10 years already

Features in detail - Server Manager Utility

NEW: Windows Server Manager:

Our new server installation wizard provides an automatic LabCollector Server Manager. This manager gives an easy access to configuration files and control over the server status (start/stop Apache web server and mysql database server). It also includes an easy and automatic backup engine which allows you to configures 2 types of backup (short-term backups: day or week and lon-term backups: week or month).

Runs as a windows service. LabCollector server and automatic backups will be available with the manager closed and even with closed windows user sessions.

New version 2.0:

Now turn Enterprise with the last Server Manager version 2.0 with easy lab replication. This allows a department to host all LabCollector instances on the same server and easily keep a regular overall maintenance (backups, upgrades and updates are done in one time).