time - CHANGED: rebuild/change auto lock screen (M4108) - BUG: bugs on auto lock on mobile (M3817) - BUG: auto lock / keep alive does not monitor ckeditor (M3992) - NEW: Added an alternative PO number in POM (M4103) 25-29/11/2019 - BUG: Language selection in user menu (M4040) - BUG: lockscreen login doesn't work if option 'Avoid saved user/pass in browser' is enabled (M4121) - IMPROVEMENT: pull help slider farther on the right to avoid seeing the panel if the user enlarge its window - BUG: excel preview in modules z-index problem (M3955) - IMPROVEMENT: quotes linked to an order id (M3813) - BUG: Order list: mask validation warning icon if validation is not required - IMPROVEMENT: Order list & R&S prefs: can now make mandatory send to seller step in options - IMPROVEMENT: Order list: made styles improvements on table - IMPROVEMENT: R&S prefs: risks approval: statement can now be added to list with a button - BUG: Input language for calculated fields is in English keyboard only (M3111) - IMPROVEMENT: Messages can now be sent to one or more users - BUG: Removed modules now don't appear in customized home - BUG: Removed links now don't appear in customized home - IMPROVEMENT: R&S print file styles improved - BUG: Order list: Fixed a bug on approval radio buttons on primers - BUG: Order list: Fixed cancel button alertbox - BUG: Fixed order list icon on primers and chemicals - BUG: Using memorized records, the functions replicate to and derive to create duplicates if autonaming(M4124) - IMPROVEMENT: automatic detection of upload file type in documents module (M4084) 02-06/12/2019 - IMPROVEMENT: Modules strains/chemicals/sequences tables are now responsive - IMPROVEMENT: Waiting list tables are now responsive - IMPROVEMENT: Get structure data from MOL without the need to loading in mol editor (M3818) - BUG: Inchi is not saved for new records in Structures module - BUG: Excel/CSV preview in record to accept more separators (M3958) - IMPROVEMENT: Order list: all popups replaced with fancyboxes - IMPROVEMENT: Support for operator Power in calculated fields (M2881) - IMPROVEMENT: Order list: added ordered but not send to status filter - BUG: Audit trail from AB to sellers back conversion missing (M4138) - CHANGED: Master administrator can create new user but user account modification is not possible (M3205) - BUG: Made free mode work again - BUG: responsive and configurable summary line in chemical structure module (M615) 10-11/12/2019 - ADDED: module search table to allow column wrap and larger columns (M4152) 16-31/12/2019 - ADDED: a button to trigger windows document editor (M4149) - BUG: Alerts for Data Validation - admin of other groups are alerted but can't validate (M650) - NEW: ALL MODULES With STORAGE: minimum quantity alerts on tubes + expiration date (M512) - ADDED: Create an option to set up the range for decimal field as no blocking (M3527) - ADDED: colored display in record view to see the out of range value and out of specification value (STD) (M3528) - NEW: Thaw counter (M1904) - ADDED: Add tube autocomplete field for name/unique code/barcode - BUG: Move tubes on preferred storage or if one freezer does not refresh lmist of boxes on load (M4136) ************** 2020 ************** 02-07/01/2020 - IMPROVEMENT: Closing storage fancyboxes now only refreshs storage instead of the whole content insert - BUG: Since storage fancy previously refreshed the whole content insert if you close one storage fancy and opened another the second would wait until the async version checks were completed until opening (M4171) - BUG: Barcode labels series: Fixed reduced sized (M4176) - IMPROVEMENT: custom fields type field now display an error when the maximum lenght of the field is reached (M4098) - IMPROVEMENT: Barcode labels series: A4 printing: Save settings - IMPROVEMENT: storage displays the total stock of straws (M4114) - BUG: custom fields type line sep weren't being taken into account when detecting duplicated database names (M4126) - BUG: admins with no access to certain module or view only access cannot edit default/custom fields options of that field (M3828) - ADDED: Registry log and IN/OUT details for straws (M4117) - IMPROVEMENT: module export now has an option to export total number of straws (M4115) - BUG: content insert and module form review of multiselect fields (M4135) - IMPROVEMENT: Barcode labels series: A4 printing: Generate a pdf - IMPROVEMENT: storage browser export now exports total number of straws (M4116) - NEW: Manage GHS revisions to use in risks (M4046) - BUG: CH filter for risks missing on NEXT/PREVIOUS buttons - IMPROVEMENT: Barcode labels series: A4 printing: Random numbers & algorithm review - BUG: Apply same project code using the memorized tools in manage project code created a duplicate database record (M3836) - BUG: Contradictory logic between content insert and storage insert for user lever permissions to add secondary storage (M3946) - IMPROVEMENT: Barcode labels series: A4 printing: Random numbers & algorithm review - IMPROVEMENT: Barcode labels series: All tabs: Random numbers & algorithm review 10-17/01/2020 - BUG: R&S + Eq alerts must be filtered on groups (M2607) - BUG: download script is not taking consideration on groups/permissions (M3785) - BUG: incorrect regular expression validation of users password (M4194) - IMPROVEMENT: module records with CH association (parent/child) now cannot be deleted (M4197) - IMPROVEMENT: new UI for Reagents & Supplies preferences (M2168) - IMPROVEMENT: added upgrade action to audit trail (M3059) - BUG: Barcode labels series: Made memorized records work (M4175) - IMPROVEMENT: Barcode labels series: Barcode generation: add a spinning loader - ROLLBACK: Default homepage: show modules even if no access - BUG: import tool should not allow import data from a restricted group (M3829) - BUG: worklist volume take out for aliquots (M3890) - ADDED: import users from CSV (4202) - IMPROVEMENT: Added a logout timer showing a progress bar 30 seconds before being logged out (M4177) - IMPROVEMENT: remove storage as one removes last/al tubes (M4206) 20-31/01/2020 - IMPROVEMENT: Barcode print labels: Added an option to skip deleted records - ADDED: Derive lot for more than 1 unit (move lot) (M4217) - IMPROVEMENT: Admin: Setup: Split login options - IMPROVEMENT: Alerts: Added a cookie to hide alerts during 6 hours after having been show - IMPROVEMENT: recipes can now be grouped by category (M2989) - BUG: missing report/doc in lots for detroyed lots (M3623) - BUG: reason for record deletion in manage memorized items tool wasn't being recorded in the audit trail(M4053) - BUG: genotype tag system failed on strains (M4015) - IMPROVEMENT: Barcode labels series: added possibility to clean memorized items - IMPROVEMENT: Home custom & Home config: updated some tools icons & improved some styles - IMPROVEMENT: Allow ##BOXEQUIP## Dymo tag to be used with Simple Storage (M3646) - BUG: Alert options save clears the SMTP options (M4225) - BUG: Barcode labels series: fixed a bug on EPL printing: duplicated memorized ids - IMPROVEMENT: records can now have multiple project codes (M3392) - IMPROVEMENT: option for tube count to be in summary line (M2196) - IMPROVEMENT: worklist/memorized records remove storage traces first tube removal - BUG: Barcode labels series: Dymo: Fixed unordered ids and out of range ids - IMPROVEMENT & BUGS: Home feeds: One ajax call per feed instead of preloading all. Fixed 2 bugs (missing feed & default feed when deleted) - IMPROVEMENT: import now detects mandatory fields (M3831) - ADDED: Import LDAP users automatically (M4140) - IMPROVEMENT: Added functions to sort module records by column & tests on Strains module (M469) - IMPROVEMENT: Records sorting on modules columns (M469 II) 03-07/02/2020 - IMPROVEMENT: Records sorting on modules keeper & organism columns in Strains module (M469 III) - IMPROVEMENT: Netplasmid tool: ORF popovers position fix & copy ORF sequence (M3720) - IMPROVEMENT: Netplasmid tool: Extract sequence between 2 ORFs I (M3720 II) - IMPROVEMENT: Netplasmid tool: Extract sequence between 2 ORFs & copy sequences II (M3720 III) - BUG: Exclude lots with status from alerts - BUG: POM: PO edit popin: Cannot validate existing PO sent to seller - BUG: RSS feeds: Changed the way to open a feed (#66) - IMPROVEMENT: Generic layout more flexible - IMPROVEMENT: import system can now import associated owners (M3320) 10-12/02/2020 - IMPROVEMENT: save storage browser open items in a cookie and restore after logout/log in - IMPROVEMENT: POM: remove past order PO edition, cannot edit PO of order with generated form or status sent to seller or delivered (M4244 II) - ADDED: New alert per storage location in Reagents (M4228) - IMPROVEMENT: PICK list and autocomplete field have to filtered by group (M4245) 18-20/02/2020 - IMPROVEMENT: security access to folders and files (M3802) - NEW: save search query to reuse (M3716) - NEW: option to configure date format on display (M3855) - BUG: group master admin now is able to archive/restore and lock users of his group (M4258) - NEW: support for badge employee ID (M4266) - IMPROVED: whole box/plate replication now also allows to derive into new records (M4271) - BUG: import now ignores and shows a alert when trying to import storage for CH module because CH doesn't have primary storage (M4278) - CHANGED: import now allows to import date created and date updated 26/02/2020 - IMPROVEMENT: optimize the ajax call to load field versions icons 05/03/2020 - IMPROVEMENT: in recipe execution when the quantity is editable the insufficient warning must adapt to the quantity edited 10-13/03/2020 - IMPROVEMENT: secure internal pages with record content according to groups - IMPROVEMENT: improvements in SSO setup for ADFS compatibility (M4301) 26-27/03/2020 - ADDED: Box/plate contents memorization (storage browser) - CHANGED: PHPMailer v6.0 02/04/2020 - NEW: superadmin password follows strong rules if set - FIXES: batch tools & quick destock 20-22/04/2020 - CHANGED: Last search results cookie is now kept for 7 days instead of 2 - BUG: export now takes into account risk tab custom fields filters and lots tab custom fields filters - ADDED: SAVE new storage box template 28/04/2020 - CHANGED: revision of the permissions for file download through download scripts (M3802) - CHANGED: Mac/PC detection on the JS for FileConnector (M4420) - BUG: Straws list in storage browser is replicated (M4423) 28/05/2020 - NEW: import system now has the option to verify if the imported box positions are free or already occupied (M4468) - BUG: don't allow duplicated normal links between records (M3635) - BUG: get_stored_items_box bug on custom module arrays (M4434) 04/06/2020 - CHANGED: module form now also has quick add options for category fields (M4507) --- v6.0 released 04/06/2020 12/06/2020 - CHANGED: documents module category filters now include sub-categories similar to the category tabs (M129 - II) - BUG: documents module export now takes into account the categories filters (M129 - III) --- v6.0 released 12/06/2020 15/06/2020 - NEW: mask option is now available for decimal fields (M4498) 19/06/2020 - CHANGED: filter create date is now a proper date range picker (M4464) 25-29/06/2020 - CHANGED: import with pagination system (M4441) - NEW: Calculated field of type string to combine (concatenate) other fields (M3850) - BUG: NCBI importers for Pubmed and Genbank - BUG: CSS style for inactive radios 10/07/2020 - CHANGED: close a maintenance now it's not allowed if out of service/reserve is checked (M4544 - M4545) - BUG: new project codes must be unique (M4540) 16/07/2020 - BUG: Replicate plate: fixed SQL error when user is user/staff level 28/07/2020 - CHANGED: new users(admin) or changing the real person(contact) associated to an existing user(admin) will now require a real person(contact) that isn't already associated with a different user(admin) - NEW: new comment in the original lot when deriving a lot to create another (M4563) 29/07/2020 - NEW: filters in the manage users table 30/07/2020 - CHANGED: more details in the original lot comments in case of derivation (M4563) 20/08/2020 - BUG: Transfer data failed due to Abook, custom modules missing, alternate moduel name - ADDED: random number as record name - BUG: Print equipment maintenance failed with logo and special character (M4576) - BUG: "Show archived users" the number of pages changes - BUG: "Show archived users", the password field is longer than before and so the columns on the right are smaller and the display is not perfect - IMPROVEMENT: New record option to make unique random number as record name (M4523) - IMPROVEMENT: When a link is shown to a record that is now archived, it should show as greyed and striked list them at the end (M4474) - IMPROVEMENT: Analysis tab to be able to manage display of custom fields in 2x2 columns and responsive to better occupy screen (M4430) - CHANGED: VWR e-order setup now alllows to change target email to send POs to 24/08/2020 - BUG: incorrect/outdated fields in automatic module export when there was no model (M4051) - IMPROVEMENT: recipes now has a comment field on recipe execution (M4587) - IMPROVEMENT: recipes now show the risks of components used (M2809) 01-10/09/2020 - IMPROVEMENT: recipe now has steps along components (M2122) - IMPROVEMENT: new microarray options admin area - IMPROVEMENT: custom fields for lots in dymo printer (M4602) - BUG: incorrect URL to print generic lot number Dymo label (M4609) - IMPROVEMENT: allow access to Admin > Setup to be configurable for admin level users (M4615) 14-15/09/2020 - IMPROVEMENT: modify search LDAP users by group in order to work with AD - IMPROVEMENT: use displayname in LDAP import/sync 16-17/09/2020 - BUG: direct install incorrect version - CHANGED: UI preloader transperancy - BUG: missing database field in install - BUG: content insert iframe option reviewed for updated resources (namely JS fancybox) - BUG: recipes iframe option reviewed for resource inclusion new logic (JS and CSS) - BUG: micronic sample generator record form fixes 18/09/2020 - BUG: security corrections in storage content - CHANGED: removal of old backup generator script that could be a security risk --- v6.0 released 18/09/2020 22-27/09/2020 - ADDED: Option Force SSL in SP metadata in SAML settings - IMPROVEMENT: import now uses the date format currently saved in the setup (M4252) - BUG: custom field type yes/no was missing the ID input (M4665) - BUG: encoding issue in template title - BUG: new maintenance type was being duplicated when adding maintenance to memorized records - BUG: remove red messages in console on call ajax 28-30/09/2020 - BUG: print default labels for lots from POM receivings (M4624) - IMPROVEMENT: export records and print records now always display record signatures (M4673) - BUG: only one product can be processed in the POM (M4675) - CHANGED: