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Importing, exporting and reporting

LabCollector includes some easy import/export tools.


All modules can receive external data from your previous data storage. This is performed through a CSV-like file. For example, if you have Excel listings, you can save them as CSV or tabulated text file and then import this file into LabCollector. LabCollector can handle any kind of column separator characters. But you simply have to organize columns as indicated for each module. Multiple sequences in a FASTA file can be imported. Multiple chemical structures can be imported with SD files.
Reagents batch can also easily updated with an automatic inventory interface. Supplies prices are easily updated with the Mass updater tool.


LabCollector links to Micronic's 96 well rack scanner for quick batch sample importing and storage.



Your search results can be exported to the screen or to Excel format. This exporting feature applies the search filters you have defined. Excel export allows data recovery into other applications or documents for reporting purposes for example. You can list all records and have them exported too.