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July 23, 2012: LabCollector Newsletter

New storage boxes map, last development

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NEWSLETTER - 2012 July


New storage boxes | Automation | Ongoing Development | News

Soon: New storage boxes map

Discover our new storage boxes design and functionalities included in the next LabCollector update.

It will feature:

  • New dynamic design
  • Multiple selection (drag) to define tube position in one action
  • Pop-ups to see tube information
  • List view (name, position, description)
  • Ability to print box maps and box lists
New storage box

Now AgileBio distributes rack scanner

LabCollector includes a Sample Batch tool for sample's data acquisition from readers and scanners

Now, for easier integration with LabCollector LIMS, AgileBio distributes BioMicrolab scanners.

Readers capture data stored as 2D data matrix barcodes (sample name, tube position and rack ID) on sample storage tube and output file that is used to report information to LabCollector LIMS.

Save time and reduce data entry errors.

Rack data import

Ongoing Development

Workflow add-on: It allows the automation of a process like logging in samples, assigning tests, preparing samples for analysis, recordgind results and much more. The objective of workflows is to allow a LIMS user to generate easily the sequence of events to be undergone on samples.

Temperature logger add-on: Laboratory network data logger are able to register temperatures. From your freezers, collected data will be send periodically to LabCollector LIMS for analysis and report functionalities. This add-on is connected to an alert system which allows to send email and even phone alerts.
Temperature graphs will be associated to each sample allowing quick quality control checkups.

Keep sending your suggestions/requirements for next developments

Rack data import


LabCollector 10 years

"I am realising that LabCollector is entering its 10th year of market presence. It has been so quick and also with so many evolutions. When I look back, I remember people in the labs questioning why such a software. I feel now that the demand is mature. It is comforting I guess. So! We are brainstorming on how we could celebrate this 10 years anniversary! Any ideas? Feel free to submit ideas. Thanks." Pierre RODRIGUES, AgileBio, General Manager

10 years already

The first 100% web-based LIS/LIMS

Fully customizable

Upgradable & Affordable

The main concept behind LabCollector LIMS is that each scientist in the lab can manage quickly his data and make them available to the rest of the lab members. Due to Intranet support, data can be accessed from any connected computer in the lab, which accelerates information retrieval in a real collaborative environment. Furthermore, you lab will gain traceability and organization.

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LabCollector LIMS is modular software, that you can adapt and customize extensivelly without any particular informatics skill. Therefore LabCollector LIMS can be used in a variety of different situations and labs. Easily create your own embedded custom modules, add any kind of fields, etc.


With a single license per lab team, LabCollector LIMS is the most affordable solution that you can find! No expensive leasing plans. Our license is economic and perpetual. And you only pay upgrades if and when you need!

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Current version 5.16


Other Products




An easy single-step setup wizard is now provided for Windows systems. No informatics skills needed to manage your server!

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A growing number of Modules Add-ons available for LabCollector LIMS: Scheduler, PhotoBank, Electronic Lab Notebook, Sequencing Service Management...

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Give your team the power to quickly make reservations for equipment or facilities.

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Give your team the power to quickly draw colored plasmid maps.

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