backup setup is now only for superadm (admins no longer have access) 01-09/10/2020 - IMPROVEMENT: audit trail now records when a DC file is downloaded or, in case of PDF, viewed online (M4684) - BUG: POM seller popup and other CSS - BUG: missing field - BUG: Equipment maintenance - BUG: storage view and editor - BUG: POM cart popup and quotes management - BUG: incorrect height calculation for add crossing fancybox - BUG: encoding problem in module form cage selects - CHANGED: prevent double click when deleting tubes - CHANGED: contact name is now mandatory for single edit (non admins) - CHANGED: path of module icons in menu - ADDED: missing some enterprise logics for files (dymo, quotes) - BUG: Several DNA bioinformatics fixes (primerannela, complementor,... - BUG: edit a calculated fields with decimal fields shows wrong formula, because decimal fields are missing - BUG: incorrect deletion of storage when select all was used on remove tubes page - BUG: cdx incorrect edit in module form 12-15/10/2020 - BUG: Defrost counter without volume is not saving - BUG: cdx incorrect edit in module form - CHANGED: new system to show and refresh CS molecule and respective summary line - BUG: incorrect module in audit trail for storage import (module in audit trail description was correct) - BUG: extract fields (formula, smiles, mw, Inchi) from CDX format, in chemical structures, didn't work well - BUG: duplicate or derive records cannot bring unique code value - BUG: duplicate or derive records now don't ask reason since it's a new record - IMPROVEMENT: possibility do delete the association of a record to a chem child - BUG: return links in versionning fancybox were correct 20-23/10/2020 - CHANGED: user select lists now display the user lab when it exists - CHANGED: make spreadsheet viewer readonly - IMPROVEMENT: button to reset search values in past disposals - BUG: drop zone in facility cage plan wasn't working (M4711) - BUG: drop zone UI corrections - BUG: popup genealogy review - IMPROVEMENT: possibility to delete an export model (M2124) 26-29/10/2020 - BUG: incorrect encoding for translated legends in print record - CHANGED: maximum execution time set to 4 min instead of no limit - IMPROVEMENT: option to enable or disable gravatar in setup - BUG: disabled fields are now automatically removed from summary line (before the option needed to be unchecked even for disabled fields) - BUG: incorrect PDF font for A4 barcode prints resulting in incorrect display of special chars like chinese or greek chars - IMPROVEMENT: dummyimage now takes into account the lenght of initials (if two or just one) - BUG: manage contacts had a bug on search by name when there were multiple names (space in between) - BUG: when creating a recipe if the option lot on existing product was selected no product could be selectable (M4722) - CHANGED: preview spreadsheet -> rename var to avoid conflict with other handsontable objects - BUG: Primer Anneal REVERSE bug - IMPROVEMENT: automatic update of export modes fields when a custom field is deleted or it's database name changed (M4726) - BUG: french language caused a JS error in FIFO JS alert 02-06/11/2020 - BUG: incorrect custom field type detection for exports - CHANGED: set minYear = 1900 for date pickers year dropdown - CHANGED: set autocomplete = off for date fields - IMPROVEMENT: automatic encoding detection for import file on custom select options - IMPROVEMENT: disabled fields are indicated in fields sorting admin area - BUG: incorrect calculation of new custom fields order (they now appear correctly in last place) - BUG: userlist custom field and date conversion not present in some exports - BUG: incorrect total volume calculation in automatic export - BUG: the formula of custom field calculated now adapts the fancybox height on formula modification - CHANGED: modify calculated fields of type text to treat null values as empty - BUG: incorrect cmodule full link determination in the function to get the full link - ADDED: PDF generic label printing - BUG: waiting list admin area had broken icons for custom modules with custom icons - IMPROVEMENT: now the zip addon upload validates the file size - IMPROVEMENT: real time validation on show/hide available modules - IMPROVEMENT: CH assocation now it's possible through CAS value for CS module 09-13/11/2020 - IMPROVEMENT: custom fields divided between medium and long fields - IMPROVEMENT: audit trail with more detail when moving a box to another location on storage browser drag & drop sidebar - BUG: add tubes in storage brower can only add from active modules - BUG: incorrect ckeditor popup center align in fancybox - IMPROVEMENT: strict now applies to custom field link URLs to records in order to only search ID and not also unique code - IMPROVEMENT: updated jquery and ui for boxgrid - IMPROVEMENT: smaller font for 2 initials in dummyimage - IMPROVEMENT: lot associated file/report now can be added in the form itself - IMPROVEMENT: option in general settings to configure modules default sort - BUG: module search cookies now persiste after logout - IMPROVEMENT: you can now import html special chars with ; as delimeter - BUG: special chars were incorrectly saved in memorized searchs 16-17/11/2020 - BUG: when creating a custom field or changing the database name prevent the duplication of hidden form fields such as action field - ADDED: formula field to accept SELECT and DATE for concatenation (M4694) - BUG: dummyimage now works with special chars - BUG: calculated field of type Text Field doesn't display the right size - BUG: fix in concatenation of date fields --- v6.01 released 17/11/2020 18-20/11/2020 - BUG: API fix - BUG: searchable fields fix for ambiguous query (needed column table name) - ADDED: set time zone option in setup (M497) 24-27/11/2020 - BUG: Missing comments on storage definitions - BUG: Box delete spinning loader - BUG: Fixed broken custom module icon on homepage customization page - BUG: Security fix on a direct access form - BUG: sql injection fixes (storage browser) - BUG: fix security bug for access to custom modules and fields - IMPROVEMENT: option in general settings to activate/deactivate initial search 01/12/2020 - ADDED: a tooltip when activation key is copied 07/12/2020 - ADDED: getBoxList added to the API to retun a list of the boxes that match the filters given 08/12/2020 - BUG: query error when exporting module records with the field related to straws - ADDED: when the file connector is executed it changes the associated API app token automatically if that token exists at more than 14 days 09/12/2020 - BUG: when simple storage was selected for CH module POM didn't update the storage in creating a CH lot from POM - BUG: duplicated record empty project code insertion - BUG: security fix in alerts_menu.php relative to the path _GET variable - BUG: incorrect "Main Location" always display in CH lot form when there was a specific main location 11/12/2020 - BUG: groups master admins couldn't lock/lock users or reset user locks by failed login attempts 14/12/2020 - ADDED: default fields reset system 15-19/12/2020 - BUG: incorrect warning in import on empty box id/box name because emtpy is valid value - BUG: encryption option was not saved on edit custom field - CHANGED: changed A4 printing icon - CHANGED: export and print system UI revision (M786) - BUG: incorrect warning in install due to incorrect maintenance_files name - BUG: bug in order list export due to PO number filter - BUG: PDF label printing: fix including lines bug when saving label template - CHANGED: increase the range for timeout minutes (5-360) - CHANGED: PDF label printing -> Tools: changed UI - BUG: PDF label printing: loss of id_discrete from sample receiving with new UI - BUG: Fixes in SQ internal blast - BUG: process tab didn't function properly in custom modules 23-31/12/2020 - CHANGED: import no accepts fa files for SQ fasta import - BUG: module incorrect detection of checked values for custom fields type checkbox - BUG: duplication of JS includes in the derive sample form - ADDED: Internal Blast on Plasmids (M4757) - BUG: CSS errors on manage PO templates - ADDED: PO templates in XLS format: added CAS number and CUSTOM FIELDS (type TEXT) (M4685) ************** 2021 ************** 04/01/2021 - CHANGED: summary line CSS review for sort icon (M4312) 11/01/2021 - BUG: incorrect field management in POM export (M4779) 12/01/2021 - BUG: module form access verification needs to take into account the special keeper status for CH module (M4778) - BUG: module form incorrect management of current value and default value in select custom fields 13/01/2021 - BUG: incorrect security validation in unique value custom field (M4781) 14/01/2021 - BUG: custom modules incorrect search cookie - BUG: nested submenus in some add-ons are hidden for screen medium width [700-1024] - CHANGED: new logic to manage module fields filters (M4780) 15/01/2021 - CHANGED: PO to sellers email now has replacement tag to send the PO Number in the email body - IMPROVEMENT: import now catches MySQL errors 22/01/2021 - IMPROVEMENT: cookies per module and now per user to prevent users sharing searches when in same browser - IMPROVEMENT: encrypted cookies 25-27/01/2021 - BUG: extend the prohibition of delete or rename the database name of fields used in calculated fields to new types of field allowed in formulas - BUG: calculated fields: sometimes the trigger to insert is not created for the first field - ADDED: add autocomplete fields to the list of fields allowed in formulas of calculated fields - CHANGED: field description (box_features in database) added to the return of API function getBoxList - BUG: fixes in automatic refresh of calculated fields on modules form 01-04/02/2021 - IMPROVEMENT: custom field categories now work with multiple values (M2244) - IMPROVEMENT: import for a module with automatic naming no longer requires name column - BUG: Storage Manager > Bug on Drawers Renaming (M4949) - IMPROVEMENT: import now detects ambiguous columns - IMPROVEMENT: import now allows to select the used title tags - BUG: destock lot incorrect audit trail/comments on quick destock page and standalone page (M4958) - IMPROVEMENT: debug mode available for import system (superadmin only) - CHANGED: multiselect and checkbox filters now use OR between the selected values instead of AND 08/02/2021 - IMPROVEMENT: boxgrid print CSS improvements - CHANGED: one free group is no longer available (M4960) - BUG: versionning encoding issues due to highlight the difference class fixed (M4942) - BUG: versionning width bug due to long values with no breaks (like sequence) fixed (M4938) - BUG: missing sec ID on aliquot list (M4907) 09-11/02/2021 - ADDED: open FLY stock manager from module record - CHANGED: 2D barcode directly in API token view (M4934) - BUG: reset password through email link ignored strong rules - IMPROVEMENT: new options to limit range of custom fields type date and datetime (M4910) - ADDED: field rack_position added to API function tube_sorter (M4972) - ADDED: field location, field rack_position and filter box_id added to API function tube_sorter (M4973) --- v6.02 released 11/02/2021 12/02/2021: - BUG: fixed bug in filters by date - CHANGED: label print default template improvement 15-16/02/2021: - CHANGED: option IS NOT NULL added to custom filters query_action - CHANGED: system is a reserved word in MySQL v8.0.3 17-18/02/2021: - BUG: fixed help sliders being shown after page zoom change - IMPROVEMENT: pdf printing => add line height select and vertical align 2D barcode - BUG: risks without module column were not displayed and CH module as default module can have empty module column (M4998) - IMPROVEMENT: custom module with risks can now import risks - BUG: Batch sample tools: bug on the rack choice radio (for existing rack choice) 19/02/2021: - IMPROVEMENT: upgrade now displays orange warnings instead of always red fatal errors (M714) - BUG: checkbox to enter LC despite of warnings was being repeaded for each upgraded version causing the version not to be updated on final version upgrade (M5002) 23/02/2021 - BUG: storage tree can show rack Floating, even without boxes - CHANGED: disallow create racks or rename racks with empty name 08-09/03/2021 - IMPROVEMENT: PDF printing: display true custom fields values (M5129) - BUG: fix in SSO authentication introduced in last update (M5139) - IMPROVEMENT: security improvement to prevent JS injection on setup email configuration form (M5140) 10/03/2021 - IMPROVEMENT: new database backup system trough mysqldump 11/03/2021 - IMPROVEMENT: possibility to delete empty user groups (group without users) - BUG: incorrect validation for file download access when the module has no keeper like AD, DC or CH when keeper is disabled (M5147) 15/03/2021 - BUG: incorrect management of analysis tab fields in module export models (M4997) - IMPROVEMENT: custom field file and file2 now shows a fancybox preview for images (M5150) - CHANGED: old/not used ST field removed from install (M5146) 17-19/03/2021 - BUG: empty racks didn't show on storage browser left tree - BUG: single PDF printing: fix aliquot bug - ADDED: PDF printing: print memorized aliquots M(4727) - IMPROVEMENT: new return variable in LC API to configure the API return when creating or editing a record - IMPROVEMENT: mass update for memorized records (M4510) - BUG: lot number verification only onblur instead of keyup to prevent breaks when texting or reading lot number with barcode reader (M5126) 22-23/03/2021 - IMPROVEMENT: calculated fields formulas can now be rebuilt in admin area - BUG: in storage when creating a new box that box cannot be assigned, as owner, to a visitor (M4703) - BUG: mass record updater didn't work based on name for sequence modules (M5088) - BUG: mass record updater incorrectly showed name as record ID when the update was done based on name and not ID (M5088-II) - IMPROVEMENT: CH brand is now supported by import system (M4996) - BUG: CSS caused the general logo to disappear in some pages (M5168) 29/03/2021 - BUG: bug display float racks when database had both null and empty values (M4708) - BUG: the xml that populates rack select was being broken by the char & in xml rack id (M4708-II) 30-31/03/2021 - BUG: project code description text overlap (M5174) - CHANGED: allow staff++ to upload maintenance associated files/reports (M5134) - BUG: block only the new group creation and allow group modification when the maximum number of groups allowed is reached (M5182) 01-02/04/2021 - BUG: module form fancybox (edition) needed a alignment fix for secondary fancyboxes inside that first fancybox due to it's increase height (M5185) - IMPROVEMENT: new integration setup(M4915) - BUG: destock fancybox didn't work in other modules when linked to CH record (M5196) - BUG: incorrect subtotal calculation when record quantity was not