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Day-to-day uses

- How create or edit a record? - General setup
- How create a custom field? - Level permission
- How delete data? - Manage user
- Manage your publications (FR)
- Group policies
- Icon meaning - Customization

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I add a custom module to fit my specific needs?  
  2. Can I see/list all records in a module?  
  3. Custom field: Field category option version 5.2x  
  4. Custom fields type  
  5. Custom fields: Tab Analysis option  
  6. How do I add multiple records without data import  
  7. How do I customize record options?  
  8. How do I delete data?  
  9. How do I link records and for what purpose?  
  10. How do I manage animal crossings?  
  11. How do I manage vendors and sellers?  
  12. How do you create a custom field?  
  13. How do you create a custom field? For version 5.2x  
  14. How do you create or edit records? (FR/EN)  
  15. How do you use versioning  
  16. How to export search results  
  17. How to manage users  
  18. How to store and manage straws? (EN/FR)  
  19. how to use AD or LDAP for login authentication?  
  20. How to use LDAP and OpenSSL on windows 64bits?  
  21. Icons meaning (EN/FR)  
  22. Import and manage your Reagent & Supplies V5.3  
  23. Import your data (5.3 version)  
  24. Import your samples and associated storage in 3 steps  
  25. Importer ma BDD EndNote dans LabCollector (FR)  
  26. LabCollector General setup  
  27. LabCollector General Setup 5.2  
  28. Manage memorized items  
  29. Manage storage for Reagent & Supplies module  
  30. Manage your lab equipment and follow their maintenance  
  31. Manage your reagent lots  
  32. Risk codes  
  33. Should I lock, archive or delete records?  
  34. What are group policies and how to use them?  
  35. What are user level permissions?  
  36. What can I do with the default fields?  
  37. What is a CSV file?  
  38. What is the formula that LabCollector uses for Tm in Sequences module?  

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