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LabCollector LIMS for chemistry


R&D labs in chemistry area manage numerous chemical structures each day requiring an efficient organizational system. Unlike other LIMS, LabCollector manages chemicals but it also manages equipments data, documents and all information in the lab.

LabCollector LIMS gives your lab powerful tools to setup an easy to use solution to manage your lab in a single database:

Tools for data chemicals:

  • Import chemical structures (MOL and CDX formats)
  • Unique ID for each data entry
  • Add spectrum data (JDX format) and PDB structures
  • Molecule designer
  • Substructure search (optional)
  • Locate your samples in the lab
 Chemical File

Tools to organize your Lab:

  • Customize the database modules, fields and search filters
  • Edit barcode labels for quick identification
  • Mass import and update data
  • Manage lab inventory

Check our Electronic Lab Notebook!
Fully compatible with LabCollector LIMS
Chemistry plugin option

Download and try LabCollector ELN and other LabCollector's Add-ons like the Sequencing Service Manager (SSM), the Lab Service Manager (LSM) ...

And many more: check other LabCollector LIMS tools ..


Key benefits:

Enhance data traceability
Speed up your research and optimize your organization
Facilitate storage management, inventory and data retrieval


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