selected in POM export - BUG: purchase orders had a shift when generating the PO form (M5183) --- v6.03 released 05/04/2021 03/04/2021 - BUG: chemical lots JS problem with expand when no lots existed - BUG: project code encoding problems fixed 06-09/04/2021 - BUG: storage issue with current position disappearing when temporary positions were added in storage form (M5209) - BUG: DC module form now checks if file actually exists in the folder similar to DC record view - BUG: mass record updater didn't take into account custom fields type userlist - BUG: both mass record updater and import didn't validate sequences module field type updated/imported value - BUG: code refactoring issue in homepage pannels configuration - BUG: storage browser left tree is blank in Internet Explorer if some item contains accents - BUG: fix in email parser to turn image into inline attachments - BUG: code refactoring issue on function to check primary group restrictions - BUG: EQ module warning dots didn't work when the ID had leading zeros (M5224) 12/04/2021 - BUG: maximum height for the logo preview in setup - BUG: master admin wasn't enforcing password strong rules when editing he's own password - BUG: when master admin changed the password of a user in his group(s) the temporary status of the password wasn't being activated --- v6.031 released 13/04/2021 14-16/04/2021 - BUG: API fix - BUG: critical security fixes 20/04/2021 - IMPROVEMENT: increased password encryption - BUG: default st_ fields had a incorrect char in their name in table modules_field table - BUG: if option to enforce strong rules is active then imported users passwords are temporary - IMPROVEMENT: PDF label printing: manage different memorised samples (ST, Pl, ... et Aliquots) - IMPROVEMENT: PDF A4 printing: print memorized aliquots 21-23/04/2021 - IMPROVEMENT: security fixes - BUG: module form bug related to mandatory default radio fields - BUG: module form bug related to mandatory datetime/date/time sub-fields - IMPROVEMENT: retrieve lost/forgotten password improved security - BUG: function to send emails had a bug when no destinatary was passed and the function had to use default destinatary 26-27/04/2021 - BUG: incorrect validation of staff++ access to audit trail page (M5254) - BUG: chemical lots comment's didn't support chinese chars (M5277) - BUG: module export was losing search filters - BUG: prevent custom fields named "project" or related due to these being already used for project code --- v6.032 released 28/04/2021 28/04/2021 - BUG: false incorrect login for numeric passwords - BUG: new password encryption function compatibility with PHP5 05-07/05/2021 - BUG: master admin couldn't lock/unlock or archive/unarchive users of his group(s) (M5259) - ADDED: add icon to see database name in setup > modules - BUG: clear numeric custom field validations when the field is converted to string/text - BUG: maintenance poplist incorrect report file icon - BUG: width adjustments on PDF label maker for 2 columns types - BUG: small fix on URL custom field types in module forms - BUG: license admin page could not connect to client area correctly 12-14/05/2021 - BUG: remove harcoded limits from export scripts and let it use server default limits (M5301) - BUG: JS strong validation of superadm password fix - CHANGED: new email template applied also to alert emails (M5300) - BUG: equipment maintenance comment's didn't support chinese chars (M5277-II) - BUG: module search with type date/datetime filters were being lost in pagination (M5296) - BUG: incorrect access validation when refreshing module form combobox options on locked autocomplete (M5299) - BUG: export audit trail was empty when filtering by date (M5222) - BUG: incorrect selection of sub-fields in category checkbox filter (M5292) - BUG: category checkbox sub-fields not appearing in analysis tab form (M5258) - BUG: incorrect sub-fields selection (M5304) - BUG: missing options for second level categories in the location select when creating a new custom field for lots tab (M5303) - BUG: when a module was set to hidden after being selected for a custom panel that module was stayed visible incorrectly (M4709) --- v6.033 released 17/05/2021 18/05/2021 - BUG: POM export was losing search filters - BUG: search into error in POM export - BUG: label printing => html entities break rendering of the answer 19-20/05/2021 - IMPROVEMENT: login block after 3 fail login attempts now is record in audit trail - BUG: Free mode wasn't working in case of bad license 26-27/05/2021 - CHANGED: small lang change for "Add Values" - BUG: multichoice module filter CSS fix 31/05/2021 - BUG: new function to clean URLs (cleanURL) instead of the function used for variables (cleanVariable) 02-04/06/2021 - BUG: import from LDAP/AD on PHP7.4: LDAP connection was disconnected on search - BUG: select, multiselect and checkbox module filters showed options that were disabled - ADDED: add more ranges to rangedatepickers (last 90 days, this year, last year) - BUG: versioning list showed unchanged fields empty in php7.4 -> fix class HTMLDiff to be compatible - IMPROVEMENT: import now validates decimal field ranges (M5676) - BUG: in CH module the lot ID button would stay active even after change 15-16/06/2021 - BUG: default and custom fields ordering system in fancybox was missing the "Move To" functionality - BUG: default and custom fields ordering system was ordering the fields incorrectly - BUG: POM: Fixed quotes query hiding quotes with same file & now showing file name on upload field - BUG: storage guesser not working in move tubes fancybox 18/06/2021 - IMPROVEMENT: import now also validates if decimal field are valid numeric values 21/06/2021 - BUG: lang encoding issues in import - BUG: when custom fields active option is empty instead of yes or null the field wasn't retrieved (M5383) 23/06/2021 - IMPROVEMENT: system to completely remove a group and it's users and respective info (M5087) 25/06/2021 - BUG: storage filter in the modules didn't work correctly when storage had a mix of normal IDs and leading zeros IDs - IMPROVEMENT: pure MySQL solution to deal with leading zeros IDs for secondary storage 28-29/06/2021 - IMPROVEMENT: more optimized EQ maintenance alerts - CHANGED: custom fields type URL are now TEXT size - IMPROVEMENT: a valid SMTP server is now required to configure automatic exports 01/07/2021 - BUG: incorrect maintenance alerts in EQ module when maintenance interval was inferior to 1 month 06-07/07/2021 - IMPROVEMENT: manage storage equipment UI revision - BUG: contact name maximum lenght is now 100 chars instead of the previous 40 (M5339) - IMPROVEMENT: record ID (CH or PR) is now in the list of fields in the order export form as product ID (M4999) - BUG: Label printing: do not use htmlspecialchars() with custom fields of select or checkbox type 08/07/2021 - BUG: superadmin password reset must follow same rules for password (M5405) 09/07/2021 - IMPROVEMENT: now it's possible to derive record from any module to any module (M394) - BUG: when created new records with repeat option only the first was recorded in audit trail - BUG: when created derived records with repeat option only the first was recorded in audit trail and linked back to original module - IMPROVEMENT: backup UI now shows a loader while generating the backup file - BUG: incorrect display of CH parent when inside CH module 12/07/2021 - BUG: print of box listing had a bug for certain box types in storage browser - BUG: mass updater didn't work for molecule data fields in CS module (namely formula, mw, smiles and inchi) 13/07/2021 - IMPROVEMENT: storage guesser with multiple positions (M5403) 15-16/07/2021 - IMPROVEMENT: NCBI import from Plasmids (M5412) - BUG: import from genbank of a protein is saved as a type = DNA (M5342) - BUG: SeqNCBI is not working (M4290) - BUG: Print function don't working for worklists (M2972) 19/07/2021 - IMPROVEMENT: record list => adapt view according to archived/readonly status (M2240) 22-23/07/2021 - BUG: help in manage users would automatically closed after the first visualization - BUG: third level custom fields (sub-category fields) were missing from record versioning (M5422) - BUG: when a user was blocked for more than 3 incorrect login attempts the associated contact in audit trail was incorrect (M5428) 26/07/2021 - BUG: when that last sub-field of a category field is a searchin the next fields were incorrectly displayed as sub-fields 27/07/2021 - NEW: In admin manage user, it's now possible to sort by id after another filter was selected (M5326) - CHANGED: In admin manage user, tooltips and icones for archive/unarchive users (M5326) - FIX: "force waiting" for microarrays in Admin > Record Options not saving properly (M5241) - FIX: Remove the warnings when importing '0' as mandatory value (M5419) 28-29/07/2021 - FIX: Equipement, filter by a custom field in the maintenance tab doesn't work (M5336) - NEW: 2 factor authentication for SSO login - FIX: Equipement => filter by a custom field in the maintenance tab doesn't work (M5336) - IMPROVEMENT: Add missing default fields to search filters (M5376) - FIX: Equipments => check if labcal_reservations_v2 table exists - FIX: Equipments => "Export Maintenance" at search result level now keep the correct search parameters (M5334) - FIX: Equipments => Export one equiment maintenance no longer export equipment with ID 1 (M5334) - IMPROVEMENT: mass update for secondary owners and group share (M3574) - IMPROVEMENT: option to choose ADFS/SSO algorithm in SHA-256 instead of SHA-1 (M4623) - NEW: New storage filters in each module ("room" select), search records with "no storage" or "any storage" (at least one storage) (M2906 & M5404) - FIX: Filter list in storage inventory by group (M5330) - FIX: Filter box list in manage storage by group (M5330) - IMPROVEMENT: icon to show which records have storage without having to open record content (M2921) - IMPROVEMENT: Tube Count column now show all other storages ("Other" meaning anything other than tube and straw) (M2921) - BUG: when accessing the record content the function that checks if access is allowed didn't check secondary owners --- v6.04 released 29/07/2021 30/07/2021 - BUG: group permissions not taken into account when listing existing boxes - BUG: versionning didn't take into account when the same sub-field was linked to other options in parent cat field 02/08/2021 - BUG: expired password allowed users to incorrectly continue to operate 04-06/08/2021 - IMPROVEMENT: switch rlike by like in PR and DC queries to improve query optimization - BUG: maximum width for users drop downs due to the fact that contact name maximum lenght is now 100 (M5339-II) - BUG: storage browser => add tube to box: add a restriction (group/owner dependent) to records (M5435) - IMPROVEMENT: it's now possible to reject a lot disposal (M5298) - IMPROVEMENT: box listing now has filters - BUG: incorrect redirect to manage user password when password was temporary or expired from addons 09/08/2021 - BUG: in Documents > Import PubMed Papers the back to documents module button didn't work (M4950) - IMPROVEMENT: multiselect fields in module form and manage users with max height and search input when there are more than 10 options 13/08/2021 - NEW: add an update function from GenBank (M4317) - IMPROVEMENT: bulk update now uses the default/custom fields logic and no longer shows custom fields that cannot be updated like file or line_sep 30/08/2021 - IMPROVEMENT: storage equipment listing now has filters - IMPROVEMENT: on custom modules and sample module tabs: added a tab for stability test manager sample 31/08/2021 - BUG: disabled custom fields (sub-fields only) would still appear/stay active in the module form (M5469) 01-03/09/2021 - IMPROVEMENT: mass update for memorized records now can update category field sub-fields and project code field (M5444) - IMPROVEMENT: verify integrity check updated in order to work with mysql version 8 - IMPROVEMENT: set mandatory fields in SSO settings to prevent enable SSO without required info (M4612) - IMPROVEMENT: the project code field in summary line now displays all projects instead of just one 06-07/09/2021 - IMPROVEMENT: use "login" in audit trail location only for login action and standardize "admin" for all others related actions - BUG: custom fields border in summary line caused the default border to not appear when there was no custom color active - BUG: manage project codes UI now supports & char in name and description - BUG: storage guesser with multiple positions bug (M5447) - IMPROVEMENT: changed call to STM external in custom modules & samples records - BUG: Moved STM external js function to js_code and updated call in custom modules & samples records - BUG: STM external now receives module short name to identify good record - BUG: samples field comments in modules_field table needs column form_name_ref with data for the API - BUG: fix wording in GenBank import page - BUG: NFPA encoding issue in module record edition 13/09/2021 - IMPROVEMENT: new users login log for superadm 15-16/09/2021 - CHANGED: no maximum limit for username size - IMPROVEMENT: new move storage tubes form - BUG: quick destock button remained disabled for view only users even when "accept view only groups to destock" option was enabled 17/09/2021 - BUG: revision of storage users permissions - IMPROVEMENT: custom modules admin now has a UI display of enable/disabled module options 20-22/09/2021 - IMPROVEMENT: custom modules with proccess tab now have proccess search filter(M5505) - BUG: when filtering per proccesses the proccess status was ignored if sub-proccess was present - BUG: backup system correction for windows - CHANGED: records with active links in custom fields can no longer be deleted - IMPROVEMENT: AQ: add tank/batch ID to a custom module experiment (5502) - IMPROVEMENT: system to purge audit trail logs (M5494) - IMPROVEMENT: system to review audit trail logs (M5494 - II) - IMPROVEMENT: new alert to advise audit trail review when last over 6 months (M5494 - III) 28/09/2021 - CHANGED: only superadm can change calibrations and maintenance configurations in equipments options - IMPROVEMENT: PDF printing: improve two-column label printing - IMPROVEMENT: custom tasks now have switchs to turn the cron task on or off - BUG: specific EQ module filters weren't taken into account in maintenance export - BUG: alerts sent by email didn't include equipment warranty ending 04/10/2021 - BUG: PDF printing: use correct variable when calling preg_match - BUG: sequences export for FASTA and GB formats unavailable - BUG: move to function in fields ordering was only working in fancybox not full page 07-08/10/2021 - IMPROVEMENT: new setup for modules search options (M5378 - I) - IMPROVEMENT: new option to configure search insensitive custom chars (M5378 - II) - CHANGED: decimal / numeric custom