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Features Enterprise Edition

Manage unlimited labs from a shared application server.


All the features of single copy LabCollector LIMS built into a special Enterprise pack to cut on maintenance costs.
All labs and teams are governed on a single server, but with independent databases, powered by an application server.

This solution is ideal for any situation where several labs are to be centralised and share hardware ressources.
Each lab benefits of independent lab management like if it would be an individual LabCollector LIMS installation.
Each lab can share accesses or be completely protected from each other.

Enterprise solution is fully scalable and grows with your company or institute needs.

We provide an easy Windows based LabCollector Server Manager


In order to help you analyse the benefits of installing Enterprise Edition on your Company, Institute or Department, ask us a quote and details. Take a moment to describe your organization and we'll be glad to provide you a suited and detailed solution.