Forensics LIMS


The large panel of forensic sciences requires a LIMS combining simplicity, reliability, and security. LabCollector LIMS supports your forensic laboratory using all types of sample report and tracking (e.g. automatic relations, barcoding),  storage of a large panel of crime scene documentation and results (e.g. document, image, and video), reagent and chemical management and lab workflow. We know that one main word in forensics lab is security that’s why LabCollector offers different possibility to manage accessibility to your lab database. Five user levels can be configurated to allow efficient and secure data manipulationForensic-LIMS_fig2 (Super-Administrator,Administrator, Staff, User and Visitor). Data entries made by USER’s level remain in a waiting status until an administrator validates it. Passwords are kept encrypted. Moreover, for traceability purposes a history log is provided and accessed by super-administrator. Audit trail is important for forensic labs. For this a data versioning option is also proposed (to track changes in samples’ information).

Forensics Lab Process

LabCollector is a ready-to-use environment that you can customize. Sample tracking is the essence of its features, but the addition of versatile add-ons brings the needed extra to meet any forensics lab. Configurations that can support the forensics activity include: LabCollector main interface WorkFlow Addon Data logger for sensor monitoring Lab Service Manager (LSM) I-Collector for automatic instrument data collection The WorkFlow addon provides a step by step processing and data saving interface to track individual samples and/or plates or batches of plates. The LSM addon offers services to partners or clients to keep track of all samples arriving for processing. Information created during all projects steps is stored in the LSM and LabCollector LIMS.