field options (aberration, disallow and warn) are available only when module has compliance active 13/10/2021 - IMPROVEMENT: clean group system now also deletes physical files in ELN, plasmids maps, netplasmid images and documents uploaded (M5087 - II) 19-21/10/2021 - IMPROVEMENT: multi line search input is now available for module search (M5544) - IMPROVEMENT: storage grid view now displays aliquot (secondary storage only) and unique code as list view already displayed both - BUG: missing checkbox in dymo print barcode (M5587) - IMPROVEMENT: UTF8 encoding support for CS molecules import - IMPROVEMENT: module filter "storage comments" now also searchs in secondary storage (M5580) 22/10/2021 - IMPROVEMENT: new security verifications for POST variables 25/10/2021 - BUG: mass update from memorized records didn't work for custom fields type link (M5591) - BUG: module filter project code wasn't correctly cleared when using the clear search button - IMPROVEMENT: storage tab in view list now also displays the barcode for visotubes (M5262) - IMPROVEMENT: storage tab in view list now displays the barcode in primary storage for visotubes only (M5267) --- v6.045 released 25/10/2021 28-03/11/2021 - BUG: main storage option is now disabled in the import storage form for R&S (M5595) - IMPROVEMENT: PDF printing: select only visible fields and use the field legend - BUG: remove google translation header and control translation only in LC header menu (M5242) - IMPROVEMENT: when resetting a forgotten password the new password inputted cannot be equal to the previouly used (M5429) - IMPROVEMENT: reset now only allows for 3 failed attempts before blocking for 10 min - IMPROVEMENT: code revision and update on the forms lot destruction and lot destruction request (M5450 - II) - BUG: prevent duplicated lots when double clicking the save button on add lot form (M5450 - III) - BUG: close lot form didn't work when we use the option save record and add lot (M5450 - IV) - CHANGED: custom field creation sets active to Y as default - BUG: deleting last calculated field of one module didn't delete the triggers - CHANGED: if a date/datetime custom field has validation then the field will be readonly to only allow datepicker dates 04-05/11/2021 - BUG: PDF A4 printing label: When label is too long, show 10 first & last caracters only, reduced font size - IMPROVEMENT: export processes data (M39) - BUG: incorrect year shown in block date options in custom fields type date - BUG: missing escape in mysql insert on recipe use 08/11/2021 - IMPROVEMENT: autocomplete custom fields that are used in searchin custom fields cannot be deleted - BUG: straws weren't correctly retrieved in list view for primary storage 10-12/11/2021 - IMPROVEMENT: integrate scheduling to equipment module - CHANGED: Update MolEdit to last version (v1.5.2) (M5420) - CHANGED: update from GenBank must update sequence too (M4317-II) - IMPROVEMENT: new default special code for R&S module (M4687) - CHANGED: Plasmid map editor enz small fixes (M5533) - IMPROVEMENT: unique code field in audit trail when secondary storage is removed (M5351) - BUG: Masks templates do not enforce the full entry (M5131) 15-19/11/2021 - BUG: closing record without save changes didn't unlock the record - IMPROVEMENT: select default share options in module form either globally or per module (M5394) - CHANGED: block duplicates option now only warns on record modification when name is duplicated but wasn't edited (original name was already duplicated) - CHANGED: harmonization of the storage browser name (M5340) - BUG: delete straw wasn't being shown when leading zeros didn't match - IMPROVEMENT: barcode general search can now be used to search aliquots (M5576) - BUG: integrity check incorrectly detected "module" field in risks custom fields - BUG: link custom fields didn't work on risks, lots or maintenance tabs - BUG: not displaying the option to use unique code in generate code bars - IMPROVEMENT: access denied message stating that the account is suspended and needs to be reset / unlocked. (M2212) - BUG: manage recipes affected the LC menu causing the menu dropdowns not to working - IMPROVEMENT: memory mass updater now is available to all user levels (instead of the previous superadm and adm only ) being each record validate per edit permissions - CHANGED: secondary storage display in record view and storage tab grid view ordered by id --- v6.05 released 19/11/2021 ************** 2022 ************** 04/01/2022 - IMPROVEMENT: field secret index in all mysql module tables (default and custom) - IMPROVEMENT: new indexes for specific mysql tables (modules: short_name, table_name | modules_custom: field_name, sort_order | modules_custom_values: active) 11-12/01/2022 - BUG: PDF printing: box fields were lost - IMPROVEMENT: PDF printing: add third line - BUG: EPL printing: check if unique_code_use option is present 13/01/2022 - IMPROVEMENT: tool to change LabCollector header and login page color - BUG: decimal validations options weren't being displayed (for field modification) in maintenance, lots, risks and registry tabs - BUG: incorrect decimal validation on maintenance, lots, registry and analysis tab forms - CHANGED: natural sort of tubes in remove tube popup 17/01/2022 - BUG: export bug when using default filters like SP sample_type - IMPROVEMENT: PDF printing: save 'include name' option in label template - BUG: single PDF printing: utf encoding of record name - BUG: single PDF printing: correct a wrong variable name - IMPROVEMENT: PDF printing: adjust max 1D barcode height - IMPROVEMENT: record view and record storage tab view (grid view and list view) now display box grid positions in natural order - BUG: fix wrong var saving delay on custom scheduled tasks - BUG: reorder module records by using the sort icons would cause the module to lose multiselect/checkbox selected filters 19-24/01/2022 - IMPROVEMENT: single PDF printing: automatic printing with a default label template - IMPROVEMENT: put condition to the get_custom_field function to avoid php warning - IMPROVEMENT: single PDF printing: add lot fields to selects - IMPROVEMENT: PDF printing: add project code option (M5713) - IMPROVEMENT: add more cases for select and radio type fields in the get_field_val function - IMPROVEMENT: PDF printing: use get_field_val() function to get field value - IMPROVEMENT: PDF printing: indicate storage information a label (M5698) 26/01/2022 - BUG: ordering above 100 fields wasn't working with the ordering tooltip - BUG: session variable lang_lc would always be EN even with other langs - BUG: bug in custom fields that caused new fields to not being created in the last position - CHANGED: consider empty values as 0 in dependent fields of numeric calculated fields 01-02/02/2022 - IMPROVEMENT: custom fields visible/usable by group logics (M5701) - IMPROVEMENT: recipe log now stores all data in DB at the moment of usage instead of matching IDs (M5695) 03-04/02/2022 - BUG: module search by ID with multiple IDs separated by commas wasn't functioning properly - CHANGED: search_into option moved next to autocomplete option when creating a new custom field - BUG: import users tab cannot be present when superadm is redirected when it has no associated contact 07-08/02/2022 - CHANGED: change UI and UX for custom field translations - IMPROVEMENT: automatic name now can has a option to append project code (M5757) - BUG: archived users could be selected as box owners (M5759) - BUG: standardize owner select between create form and modification form (M5760) - CHANGED: force white background on "normal" select field and respective options - BUG: when there were no tasks scheduled the module select to add new task would be empty 18/02/2022 - IMPROVEMENT: allow the selection of alternative chemical components in recipes (M5724) 21-24/02/2022 - IMPROVEMENT: allow a multiplier coefficient in the recipes to execute recipes based on calculation (M5290)(M277) - IMPROVEMENT: allow quantity tolerance for recipe components (M5696) - BUG: import overwrite owner option was being ignored - BUG: chemicals records created from recipes now are created with owner when owner option is active for CH module (M5672) - IMPROVEMENT: improve UI/UX of the quick-destock popup (M3058) - IMPROVEMENT: improve batch derivation in quick-destock popup (M5769) - IMPROVEMENT: quick-destock popup => add an icon to generate a batch number in case of derivation - IMPROVEMENT: put the code of both quick-destock versions in a single file - IMPROVEMENT: recipe generic items now can use generic quantities - not destocked anywhere (M5768) 28/02/2022 - CHANGED: avoid double spaces in calculated fields with empty dependent fields 02/03/2022 - IMPROVEMENT: PDF printing => light improvements - CHANGED: new logic for generating a po number (M5652) - BUG: incorrect storage filter in module export related to leading zeros in IDs (M5787) - IMPROVEMENT: new icons for custom modules 08/03/2022 - BUG: storage browser: bug on transferring a rack to another freezer (M5663) - BUG: multiple calculated fields creation failed if database is case sensitive as MySQL8 14/03/2022 - BUG: fix bxSlider compatibility with jQuery v3 (found in scheduler) 25/03/2022 - BUG: Typo in Equipment Preferences (M1899) - BUG: the link Add to order list in reagent linked to antibody didn't work - IMPROVEMENT: new smiles import with metadata extraction - IMPROVEMENT: metadata extraction available for mol or sdf import 28/03/2022 - ADDED: edit lot original quantity with a reson (M3708) - IMPROVEMENT: smart use of CSS break-all by detecting the presence spaces (M5799) - BUG: closing record without save changes didn't unlock the record 31/03/2022 - IMPROVEMENT: option to configure per category the timerange (days to) of alert in maintenance (M4011) 04-08/04/2022 - CHANGED: new column value_code into custom_module_value table (M5842) - IMPROVEMENT: check if a record can be deleted function optimized (M5831) - BUG: export based on the filter storage ANY or NO storage is empty (M5728) - NEW: define extra fields to show on box map tooltip per module (M4660) - BUG: in sequence module feature field content is not exported (M5734) - CHANGED: exclude archived records from automatic export (M5679) - CHANGED: remove transparency slider in custom fields colorpicker (M5651) - ADDED: the reason of signature should appear on the exported records (M5739) - CHANGED: be able to filter by multiple process in the same search (M5738) - BUG: searchin custom field (when there isn't a configured autocomplete field) now works with the same logic as autocomplete using the advanced name filter (M5833) - CHANGED: improve internal function to send emails to multiple recipients - BUG: fix layout issue (M5665) - BUG: quick-destock => lots are not checked by permissions (M5630) - BUG: POM => fix js error - BUG: initiate $volume variable when adding storage (M5840) - BUG: improve box deletion logic in the storage browser (M5761) - IMPROVEMENT: enabling or disabling custom modules options is now allowed instead of locked options 12-13/04/2022 - IMPROVEMENT: staff level users can now access memorized items management to use Worklists (M5664) - CHANGED: default import mode is now limited to 5.000 records per import - IMPROVEMENT: new optimal performance import mode to allow the import of massive records (M5720) 15/04/2022 - IMPROVEMENT: option to have alerts for chemical lots on hold status (M5828) 19/04/2022 - ADDED: can now inject LC menu alerts automatically from addons - BUG: custom risks fields interfered with module custom fields with the same name 20/04/2022 - IMPROVEMENT: alerts menu styles 22/04/2022 - IMPROVEMENT: automatic link to R&S (chem_parent) now needs the mandatory fields (M5823) - IMPROVEMENT: superadmin now has a setup to limit admin access areas (M5607) 28-29/04/2022 - CHANGED: setup for access permissions now is more generic with also permissions for staff and staff+ - BUG: processes report through worklists used the old documents module form - BUG: invalid chemical ID in recipe component selection when there was more than one possible component (chemical select) and multiple lots but none with sufficient quantity - BUG: invalid parameter to filter storage on module export - BUG: admin could access to export models setup through the Preferences menu even when he was blocked in access permissions - CHANGED: in record options minimum allowed for database field size is 5 - BUG: incorrect import file sequence options (use of storage, user, file action) for Batch Lots Inventory - IMPROVEMENT: Batch Lots Inventory now generates a comment in the lot(s) updated (M5862) - IMPROVEMENT: option to show or not the storage icon (next to ID) on the records in the module page 02-05/05/2022 - IMPROVEMENT: possibility to display seller and brand when selectiong recipe components (M5866) - BUG: users without writing permissions for Address Book module cannot add (form quick add popup) sellers or brands (M5860) - BUG: incorrect conversion from text field to select/multiselect/checkbox field in custom fields (M5869) - BUG: R&S Code now available in memory mass update - BUG: archive/readonly records cannot have new storage (M5731) - BUG: additional fields in linkpick (M5868) - IMPROVEMENT: option to include record data when deriving a record in memorized management (M5735) - IMPROVEMENT: Structures module > Molseqrch > Support for large data sets extracted from the database, merged to execute normalization (M5884) 09/05/2022 - BUG: autocomplete field (locked/restricted to existing records) displayed the available options in a incorrect order when writing/filtering in the autcomplete input on the module form - BUG: boxgrid tooltip UI conflict between H1 and H1n meaning H11 for example (M5888) 10/05/2022 - IMPROVEMENT: cache system for substructure search filter in Chemical Structures module - IMPROVEMENT: prevent large images from breaking module record data UI (content_insert) - IMPROVEMENT: script was generated to perform DOM update when closing fancybox in Chemical Structures. (M5884) 11/05/2022 - FIX: duplicate ID input was change to create a correct smile search. (M5884) - BUG: custom modules didn't have the button to automatically create unique code in module form - BUG: clear button on search now can delete structure smile for a Chemical Structures module. 