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Download LabCollector LIMS for automation brochure

LabCollector LIMS is a collaborative intranet solution to enhance the Quality Management System of your Lab. Built around independant modules, LabCollector is capable of extensive customization to manage any lab activities (research, development, clinic, services ...) in Academic labs, Pharma, Biotech and CRO structures.

LabCollector LIMS also integrates automation tools allowing scientists to save time and to limit errors. Information is managed in a relational database allowing users to identify, store and link data.

LabCollector LIMS currently integrates the following automation tools:


Print formatted labels and labels series editor:

For sample identification using barcode. LabCollector supports ZebraTM and BradyTM printers.


Labels format

Samples Batch Tools:

Batch data import from microplate rack scanner (2D coded tubes). LabCollector supports Micronic, FluidX, VisioMate (Thermo) and other scanners.

 Sample Batch Tool

Tube Sorter:

This add-on helps to recover dispatched samples on storage and place them on a working tray. It generates a picklist automatically and the necessary instruction files for the tube sorter robot (Micronic, BioMicroLab ...).
The module also generates Fluidigm EP1 instruction files! Other equipment integrations can be added. Just send us your requests!


  Tube Sorter


Key benefits:

Speed up your research and oprimize your organization
Facilitate storage management, inventory and data retrieval

Enhance data traceability and improve the quality management system of your activities


Get a complete Information System with specific Add-ons !!

Download and try LabCollector ELN (CFR21Part11 compliant), the Lab Service Manager (LSM), the Protein Tracking System (PTS) ...