12/05/2022 - IMPROVEMENT: ability to generate the structure directly in the search box once the query has been designed. Chemical Structures Module. - BUG: lot quantity used in a recipe wasn't inserted in R&S Consumptions 16/05/2022 - BUG: lot quantity used in a recipe was missing from the comments inserted in the lot - BUG: invalid return saving a recipe usage when creating a new lot and the existing record has special chars in the name 19/05/2022 - BUG: missing radio options in analysis tab import - IMPROVEMENT: added filter to search by lot ID, ID/LT or #number. User R&S Consumptions Module. (M5894) - IMPROVEMENT: Changed lot ID search by Chem ID and left two columns always visible with data. User R&S Consumptions Module. (M5894) 23/05/2022 - IMPROVEMENT: update record print view to match record view in the module for select, multiselect and checkbox custom fields 24/05/2022 - FIX: database fields for elastic search - FIX: PHP warning fixes 25/05/2022 - CHANGE: recipe usage UI update (M5963) - BUG: only future dates allowed when inserting a lot expire date - BUG: recipe report encoding bug in steps - BUG: incorrect validation when selecting lot status in free recipe usage --- v6.1 released 25/05/2022 08/06/2022 - BUG: remove html tags from comments in storage IN/OUT excel export - BUG: import option to overwrite owner now available for R&S module when owner is active - BUG: simple R&S storage selected as mandatory cannot be mandatory if main storage is selected - BUG: fix issue refreshing value of calculated fields on new records - BUG: incorret security validation on form field validation script 14/06/2022 - BUG: missing category options when deleting a custom field - BUG: lang system for custom fields was being placed on top of ordering icon preventing the icon to be clickable - BUG: column ID width fix 15/06/2022 - BUG: staff and user level users can now add secondary storage to own records (M5907) - IMPROVEMENT: easier UI for sorting fields when above 100 fields - IMPROVEMENT: more complete system to detect zerofill flag - BUG: secondary tube counter function wasn't working 20-21/06/2022 - BUG: upload invoice scan bug when there was no folder created - BUG: module search fix and improvement for special chars like backslash \ 27/06/2022 - BUG: seller conversion was missing data escape - BUG: invalid query showed empty position in boxgrid when there was a record storage there (M5928) - BUG: storage for chemical lots bug with leading zeros active 01/07/2022 - BUG: missing empty option in category field of the R&S module form 04/07/2022 - BUG: quick_destock file re-created and redirecting to the current file in use (popup_quick_destock) for app compatibility - BUG: View online pdf doesn't work on Chrome for file>3Mb (M5954) - IMPROVEMENT: associated file / report now is also available in lot hold release (M5951) 11-12/07/2022 - BUG: prevent duplicated entries in the database in reference to Documents module category tabs - BUG: equipment warranty ending alert wasn't being taked into account to determine if there were no alerts 13/07/2022 - IMPROVEMENT: support for multiple super administrators (M2563) 15/07/2022 - BUG: fix link to Advanced Search add-on in Setup>Integrations>Elasticsearch - BUG: fix link to Advanced Search add-on in Setup>Integrations>Elasticsearch - BUG: password retrieve / reset wasn't working for legacy type passwords (legacy not advised - strong configuration should be use) - IMPROVEMENT: legacy format validation on password retrieve / reset 18/07/2022 - BUG: encoding bug related to special chars in lang files in export - BUG: incorrect format validation for datetime fields (M5974) 20/07/2022 - IMPROVEMENT: import now takes into account the parent category field value when validating mandatory sub-fields when those sub-fields are present in import file (M5858) 25/07/2022 - IMPROVEMENT: CS module form now validates mol format when the field Mol Description is used (M5983) - IMPROVEMENT: import now validates mol/sdf format (M5983 - II) 27-28/07/2022 - IMPROVEMENT: Added a stability addon tab in chemicals (M5973) - BUG: text wrap option default value was incorrectly applied when opening specific record tabs (M6000) 04-05/08/2022 - IMPROVEMENT: import lot now supports lot unit field (M703) - IMPROVEMENT: import lot now supports lot custom fields (M4234) - IMPROVEMENT: option to display document version in summary line when compliance active (M5968) - BUG: two click were needed to load add maintenance form (M6013) - BUG: dashes were added after free text on label (M6022) - BUG: mass update from memorized records bug with calculated fields (M6003) 08/08/2022 - BUG: module filter type radio had a UI problem with the radio overlapping the radio label (M5903) - NEW: add LSM tab in Documents module 11/08/2022 - BUG: incorrect CSS width for COUNT/ID column in some modules (only without leading zeros active) 25/08/2022 - IMPROVEMENT: add color to equipment categories (M5997) 05-06/09/2022 - BUG: elasticsearch fields were incorrectly detected by verify integrity tool (M6041) - BUG: import tool had invalid options for "Overwrite Imported Operator" for staff and staffplus (M6038) - BUG: derive sample icon incorrectly appears in the record even if sample module is not active (M6058) - IMPROVEMENT: cookie on the PO Manager to keep reagents vs primer filter - BUG: upgrade now uses DB_ENGINE variable in order to support both MyISAM and InnoDB - CHANGED: focus icon removed from custom field select (M6072) - CHANGED: custom fields focus icons can now be enabled or disabled depending on setup option (M6072 - II) - BUG: custom date field incorrectly blocked for past dates in add lot form due to default field expiration date(M6037) - CHANGED: logo image upload now accepts both jpg and jpeg 08/09/2022 - IMPROVEMENT: summary line now allows to mix between default and custom fields (M3788 - II || M5856) - IMPROVEMENT: custom sub-fields are now correctly ordered in the summary line (M6069) 09/09/2022 - BUG: qr size fixed when ID is longer. Font size adjusted, Barcode Label Series 12/09/2022 - IMPROVEMENT: box can now be picked by scanning box barcode (in addition to the box select) in the storage form - IMPROVEMENT: aliquot barcode display in records is now optional and can be configured in manage storage options 13-15/09/2022 - IMPROVEMENT: when a record name is updated in the module form now the name is also updated in summary line - IMPROVEMENT: when activating the name modification (disabled by default) in the module form it now displays a warning if the name is currently used in autocomplete custom field (M5839) - IMPROVEMENT: module form now updates the summary line (M5171) 19-20/09/2022 - BUG: default field operator for EQ maintenance didn't support special chars - BUG: security logic of the addon fancybox must be the same as the addon iframe - BUG: improve the script to check if database user has permissions to create triggers - IMPROVEMENT: primary key added in two mysql tables - BUG: color legend missing for straw in boxgrid (M768) - BUG: CH special code (nacres or external update) wasn't working correctly in PO template in POM tool - IMPROVEMENT: unique code added to secondary storage column in export module (M40) - IMPROVEMENT: unique code added to Storage Browser boxes export 21/09/2022 - BUG: give configuration option for separators when generating a label (M6070) - BUG: custom sub-fields fields were missing from module record print (M6095) - BUG: select, multiselect and checkbox custom fields are now ordered by natural order (M6063) - IMPROVEMENT: database backup tool now supports the use of a specific port for remote servers - IMPROVEMENT: new system with better performance to manage default fields on module filter (M1982 - II) - IMPROVEMENT: when compliancy is ON only superadm can modify operational settings in EQ preferences (M5528) - IMPROVEMENT: when compliancy is ON only superadm can modify operational settings in Lot Management tab in R&S preferences (M5528 - II) 26-30/09/2022 - BUG: autocomplete with value validation didn't allow for empty value to be inserted making it impossible to remove a saved value - BUG: reason field for archive, read-only, restore and sign records actions didn't support chinese chars - IMPROVEMENT: can now create a new link in home customization page - BUG: searchable fields cannot be used in the search if they are inactive (M5924 - I) - BUG: searchable fields cannot be used in the search if the logged user has been restricted from using those fields (M5924 - II) - BUG: update memorized incorrect keeper detection in Address Book module (M6114) - IMPROVEMENT: when R&S compliancy is active new lots are automatically put on hold (M5863) - IMPROVEMENT: memorize record icon is not displayed when the user has no permissions to memorize (M5621) - IMPROVEMENT: datetime, date and time custom fields now support readonly attribute (M5525 - I) - BUG: outdated JS validations for custom fields admin forms 03-06/10/2022 - IMPROVEMENT: window of menu & thin scroll on rss feeds (M5946) - BUG: main storage unique code is the record unique code and therefore not editable trough the unique code tooltip in storage tab list view - BUG: antibodies default multiselect fields database field lenght correction (M6116) - BUG: button to delete scheduled backup didn't work - BUG: focus icons also apply to default fields - BUG: database automatic backup tool now supports the use of a specific port for remote servers - IMPROVEMENT: new custom field option for non editable fields that only allow modification on create (M5525 - II) - BUG: volume to be removed cannot be allowed to be bigger than the total available volume (M5878) - CHANGED: now on secondary storage update main storage straws are not moved to secondary storage - IMPROVEMENT: highlight the border of the confirm button usage checkbox (M5900) 10-11/10/2022 - BUG: some default fields that were disabled still appeared on the module filter (M5821) - IMPROVEMENT: new system with better performance to manage default fields on module filter (M1982 - II) - IMPROVEMENT: optional action selection when tube/straws are destocked (M5624) - IMPROVEMENT: order approved email now is sent with LC default template (M6065) 12/10/2022 - IMPROVEMENT: add phone validation using intlTelInput js (M5732) - IMPROVEMENT: add custom field type phone (M6133) 14/10/2022 - BUG: closed maintenance allowed to change the maintenance file (M5912) - IMPROVEMENT: chemical lots and equipment maintenance support for multiple files (M4347) 17/10/2022 - BUG: support for special chars and chinese chars for maitenance and chemical lots uploaded files trough custom fields - IMPROVEMENT: allow the configuration of which user levels can delete records (M5901) 18-19/10/2022 - IMPROVEMENT: add export of existing list boxes (M0531) - BUG: invalid echo for recipe modification form - BUG: incorrect escape was causing empty volume to be saved as empty brackets {} 24/10/2022 - BUG: fix conflict with new phone validation intlTelInput js and UTF8 26-27/10/2022 - IMPROVEMENT: lot quantity alerts for custom units (M5623) - IMPROVEMENT: display the button for "batch process add" when custom modules have the process tab active (M6177) - CHANGED: custom modules table on admin area UI review - IMPROVEMENT: when adding a secondary storage if "make independent" is checked, the unique code generator now generates a unique code for each (M6161) - IMPROVEMENT: storage view now displays print barcodes icons (M6161 - II) 31/10/2022 - CHANGED: support calculated fields in Maintenance, Registry Book, Risks and Lots Tab 01-04/11/2022 - IMPROVEMENT: adjusted 2D barcode position (M6185) - IMPROVEMENT: preview automatically when choose between label templates (M6189) - BUG: matching font size for two columns label print (M6188) - IMPROVEMENT: added Top Margin availability to barcode label printing (M6184) - IMPROVEMENT: PDF generic label printing: put the fields in alphabetical order + add an advanced color picker (M6190) - BUG: superadmin should not be able to create a box in a room assigned to a group for a person outside this group (M5418) - CHANGED: list of eligibles fields for use in formulas in calculated fields is ordered by name now, instead of by form order (M6197) - IMPROVEMENT: updated system for MSDS links in R&S module (M6196) - BUG: when selecting the fields to be displayed in the print tool the sub-fields that would apply to that said record (depending on the parent field value) weren't being correctly checked - IMPROVEMENT: filter input & increased width for R&S module form risks statements - IMPROVEMENT: limited content to be printed out on a small label (M6187) - IMPROVEMENT: add XOAUTH2 Microsoft and Google (M6103) - BUG: search into / filter that allowed to search a specific field didn't kept the search on pagination - BUG: responsive add-ons/modules menu (M5946) - IMPROVEMENT: when automatic storage is active for the storage and t - IMPROVEMENT: improved validations on custom field deletion - CHANGED: allow the user to see and unarchive project code (M6104) - IMPROVEMENT: label type info when select any option on Barcode Label - IMPROVEMENT: capability to add risk and safety icons/codes to Barcode Label (M6186) 07-11/11/2022 - BUG: Import batch lot quantity doesn't appear in Start quantity (M6193) - BUG: Import batch lot barcode storage id doesn't appear when preference is set to SIMPLE storage (M6193) - IMPROVEMENT: import now displays the correct range when validating decimal field ranges (M5676 - II) - CHANGED: alerts page for batches running low now doesn't displays the batches list unless the user clicks on that option - BUG: Fixed bugs on POM risks popin, improved POM search form, improved POM list - IMPROVEMENT: maintenance Tab summary line option added (M6081) - IMPROVEMENT: maintenance Tab change table view / search functionality / select display records (M6081) - IMPROVEMENT: maintenance Tab sort functions (M6146) - IMPROVEMENT: import Genbank files faster, and add success mark on each file - BUG: fixed risk and safety icon size on Barcode Label and fit text on smal label (M6187) - IMPROVEMENT: force user to select upload mode before import genbank files 15-16/11/2022 - IMPROVEMENT: Reagents & Supplies batch Tab update -summary line option / search functionality / select display records / quick export added (M6081) - BUG: passwords containing accents didn't work in ldap authentication 21/11/2022 - BUG: custom field link type was not able to link to lot (M6039) - BUG: custom field link type now displays the barcode when the lot has no lot number (M6039-II) --- v6.11 released 21/11/2022 29-30/11/2022 - BUG: staffplus full acccess now see the orders from members of groups (M6223) - BUG: license link to client area fixed - BUG: fixed php8 bug on messages and rss option to display (M6219) 01-07/12/2022 - BUG: download & preview of database files failed in last version (M6234) - BUG: archived lab members where detected as missing email/phone for 2FA activation (M6233) - ADDED: In Samples module allow batch process updating (M6023) - BUG: after install when superadm is redirected to create contact (in order to force superadm to have a contact) after submit the session variable for contact_id was empty (M6218) - BUG: after install when superadm is redirected to create contact (in order to force superadm to have a contact) a avatar needs to be created (M6218 - II) - BUG: CSV export in UTF8 not working in UTF8 in import title tags, lots and maintenance datatable export CSV (M6241) - FIX: Adjusted the Counter ID column in modules to fix a bit bigger numbers (7% width) - IMPROVEMENT: optimization of the selected fields in modules main/search query - BUG: custom field search into filter in target module wasn't taken into account by module export (M6240) - IMPROVEMENT: import no longer uses 2 different columns (original_file_name) but a single column (M6243) --- v6.111 released 07/12/2022 15/12/2022 - BUG: inverted logic in label vs real choice in date and datetime fields (M6258) - BUG: issue saving condition in date and Datetime field (M6258) - BUG: calendar shows NaN in datetime fields when condition selected was "<" or "<=" (M6258) 28-29/12/2022 - BUG: bacode generation failed in PHP8: record prints, risks print, export in HTML, API token (M6301, M6304) - ADDED: support for MULTISELECT and checkbox on Mass Record Updater. (M6303) - BUG: create a record at the same time results the system generates a duplicate number while ID is unique (M6292) ************** 2023 ************** 03/01/2023 - BUG: back button in quick destock in order to destock another lot (M6289) - BUG: encoding bugs in quick destock (M6289 - II) - CHANGED: license page now displays in UI the license version (M6311) 09/01/2023 - CHANGED: verify if box name is already in system (M6339) - CHANGED: add/save/edit box warn on duplicate names (M6348) 11/01/2023 - IMPROVEMENT: Swagger for POST endpoint addBox (M6333) 18-20/01/2023 - BUG: storage data XML now accepts special chars in rack position field - BUG: greater than char incorrectly allowed in database name of custom fields - CHANGED: force encoding in mysqldump (M6380) 25/01/2023 - CHANGED: home XML now loads feeds with curl instead of file_get_content - CHANGED: LC user login: make the username case insensitive - CHANGED: sort maintenance alert by time (M6355) - CHANGED: update molEdit to add keyboard shortcut to remove highlighed bonds - BUG: comments field data not visible (M6397) 02-03/02/2023 - IMPROVEMENT: add release and dispose lots user preferences in Preferences → Reagents & Supplies (M6383, M6384) - IMPROVEMENT: add user preferences permissions in Admin → Setup (M6383, M6384) - IMPROVEMENT: add icon validation in a Reagents & Supplies → each record → Current active lots (M6383, M6384) - BUG: add a condition to custom field of type Link to Module failed if fields legend contained special chars - CHANGED: fix backup on linux to compress directly in backup folder (M6358) - BUG: encoding fix for lang variables for contract/warranty in record data on EQ module page - CHANGED: display different text according to user action (M6281) 06-11/02/2023 - CHANGED: module form's top buttons and reason do not display with small number of fields - BUG: module selector for autocomplete field was hidden on add custom field popup - IMPROVEMENT: print the 1d barcode as the box name (M6373) - IMPROVEMENT: add barcode height multiplier (M6373) - IMPROVEMENT: improvement of barcode series layout and functionality(M6373)) - IMPROVEMENT: in "storage browser > rack level > on box list" the icon to print barcode is opening in fancybox (M6372) - BUG: unit imported from Packaging size instead of lot management in R&S - CHANGED: molsearch changes in path for normalized cache (to documents folder) 14-17/02/2023 - CHANGED: exclude SAML POST from global referer validation - IMPROVEMENT: Show field color in a custom filter select dropdowns and equipments category dropdown (M6284) - IMPROVEMENT: Disable 2nd column if label does not allow it, add more validation for certain type of barcodes (M6435) - BUG: all the values of the field with checkbox type are checked after update or create (M6442) - ADDED: add math functions in calculated field (M6409) - BUG: box map tooltip on tubes was giving Record not found 20-24/02/2023 - BUG: manage project codes too slow or unresponsive - BUG: Eq. Maintenance bug on tooltip validation alert (M6340) - BUG: added validation to avoid sql injection in modules - BUG: fails when displaying records with a field type link - CHANGED: update jquery version - CHANGED: update molEdit to get improvements in inChi Key - CHANGED: fixes & improvements in google translate widget 03/03/2023 - IMPROVEMENT: with compliancy active lot and maintenance modification requires reason (M6452) - IMPROVEMENT: line separator custom field cannot have summary line option active (M6335) 06-07/03/2023 - BUG: wrong ID returned when a record is duplicated (M6417) - IMPROVEMENT: search bar, allows to filter memorized items and IDs at the same time (M6401) - BUG: home_load_feed tests if requested exists before loading a feed - BUG: display error using levels into display lots table (Reagents & Supplies) - IMPROVEMENT: fixed position of actions column in responsive mode (display lots table) --- v6.12 released 08/03/2023 09/03/2023 - BUG: when deleting a category custom field with the option to maintain sub-fields those sub-fields were still deleted 09-10/03/2023 - BUG: when deleting a category custom field with the option to maintain sub-fields those sub-fields were still deleted - BUG: fix a conflict with range warning tooltip in calculated fields that caused infinite loop in calc and value refresh - BUG: main storage edit not saving and deleting previous storage info 14-17/03/2023 - BUG: export UI fix when fields have long names without spaces - barcode printing: can now insert some custom texts through URL get parameters (freetext, line1, line2, line3) - BUG: make by_id search field as multiline allow a list of IDs to be passed as a liste (M6444) - BUG: import optimal performance failed with values with apostrophes (M6342) - BUG: csv file upload to add budget accounts was failing (M6353) - CHANGED: position A1 is now mandatory/fixed as the first position in a box (M6350) - IMPROVEMENT: drag & drop of fields in fields order page now activates the scroll (M6300) - CHANGED: lots without quantity aren't imported in import batch lots (M6306) - CHANGED: group master administrator could not modifiy the username of members of his group (M6414) - BUG: module search keyword multiline and use operators to search (M5544) - BUG: add missing translations in recipe form (M6416) - BUG: select, multiselect and checkbox custom fields cannot be selected as keyword searchable anymore (M6369) - BUG: genealogy tree allow change position of the legend icons (M6478) - BUG: bug created by null vs 'null' in export and module filters (M6493) 20-24/03/2023 - CHANGED: staff and staff plus can now modify a record's secondary storage even if they are not the owner (M6439) - IMPROVEMENT: improve the batch running low list (M6009) - IMPROVEMENT: add a memorized item option on the IN/OUT page (M6418) - BUG: post section, email are sent message to archived users (M6480) - BUG: update the style for Reagents & Supplies lot tab (M6498) - BUG: imported seller encoding and special chars fix (M6449) - IMPROVEMENT: swagger add secret field as filter (M6501) - BUG: Dymo Label Print sql error - BUG: fix for duplicating files on duplicate record form (M6117) - BUG: improved DTCR-6000 template for direct Dymo print - CHANGED: update field by memorized records adapted to WF addon access 29-31/03/2023 - BUG: missing buttons in create project code - CHANGED: valid SMTP now only requires the smtp server instead of also username and password - BUG: custom fields order fix - BUG: API setup had a JS error when using french language - BUG: fix of multiple print "dymo" - IMPROVEMENT: show the comment & description in box list view (M6513) - BUG: sorting makes records disappear (M6519) - IMPROVEMENT: add disclaimer label to SSO settings to display on top of button 03-06/04/2023 - IMPROVEMENT: lot comment when lots are merged (M6469 - I) - IMPROVEMENT: mandatory reason for merging lots (M6469 - II) - BUG: export PDF of modules - BUG: PDF generic label printing preview doesn't work when "include record name" is selected - BUG: decimal filter fixes for operator chars - BUG: seller field incorrect options when exporting module searches by ID (M6523) - BUG: export module information doesn't match with search result - BUG: different logics for expiring lots in the header menu alerts and alert page 11-14/04/2023 - BUG: no volume display on microplates (M6450) - IMPROVEMENT: export batch lot inventory now also exports lot custom fields (M4307) - IMPROVEMENT: custom field deletion or modification now require a reason (M6451) - BUG: optional filters of the audit trail search weren't kept when pagination was used - IMPROVEMENT: lab member/real person information when clicking on the avatar in the users table - IMPROVEMENT: memorize all button on the expiring storage list in the alert menu (M6547) - IMPROVEMENT: storage expiration date and days before alert options in the replicate box tool (M6546) 17/04/2023 - CHANGED: remove KCFinder and use simpleuploads to upload images to CKEditor 19-20/04/2023 - CHANGED: POM: pick PO button is now grey when disabled (M6569) - BUG: no file uploaded in mass updater caused a PHP fatal error - IMPROVEMENT: option for multiplier coefficient to affect also the final product generic/lot quantity (M6539) - IMPROVEMENT: update CKEditor 4.21 - IMPROVEMENT: license setup now also displays the license information for demo licenses (M6571) - BUG: POM: on quantity/price update, reload list with filters applied (M6570) - BUG: memorized update failed to detected empty records when all records memorized were locked/edition terminated 24-28/04/2023 - BUG: fix bug search by ID and keywords - IMPROVEMENT: change interface Certified timestamp configuration - BUG: add validations for prevent missing parameters OAUTH2 and update help OAUTH2 for azure and google - CHANGED: modules are now using LC layout instead of dreamweaver templating system 02-05/05/2023 - IMPROVEMENT: new logic for reason and versioning in parcial form and mass updater started from addons (M6551) - CHANGED: improve the script to check if database user has permissions to create triggers - BUG: volume didn't allow decimal values when adding a tube in storage browser - IMPROVEMENT: unique code field added to storage browser add tube form - BUG: POM made add quote work (LC#26) - BUG: bug retrieving brand in POM tool - BUG: new line fix for non-HTML module exports 10-12/05/2023 - IMPROVEMENT: import CS now supports storage - BUG: link to regenerate WS token opened a blank page with error code 403 - BUG: Fixed empty link to record in messages (LC#34) - ADDED: add LSM tab in Equipments module - IMPROVEMENT: IP restriction to be wildcard (M6606) - IMPROVEMENT: recipe now allows multiple lots (M332) 16-19/05/2023 - ADDED: Project for chemicals consumptions and filter (M6289) - BUG: module import was missing status field on animal module - IMPROVEMENT: mass updater improvement for custom fields text values - IMPROVEMENT: mass updater now supports text values for default fields also - IMPROVEMENT: Added Transnetyx integration in LC Admin setup - BUG: fix bug getting TSA 22-25/05/2023 - UI: import from LDAP/AD: Group policy and Import button overlaps - BUG: fix error trying to add web service app with no modules selected - BUG: in preferences organisms import and budgets import didn't accept quot char ' - BUG: fixed missing translations for admin: ip restrictions (LC#70) - IMPROVEMENT: option to select the file encoding in preferences organisms import and budgets import - BUG: fixed missing translations for admin: Printers and labels (LC#76) - BUG: in maintenance alert preferences when month was used in alert timerange that value was ignored - BUG: in waiting list after all records are approved and the total records waiting is updated to 0 the color now also changes from red to gray - BUG: remove all un-printable fields from the dropdown on barcode printing feature (M6621) - BUG: fixed missing translations for admin: records options (LC#79) - BUG: fix path error sending emails from some addons pages if XOAUTH2 is enabled - IMPROVEMENT: recipe components (chemicals) display inline the risk icons (M6502) - BUG: fixed missing translations for admin: manage users: users history logs (LC#64) - ADDED: Project in quick destock (M6289) 29/05/2023 - IMPROVEMENT: automatic scroll to the custom module form on custom module admin page - BUG: remove confirm button on mass price updater when there are no valid records to update - IMPROVEMENT: more detailed response for multiple record deletion tool - IMPROVEMENT: when switching lang coming from page admin.php with no action in the URL (meaning after a POST request) now it redirects to homepage 31/05/2023 - IMPROVEMENT: GB import annotation labels (M6622) 02/06/2023 - IMPROVEMENT: animal crossing review - IMPROVEMENT: animal crossing only allows intra-species mating (M6620) - IMPROVEMENT: UI/UX review for fields order (M6574) 07-08/06/2023 - BUG: fix bug multiple search by id samples M6444 - IMPROVEMENT: option for autocomplete field to trigger other fields to map (M6646) - BUG: increase the size of the dropdown category field M6604 - ADDED: Display default field Sample Type at tooltip (M6481) - IMPROVEMENT: Add a feature to hide/show record in waiting (M6375) 12-18/06/2023 - IMPROVEMENT: add a filter on product name and lot reference in the disposal list (M6541) - IMPROVEMENT: import now allows the import the minimum quantity per lot unit (M6630) - IMPROVEMENT: log exporting action (M6652) - IMPROVEMENT: new SDS link options - IMPROVEMENT: tube count column of summary line now also displays a volume counter - BUG: CVE-2023-33253 fixed - IMPROVEMENT: new SDS link options - IMPROVEMENT: tube count column of summary line now also displays a volume counter - IMPROVEMENT: custom fields searchin type async counter preview (M6577) - BUG: incorrect calculation of the maximum number of records for SDF files import 20/06/2023 - IMPROVEMENT: mysql index added to name column in all module database tables (M6351) - IMPROVEMENT: indicate mandatory field when posting message (M6257) 22/06/2023 - BUG: emails sent by LC now use the custom logo uploaded instead of LabCollector default logo 23/06/2023 - BUG: when replicate of a record IN CUSTOM MODULE is done the search after return on the homepage module is not good (M6671) 26/06/2023 - BUG: on record data view don't display 0 as value for seller/brand in R&S module and seller in Equipment module 29-30/06/2023 - BUG: fields not active in custom module options were being showed in fields sorting admin area - CHANGED: upgrade and install now have the cages scheduler table instead of specific link that need be clicked to install it in cages scheduler page - BUG: in summary line mantain the project code color when there is more than one project code on the record
--- v6.15 released 30/06/2023


- BUG: when editing a custom field, formula of calculated fields and condition of link was not saved properly 


- IMPROVEMENT: mass update from memorized records now allows to update multiple fields (M6462) 


- CHANGED: in record options on automatic naming when selecting none or random now the text input is disabled 

- IMPROVEMENT: chemicals lots uses comments as logs, new user_notes field created, line break in comments (M6613) 

- IMPROVEMENT: chemicals has new price field, can be update in POM. POM logs now include PO number & PO number alt (M6611) 


- BUG: mass updater fix to allow the use of single and double quotes 

- IMPROVEMENT: system of main record (CH) and associated children (CH) for lot management (M6211) 


- BUG: Fix issues with print barcode for new batch from POM (M6703) 

- BUG: Fixes made in API (see API changelog) 


- BUG: replicate record from memorized items tool was inserted a incorrect all zeros update date (M6691) 

- BUG: memorized searches UI fixes (M6248) 

--- v6.151 released 27/07/2023

- BUG: change version SSL because SSLv2 and SSLv3 are refused completely since curl 7.77.0
- IMPROVEMENT: option to display an "available lots" icon when a record is associated to a R&S record with available lots (M6669)

- IMPROVEMENT: storage browser now allows to export a list of all the empty storage (M6692)
- BUG: import didn't recognize single box positions and would only recognize multiple positions (when separator was present)
- IMPROVEMENT: now it's possible to delete racks that only have empty boxes instead of no boxes (M6694)
- IMPROVEMENT: now it's possible to clean all empty racks instead of going one by one  (M6694 - II)
- BUG: incorrect encoding in the module select of the autocomplete custom field
- BUG: incorrect encoding when saving the conditional value of the link custom field
- BUG: on module form when picking a link custom field value the conditional options didn't worked with special chars
- BUG: on storage browser the auto-fill with racks plus boxes didn't create the database placeholder record for the rack

- BUG: manage exception in function to convert dates

- IMPROVEMENT: functionality to send invitation emails to new users/users that never logged in (M6711)

- CHANGED: since upgrade is now fully automatic the manual upgrade (upgrade interface) now requires a confirmation to use

- BUG: crossing field fix on animal module form
- BUG: Fix in TCPDF for images
- IMPROVED: block duplicates and autonaming revised to avoid duplicated names (M6292)
- BUG: fatals and warnings in POM
- BUG: Transfer ownership of records do not work for CH module (M6729)
- CHANGED: Sigma/Merck e-order URL updated

- IMPROVED: refactoring to remove some deprecating from PHP 8.2 (undefined variables, null variables used into trim, rtrim, ltrim, strtolower, utf8_encode and utf8_decode replacement by mb_convert_encoding

- BUG: Fix login when laboratory name has specials characters
- IMPROVED: super admin now can change other super admins password in the users table

- BUG: incorrect encoding when adding tubes from storage browser
- BUG: updating/overwriting the main storage when adding tubes from storage browser would cause duplicated comments

- IMPROVED: secondary owners can now be updated through Mass Record Updater (M6738)
- IMPROVED: select custom fields can now be searchable with multiple values (M3107)
- IMPROVED: Add 2FA option on super-administrator account too (M6749)

- IMPROVED: memorized records share options now available in each module (M6739)

- ADDED: new option in R&S preferences to make project mandatory in lot destock (M6716)
- IMPROVEMENT: filter for secondary owners (M6741)
- CHANGED: chemical lots detail now show comments & logs instead of summary line

- CHANGED: manage storage now displays a rack column in the box listing
- IMPROVED: function to download CSV supports a parameter to select if add BOM characters, for use from add-ons
- IMPROVEMENT: support for volume units (M603)

- IMPROVEMENT: import now fully supports all options for Sigma MSDS Link

- IMPROVEMENT: add support of line break on barcode series generating
- BUG: autocomplete field match & fill option didn't worked when there was more than one autocomplete field with match & fill active

- BUG: disable CH module on storage import if chemicals simple storage is activated in chemicals preferences (M6803)
- IMPROVEMENT: storage import now supports volume units (M6810)

- BUG: fixed price on lot derivation
- CHANGE: Improve Swagger in LC to notify about rewrite mode (M6766) 

- IMPROVEMENT: add export support of Manage user's list (M6807)
- IMPROVEMENT: add export support of Manage group policies list (M6808)

- IMPROVEMENT: allow rss_feed display from localhost instance
- IMPROVEMENT: update of order status (seller_set) when successfully sent to e-order
- BUG: php8 error on refresh calculated fields if record is shared between groups or has other multiple choice values
- BUG: storage guesser is required for equipment configured as automatic storage (M6833)
- BUG: storage form / module form storage tab bug fixes (M6776)

- IMPROVEMENT: allow to remove memorized animals from cages (M6842)
- IMPROVEMENT: allow to block all levels of permission except SA to create project code from the record itself or from TOOLS > Manage project code (M6806)
- IMPROVEMENT: allow to select memorized records from Cages facility plan existing records (M6841)
- IMPROVEMENT: custom modules now have options to use sample type field and organism field (M6798)
- BUG: custom fields type userlist could be incorrectly selected as searchable
- IMPROVEMENT: custom fields type calculated now as a helper text (M6195)
- IMPROVEMENT: Change display in SELLERS drop down to be COMAPNY first (M6869)
- BUG: quick add of sellers/brand in form was not saving Company name
- IMPROVEMENT: added lot & project in RS consumptions export (M6874)
- IMPROVEMENT: add time limit to licence (M6872)
- BUG: made the dates show in RS consumptions & added date recredit filters & translations (M6821)
- IMPROVEMENT: default value option for text type fields (medium and long sizes) in default and custom fields (M6871)
- BUG: keep the primer radio button ON when we do process change (M6876)
- BUG: in POM past orders, fixed custom order range (M6875)

- IMPROVEMENT: add custom fields into disposals lots list (M6881)

- IMPROVEMENT: Get back colors and long and medium text types to be available to print in barcode printing
- BUG: fix colors in filters dropdowns which have colored select options
- BUG: fix the popup to display the multilingual option in custom field (M6891)
- BUG: fix Animal module cage display issue (M6894)
- BUG: import data and datetime custom fields with custom formats wasn't working correctly (M6890)
- BUG: lots table Export internal custom fields (M6628)
- IMPROVEMENT: remove the edit option in case of automatic name and add configuration in ADMIN > Other > Setup > Access Permissions (M6805)

- BUG: fix delete animal cage placement from memorized tool (M6842)
- BUG: storage filter incorrect behaviour with past leading zeros (M6889)

- IMPROVEMENT: sort the R&S consumption list by DESC instead of ASC (M6900)
- BUG: fixed lot price not always present in the R&S consumption (M6901)
- IMPROVEMENT: data transfer now gives admin choice for locked and archived records (M6747)

- BUG: fix schedule XML issues in animals -> cages options -> cage scheduler and adjusted UI in animals -> cages options -> Cages facility plan
- BUG: record data active tab wasn't being highlighted (M6707)
- IMPROVEMENT: update UI of popups in animals module (M6905)
- IMPROVEMENT: add a new option under Preferences > R&S > Lot management, to remove the quarantine when compliancy is ON (M6902).
- IMPROVEMENT: add lockscreen option (M6909)
- IMPROVEMENT: add custom fields into approved and past disposals lots list
- IMPROVEMENT: add option to memorize elements in alert reagents
- IMPROVEMENT: allow batch process to process samples with processes barcodes (M6651)
- IMPROVEMENT: reload record on cage delete in animals module (M6918)
- IMPROVEMENT: add possibility to add comment to remove tube action (M6916)
- IMPROVEMENT: remove possibility to add new cage for dead animals (M6921)

- IMPROVEMENT: add screen-lock capability without auto-logout option (M6909)
- IMPROVEMENT: module import now allows to import tube cap colors when importing record storage (M6770)
- IMPROVEMENT: module import has the option to match sample type and respective tube cap color (M6770 - II)
- IMPROVEMENT: WebAuthn login support - need to have a better integration (M6940)
- BUG: boxgrid map highlights all positions of the selected record instead of only the selected position (M6933) (M6936)
- BUG: CH consumption now converts price with a coma into a dot
- UI: CH lots table: adjusted the table headers with the data (fixed some th/td width)
- BUG: POM email template takes lab name if exists instead of Labcollector
- CHANGED: cage fields were removed from module form on record edition and are only present on record creation (M6917 - I)
- IMPROVEMENT: specific cage form to manage record cage info (M6917 - II)

- IMPROVEMENT: import functions that validates datetime format now supports datetime without seconds (adding seconds automatically)
- IMPROVEMENT: add autofocus on press Enter into login input

- BUG: export GB wasn't working for SQ and PL modules
- IMPROVEMENT: give a statistics of the colored tubes caps in the boxgrid tube cap color legends (M6913)
- BUG: POM: divide lot price per unit (M6959)
- IMPROVEMENT: give a statistics of the colored tubes caps on the rack level view (M6923)

- BUG: POM: fixed clear all checkbox
- IMPROVEMENT: shopping cart: Auto select shipping if only one option
- BUG: home custom panels: Fixed broken module display when icon types are mixed
- IMPROVEMENT: module search now supports greek alphabet (M6965)

- IMPROVEMENT: add support of SpeechToText on Longtext fields if Artificial Intelligence enable (M6930)
- BUG: storage browser statistics didn't worked properly
- IMPROVEMENT: improve 2fa login and config update to allow sharing computer (M6938)

- IMPROVEMENT: UX of 2 steps login form
- BUG: fix missing checkbox into animals moving popup (M6922)
- IMPROVEMENT: add support of default enclosure on CSV/delimited file imports (M6870)
- BUG: fix RS consumption table problem
- IMPROVEMENT: extend result potentiality of NCBI requesting (M6809)

- BUG: fix staff contacts directory printing
- BUG: fix sample analysis tab saving blocked by non visible mandatory fields
- IMPROVEMENT: POM price edit: checkbox to update RS price, auto replace comma with dot (M6978)
- BUG: fix add equipment maintenance with alert enable and document upload (M6981)
- BUG: fix barcode generation if a lot number is egal to a lot ID which hasn't lot number (M6983)
- IMPROVEMENT: POM delivery form: forbid more quantity than original, check partial checkbox when quantity is less tha original (M6977)
- BUG: fix 'By Project' search
- IMPROVEMENT: project code can now be used in recipes (M6251)
- IMPROVEMENT: Security - Don't allow to add custom autocomplete or Link field to Registry Book tab

- IMPROVEMENT: change display of logs in chemical lots page
- IMPROVEMENT: add color and colored sample type column to storage export (M6915)
- IMPROVEMENT: allow multiselect values ​​for checkboxes and multiselect fields in swagger documentation
- IMPROVEMENT: add delete ip_restrictions record support + add Audit trail on Ip restrictions management
- IMPROVEMENT: update Artificial intelligence API and his Swagger Doc
- BUG: add support of some non encodable character on UTF8 encoder/decoder
- IMPROVEMENT: new backend info in lot table, order_id, po number, budget (M6976)
- IMPROVEMENT: when lot has budget id, put in in paid on field on consumption 
- IMPROVEMENT: CH module with Simple storage needs to show the same info as with storage browser (M6772)
- BUG: display postfix after longtext field
- BUG: #170 allow only active field in the select for calculated field
- BUG: #172 in french, calculated field are broken
- CHANGED: lot budget & PO number fields are now editable
- BUG: when adding multiple records after creation when redirecting to the module we now see all records created instead of just the last created
- IMPROVEMENT: setup option to create labels after each new record (M6980)

- BUG: cookies PHPSESSID not renew after login (M7010)
- CHANGED: storage import now supports the same inner separators as general import(: and |) to import multiple box positions
- IMPROVEMENT: new lots status Reserved and In production (M6972)
- BUG: allow to use memorized tool to unarchive archived records (M7012)
- CHANGED: don't accept & in custom fields database name
- BUG: storage form wasn't picking sample type default tube cap color
- IMPROVEMENT: Added lot price, po number, budget to Batch Lots Inventory excel export
- IMPROVEMENT: LC POM: in delivery form, if only one location designed for the product, set it up automatically (M6997)

- IMPROVEMENT: manage lot release with all status, dealing with compliance mode (M6972 - II)
- BUG: single line search wasn't searching correctly with OR operator
- BUG: super administrators could not be unarchived (M7040)
- BUG: fixed translations encoding problem

- IMPROVEMENT: recipes now take into account new lot status (M7041)
- IMPROVEMENT: recipes now have an option to calculate the recipe cost (M6968)
- BUG: import didn't take into account leading zeros when creating the automatic name

- IMPROVEMENT: show Plant in LC record the info of PM data (M7036)
- IMPROVEMENT: option to take tubes out from storage with the respective UI status (M6950)
- IMPROVEMENT: Bring AI improved texts (M7043)
- IMPROVEMENT: Send maintenance email to owner and secondary owners. (M5841)

************** 2024 **************

- IMPROVEMENT: Add creation and archived date in the user export list (M7050)
- IMPROVEMENT: Add the seller name in the alert page for batch running low (M7049)

- IMPROVEMENT: Translations of admin and preferences menus (CN, DE, FR, ES, PT, NO) (M6987)

- BUG: Fix bad check of SSO metadata parameter
- IMPROVEMENT: Add support of classic nfc 
badge card to passwordless authenticate user with a rfid card reader (M6960) - IMPROVEMENT: Add in place sorting feature for location, rack and box in storage browser (M6318) - IMPROVEMENT: Delete box and content from storage browser support box_nogrid and boxgrid empty
- IMPROVEMENT: set quantity fields on add new record page 1 by default (M7056)

--- v6.21 released 09/01/2024

- IMPROVEMENT: option to display cage icon when record has cage